Luka Romero - 15 Years and Plays Like an Older..


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Michael McKenzie
Michael McKenzie:
It’s simple with the standards that Messi and Ronaldo have set, we will eventually see the most complete player in the next 10 years.
Is 15, plays like he's 30, looks like he's 40
Hankle Sacks
Hankle Sacks:
Was shocked out of my wits when the commentator said he was 15
christopher mikhail
christopher mikhail:
His playing style reminds me of Messi
K for Kronic
K for Kronic:
Wow I'm in love, I am a huge supporter and fan now! Reminds me of my favorite play Leo Messi
Julker Nyne
Julker Nyne:
Similar style of play? Messi!
Why is no YouTube scout ever scouting keepers
Badrun Jembar78
Badrun Jembar78:
Bravo bravo bravo luka romero,skill is the best.
My in indonesia l love you.
Around The World With Football
Around The World With Football:
Otavio edmilson little porto magician please 🙏🙏🙏
don't forget his skills vs roma and leicester
linked to lyon
Plays like Coutinho/David Silva. Hopefully he works hard, could be a good player.
Andre Anderson
Andre Anderson:
Nicolas gonzalez stuttgart next!!!!
Man do a compilation of wylian cyprien he is one of the most complete midfielders in the world
Maybe Leandro Paredes for psg? 🇦🇷😁
Danne Mesias
Danne Mesias:
Do one for Dario sarmiento
Adam Revitt
Adam Revitt:
What a player
Next messi 💯
Gabriel Park
Gabriel Park:
Brazil Scout, Brian Rodriguez next please?
Mamun khan
Mamun khan:
our next Messi supper duper 😍
I'm from Bangladesh 😎
Anas Pullat
Anas Pullat:
Marco senesi feynoord
munawar choudhury
munawar choudhury:
Nico Gonzalez of Stuttgart please
ororochi 1983
ororochi 1983:
Not seeing messi vibe from him... perhaps juan iturbe..
WaTDeM Ho3say
WaTDeM Ho3say:
Barca needs to get his hands on this kid ASAP before everybody does
Zilelinho Officiel
Zilelinho Officiel:
mahli maankhkabara
mahli maankhkabara:
Alex Wolf
Alex Wolf:
Looks like Messi + Ronaldo! Very exciting See you soon boi!
ciprian maxim
ciprian maxim:
Xabi simons who?
John Doran
John Doran:
A young Marco Etcheverry
Rafael Romário
Rafael Romário:
Sou o comentário brasileiro q vc procura
Afiq Ismail
Afiq Ismail:
Can you do a video of marco tilio in sydney fc. He plays just the same as messi.
Muhammad Iqbal Azhar
Muhammad Iqbal Azhar:
Next Lorenzo Colombo Milan Primavera😁
Ricardo Vieira
Ricardo Vieira:
Bro he is like Messi's regen
Everything Games
Everything Games:
I need a video on Julian draxler
Alex Luna
Alex Luna:
Uff ya tendría nivel para estar en primera
Que larga carrera le espera!
Carles aleñá
Carles aleñá:
There seems to be more technique than when Kubo was 15 years old
However, it is true that there are many players who have disappeared without success, despite being called "XX Messi".
Kauã silva
Kauã silva:
Esse time tem que da mais minutos para ele
Diego Jiménez
Diego Jiménez:
Se ve bien cagado, más por el corte de pelo y por como corre jajaja
lucas correa
lucas correa:
O moleque é embaçado, tem futuro ein! Tomara que não seja só mais um
Thiago Productions
Thiago Productions:
On fire 🔥😝
Hafizh Iskandar
Hafizh Iskandar:
I'm 15
steve souljaa
steve souljaa:
He sprint like tevez
Scott Westi
Scott Westi:
kinda gives me Messi vibes
Md Alfaz Mia
Md Alfaz Mia:
I hope one-day he will lead Argentina natinal football team....
