Machine Gun Kelly - emo girl feat. WILLOW (Official Music Video)

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(I am a God)
Yeah, she’s got
Makeup by the mirror in her bedroom
Thigh high fishnets and some black boots
Nose pierced with the cigarette perfume
Half dead but she still looks so cute
she is a monster in disguise
and she knows all the words to the trap songs
takes pics with the cherry red lipstick
Says she only dates guys with a big _____
I fell in love with an emo girl
I’m in love with an emo girl
I fell in love with an emo girl
All I want is an emo girl

She puts eyeliner on her dark skin
She tells me lies but she knows all of my secrets
And when we drive in the car and I say “who is this band?”
She says “you won’t understand this some next shit”
Choke-choke-choker on her neck
kiss me, holy fuck I’m bleeding on your Blink tee
So, so, so, many regrets you tell me
you’re depressed baby girl that makes two of us
I fell in love with an emo girl
I’m in love with an emo girl
I fell in love with an emo girl
All she wants is an emo girl
I fell in love with an emo girl
I’m in love with an emo girl
I fell in love with an emo girl
All I want is an emo girl
I fell in love with an emo girl
I’m in love with an emo girl
I fell in love with an emo girl
All I want is an emo girl
I fell in love with an emo girl
I’m in love with an emo girl
I fell in love with an emo girl
All she wants is an emo girl
She’s in love
With an emo girl

#MGK #WILLOW #emogirl

Music video by Machine Gun Kelly, WILLOW performing emo girl. © 2022 Bad Boy/Interscope Records

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100+ comentarios:

