Luis Suarez - Top 30 Goals Ever With Commentary

Top 30 Goals of Luis Suarez!


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30 goals of the best striker in history of Barcelona and Uruguay!

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Which goal is Your favourite?
6ㄖ卂ㄒ Messix
6ㄖ卂ㄒ Messix:
Luis Suarez won Golden boot in 2013-2014 scoring 31 goals and none of them were penalty. Undoubtedly one of the best striker
Norwich: *exists*

Suarez: "and I took that personally..."
T Kats
T Kats:
What makes him so ruthless is his movement off the ball, timing of his runs, anticipation of where the ball will be, simplicity and calmness in front of the net. One of the most underrated players of all time.
jaycean Taylor
jaycean Taylor:
That back heel chip. I mean. Has anyone seen anything like that? How is that goal not talked about more it's fucking insane. So underrated
Koda Dais
Koda Dais:
One of the greatest 9s of all time and we are not appreciating it.

31 goals and 12 assists in the Prem, missing 8 games and taking 0 penalties. He also did this on an underwhelming liverpool team, elevating the quality of the players around him (inadvertently getting Sterling sold to City).
A lot of people talk about Zlatan, but Suárez is the real Volley King 👑
I luh yu
I luh yu:
2013-2016 suarez was fenomenal probably one of the best strikers ever seen
K H:
One of the most crafty, intelligent and technically gifted strikers of all time. Whatever you might think of the man, you cannot deny that he is one of the all time greats.
Rajpratim Medhi
Rajpratim Medhi:
What type of goal can you score?
Suarez: What type of goal do you want?
Nicolas Queijo
Nicolas Queijo:
Missing his goal vs Newcastle where he controlled it with his shoulder. That goal was better than many goals here.
Dan 123
Dan 123:
What did Norwich do to ever deserve getting humiliated by Suarez so much? 😂
David Noriega
David Noriega:
#6 is by far my favorite goal of him. The way he embarrassed Luiz and then placed it on the top right corner; he made it look sooo easy
X3 X3
X3 X3:
The only player on the planet who can miss like two or three clear chances in one game and then score backheel curve goal over the goalkeeper... the genius himself
Radha K. Ugo
Radha K. Ugo:
What does Barca need? A world class #9.
What did Barca do? Sold world class #9 for free.
One of the greatest players to never win the Ballon D'or
timi 'sonfire
timi 'sonfire:
Suarez + Volleys, a better lovestory than twilight
I've never in my life seen someone equally good at strong and weak foot bicycle kicks.... Never even noticed it until this compilation. Suarez is undoubtedly one of the best strikers in history, underrated for sure
Mystic Swede
Mystic Swede:
His volley technique is insane
Aldin Rashiti
Aldin Rashiti:
Suarez in his prime time was the best striker of all time in univers!
Alex Bank
Alex Bank:
“Experimenting with the game yet again” yes Ray, just yes.
Mostafa K Limon
Mostafa K Limon:
He is a big part of golden El Clasico....
Our Barca legend... ❤️❤️❤️
Still we miss u, love u.. ❤️❤️❤️


Golden trio of Barcelona.. ❤️❤️
Norwich: “Am I a joke to you?”
Chris Kindler
Chris Kindler:
ruthless, strong, cold blooded, egoistic and sometimes an absolute asshole. that makes him a complete striker and surely one of the best centre forwards ever
Penguin Waddle Waddle
Penguin Waddle Waddle:
When Suarez was back at Liverpool

Norwich: aww shit here we go again
His final season with liverpool he deserved a balon dor.
Ryan Kallenbach
Ryan Kallenbach:
The power he generates from his standing volley's along with his precision is unmatched
Gracias El Pistolero.

