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100+ comentarios:

Vasile Iuga
Vasile Iuga:
Well, we refused Haaland, but 4 and a half years later we at least got a striker, finally.
Renjith s
Renjith s:
Koeman should have stayed with the national team if he wanted to sign all the dutch players
Nicholas Bridoks
Nicholas Bridoks:
Being a good striker isn't about speed and flair, it's down to composure in the box and a goalscorers instinct. Welcome De Jong
Clinch Knot
Clinch Knot:
Remember this ya’ll, the man is a proper #9, yes he’s not fancy but he will score goals.
I hope he doesn't put pressure on himself and just enjoys playing his football.
Why get one De Jong when you can get 2
elvis tham
elvis tham:
Stop complaining and give the team and player our support.... This is only the way we can do to help our team to get stronger❤️
jurgen vlaar
jurgen vlaar:
He's good at playing with his head, literally
KSM Shorts
KSM Shorts:
Trust me guys i saw him playing in psv with depay those 2 are fire and luuk also has the captain mentality
I think he can surprise everyone and be actually good. He has that goal instinct and is a pure 9 which Barca need
When the game is stale and barca can't break through the opposition, Luuk will be the perfect pinch hitter. Swing in some crosses and he's going to head one in.
Vic Cule
Vic Cule:
Quizás los culés nos estemos equivocando con Luuk de Jong por esto reciente de Braithwaite o Boateng y por lo de 3er delantero del Sevilla. Puede que nos de una sorpresa y se sale en el Barça esta temporada. Habrá que darle una oportunidad y confiar en él, tiene habilidad y gol.
Don't even matter ᚢᛉ
Don't even matter ᚢᛉ:
Braithwaite x De Jong
The world ain't ready
Botón Gamer
Botón Gamer:
Es un buen refuerzo, le dará al Barça juego aéreo y retención de balón
Syed Abdullah aljamalullail
Syed Abdullah aljamalullail:
I dont know guys. I do have hope that he will flourish at barca and would be able to contribute something to our forward line in terms of being a poacher, add some physicality and also aerial threat obviously. After all, i had enough of missing simple tap in, in front of goal from around 2 yards out. I hope and im quite confident he is a better striker than braithwaite. We dont have this type of striker currently.
Gran fichaje para mi Barça! ❤💙
Andrés A. J
Andrés A. J:
It's a provisional solution, just till January when Barca can spend all the money they made in sales in summer (about 90 M). Really hope you do well with Depay and the other De Jong.
eliteEVIL darkness
eliteEVIL darkness:
We got goatwaite already and now another average player as a replacement for grizzy , it basically means barca is prolly gonna focus on fati and dembele
Aspiring Abogado Productions
Aspiring Abogado Productions:
His style is very similar to Giroud, who sounds like he would've been a good option, by the way.
Last Samurai
Last Samurai:
This man koeman wants to sign the whole Dutch team. tufffffff
Tsar X
Tsar X:
He looks like a player that can take the ball and try to make something happen no speed but alot of strength and fast reactor
I don’t think I will flex the signing of a 31 year old man
Aldonis Ambel
Aldonis Ambel:
Wil help score some goals and have a real 9 in the team.
Good sub.
Ameen Altermathy
Ameen Altermathy:
A physical presence up front will create room for sure
Jorge Francisco Puigdomènech López
Jorge Francisco Puigdomènech López:
Siempre me ha gustado Luuk de Jong. Esta vez creo que han acertado. Saludos cordiales.
Ariq Marwan
Ariq Marwan:
Finally we got two De Jong at Barca
aryan salunkhe
aryan salunkhe:
Perfect signing on loan ...he is known good for set pieces and crosses as he converts them in goals. Best signing for one season after all those economic profit i guess u know who is coming next season 😬💯
Esdras Aguilar
Esdras Aguilar:
We all can't deny, Luuk De Jong is much better than Braithwaite. Braithwaite struggles with scoring tap ins.
Kano 87
Kano 87:
From Messi, Suarez and Neymar to De Jong, Depay and Braithwaite in less than 5 years 😬
ultra instinct Goki
ultra instinct Goki:
C'est un bon joueur et un bon attaquant, continue comme ça tes vidéos sont bonne
Jordi Alba and Dest needs to be prepared to cross every ball into the box 😂
Finally a precision striker !!! Thank God..
Netherland Connection this year 😍🥰😘 De Jong - Memphis - De Jong
We can play with him for one year
Next year Haaland all out 🔥🔥🔥
CyberSec redviper
CyberSec redviper:
People complained that Griezmann wasnt a Barcelona type of player but hahahha this guy is as far of a typical Barcelona style of player you could find.
Mohammed Alshabi
Mohammed Alshabi:
I am sure that he will be great player in barca and everybody will thanks him ❤️❤️visca barca
Blackangel Skylight
Blackangel Skylight:
Definitely this year I don't have any hope for winning Trophy Barca for life
Vickemola Productions
Vickemola Productions:
The numerical advantage that he provides in the midfield!! I like that and one more thing; he likes to attack the box always! He scored Barcelona two fantastic goals that proves how good he is!! Bienvenue De Jong!!
Jose Terrones
Jose Terrones:
Leave it to Koman to bring another Dutch player.
