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Kyle Cogan
Logan Powaski
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Leaving this comment here so that every times someone likes it I come back to this song and be reminded of this MASTERPIECE!!!🤘🍅
He got the perfect voice for this genre
I don’t give a fuck how people feel about this man he gave us a a banger of a album that has that feel good vibe you got from the early days of mtv it makes me nostalgic and miss high school but also grounds me enough to be present to be able to appreciate this music for what is is so thanks MgK
Blayden Chisholm
Blayden Chisholm:
This album is everything I've needed in my life, I've recently lost my mom and I feel like the world has gone against me but every time I hear his songs he speaks to me and I just wanna say to anyone else going through a tough time that everything will get better and don't give up because there is so much you have to offer this world❤
Protect this man at all costs, he's going through tough shit. And the world isn't treating him fair. We forget that famous people are human too. We're BORN WITH HORNS 🤘😈
The part about both his parents being gone hit deep, because I feel the same way. Bravo sir this album is amazing start to finish. 2 for 2 🤟🏻💯❤
Chelsea Kay
Chelsea Kay:
Kells.. you are NOT a sellout. you are real, raw, transparent. you’re a lyrical genius in any genre you dive into. im so fcking sorry, i can only imagine what ur going thru in this industry. but please stay strong.. and know you have real love and support out here 💗🖤 🎸
Infinit3 XX
Infinit3 XX:
Remember the day we heard the snippet? Yep, it’s finally here 🖤🖤🖤
What many people don't realize is the fact that he is depressed af ....these lyrics hits a lot different when you know where he's coming from ..cuz he got many emotional baggage that he still carries
Christopher Michaels
Christopher Michaels:
This is such a good song. I like the whole album, but this one is "the one" for me. I'm actually taken back with just how good this album is. You can tell MGK put his heart and soul into this project.
Leah Parker
Leah Parker:
“I want to talk to my dad, but Rest In Peace” man that hit deep. 6 months with out my dad and it still hurts like hell. 😭
Mitch Olsen
Mitch Olsen:
Been in a really low, dark place lately... I needed this song right now. So fucking good. Absolutely incredible.
Aaron Ayers
Aaron Ayers:
That's what he does his music for alot of people are against him right now but his real fans like me are screaming inside kells you just keep getting better
since 2011 ive basically played your shit every day. thanks for continuing to provide me with album after album i can play start to finish and love every track. love your rap, love your punk. We are about a month apart in age, and I grew up listening to a mix of hip hop and blink 182/punk rock. This isn't a sellout, its an evolution based off inspiration, and I'm all for it. Can't wait to see this on tour!
Love the song just hope its therapeutic for MGK and that we aren't all left one day saying "crap, did we miss it when he said he was singing about considering suicide" like we have with so many other amazing artists...
Forsaken blues
Forsaken blues:
Currently crying my eyes out listening to this. The lyrics, the emotion, your voice, the depth behind each word OMG😭💞I'm obsessed!!
that first section is definitely about record labels. "More Plaques For Their Office". Another great one. And that chorus is SOOOO GOOOOOOD. ANOTHER 8/10
I’m old but new to your music…could really kick my own ass for not hearing your music sooner. Truly dope.
Machine Gun Kelly is a huge inspiration to me and I WILL produce a song for him one day.
Cam Williamson
Cam Williamson:
The blink vibes in this are legit. The lyrics in this album are so 🔥🔥
God save me, I'm fucked up
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Ignoring my problems (Ye-ye-ye-ye-ye-yeah)
You die, you're iconic
More plaques for their office

[Verse 1]
Sixteen years old, kicked out the home
Sixteen years old, out on the street
Can't reconcile, both of my parents are gone
I wanna talk to my dad but rest in peace
Last month, took a gun in the room alone
Last month, almost blew my head off
She screamed and I nevеr put down the phone
I gotta be somеwhere, please hang up

Now, smile for the camera
Breakups are entertaining
My mental imbalance
Mixed with the drugs create me

It's a good night, it's a good night to be high
Sober again, sober again, it's a lie
Therapy said, therapy said that I might
Do it again, do it again and die
I'm a lost boy, I'm a lost boy
She's a goth girl, she's a pop girl
I know I went away, I know I went away
To a lost world, to a lost world

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[Verse 2]
Spaceships in the sky, we are not alone
I went out to the desert and I saw the light
Say hi 'cause the government tapped the phone
Fuck cops, read me my Miranda rights
Poison the brain, follow along
You makin' rules for no reason
Run away, go find where you belong
And don't tell no one you're leaving

Now, smile for the camera
Breakdowns are entertaining
My mental imbalance
Mixed with the drugs create me

It's a good night, it's a good night to be high
Sober again, sober again, it's a lie
Therapy said, therapy said that I might
Do it again, do it again and die
I'm a lost boy, I'm a lost boy
She's a goth girl, she's a pop girl
I know I went away, I know I went away
To a lost world, to a lost world

La-da-da, la-da-da-da (La-da-da, la-da-da-da)
La-da-da, la-da-da-da (La-da-da, la-da-da-da)

