Mac Miller - Dang! (feat. Anderson .Paak) [Official Music Video]

Directed by Rex Arrow
From The Divine Feminine, in stores now:


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Mishelka Petrovich
Mishelka Petrovich:
Such a genius. Rest In Peace angel. Still miss u
金魚腦Goldfish Brain
金魚腦Goldfish Brain:
my favorite song
Everyone is being introduced to Paak through the new Bruno song. This was my introduction.
Mac you’re not missing too much right now. Our world is so much more of a mess than when you left. I know you’re happy up there. See you whenever man
George Jin
George Jin:
The irony is that Paak wrote this hook about musicians/friends that die too soon :'( RIP Mac, miss you like crazy
The Lawn Care Nut
The Lawn Care Nut:
There were some really nice lawn patches in this video - nice touch - grass makes every music video better.
Chris Cabcabin
Chris Cabcabin:
Thank god we have Paak and Mac on a record together.
Anyone still listening to this now? STILL A BANGER!!!
Joshua Kersey
Joshua Kersey:
The color scheme in this video is incredibly well-done. Great job bois
This song sounds like the definition of vibing.
Dolan Darker
Dolan Darker:
Can't believe Goldlink invented the Paak feature :(
Potato Pete
Potato Pete:
Anderson Paak's chorus hits alot differently now. I miss you Mac, thanks for all the amazing jams. Hope you're working with your favorite artists up there.
paaks voice is so alien
I remember when this came out it was my first introduction to Anderson. 3 years today without mac... your music is still in my headphones everyday. R.I.P mac Most Dope.
Jovenilson Ferreira
Jovenilson Ferreira:
Essa eu escutava demais no colégio... Quantas lembranças. Sentimos sua falta Bro ♥️Mac pra sempre em nossos corações ♥️
Nathan Zed
Nathan Zed:

I can't keep on losing you
Over complications
Gone too soon
Wait, we was just hangin'
I guess I need to hold onto, dang
The people that know me best
The key that I won't forget, too soon
I can't keep on losing you, you, you, you, you, you
I can't keep on losing you, you, you, you, you, you
Yeah, yeah, yeah
How many mistakes do it take 'til you leave
When I'm left with my hand and my face all red
And a face looking at you like (Wait)
I know I ain't a saint, if it ain't too late, well
I can't keep on losing you, I runaway so fast
Know my heart like gold but it break like glass
Knowing shit get old when I act so young
Baby you so cold, never had no sun
You don't wanna grow up, you're the shit, no funds
So when I get home I'mma give you some
Make you feel like woo, when I hit that drum
Yeah the dick ain't free, I don't give no fucks
Yeah it's complicated, got you frustrated
Get home late and you don't trust me baby
You way too drunk, you don't know what I'm saying
You can drive my car, don't drive me crazy
Complicated, got you frustrated
Every single night I keep you waiting
You say you don't care, is what you saying
We both know that's some bullshit
Okay, we be fighting, we be reuniting
Kiss me, tug me, tease me, me excited
God the devil, who is who
Tryna get through to you because
I can't keep on losing you
Over complications
Gone too soon
Wait, we was just hangin'
I guess I need to hold onto, dang
The people that know me best
The key that I won't forget, too soon
I can't keep on losing you
Can't keep losing you
I can't keep losing you
Can't keep losing you
I can't keep losing you
Can't keep losing you
I can't keep losing you
Can't keep losing you
I can't keep losing you
Well, you can't go away girl, I'mma need you
Play your games like they my ticket to an Ivy league school
Won't get hall of fame dick from a minor league dude
I just eat pussy, other people need food
Only got a little time, I ain't tryna spend it
Arguing about who ain't giving who attention
Starting up the engine, need to reboot
I just eat pussy, other people need food
And I ain't used every bone in my body
Keep on holding on to your trust
I know you don't want nothin' to do with me
But just one more time, let's make love
One more time it ain't much
Fuck 'em all, let's be us, summer's soft sweetness
Heartache drunk and hang up
What a mess I made us, sense, I make none
It's complicated, keeping me up late
Can't concentrate, you're always on my brain
If it's love then why the fuck you complain?
I just think that's some bullshit
Okay, it's seems inviting, trust me, she's a titan
This week she like him, next week they fightin'
Need protection, all your dress is bulletproof
You safe with me girl
I can't keep on losing you
Where the hell you going?
Where you taking this trip to? (Wait)
Don't want, don't think too
I can't keep on losing you
Where the hell you going?
Where the hell you going?
I can't keep on losing you
Over complications
Gone too soon
Wait, we was just hangin'
I guess I need to hold onto, dang
The people that know me best
The key that I won't forget, too soon
I can't keep on losing you
Can't keep losing you
I can't keep losing you
Can't keep losing you
I can't keep losing you
Can't keep losing you
I can't keep losing you
Can't keep losing you
I can't keep losing you
Can't keep losing you
I can't keep losing you
Can't keep losing you
I can't keep losing you
Can't keep losing you
I can't keep losing you
Can't keep losing you
I can't keep losing you
Lynnette Delgado
Lynnette Delgado:
Listening to Sill Sonic on repeat this weekend. Paak & Bruno's masterpiece for sure...but the first few notes of thier song "Leave my door open" brought me here to spend some time with Mac.⚘
Luis Grossi
Luis Grossi:
Mac was too fresh man, missed dearly. Regardless of beliefs his music helped me build confidence after my pops passed. I appreciate you Mac.
Murph the Kenzo
Murph the Kenzo:
2021 we still rockin Mac. RiP legend
Been a huge Mac fan since 2011, and I gotta say during his transitional period in his sound after Best Day Ever, I wasn't with it at first, but all these projects later I can 100 percent say that Mac's style changed for the better. He still kills it lyrically as well. He's been very smart planning out his career and finding new ways to bring in new demographics of hip hop fans. He deserves every bit of success he's gotten and will get and has become one of my favorite ARTISTS, because that's what he is, he's more than a rapper. Keep killing shit Mac, MOST DOPE!
Jacob Shipley
Jacob Shipley:
2020 and the world has gone to shit, i often think what Mac would say. We miss your gentle soul man.