Leyenda de Barcelona.
George Ormrod
George Ormrod:
The fact that 25, 20 and 2 are all scored in the same game is incredible
avrumi gordon
avrumi gordon:
That last back-heel goal is Suarez in a nutshell. He plays so unorthodox he sees the picture and catches everyone off guard. Also the way he strikes his volleys is just so unique and sublime. One word genius
Zehan Abbas
Zehan Abbas:
I'm a Liverpool fan and i rate him higher than Lewa.
Roberto Lopez
Roberto Lopez:
I love how he just waits for the right moment to hit the ball in the right spot and this situation around him. His timing is world class as well
He's literally one of the best Finisher
he scored every type of goals
C M:
So under appreciated. One of the best 9s of this century !!
emil silva
emil silva:
Thank you for everything you have done for Barcelona, Liverpool,Ajax and Uruguay💙... Suarez is undoubtely a legend and one of the best stricker of all time
Djole 93
Djole 93:
His goals are sick. You just can't learn that, he was born with that instinct of a "killer". Also he destroyed Norwich 🤣🤣🤣
Uruguay el Papu
Uruguay el Papu:
best 9 in the world this decade
mahdi ibrahim
mahdi ibrahim:
One of the best strikers ever . A player with charisma and flavour . We will ever miss him.
daniel francoise
daniel francoise:
BRAVO, 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏🇺🇾
Muhammad Haikal
Muhammad Haikal:
For me he’s the best striker barca ever had
he was a beast at ajax aswell. scoring 49 goals in 2009/10. He is undoubtedly one of the best strikers ever.
Radha Krishnan
Radha Krishnan:
People hate him because of his past but when it comes to goalscoring Suarez is among the great ones.
*He singlehandedly carried Liverpool in his time
gerardo rodriguez
gerardo rodriguez:
Espectacular! simplemente espectacular!
satyakam rath
satyakam rath:
I admit he has a biting problem but u can't deny how important a player he is. Even my wife is a fan of him!
Devansh Sharma
Devansh Sharma:
The best striker in the past 5 years shame he had to leave :(
Philippe D
Philippe D:
To me, he is the best striker ever. He has everything. The n°10 goal is pure magic. What a player!!
Ero-sama Irianto
Ero-sama Irianto:
He is now the most missed figure in Barca.
Goat Goat
Goat Goat:
One of the most leathal strikers of all time.
An absolute legend!
Also criminally underrated by so many.
Arko Mustafi
Arko Mustafi:
He has performed brilliantly in most of the classicos he has played in. No wonder Madrid fans always had a fear of Suarez.
A complete striker, one of the best strikers of all time. Luisito❤️
24K Studio
24K Studio:
Suarez is the type that sometimes will miss the goal that we think it's an easy goal, but scored out of nowhere, literally unexpected, like supernatural.
Bart Garfunkal
Bart Garfunkal:
Phenomenal striker, the sort of player that would frighten any defence & the player you would want in your team. So focused & a true warrior, superb technique as seen in this comp.
Andrei Fiicanu
Andrei Fiicanu:
Top top striker! Plenty of this goals are just jaw-dropping incredible 🔥
Saumitra Mani Tiwari
Saumitra Mani Tiwari:
He is like a sniper . Amazing accuracy.. the angles he take are like teaching geometry via football..👏 he is a legend.
Anatoly Yakubov
Anatoly Yakubov:
One of the most POWERFUL yet ELEGANT player.
MSN - one LOVE.
A B:
Everyone around the world know about Norwich now
Luke O' Sullivan
Luke O' Sullivan:
Great video! Although Suarez vs Newcastle has to be in there… takes it on the shoulder, rounds the keeper, and pokes it in. Genius. Greatest individual season in the premier league by a mile.
Adrian Gonzalez
Adrian Gonzalez:
Undoubtedly one of the best strikers the beautiful game has ever seen.
Thomas Pouw
Thomas Pouw:
Feels like we are missing 2 briljant goals from his Liverpool time. One long ball that he controls with the shoulder and outplays the keeper. The other one was a volley from just outside the penalty box.
But it's still a great compilation!
He is probably the 2nd best striker of 21st century. 1st is Ronaldo fenomeno.
I think Suarez is better than Aguero, Lewandowski and Zlatan.
Every goal is absolutely brilliant!!!
x k
x k:
A true and rare talent, no matter what people say,he is always one of my favorite player.