I'm a lost boy, I'm a lost boy
She's a goth girl, she's a pop girl
I know I went away, I know I went away
To a lost world, to a lost world

God save me, I'm fucked up, oh
God save me, I'm fucked up
Ronnie Henry
Ronnie Henry:
This is probably my favorite track on the album. The chorus reminds me a lot of 'Obvious' from Blink 182. Definitely brings me back to my high school days.
Divyagaurav punkrock
Divyagaurav punkrock:
It's amazing the way he expresses all those memories, the trauma, we all relate to him, cause we all have had similar experiences but perhaps have forgotten or repressed them or have been (psychologically) unaware/unconscious of their impact on our lives. We did not know how to express all of that. His lyrics have the capability to do just that.
dmoney spencer
dmoney spencer:
I want to talk to my dad but Rest In Peace . MGK always speaks to my soul. Gunna burn a bunch of weed to this on repeat. Much love
Haven’t even finished it yet and I can tell this is gonna be my favorite song on the album
Danny Ross
Danny Ross:
Absolute banger! love you MGK!
Chris Li Loia
Chris Li Loia:
The first time I listened to _"Tickets To My Downfall"_ I feel in love with that album immediately but when I first listened to _"Mainstream Sellout"_ I actually wasn't _TOO IMPRESSED..._
However, my _THOUGHTS_ and _OPINIONS_ eventually turned a full 180°...