This is still the best collab song ever created.
Tree Fiddy Bandit
Tree Fiddy Bandit:
I’ve listened to this song hundreds of times. Never knew it had a video.

R.I.P. Mac
Thank you for the wisdom and hope you’re flying peacefully through the cosmos
Xiomara Videz
Xiomara Videz:
We know it's not your first time here, welcome back.
Listening to his voice keeps him here as long as I keep listening ❤️ sending love to those who miss him Mac is in the stars, in the beams of light through the sunny sky, the nice breeze in the air, that happy feeling you feel all over your body, that feeling like he's here and everything is ok.
Rap Nation
Rap Nation:
Mac Miller has stayed true to his artistry. He continues to show growth in his craft while reinventing his style as he stays relevant. These two make a great team. Dang!
Mees Sengers
Mees Sengers:
Great song but can we just appreciate Mac’s phenomenal jacket
little bug whisperer
little bug whisperer:
i never realized how much i like mac millers music but omg it’s SO GOOD
Chill Bro Entertainment
Chill Bro Entertainment:
I love this so much..his simple hip-hop groove to the rap is so cool.. MISS YOU MAC 🙏
vivatron 13
vivatron 13:
I absolutely love this song and totally relate to it Rest In Peace. ❤
Jaye Phillips
Jaye Phillips:
Maybe just me. But, I have ALWAYS felt that Arianna was still in love with Mac and just upset with his lifestyle choices. I have always said Pete was a rebound. And I like Pete. He is funny af on snl. But, to me, she seemed like moved on so fast when her and Mac finally called it off. Next thing you know her and Pete were engaged. It was weird. I just never bought in cause I have seen relationships that move fast end even faster, when the person does not give them selves time to heal. Not always, but most of the relationships that I have seen like that. But, when Mac passed, I think it really hit her. She broke up with Pete and seemed like she may have been going thru it, Which is understandable. Anyway, Love your loved ones like you may never see them again. Tomorrow is not promised for any of us. This song, just made me think of that time. Maybe I am wrong. But, it was what I felt back then and I haven't really felt diffferenly about that situation. Rip Mac Miller a true musical artist in every form of the word. Dang........Not you too. 😥 Rip.
Jada Ony
Jada Ony:
I’m late as hell and just discovered this song in a random playlist.
I’m obsessed 💃🏽
this song is a masterpiece. It screams art
Amber Steeves
Amber Steeves:
Listening to this in the clouded yet sunny day that is my life. Everlasting love.
First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name:
First time listening now, such a chill song.
You never really know someone’s mind... rest in music mac 😢❤️
The city in this music video is so colorful and lively, like it’s a heaven made for musicians, hope Mac is well where he is.
Chefs Chocolate Salty Balls
Chefs Chocolate Salty Balls:
He never left, feels like he's here next to me everytime I listen.
Jeremy The_HD_person
Jeremy The_HD_person:
the drive me crazy line is so good this guy's writing is so fresh
She goes
She goes:
This hits hard after his passing. "I can't keep on losing you over complications. Gone too soon!" Too soon indeed. RIP Malcolm.
Anderson .Paak came up with this melody, 'Can't keep losing you' as it was about death and losing those you love. Mac heard is and asked to use it in a different manner.. chilling.
marissa sarace
marissa sarace:
I find myself here in his videos every night when the sun goes down. And though I’m here all the time I still cannot believe he’s gone. Everyday doesn’t get easier, the pain hasn’t faded. Missing you everyday Malcolm.
