Makeup Brands You Didn't Know Arent Cruelty Free

Makeup Brands You Didn't Know Arent Cruelty Free
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In a day and age when testing on animals is frowned upon more and more, its actually become a marketing ploy to tell customers that your products are cruelty free. When a product is cruelty free is a label for products or activities that dont harm animals anywhere in the world. Products that are tested on animals are not considered cruelty free because testing on animals are often painful and cause millions of animals to die every year. If you’re someone who wants to know whats in your makeup bag, this list is for you. I’m going to let you guys know about some makeup brands you didn’t know aren’t cruelty free, right now on IO.

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DON Gambini
DON Gambini:
They should test the makeup on politicians. Win win.
Just a Weirdo
Just a Weirdo:
We dont deserve animals 😔
Ananya Gowrishankar
Ananya Gowrishankar:
I can't believe how people could just test on animals like this. Animals should be protected loved and cared for, and I sincerely thank the IO channel for bringing these issues to the light.
Sweet_ Serienty
Sweet_ Serienty:
The Chinese laws and government are really... messed up...
edit: guys, I’m not criticizing the Chinese race, I’m criticizing their government. Two different things.
Alexia Spiteri
Alexia Spiteri:
"It is wrong to deprive chinese consumers from Rimmel" so you're telling me that the success of your business is more important than the torture of animals? Yeah... totally against animal cruelty...
Onxx 22
Onxx 22:
They’re basically sacrificing animals lives for money ! What a cruel world we’re living in 🥺
Anya horne
Anya horne:
NARS used to be my favourite brand but it broke my heart when I found out they began selling in China. 2020 and brands still choose profit over ethics. 💔 Suffering of animals is not worth a $20 lipstick!
Tru Dat
Tru Dat:
Aren’t humans animals? Shouldn’t that work as a loophole?
Britney yo
Britney yo:
Animals should be treated equal like if someone kills a dog they need to go to jail too animals have feelings to
Cruelty free according Charlotte: Elf cosmetics, Fenty beauty, Charlotte Tilbury, Marc Jacobs Beauty, Lush, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Bite beauty and Colourpop Cosmetics.
Being cruelty free was important to François Nars so thats just sad
My makeup collection is cruelty free for three years now.
How could Louis Vuitton ever be near cruelty-free when all their bags are made of animal skins? When a company is making billions of profits per year at the expense of helpless creatures, you'd wanna think twice about slinging their logos along with carcass parts over your arms.