this song makes me wish i could still see dislike ratios
Dakota Estabrook
Dakota Estabrook:
Thank you so much MGK, my grandma was on life support for the last six months. This weekend we all decided to visit her and see how she was doing. I can still remember hearing this track playing over the intercom when she used the remaining strength she had left to reach over and pulled her own plug so she wouldn't have to listen to the rest of the song.❤❤
If you ever think you have bad taste in music , just remember there's someone who listens to this man
Jabriil Abdidaad
Jabriil Abdidaad:
Whenever I think I'm corny
I remember MGK exists
2 years ago a truck ran over my foot making me not able to walk but when i heard this song i got up and jumped out the window, THX MGK!
Muri Ssa
Muri Ssa:
This song is like an intro for a 2000s teenage girl movie.
Shelby 2234
Shelby 2234:
ya know how they say artists are "ahead of their time" well, he is behind on the times cause if they reworked that chorus and released this back in 2010 baby…this would be a hit
Omg...thank you MGK..I know it has been long since this song was released but...I really love this song..just 1 month ago I remember I went to the ICU to visit my Grandfather..he was technically on Life Support, you could say..but the important part was that when this song was playing in the tracklist's of the hospital..he took one last breath..and he got up and said to me, "Dear grandson, I love you much.." and that was the last I heard of him..he unplugged his Life Support and..that was the last I saw him, at least he succeeded in completing every emo's die 😭❤
Thank you MGK, you made me have depression since this song came out. Can't appreciate you enough 😍🥰
Nicole Kerley
Nicole Kerley:
Love this!!!!
Idk why so many people hate this song, it sounds so good on mute
Ruperto Arceo
Ruperto Arceo:
thanks MGK! I let my mom listen to this and she thinks my headphones are broken , so she got me a new one 💖
Beard Game
Beard Game :
Like stepping back in time to the early 2000s. This could quite easily fit American pie
If this doesn’t play at my funeral, I’m definitely going
Martin Marcus
Martin Marcus:
First time hearing about this guy, I sincerely thought it was a parody of early 2000s alternative rock, but then I found out he was a rapper, and now I'm confused, he does suck, but not for parodies 😂
This is the kind of lyrics I would write in my emo phase when I was 12
This song is so good that I cant wait to never hear it again after today thanks MGK 🙂
NuckingFuts XD
NuckingFuts XD:
Mgk, this song helped me learn to walk again. after 15 years of being crippled, I stood up and walked to the radio and turned it off.
King Law
King Law:
One of the best song. This song keeps me warm when I feel cold as I can feel the heat of all the haters. 🤡
Andrea D
Andrea D:
I don't care what they say, this song is AMAZING!!!!!
Friday eats trash
Friday eats trash:
Thank you mgk this song really inspired me I have been struggle with depression and suicide for so long and you finally made me see that it’s ok to give up on the world 😌
Thank you so much for this song, my brother was in a coma for 15 years but when I played this song next to him while he was asleep , he woke up to press the mute button. 😁😁😁
Amber A
Amber A:
I have never heard Willow Smith sing before accept for that whip my hair hair song. She has a good voice.
WalkN Talk
WalkN Talk:
Willow killed MGK on his own track. It's derivative, but I think Willow's verse was pretty nice.
good theme, the sound everything as it sounds is cool 🖤👍
Let's be honest here, the melody is actually pretty decent, I just wish it had different lyrics, I would have maybe liked it more since its practically turning into a meme right now 💀
I Love this song
I've never seen the music video- ITS SO GOOD! I now love everyone who sings this song when I walk past them. I'ma have the song stuck in my head.
So my mom went into paralysis and she couldn’t move for months, until I listen to this and she finally got out of paralysis just to turn that shit off. Thanks MGK!
i love this song, cuz i was emo 🖤
This song is so good that my dad finally came back home with the milk just to turn this off
Thank you very very much MGK, my grandpa was just recently in a coma and me and my family came to visit him in the hospital, So then this song came on and my grandpa surprisingly woke up and broke the boom box with the last of the strength that he had 💕💕
this song hit diff when it’s not playing 🔥
Mia Broekmans
Mia Broekmans:
Their voices go super well together tbh
🤍pure vanilla cookie🤍
🤍pure vanilla cookie🤍:
I love this song! Its so catchy lol
ciao ಠωಠ
ciao ಠωಠ:
I just love how basically everyone agree on the fact that the problem is not their voices nor the instrumental but it's just the lyrics
Kathrine Cummings
Kathrine Cummings:
Love this song🎧
Katherine Fernandez
Katherine Fernandez:
i have never seen something so horrifying in my life! thanks MGK.
Troye Davis
Troye Davis:
This song is so good to listen to You know what's funny is I had the same hair as him when I was 15 and I also love how the kids are like all emo now
Lupita Rodriguez
Lupita Rodriguez:
Ordinary gabe
Ordinary gabe:
This is one of those songs where the instrumental is better than the lyrics
Tsvetelin Lazarov
Tsvetelin Lazarov:
Not gonna lie THIS HITS HARD!
I miss the last 10 seconds of the album version ... oh my Gawd 😉
listened to this as a joke but it actually sounds good 😭
Nevaeh Johnson
Nevaeh Johnson:
Idk about you guys but I love this song.
Elise Cunliffe
Elise Cunliffe:
You really captured the essence and soul of the early 2000's emo scene by making me want to kill myself. Good job MGK.
When he said “I fell in love with an emo girl” I was so moved I smashed my phone
Tanner Cass
Tanner Cass:
I love this song 🎧
I feel like this has already been done…. This type of music.
Renoi Movies
Renoi Movies:
Willow Smith killed it . Thank you !
amaya Weebson
amaya Weebson:
I owe you my life MGK, before listening to this song my dad was very abusive but after my headphones disconnected once it came on, he had a heart attack and died❤️
This is so good, the beat the music (except the lyrics tbh, too much)
Luig Ha
Luig Ha:
I didn’t know you could pick specific ghost writers for each decade. The life of a mainstream “musician.”
Milan Simko Simko
Milan Simko Simko:
Love this!
Summer Sky
Summer Sky:
So good !! Thank god that rapping is over ! Real music rock coming in strong !!
I actually love the composition. I think it really captures the vibes of the early 2000's pop-punk rock. But the lyrics & the mv makes me wanna drown myself in bleach.
Olivera Lazarova
Olivera Lazarova:
💜Little miss Lydia💜
💜Little miss Lydia💜:
this song feeds the Emo girl inside my soul
I love this song, idk why ppl are hating. The internet is weird
This song has made me get more bullied than I usually do some of them I will list. Getting yelled emo at 24/7 at school and being called lesbian ( I like guys) and that’s not all I also get called horrible names and people telling me to kill my self. thx MGK
Martin Lawrencium
Martin Lawrencium:
This man is so lucky dislikes don’t show anymore
Filmar Congayo
Filmar Congayo:
I dont understand why everyone is pooping on the sounds good I love it lol
{ E x o t i c }
{ E x o t i c }:
omg those girls are so emo!! great song mgk! my favorite part was when it ended!
As an emo girl myself, I do not love you back 🥰
Franz Mari Susteverio
Franz Mari Susteverio:
Imagine how good their voices would be in another song
Dan animation
Dan animation:
This song committed 18 war crimes, set my phone on fire and pulled the plug on my grandmas hospital bed all at the same time…