Big tune
Jacob Carrico
Jacob Carrico:
What a great song mac was so good at the flow of music
Diana Oswald
Diana Oswald:
So much nostalgia from this sound! Mac we miss you! 💜💜
Love you Mac, the world misses you more then you know 💕🖤
Dang! This video is so beautiful! Love the color design! RIP Mac.
Dan Bull
Dan Bull:
I like Mac Miller he is good at rap
Dale Charles
Dale Charles:
When the horns come in on Macs its good every time! "DANG" has become my Mac Miller word , because he was gone to soon and every time I play a Mac song I get reminded that we lost him.
Alex Belzer
Alex Belzer:
still so beautiful and heartbreaking every time
That "Gone too soon, wait!" hit different. RIP big mac💛
tyson bodnar
tyson bodnar:
These 2 could have done an entire album together ❤ 🔥🙌
hmm yes interesting
hmm yes interesting:
"Gone too soon."

I can't keep losing artists man. My heart can't take it.
6 string mike
6 string mike:
Just now ever hearing this song this shit is hard!!!🔥😂
Jordan Brown
Jordan Brown:
First time I heard this I knew Mac reached a different level musically. So much talent and yet to reach his full potential. Miss you bro ❤️
Elis Sanchez
Elis Sanchez:
I love this song. I always hear it at my job at Aeropostale 🎶🎶
Carlos Albrecht
Carlos Albrecht:
Every time I listened to him, I wonder why?? I think most people don't realize what we lost when Mac went away. RIP
Rawsko NUKES
Rawsko NUKES:
I miss this mans music my goodness
His style 😩 what a beautiful soul. Dang Mac.
Mac is so smooth with his movement
Le Californien
Le Californien:
Woaa je viens de découvrir ce son 🎵🎶🎶🎶🥰🥰🥰 J'ADORE LE FLOW !!!
Josh Bayer
Josh Bayer:
Dang! is a song that will age well. This will still be a bop 10 years from now.
True artistry right here. Still missing u Mac. Rest in Peace.
Miss Tianna
Miss Tianna:
Love you MACK will never know what you were going through mentally but I pray you are at peace and your soul is soaring freely
Rebecca West
Rebecca West:
Love everything about this ❤
Gaby Pinz
Gaby Pinz:
Never fails to get me through a tough day! Rip mac
kate renae
kate renae:
whole year without mac. miss u. love u. never forget.
Hare of the Blog
Hare of the Blog:
this track is a whole vibe!
Omega Thornton
Omega Thornton:
I’m loving this dude Paak his raspy voice is a whole vibe and I never listened to Mac either great collaboration
X Man
X Man:
unfortunately I discovered this guy after his death... this is one of my favorite jams in 2020-21
Nasty Willz
Nasty Willz:
Can't keep loosing artistes like Mac 😔
A fan from Nigeria 🇳🇬❤
Sam Kellman
Sam Kellman:
This beat is incredible
This slap! Solid calabo. Mac Miller flowed. Anderson too. This my feel good quick pick me up song. ✊🏽💪🏽💯
Mario Perez
Mario Perez:
i love this dude !!! Its Insane i can Always listen to him R.I.P!
lubna g.blasco
lubna g.blasco:
They are amazing Anderson and miller amazing mix
Daniel Chisholm
Daniel Chisholm:
Absolute masterpiece
Lyndsay Findlay
Lyndsay Findlay:
I’m so god damn late o appreciating these artists - in awe! ❤️
such a great summersong!
Lennon Burke
Lennon Burke:
Mac: your dress is bullet proof
Me: thanks it has pockets!
Seven FreeSpirit
Seven FreeSpirit:
Still my shit! A whole fukn vibe!! Miss and love ya Mac!!
word burst
word burst:
Mac Miler: The man who made it mainstream without selling out. love you man
Josh Clark
Josh Clark:
Still one of coldest songs ever made. Miss you Mac.
Kyler Allen Hopkins
Kyler Allen Hopkins:
2021 and still a fucking bop. Miss you Mac. 🙏🏼🔥
Moeketsi Nkemele
Moeketsi Nkemele:
Man, I really love this song.