On another note, I'm glad I haven't managed to replenish my Rimmel matte foundation during the partial lockdown, because I no longer see a need to support this company considering they've sold their soul in exchange for the Chinese market. Their reason btw is so lame it hurts.
Mac is another company that say they do not test on animals unless they are required to do so. They also sell in China.
Sati Devi
Sati Devi:
How can the people who do this for a living look at themselves at night? It's so unnecessary and cruel.
As much as L’Oreal own Urban Decay, Urban Decay DOES NOT have products for sale in China and is completely cruelty-free, I worked for them for just under 3 years 👍🏻🐇
The photo you showed of “mainland China” is actually Hong Kong, which does not require the testing of animals by law
Dash Lee
Dash Lee:
I'm trying to grow into being a make up artist, and I'm an animal lover. This video is very important to me. Thank you so much for this.
Jude MelRoses
Jude MelRoses:
Hopefully, China Cruelty laws change.
Amanda Murphy
Amanda Murphy:
I was extremely disappointed when Wet and Wild decided to start selling in China. They're stuff is awesome and cheap. However it's not worth it anymore.
I stopped around a year ago buying non cruelty free makeup. I didn’t chuck out the makeup I already had from non cruelty free brands as I had already bought them. So I focus on using them all up first so my makeup collection can gradually become fully cruelty free and not create a lot of waste at the same time ☺️
I thought this was going to be a list of brands that are out of my price range anyway but omg that's a lot of brands for 2020. Please do a part 2 or cruelty free skin care
♡ 𝕥𝟘𝕩𝕚𝕔𝕓𝕦𝕟𝕟𝕪 ♡
♡ 𝕥𝟘𝕩𝕚𝕔𝕓𝕦𝕟𝕟𝕪 ♡:
If they were testing on dogs or cats the internet would cancel them. People have such low morals.
I hope this dont sound rude but Charlotte is my favorite narrator 🥺❤️
Zenobia Roman
Zenobia Roman:
It is very cruel to test on animals if humans are the ones using the product💔 we should be protecting animals
Kerri Bottriell-Baxter (Calypphire)
Kerri Bottriell-Baxter (Calypphire):
Never understood animal testing, it's upsetting.
Pixie Flow Arts
Pixie Flow Arts:
Morphie uses carmine in some of their eyeshadows... opposite of cruelty free or vegan
Michelle Gordon
Michelle Gordon:
So L’Oréal has Amber Heard as a spokesperson and sells in China where they test on animals!!?!! Oh please, take alll my monies!!! 🙄🙄 gtfoh
I said it before and i'm saying it again.
why dont people use it on themself? its literally their product. Animals are treasures!
♡ 𝕥𝟘𝕩𝕚𝕔𝕓𝕦𝕟𝕟𝕪 ♡
♡ 𝕥𝟘𝕩𝕚𝕔𝕓𝕦𝕟𝕟𝕪 ♡:
Here is a list of them all if you guys can’t stomach the video; 1. NARS 2. RIMMEL LONDON 3. LOREAL PARIS 4. MORPHE (not confirmed) 5. MAKE UP FOREVER 6. BOBBI BROWN 7. CHANNEL
The picture you showed about “MAINLAND CHINA” is actually Hong Kong. We have different system from China and we do not require animal testing by law.
Soleil _Phoenix22
Soleil _Phoenix22:
Ugh so sad about Urban Decay I used to love them and was thinking about buying some palettes 😒.

Thats a shame China HAS to test on animals with their large population. They'd have plenty of willing testers since they love makeup so much. Government policies can be so disappointing
Its sad to know that companies are still testing on animals to this very day. Wish there was more that could be done about it :< However I am a bit relieved to know that elf is cruelty-free, as that is my current go-to for makeup
Bridget W
Bridget W:
I would never assume Chanel was cruelty free concerning the manufacture leather goods.
Georgina Lester
Georgina Lester:
Tarte is cruelty free, and for the environment. They are my favorite makeup brand
That first picture made me so sad-all of the pictures the depict animal testing made me sad, being a hamster owner this makes me so so so very sad and no animal deserves to be treated like this and it breaks my heart to see that people think this is ok 😢💔
China's Wet Markets make it more than obvious that they could care less about Animal cruelty, unfortunately 😣 So sad
It's worth mentioning that in the US at least, there is no legal definition of "cruelty-free" and those guidelines mentioned for what makes a product cruelty-free are just put out by individual organizations, like PETA for products to qualify for their stamp of approval, but they mean nothing legally speaking. Additionally China only requires testing of products not made in China, however, if the product is made in China it will only be tested on animals if there are complaints filed regarding the safety of the product. "Cruelty-free" products are also not the same thing as "vegan" products.
when ur early to the potato queen’s video
I’ve seen Mac testing on cats on Facebook. It was truly disgusting and distributing.
Dat poor wittle bunny 🥺
Zoey Katherinev
Zoey Katherinev:
looks like I won't be purchasing from these brands!
The Grinch
The Grinch:
I don’t trust anything that PETA thinks is cruelty free
Pink Lightning
Pink Lightning:
Animals aren’t any different than humans, just smaller or bigger and may be less intelligent, and have heart beats
melina Tashi
melina Tashi:
I Love this Chanel and my potato queen