His shooting literally reminds me of a slingshot. He has an incredible wind up before every goal
Seb C
Seb C:
Complete striker, and he got the perfect timing for the volley
Paolo Corulli
Paolo Corulli:
this man scored more goals in air than touching the field, what a beast...
He’s one of those players you’d hate to play against him.. but you’d love him on your team
Luca Rutigliano
Luca Rutigliano:
This man cannot score simple or banal goals, what a stunning player
Moayad Abdullah
Moayad Abdullah:
You missed that header goal against Real Madrid. That one was amazing
one of the greatest to ever play no doubt the best in recent years
Joey Nice
Joey Nice:
Such a pure finisher from anywhere in the box.
Salman Haider
Salman Haider:
He might be one of the best players ever when it comes to striking on the volley
Alex Cashman
Alex Cashman:
Suárez will forever be my favorite player. When ppl ask “isn’t that the guy that’s bitten players?”
I go.. ya, check out all these cool goals he’s scored
Mostafa Kamal Limon
Mostafa Kamal Limon:
This guy is so wonderful, He had introduced Himself uniquely in front of Football world, During Messi, Ronaldo's era..
Pieter Schut
Pieter Schut:
All of them are fantastic, but the goal against PSG and the backheel against Mallorca the best imo.
Alma D
Alma D:
Simply espectacular!
Uru inSec
Uru inSec:
4:55 god damn, why he has to put the ball in that corner, crazy, im glad to be Uruguayan
Moh J
Moh J:
This man can hardly score a normal goal 🤣 it has to be a volly or some other shenanigan.
L Drin Pete Gly
L Drin Pete Gly:
many of his goals at liverpool are uncomparable. great player 👏🏻
Jack McLaughlin
Jack McLaughlin:
Best striker I’ve ever seen in my lifetime and I grew up watching the likes of Thierry Henry so big big praise for this guy
This man is so underrated by the Media, greatest Liverpool goal scorer in my opinion and I've seen them all from Hunt an St John.
Gustav HN
Gustav HN:
Undoubtedly top 5 greatest strikers ever
Feels bad for him with the recent events of him getting released
You won't be forgotten legend
From a real Madrid fan
surafel zewdu
surafel zewdu:
Norwich city comes to Anfield
Suarez: So you have chosen death
Definitely one of the best footballers of all time.
2016's ballon d'or is stolen from Suarez. He really deserved it.
tango setentaycinco
tango setentaycinco:
what a striker my God! history is going to put him in one of the best 20 of all times
Strohhut Fazzzed
Strohhut Fazzzed:
"Hmmm what goal comes next?"
"Oh....another Volley...."
Volleyking Suarez
Football Universe
Football Universe:
Luis Suarez simply is a great player. The nutmegs the one twos the finishing. One of my favourite players
Rifat Masud
Rifat Masud:
People always remember Van Parsie with the word volleys. They forget just how good Suarez is with it. A lot of these goals are just magnificent volleys that people overlooked.
Also just see the number of goals came here from 2019, just last year. He's still got it to some extent imo.
There is no way to put a name to this transfer, that too to a direct rival.
We'll miss you El Pistolero! See you around with some bangers against us, which I'll be more than happy to see.
Excelente video.!

Cuales seran las razones reales de su salida del barza...?
No debieron sacarlo, es un jugadorazo que le hara mucha falta al equipo blaugrana.
Un real 9 y más.
The amount of goals you forgot to add in from his time at Liverpool is insulting.
Brilliant player, shoulda put the one against Newcastle when he touched it around the keeper but great video 🔥
Muzzle _47
Muzzle _47:
He's phenomenal.
Amhed Cabreja
Amhed Cabreja:
Best striker of his generation
Arghyadip Dhara
Arghyadip Dhara:
If volley and finishing is an art, Suarez is the Picasso of it
László Balogh
László Balogh:
Imagine scoring a goal from the middle of the field, and this is just the 7.
Dan the Disciple
Dan the Disciple:
He's scored every imaginable type of goal. Love him or hate him, the talent is undeniable. Arsenal 40mil + £1?! Fools.
Project V
Project V:
Every goal is classic 👍🏼
That heel chip @5:57 was something truly special. You can even hear the two commentators' heads exploding simultaneously.
How often does one see stuff like that?
Fran Soneira
Fran Soneira:
He scored some beautiful goals for Nacional from Uruguay 🔵⚪️🔴