Mac Miller - Dang! (feat. Anderson .Paak) [Official Music Video]

Directed by Rex Arrow
From The Divine Feminine, in stores now:


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Mac you’re not missing too much right now. Our world is so much more of a mess than when you left. I know you’re happy up there. See you whenever man
Diesel Clockwork (DC)
Diesel Clockwork (DC):
Anderson Paak is truly a cheat code. Can jump on any song and just instantly bring it up a few levels. These two should have made more music together, they were an iconic duo. Although I am always a bit sad when thinking about Mac, It’s such a beautiful thing as an artist, knowing that your art will someday outlive you, and continue to be appreciated long after you’re gone. Mac is one of my biggest inspirations as a new artist. I’ll probably never find any thing close to mainstream success, but I am just grateful to be able to make music. Thanks for the constant inspiration Mac. Can’t wait to see you again some day
George Jin
George Jin:
The irony is that Paak wrote this hook about musicians/friends that die too soon :'( RIP Mac, miss you like crazy
Chris Cabcabin
Chris Cabcabin:
Thank god we have Paak and Mac on a record together.
The Online Hobby Guy
The Online Hobby Guy:
This song still feels so fresh. Still can't believe you're gone Mac.

Gone too soon!
Anyone still listening to this now? STILL A BANGER!!!
Everyone is being introduced to Paak through the new Bruno song. This was my introduction.
Harshvardhan Kanthode
Harshvardhan Kanthode:
Just discovered Mac and his music, it's sounds still so fresh even after being released long ago
Regardless of anyone that reads this, Mac changed my life with these lyrics, his music made my life change forever, I played/play these songs every day and genuinely it’s a part of my life, his lyrics made me never lose faith in this girl I met, who is now my fiancée. He is the reason I push on and keep being proud of what I do, I love you Mac Miller,
The genuine smile at 4:29 is just heartbreaking. Rest In Peace Mac ❤️❤️
Will Van Deusen
Will Van Deusen:
Gone but NEVER forgotten. Miss ya Mac
Kenny Lindahl
Kenny Lindahl:
Still a crazy good song, it ages well. Still as fresh as when it was released
little bug whisperer
little bug whisperer:
i never realized how much i like mac millers music but omg it’s SO GOOD
word burst
word burst:
Mac Miler: The man who made it mainstream without selling out. love you man
Maximus London-Kolb
Maximus London-Kolb:
this song as absolutely magnificent (i've been listening to it on repeat a lot for the past 3 days) and the video is so good; the colors and the choreography are fantastic!
Tynedaly Taylor
Tynedaly Taylor:
This hits hard after his passing. "I can't keep on losing you over complications. Gone too soon!" Too soon indeed. RIP Malcolm.
Z-Wolf reviews
Z-Wolf reviews:
Love the beat, very soothing
Konvo with Krit
Konvo with Krit:
Rest in Peace to a Pittsburgh Legend Mac Miller much love I'm from the Steel City I know how much of a impact your passing was
Josh Bayer
Josh Bayer:
Dang! is a song that will age well. This will still be a bop 10 years from now.
Lynnette Delgado
Lynnette Delgado:
Listening to Sill Sonic on repeat this weekend. Paak & Bruno's masterpiece for sure...but the first few notes of thier song "Leave my door open" brought me here to spend some time with Mac.⚘
Margarita Maulen
Margarita Maulen:
Este chico es tan talentoso se mueve con tanta facilidad de un color a un sonido increíble mi favorito y como no se puede aceptar tu partida
I’m a 40 year old man and miss Mac. His positive music helped me during some dark times
I really hate how I can no longer see this dude release more bangers. He was such a talent. This collab was 100% chemistry and imagine if both made a song with lil sims. My god!
Rest easy, my guy! We miss you so fucking much.
Vincent Louis
Vincent Louis:
“I CAN’T KEEP ON LOSING YOU, GONE TOO SOON.” Dang! this song is still my favorite!!

Rest in Peace 🙏🏽
Mbusowethu Radebe
Mbusowethu Radebe:
Listening to this song in 2022 feels like the hook was written specifically for Mac Miller's passing... RIP!
Olivia Odom
Olivia Odom:
Just now hearing this song. Such a great song. Loving the upbeat vibe. RIP man🙏🏾❣
Anyone just found a moment and thought yeah, I'll put Dang! on. You're not alone. RIP Mac
who pooped the bed?
who pooped the bed?:
Anderson Paak's chorus hits alot differently now. I miss you Mac, thanks for all the amazing jams. Hope you're working with your favorite artists up there.
Peter Jefferson
Peter Jefferson:
Genuinely love this song. The smooth vocals of Anderson Paak and Mac Miller lyrics was on point.