Mac Miller forever!
Wesley Bastien
Wesley Bastien:
You did it mac. I'm so proud bro, been watching you for a long time😭
C.G More
C.G More:
I didn't appreciate his flow while he was here. I didn't listen to him. But, I checkin him now. I know I'm late to the party, but I'm enjoying him. To his family, friends & fans. U already knew how special he was. Peace, two fingers!!!
Duane Cowgill
Duane Cowgill:
Still on my playlist 2021. RIP MAC MILLER... He's a Heavenly Headliner!!
Juice Time
Juice Time:
"cant keep losing you"
I just cant right now im crying
Gavin Renna
Gavin Renna:
You can tell how his music shifted before and after his breakup with Ariana. It’s went from upbeat to depressing
Manny Mayhem
Manny Mayhem:
I still remember the first time I heard this song. Instantly downloaded the album and worked my way back, then he dropped Swimming and i thought damn this guy can do no wrong.. Little did i know dude was literally on his way out 💔😢
black guy *sings*
white guy *raps*

I'm shook
Hazel the Shortstack
Hazel the Shortstack:
I used to play this song so much when I found Mac my old roommates begged me to stop! He had such a great energy, he will be missed by many
You were so special and truly brilliant. Always wishing we had more. Such a rare soul 💔
one day i will have a mad night playing Mac on vinyl and drinking wine.. i'm not quite there yet though... RIP my friend
Luke Henry
Luke Henry:
Mac and Anderson just jamming at the end ❤
Dingus Magee
Dingus Magee:
I haven't listed to Mac in years, like 4-5. but for some reason I was listening to Nike's On My Feet the night before he died. And I recently got off heroin. It'll be two years for me in November. So hearing about Mac really hit home. I'm rediscovering his music all over again, and all of the stuff he made over the last 4 years. He really was one of the best artist of this generation. I hope he found that peace he always spoke about in his music. People always say "oh he was so talented, i can't keep losing artists" etc etc. As if he is more important than the every man. He was just a human, with the same struggles and problems as all of us, still a mortal. It is very sad, to lose someone so young and full of life, but heed the warning this brings. You've only got one life, spend it wisely. RIP Mac, thanks for all the good vibes you brought to earth through the killer music you made.
Gurkirpal Singh Saini
Gurkirpal Singh Saini:
My man. We all miss you bro.
I could really feel every single line.😭
History written! 🔥♥️
Rest easy legend 💕
Swaggy Lee
Swaggy Lee:
the fact anyone has disliked this masterpiece makes me beyond sad. people need to learn how to appreciate good music made by an even better person. rip mac💔