I miss my grandma
dude this is the first time someone understands me 😪im so emo bro like 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤 ì feel this deep in my heart i cry to this every night
Fucking love this!!! It makes my soul so happy!!>🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤
This would have been a bop when I was in middle school 15 years ago.
Ava Maes
Ava Maes:
Willow is literally such an amazing singer, like who roped her into this?????
I would be very highly concerned if my future kids watched this video on a field trip.
This is my most favorite song of all time. Hated it at first, but now I can’t stop listening to it
when I'm in a corny contest and my opponent is machine gun Kelly
Jessika Campbell
Jessika Campbell:
I feel attacked by this song 💜😈
I would just like to thank you for this song. it helped make me overcome my addiction of breathing. Thank you.
I really love this song! I find it extremely good and it capsules my young days when I had my first girlfriend. Today she would for sure be considered emo girl. =) I will forever consider emo girls among the hottest. :P
I'll give him some credit this album and Tickets to my Downfall actually is good
I'm having a hard time understanding why this song is literally turning into a meme.
I don't see anything that bad about the lyrics and the music after all is just fine and I'm actually liking it.
Mgk, I owe you SOOOOO much. You helped me get an A+ on an assignment with this song. My assignment was to make a Google slides project about the most common ways people die. So on slide number one, I put "Ever since February 9th, 2022, listening to the song 'emo girl' by mgk is the most common way people die" I got a 100 on the assignment
this song has me laughing 24/7, the tiktoks be funny asl too
gives a new meaning to “oh,my ears burn”
I'm in love with an emo girl!
This is a good song. It's catchy and when a songs lyrics aren't easily forgotten.. you are doing something right. You can't please everyone. It's got a good beat I like it.
B. Rami
B. Rami:
I would love this if i were in the 00s
i never dealt with my problems in a healthy way, struggled with self harm and suicidal thoughts, and it was an every day battle. id never felt as inspired as i do right now, by machine gun kelly, and his specific song, emo girl. hes inspired me to go through with it, and kill myself.
Alien Beef-Gravy
Alien Beef-Gravy:
Ten years ago my grandpa died of colon cancer, it's been hard on me, but I moved on. I visit his grave every other week, and play his favorite songs. Today I decided to play a popular mix, and this song came on. He quickly emerged from his grave, skeletal hands ripping dirt and grass out of his way. When he finally got out, he took hold of my phone and threw it in a cup of hi-c I got from McDonald's. He proceeded to say "I hate cancer", thanks MGK for making a song that brought my grandpa back to life. ❤️ ❤️
Emil Holmsten
Emil Holmsten:
I actually like this! 2000 skate vibes🙏💯
Southern Fried West Coaster
Southern Fried West Coaster:
This song makes me think of my girlfriend
Lenny J Drums
Lenny J Drums:
Revive the pop punk and alternative rock!!!!!!
Britt N
Britt N:
As an elder emo, I feel like gatekeeping is okay for once.
Spooky Jenn Adkins
Spooky Jenn Adkins:
Just now listening 🎧 to this album & this song for the first time...

Me: puts down my cigarette, wipes off my cherry lipstick 💄.. tugged my fishnets up a little higher...
Eh hem... Colssssoooon!!! MGK!! YOU HAD TO WROTE THIS ABOUT ME?!? ....
Czar King
Czar King:
This song has more dislikes than it has views. 🤦‍♂️
Well done mgk. 👏
Caden Johnson
Caden Johnson:
Love this song big mgk fan
Jonathan Alexander
Jonathan Alexander:
This song slaps 🥁
Imagine being 31 and releasing this song.
I owe my phone to Machine Gun Kelly , at first i couldn't mute my phone or use any side button but after this it permanently muted itself
Cherry's Mukbang
Cherry's Mukbang:
I really like this!!!
HootGaming #RoadTo400
HootGaming #RoadTo400:
I feel like this will be the next never gonna give you up
Chad Yu
Chad Yu:
This song is definitely one of the songs of all time. I think.