A true classic. SIP King.
Tree Fiddy Bandit
Tree Fiddy Bandit:
I’ve listened to this song hundreds of times. Never knew it had a video.

R.I.P. Mac
Thank you for the wisdom and hope you’re flying peacefully through the cosmos
I will always love this song…… till I die RIP Mac Miller ❤️❤️still here 2022
que saudades do Mac...

uma das minhas missões como artista é fazer minha pequena parte em carregar seu legado, através da sua grande influência nas minha músicas!
Mishelka Petrovich
Mishelka Petrovich:
Such a genius. Rest In Peace angel. Still miss u
I love this so much..his simple hip-hop groove to the rap is so cool.. MISS YOU MAC 🙏
Gill Gitsham
Gill Gitsham:
Cant believe iv just found this guy. My life has completely changed with this music ..thankyou ....
Moeketsi Nkemele
Moeketsi Nkemele:
Man, I really love this song.

Mac Miller forever!
Brian Delgado
Brian Delgado:
Man after all the craziness going on in the world right now it's good to come back to a song like this and chill a minute RIPMAC
Dingus Magee
Dingus Magee:
I haven't listed to Mac in years, like 4-5. but for some reason I was listening to Nike's On My Feet the night before he died. And I recently got off heroin. It'll be two years for me in November. So hearing about Mac really hit home. I'm rediscovering his music all over again, and all of the stuff he made over the last 4 years. He really was one of the best artist of this generation. I hope he found that peace he always spoke about in his music. People always say "oh he was so talented, i can't keep losing artists" etc etc. As if he is more important than the every man. He was just a human, with the same struggles and problems as all of us, still a mortal. It is very sad, to lose someone so young and full of life, but heed the warning this brings. You've only got one life, spend it wisely. RIP Mac, thanks for all the good vibes you brought to earth through the killer music you made.
hoping this is going to be the next summer hit. Rest in peace. your music will not be forgotten!
What a fantastic beat. This beat was perfect for both of them. R.I.P Mac Miller.
Emiliano Joestar
Emiliano Joestar:
Gracias por hacer los días mejores mac, te quiero mucho♡.
Duane Cowgill
Duane Cowgill:
Still on my playlist 2021. RIP MAC MILLER... He's a Heavenly Headliner!!
Sam Kellman
Sam Kellman:
This beat is incredible
jennie perez
jennie perez:
I love him so much, I'm just upset cause I really had planned to go see his concert, would of been my first one too. Rest in peace Mac, we love you and miss you dearly 🥺♥️
El Co
El Co:
My heart breaks a little every time I hear this jam. How many more awesome songs could Anderson and Mac have come up with. R.I.P. Mac❤️
That "Gone too soon, wait!" hit different. RIP big mac💛
Everytime I think I'm ready to hear his voice again. It hurts more. Miss you Mac, hope you are doing good living it up up up ❤️RIP
hmm yes interesting
hmm yes interesting:
"Gone too soon."