Curioso, habra 2 De Jong ahora en el Barça
John Blessed
John Blessed:
I have a feeling he will do well at Barça ☺🔵🔴
RAH Engbers
RAH Engbers:
I have heard he pays FC Barcelona 10.000 euro per month to play there! 🤙🏼
Syed Mantaka
Syed Mantaka:
Future is in safe hands 😍😍
Rafael Chavarria
Rafael Chavarria:
With Koeman , as mentor , this guy will be play veri well . I am very confident about it
With him they are all going to forget Messi 😂😂😂
Ruben Sanchez Orozco
Ruben Sanchez Orozco:
Gran fichaje,por lo menos curra más que griezman
Tenman Gava
Tenman Gava:
We should’ve signed isak instead of de jong , I’ve watch him play against barc .
saerung mad
saerung mad:
Koeman bring the Netherlands squad slowly to play with Barca
Brathwaite+ luuk de Jong 💥 😂
Othman Lahlou
Othman Lahlou:
I believe in Koeman.....he can play 3_5_2 ....the best formation i believe..
All Football
All Football:
I respect Braithwaite a lot But Luke De jong Far Better then Him❣️
Quy Tran Ngoc
Quy Tran Ngoc:
Come on ! Look at our financial situation before saying anything. We lack so many players for backup, and every recruitment at this moment is necessary, just place your faith in new players plz.
Alfin Ahsanul
Alfin Ahsanul:
Finally, barca have tall striker with good header.
Wilderlan Souza
Wilderlan Souza:
Bom jogador' faz muitos gols.
Aniket Manger
Aniket Manger:
It's didn't feel like a Barcelona anymore 😔
Hankle Sacks
Hankle Sacks:
Koeman giving all his dutch friends once in a lifetime opportunities 😂
Karim Alaywan
Karim Alaywan:
Welcomee to barca❤️💙
علی محمدی
علی محمدی:
He is a great striker🤝🤙🤙
Hmood Al Rifai
Hmood Al Rifai:
He has a crazy head 💥
ناصر المطلق
ناصر المطلق:
The new GOAT🔥🐐
kelvin hart
kelvin hart:
A good finisher! Way better than Griezman and his extremely big salary
Lungo. Official
Lungo. Official:
this guys is tall af , good for heading
Sergio Pelé
Sergio Pelé:
Es similar a Ibrahimovic pero con poco gol..a las estadísticas me remito
Ali fardan Qureshi
Ali fardan Qureshi:
If not anything he'll still provide us Ariel threat which we really lack at the moment.Could be key from set pieces
I think he's going to prove a lot of people wrong. Welcome Luuk!
Ken Otieno
Ken Otieno:
He is a good finisher, a complete 9
Ottoman Editz
Ottoman Editz:
so i guess barca will become like wolves now
wolves signs all of the Portuguese players and now koeman wants to sign all of the dutch team
Pavel Nedved
Pavel Nedved:
De Jong is decent. He will score goals with Depay and Dembele/Fati on the pitch.
If he can put in and scores the chances griezman and Braithwaite misses he could be amazing and good deal for us .
Thank god Messi left 🙏he almost played with Braithwaite and De jong
Halland next transfer market we will probably save 250 million this season let's take it as a phase I'll be glad if we get upto top 5 this season
He's Good in Air 😲
Nobel Abraham
Nobel Abraham:
We have two Goats in the team game over Bayern
Islam Ameur
Islam Ameur:
A good deal for Barça.
Juan J
Juan J:
Creo que es el delantero mortal dentro del área, lo que necesita el Barca, alguien que meta goles
bigstepper the rich
bigstepper the rich:
All this goals in like 70 games 😶😶
WTF!!!! this guy fails more goal occasions than Sterling, Werner and Morata combined!!!
Dutch team: we got 2 de one get the other one half
Barca: fuck it
I have to admit he is very technical for his height.
Gustavo Henrique
Gustavo Henrique:
melhor que braithwaith kkkkk
Sepnando Pratama
Sepnando Pratama:
Luukdjong finishing🔥🔥🔥
Dr. schlumpf
Dr. schlumpf:
It is been a lang time that I saw such a bad squad at FC Barcelona. Financially death, debt after debt and an incredibly bad management in the background. Will take many steps to get back to european top teams.
Sangre🩸 Culé
Sangre🩸 Culé:
Trust on luuk great scorer
shankar iyer
shankar iyer:
Unwanted signing, koeman could have just played with the youngsters giving them game time. It’s simple that barca condition is in turmoil fans are not expecting much. They should have just played with a decent young team and then try to get some key signings next year. I so want to see Xavi coming back club needs him badly.
Emy Ddd
Emy Ddd:
His heading is good... Otherwise our heading is all dependent on Araujo..!!!
TG hubba.
TG hubba.:
I hope they sign Isaak next season
Saiful sKiNo
Saiful sKiNo:
sign Nigel De Jong next.. trios of De Jongs lol.. and sign Moussa Dembele and Mousa Dembele, Trios of Dembeles... lol
Diego Alexandro Rueda Isuiza
Diego Alexandro Rueda Isuiza:
juega muy bien, ojalá de la talla, apoyo tendrá, bienvenido De jong, a romperla !!!
I dont get it why you people are comlaining about Luuk De Jong, his finishing is great and he brings the goals!
Why does everything have to be so fancy like Messi!
Elian Hernandez
Elian Hernandez:
He has good passing inside the box
Jancy Jacob
Jancy Jacob:
He will beat usain bolt in speed🔥🔥
deep k
deep k:
Barca is going to be a mid table team this season with the team they have.
What next? Koeman will cry about how he can’t communicate with some players because they don’t speak Dutch. #KOEMANOUT
Masfiqul Huda
Masfiqul Huda:
Hes scored against Inter,Real,Ath Madrid, Utd and Barca. Hopefully against more big teams
Around The World With Football
Around The World With Football:
I think depay and aguero is the best option if aguero doesnt have his injury anymore
Y'all sure we gonna play against bayern ? 😁
Stalker T
Stalker T:
Isaac Emmanuel
Isaac Emmanuel:
Man we need Isak not him wtf is barça doing
Prashanth Ravi
Prashanth Ravi:
Yeah buy him and play him on the wings like griezmann , well done 👍