MidfielderParadise MatchHighlights
MidfielderParadise MatchHighlights:
This dude is crazy talented
‘FN-iiVxnz ツ
‘FN-iiVxnz ツ:
he was born in mexico but represents argentina
Ozan Kabak
Ozan Kabak:
Has similar movement like Maradona
Thiswillend Intears
Thiswillend Intears:
Superb talent and a first team appearance at age 15 is unreal
Ashwin Abraham Jacob
Ashwin Abraham Jacob:
If you carefully look at his face he looks like dybala.
Haha Hihi huhu
Haha Hihi huhu:
Come to Arsenal
Cabrón si hasta corre igual que Messi. Qué hace este niño en el Mallorca, que corra al Barcelona ya con Pedri y Ansu Fati
King Tshilobo
King Tshilobo:
He should play for Argentina and carry on the number 10 tradition when messi retires.
Afsah Mahmud Priom
Afsah Mahmud Priom:
Hey is he representing Argentina or mexico , I think argentina..and he also played few matches in under 17
Argentina......Vamos Argentina....
Paulo Dybala
Paulo Dybala:
Nuevo Maradona !
A R:
Kids a real life Messi regen
Smile Please
Smile Please:
Lyonnel Messy
ali alouat
ali alouat:
Diego capel
Kermit DaFrog
Kermit DaFrog:
The ONESPORT app called him the "Mexican Messi" I just came from the app.. how idiotic and ignorant huh
Alessandro De la Cruz
Alessandro De la Cruz:
Martin Hinteregger video pls.
Lutvy Candra
Lutvy Candra:
The Next Messi
Luka Romero Bezzana is a professional footballer who plays as an attacking midfielder for RCD Mallorca. Born in Mexico, he represents Argentina internationally. Wikipedia
Ali Akbar Ali Akbar
Ali Akbar Ali Akbar:
next..... Maradona
New Dybala
lord Jessie Lingardinho - The New Messi
lord Jessie Lingardinho - The New Messi:
just like diego lainez 😂😂😂
Cabdi kariin Adam
Cabdi kariin Adam:
he became lfc messi
Hariish Srinivasan
Hariish Srinivasan:
Half Messi and half maradona
Nadjib Ait mekideche
Nadjib Ait mekideche:
سيكون أحسن لاعب في العالم أكثر من ميسي
Carl Johnson
Carl Johnson:
Barcelona future lol
brendy randy
brendy randy:
I think He's not 15 , He's a 17 years old.
Look His Face And Body
Frenkie de Jong
Frenkie de Jong:
Pablo Aranguiz
yo soy el ps5
yo soy el ps5:
Mejor que ryan cherki
Martin Gutierrez
Martin Gutierrez:
Only Tata Martino can convince him to join mexico.
akash limbu
akash limbu:
Luka future Barcelona player
hani rahman
hani rahman:
*No offense but he seems to be slow*
Juan Mercado
Juan Mercado:
Lol he got that colombian mob haircut
Brad Marchand
Brad Marchand:
Holy crap he was born in Mexico. Imagine if El Tri convinced him to ditch Argentina. 🇲🇽 I'm American by the way.
like maradona
He is Mexican actually was born in Mexico
manoj Sunuwar
manoj Sunuwar:
no messi he is next to maradona
fredy augusto cely villate
fredy augusto cely villate:
In my opinion Messi was way better at that age.
Leal Montano Diaz
Leal Montano Diaz:
Dybala was better at 15
Gooner Report
Gooner Report:
3rd ment
next take kubo
Pertama Kedua
Pertama Kedua:
Wow, new messi.
Barca must sign him whatever the price, then fire Messi to give him a chance to become a star, give him the armband captain, give him manager he wants, sign whoever players he wants and fire all the players that he doesn't like or doesn't match with him ..
And some people might ask to make his statue in campnou, but I think that is too much.
Caleb Ramirez
Caleb Ramirez:
This hunchback is trash
Roz Sa
Roz Sa:
He looks very cumbersome on the ball. Not a natural dribbler and doesn't seem to have the turn of pace to take him away from players. His head is almost too big for his body. Time will tell if he can make the transition from juniors to pro. Wouldn't bet on it.