I can't keep losing artists man. My heart can't take it.
one day i will have a mad night playing Mac on vinyl and drinking wine.. i'm not quite there yet though... RIP my friend
Dreamless Music
Dreamless Music:
im going to the same music school the guy who made this beat went to, it was always a dream to make a beat for you mac, RIP legend
Robert St John
Robert St John:
You live on through your music... Wish you were still here to bless us with more! We will love an cherish the tracks you left us with R.I.P. Mac Miller!!!
one of the greatest songs ever made
Laura Dove
Laura Dove:
this was my favourite mac song. I would put it on full volume in my earphones and walk everywhere to it on repeat, i felt so free..
Love you MACK will never know what you were going through mentally but I pray you are at peace and your soul is soaring freely
vivatron 13
vivatron 13:
I absolutely love this song and totally relate to it Rest In Peace. ❤
Hoy dia fue donde estuviste por primera vez en este mundo ya no estas aqui pero tu musica durara mas
Angelique Benavidez
Angelique Benavidez:
This is the song that made me fall in love with him! Rest easy Mac baby 🎶♥️
Juan Luna
Juan Luna:
It's the best thing ever when an artist you like tries something new and ends up KILLIN it! Great job, Mac!
Manny Mayhem
Manny Mayhem:
I still remember the first time I heard this song. Instantly downloaded the album and worked my way back, then he dropped Swimming and i thought damn this guy can do no wrong.. Little did i know dude was literally on his way out 💔😢
Rafaelparticelli Particelli
Rafaelparticelli Particelli:
O Anderson é um gênio 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
Jay Mill
Jay Mill:
I miss Mac so much man, his music transcends
The city in this music video is so colorful and lively, like it’s a heaven made for musicians, hope Mac is well where he is.
This song sounds like the definition of vibing.
misterclean2 thescene
misterclean2 thescene:
Wow! What and where have I been? Am finding music and artists that take me to a new zone. Am 58 now and still feeling like I did when I was 17 and exploring new things, places and faces. Missed alot
Jade Montana
Jade Montana:
Mac Miller
I can't keep on losing you
Over complications
Gone too soon
Wait, we was just hangin'
I can't seem to hold onto
The people that know me best
The key that I won't forget
Too soon
I can't keep on losing you
I can't keep on losing you
How many mistakes do it take 'til you leave
And I'm left with my hand on my face
All red in the face, lookin' at you like (wait)
I know I ain't a saint, if it ain't too late, well
(I can't keep on losing you)
Don't run away so fast
Know my heart like gold, but it break like glass
Know my shit get old and I act so young
Baby, you so cold, never have no sun
You don't wanna grow up, yeah, that shit no fun
So when I get home, I'ma give you some
Make you feel like, (woo) when I hit that drum
Yeah, the dick ain't free, I don't give no fucks
Yeah, it's complicated, got you frustrated
Get home late and you don't trust me, baby
Way too drunk, you don't know what I'm sayin'
You can drive my car, don't drive me crazy
Complicated, got you frustrated
Every single night I keep you waitin'
You say you don't care, that's what you sayin'?
We both know that's some bullshit
Okay, we be fightin', we be reunitin'
Kiss me, touch me, tease me, me excited
God, the devil, who is who?
Tryna get through to you because
I can't keep on losing you
Over complications
Gone too soon
Wait, we was just hangin'
I can't seem to hold onto
The people that know me best
The key that I won't forget
Too soon
I can't keep on losing you
Can't keep losin' you
Can't keep losin' you
Can't keep losin' you
Can't keep losin' you
Can't keep losin' you
Can't keep losin' you
Can't keep losin' you
Can't keep losin' you
You can't go away, girl, I'ma need you
Play your games like they my ticket to an Ivy League school
Won't get Hall of Fame dick from a Minor League dude
I just eat pussy, other people need food
Only got a little time and I ain't tryna spend it
Arguin' about who ain't givin' who attention
Startin' up the engine, need to reboot
I just eat pussy, other people need food
And I use every bone in my body
Keep on holdin' onto your trust
I know you don't want nothin' to do with me
But just one more time, let's make love
One more time, it ain't much
Fuck 'em all, let's be us
Summer's soft sweetness
Call late drunk, you hang up
What a mess I made up, sense, I make none
It's complicated, keepin' me up late
Can't concentrate, you're always on my brain
If it's love, then why the fuck it come with pain?
I just think that's some bullshit
Okay, it seem invitin', trust me, she's a titan
This week she like him, next week they fightin'
Need protection, all your dresses bulletproof
You're safe with me, girl
I can't keep on losing you
Where the hell you goin'?
Where you takin' this trip to?
Don't move, don't stay, too
I can't keep on losing you
Where the hell you goin'?
Where the hell you goin'?
I can't keep on losing you
Over complications
Gone too soon
Wait, we was just hangin'
I can't seem to hold onto
The people that know me best
The key that I won't forget
Too soon
I can't keep on losing you
Can't keep losin' you
Can't keep losin' you
Can't keep losin' you
Can't keep losin' you
Can't keep losin' you
Can't keep losin' you
Can't keep losin' you
Can't keep losin' you
Can't keep losin' you
Can't keep losin' you
Can't keep losin' you
Can't keep losin' you
Can't keep losin' you
Can't keep losin' you
Can't keep losin' you
Can't keep losin' you
An absolute legend, RIP Mac.
Southern Fried West Coaster
Southern Fried West Coaster:
Mac since you left the world got a lot crazier and you literally are one of the few things keeping people sane. We miss you Mac RIP
C.G More
C.G More:
I didn't appreciate his flow while he was here. I didn't listen to him. But, I checkin him now. I know I'm late to the party, but I'm enjoying him. To his family, friends & fans. U already knew how special he was. Peace, two fingers!!!
Caveman Spongbob #swaggymanger
Caveman Spongbob #swaggymanger:
I'm glad to know these musical talents have made a project together 😊
Kristy F
Kristy F:
Damn, such a gift. You shoulda kept sharing it with us, Mac. We have to come here cause we miss you so much.
Don't be sad, be glad Mm shared his talent and left this amazing music for us all to come together and enjoy together! Dance, have some fun, relax, laugh, make love not war ~ keep striving for progress, not perfection. In the end it's those with the best means to work together to make this world a better place for oneself, and one's family ~ always the children (protect and nurture them! Guide and set good examples! Listen they have a lot to say and so much we can LEARN from them, each other. Communication and education are key). Protect Mama Earth so we can live in balance with her~ just enjoy the ride. Enjoy the music! One love ♡ treat others THE WAY YOU WANT TO BE TREATED...NOT the way they treat eye for an eye, makes the whole world blind. 🌹🔥☀️🌻💫🙏🏼🙏🏽🙏🏾🙏🏿💃🏻
The most underrated artist. R.I.P Mac still missing you! Most Dope!!
marco bazan
marco bazan:
Fun Fact: Anderson .paak actually first wrote the chorus of this song with the intentions that it was about passing loved ones.