_"TICKETS TO MY DOWNFALL"_ was released on September 25, 2020 and _"MAINSTREAM SELLOUT"_ was released on March 25, 2022 _[EXACTLY 18_ months apart from one another... so, how long do you think it'll be until _MGK/Machine Gun Kelly_ (a.k.a. _Colson Baker)_ releases his 3rd _POP-PUNK INSPIRED ALBUM_ with its title implying "I'm here to stay in the _POP-PUNK GAME_ so whoever doesn't like it can go _FUCK THEMSELVES"..._ or something else that's akin to that response
Stuart B Littley
Stuart B Littley:
mgk’s voice is so great for this genre and he’s really mastered the sound. the lyrics are so well delivered and honestly so authentic to the pop-punk sound. not to mention they are heartbreaking. it feels so raw and honest, like these are the real thoughts going through his head. chaotic screaming into a void over and over again, back over the same things in an infantilizing tone. amazing! ⛓☠️
This one hit deep stay safe Kells!!! 🥺🙏🏾
I’m actually in love with his voice 😩
This album is easily a 9/10. Im impressed to be honest after hearing emo girl I thought I'd hate it... I should have known it'd be incredible, no matter the genre MGK kills it. every. time.
MGK you wrote a song that explains me without trying spot on dude mad respect
Paul Reems
Paul Reems:
really hope we don't lose this man
Marco Sergio
Marco Sergio:
Best album ever 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
This is just a freaking masterpiece, I love that you put out so much stuff I relate too, you've helped save me
Gta Cribs
Gta Cribs:
I was a fan before this album but it's safe to say im a whole air conditioner now
Sixteen years old, kicked out the home
Sixteen years old, out hard in the street
Can't reconcile, both of my parents are gone
I wanna talk to my dad but rest in peace
Whether he's rapping or singing, MGK's lyrics are so good and flow so well 🖤
This ain’t like the lyric videos I grew up with. Awesome work for an awesome song!
Tom vel
Tom vel:
Best song on the album, so addicting!
Thank You MGK for this masterpiece 🔥
Brandon Shepherd
Brandon Shepherd:
Damn.. too relatable but always a true banger 💯
Mucha bestia
Mucha bestia:
This sound is Fucking Nostalgic and timeless. Love it❤
"Run away go find where you belong, Don't Tell No One You're Leaving!!" Lmao low-key feel like this line was specifically written for me, this has to be my favorite off the album ❤️👌🏼XX
Dark Prince
Dark Prince:
Very sad yet very inspiring words, respect
Mgks music has gotten me thru much shit. Him once again putting his pain into his music, I know it's gonna help me for years to come
Victoria Jamescupp
Victoria Jamescupp:
This is one of my favorites for sure! ❤️
Divine Journey
Divine Journey:
Love it... you got this MGK.. keep going. ❤️
This track really hit me hard. We don't know what ppl are going thru. That's why instead of just saying "treat everyone with kindness" (as long as they share your views) we need to act on this and be a little more loving to EVERYONE. All. The. Time. All we see is surface, we can't see their souls or the war going in inside... at least no one sees mine anyway. MGK all the way! Pax to you sir.
Joel gomez
Joel gomez:
This man saved my life thank you kelly
This is the best album ever straight up 🔥
Jacob Morris
Jacob Morris:
The last two lines of the song just hit too well. Best song on album for sure.
Michael C
Michael C:
This song is the shit. This and maybe are the best. Definitely early 2000 feel
Mauricio Marquez
Mauricio Marquez:
Best song in the album 🥵. Especially when screams poison THE BRAIN
David Quintero
David Quintero:
Every time MGK brings out a new album its always been 🔥 i really like this song I can listen to this on tbe daily just like all his other music I don't think there's a song I don't like I like all his music he really puts himself in his music I can feel it. Awesome 👌
this song stays in my head ❤️ 🎧
Gage Sexton
Gage Sexton:
This album is saving my life ❤
Chelsea Wood
Chelsea Wood:
This album is 🔥 keep banging kellz! ❤️
Tyler Naegele
Tyler Naegele:
"My mental imbalance mixed with the drugs create me." DAMN
LOVE YOU BRO THIS ALBUM IS ABSOLUTE FIRE!!! Your literally the reason I'm still alive if I didn't find your music or see you in concert at Phoenix I probably wouldn't be here. Thank you Kells your one in a million man much love to you 🖤❤💜
Satou Kazuma
Satou Kazuma:
"I wanna talk to my dad but rest in peace"
damn, that hits hard
Ethan Lake
Ethan Lake:
This is such a vibe when it's stuck in your head at school, just singing to yourself out loud, god save me I'm fucked up🤣
Best song in the album!
Nero 017
Nero 017:
For everyone going through shit... you are not alone! feel free to reach out to me! this man has brought the best music for a long time. thank you MGK
Darian Smith
Darian Smith:
This song literally is how I've always felt, sadly I can't be honest with anyone about it cause this mindset isn't viewed as acceptable or understood by anyone who isn't there themselves. Thank you MGK for voicing the thoughts of people like us!
literally love him. he saved me💞
imnoop YT
imnoop YT:
W Album ❤Every Song Fire 🔥
Kirsten Luv
Kirsten Luv:
Video editor if you watching this thank you all these lyric videos are amazing!
Shlee Sawyer
Shlee Sawyer:
Finally!!! And completely worth the wait! 😍
Love it 🔥🤘🏽🖤
Haters gon hate fuck dem i love mgk's music imma bump this shit forever
Anthony Harder
Anthony Harder:
One of my favorite songs off the new album
Priyanshu Chandra
Priyanshu Chandra:
Great song<3
Pooria Naderi
Pooria Naderi:
Your music are awsome💜
Matías Villanueva Castañeda
Matías Villanueva Castañeda:
As a blink 182 fan who discovered MGK by Travis Barker, I can clearly see the influence of Box Car Racer in this one, and I love it. I'm such a fan of MGK and everything that he's doing. Keep the good work
Toby Garton
Toby Garton:
After listening to the album front to back like 4 times this song is in my top 3
Andrew Telle
Andrew Telle:
Dude i really like this song because of how real it is, def my favorite song on the album. Don't care what anyone says ab u ur a legend and will fs go down in history
Van Axxel
Van Axxel:
MGK is The real Living Legend and Rock Star 🙏✨🤘
Karim rezgui
Karim rezgui:
Why nobody helps him? Fuck he literally said he depressed and nobody gives a fuck. Pray for u man, we don’t deserve to lose another legend❤️
Still listening to this album like it just came out yesterday💯🔥
Ashley Webber
Ashley Webber:
Master piece and gave me chills!
Karen Luna
Karen Luna:
I'm loving every part of this álbum 💘 i'm in love with this álbum so far 💘
Dan Mentoz
Dan Mentoz:
Hope you taking care MGK, been a fan for a while, love the old stuff and current, peace and love, rock on bro bro ✌
Tiff 🥀🖤
Tiff 🥀🖤:
YouTube by Gary Goliath
YouTube by Gary Goliath:
Your music takes me to another dimension
Justin Votaw
Justin Votaw:
This one hits harder then all of the over songs, I miss my dad.
Karol Daniela Dominguez Gomez
Karol Daniela Dominguez Gomez:
your music makes me feel alive
Tobias Dalby
Tobias Dalby:
And with this album, after being a fan for 11 years.. MGK is my all time favorite artist. Thank you, stay strong❤❤
Kaylene Ortbals
Kaylene Ortbals:
This song is amazing I love the new album you're simply wonderful mgk I can't get enough of your music 🎶 ❤️
rise above
rise above:
"Spaceships in the sky, we are not alone." Love. ❤️
Mgk you have KNOW IDEA how you have changed my life. I put you on to my whole city dude. If you’ve ever seen this evolution in person like I did you’d feel so overwhelmed I swear. It’s soo goooooodd. Damn. Est or nothing
Tulo Beats
Tulo Beats:
Best song on the album imo 🔥🎶
kaung myattun
kaung myattun:
I love your songs and look forward to your new Rap Album.
River Peters
River Peters:
Phenomenal album 👏
Aaron Stevens
Aaron Stevens:
Favourite song on the album ✌️
Michael Lasseigne
Michael Lasseigne:
The fact that he can speak some real ass shit, lyrics-wise and still have it over a punk rock instrumental and bring it all together is just amazing.
Alexandrea :
love it... my mind everyday..
Machine gun Kelly you are the man bro you have helped me through the worst break up ever 💯🤟🙏 thanks you for inspiring me to keep singing and doing what's best for me thank you man 💯❤️
Christina Haynes
Christina Haynes:
Sometimes I just feel exiled but your music helps me. Frfr
"The demons have awaken ya start breaking and ya body starts shaking and from the pieces they are making and taking another human to awaken" - Dublupz