It holds more weight now that Mac is gone. Rip Larry Fisherman
Nick Otto-Bernstein
Nick Otto-Bernstein:
RIP Legend, miss him and his great music!
ThePoke’ Project
ThePoke’ Project:
🙏🤯 rip dude was so much better than any of the rappers we have now a days
Denise A
Denise A:
This song is such a vibe 💕💕 RIP MaC
True artistry right here. Still missing u Mac. Rest in Peace.
Joshua Kersey
Joshua Kersey:
The color scheme in this video is incredibly well-done. Great job bois
Billiegh Henny
Billiegh Henny:
Love & Appreciate All The Fans Still Keeping This Man Alive Here In 2022 & Years To Come
ATXKid 51
ATXKid 51:
This song and duo is everything.. true art!
Definitely more of a 2000s Nostalgic

Is anyone gonna talk about is that this is giving us throwback from the (2000s vibes) ? There’s no way I’m the only one who’s noticing that.
Dylan Bloom
Dylan Bloom:
Funkiest 2 dudes in modern hip hop. Mac's legacy will only grow with time.
Justine Grimaldi
Justine Grimaldi:
I feel like I can feel your spirit when I listen to him r.i.p. Mac Miller Rest In Peace my love
Jaquanda Martin
Jaquanda Martin:
Amazing talent...RIP Mac
I had such a good fucking year that year , was winning all my boxing matches had an amazing woman that just wanted to be there and this fucking legend was a live and well .. ah well here’s to making another one . Rip Mac , hope you’re still dancing walking up on the other side of a galaxy somewhere
Quand j suis pas top moralement j aime bien l écouter 🎧 On n peut que s ambiancer s/ ce Son 💫☀️
Flying Fez
Flying Fez:
this isn't just my favorite mac miller song. it's my favorite song.
Robin Moreno
Robin Moreno:
I heard this while i was working at a grocery store that i hated but they would occasionally put great music. I never really digged into mac until you heard this song. He will forever be the man that helped me get thru a very tough time. Made me feel I wasn’t alone with his last 2 albums. Rip mac take some time off then will see you again hopefully 🙏
Grub szy
Grub szy:
Two most wached people on NPR Tiny Desk playing together. Love it. I miss Mac so much.
Rashad Y
Rashad Y:
Gotta play my boy Mac Miller every week definitely was a great artist R.I.P 😢🙏👼
paulo c
paulo c:
An all-time slap. Will always sound good no matter what, where, when
M B:
2020, Working from home, still here. Miss you brother.
I've been producing some art this year and i will be dedicating a piece to you soon.
love, Moothalog.
lubna g.blasco
lubna g.blasco:
They are amazing Anderson and miller amazing mix
missing you so much mac ❤️❤️❤️ you got through me every chapter of my life and i’m so sad I won’t be looking forward to another project in this stage of my life
Danielis Herrera Medina
Danielis Herrera Medina:
Anyone else who loves him like I do? I miss you Mac 😪
Borussia Dortmund
Borussia Dortmund:
Man, I just miss Mac but I know he’s alright. But I miss times when be was active, when I knew Mac would be releasing new music and he is alive. Sad but we can’t undo it and in the end everything comes for a reason. And we still have all his videos, music and memories! Great song Mac, I know that u know it 😉.
to the people that got to see mac perform, you guys are one hella lucky humans to walk this earth.
Mees Sengers
Mees Sengers:
Great song but can we just appreciate Mac’s phenomenal jacket