Yesterday was my 16 birthday and I spent the whole day inside onlineschooling...
Willier Nery
Willier Nery:
Thank you for bringing this up! It's so important to talk about this especially when you have such a big channel. It warms my heart. Be kind to every kind 🤍
Thank you for bringing this to light. I’ve been cruelty free for about a year and a half and it honestly makes me feel better that I’m not giving my money to these brands anymore . I love animals so much and I hope in the future more brands will reconsider.
Ell Alaskhanova
Ell Alaskhanova:
I was shocked when I started to see how the MU brands treat animals for they products. It’s cruelty. Everything from my MU was in the trash. So I was shocked more, when all make up bloggers, who have dogs and cats trying sell to us not cruelty free products. Now I use less MU and only from cruelty free brands and check 10 times before I will use something that was tested on animals.
Amy Fair
Amy Fair:
With Jacklyn Hill's change of formula using carmine in her popular palette with Morphe, I doubt they are cruelty-free 🤷‍♀️
To be honest we don't deserve a animal I am crying wtf like why-
Go CC Go!
Go CC Go!:
Can we have a list on what brands are cruelty free? 🥺
Chiara Prospero
Chiara Prospero:
🐇🐇 Shout-out to Elf, Fenty, Charlotte Tilbury, Marc Jacobs beauty, Lush, ABH, Bite beauty, Colorpop and, of course, Potato Beauty, the best one of all 🐇🐇
Chilli Beans
Chilli Beans:
So basically, if you wanna be sucssesful you have to be crul in china
DreaRoshale xoxo
DreaRoshale xoxo:
It’s sad that the more inexpensive the product is the more likely they do animal testing ☹️😞
Nicole DeRhone
Nicole DeRhone:
Thank you for compiling this list. It's important to not only call out the brands that engage in animal testing, but to also mention the brands that do not. It's difficult for consumers to know which products are truly vegan/cruelty free. This is due to the "fine print", disclaimers, and double talk brands use to make themselves appear that way, when in fact they are not.
Sara Sommers
Sara Sommers:
Between Loreal and Estee Lauder, they own about 80% of the cosmetic companies.
For those in the UK greener beauty are a totally cruelty free online shop, they also have greener salons to help people find cruelty free services from hairdressing to tattoos. Literal game changer 💪
Marisa MSP
Marisa MSP:
me getting bored at night.
no one:
informOverload: ohh after our video u will forget what bored means.
Private Faces
Private Faces:
When you say “Mainland China” but shows a picture of Hong Kong, which is considered “Greater China” and not the Mainland....
Ιουλία Μαρκάκη
Ιουλία Μαρκάκη:
Nyx is in fact cruelty free although the brand is owned by L'Oréal. Nyx is certified by PETA. Just wanted to mention that.
Ren Qiang Yuan
Ren Qiang Yuan:
One reason why Morphe isn't cruelty free is because they use carmine in the new formula of jaclyn hill's pallet
Solstice Beat
Solstice Beat:
Given the right price, I’d undergo some testing. Throw in some medical and vacation time and I’m there.
Morphe uses carmine in some of their pigments soooooooo they’re just not cruelty free
Lustria StormBorn
Lustria StormBorn:
Love from Australia. My son and I love watching you before school. He reckons you have amazing hair 😂
Ashley Hammerly
Ashley Hammerly:
Morphe isn’t vegan.. they use carmine in the Jaclyn hill pallet.
Aristotle McDaniel
Aristotle McDaniel:
Discovered IO literally RIGHT before quarantine and it has been getting me THROUGH IT - thank you Potato Qween!! 💃🏾💃🏾
Animals should be treated the same like humans. Why can’t they test on other humans?
Thank you for this video! So good to spread awareness ❤️
That settles it... I shall use the Morphee Loophole when I develop my brand! lol Side note.. you are looking fabulous with whatever brands you are wearing <3
Sophie Pennington
Sophie Pennington:
Charlotte still be looking fire even during lockdown 💕
Let's be honest, we should vote Charlotte as ultimate potato queen.
Mamosala Lelope
Mamosala Lelope:
know you won't see this, but your videos make my heart smile. Well, except this one... Urgh, you get the point.
Ksenija Mijuskovic
Ksenija Mijuskovic:
Okay, let's all say it together. FENTY IS THE BEST!
Her Love
Her Love:
why china should alway be mentioned when its about animal abuse!!!! strange country i swear
Boyana Stoeva
Boyana Stoeva:
Hiii Charlotte, love your energy and character! ❤️I have watched almost every video 😂😂 btw I have a birthday today, I will be really happy to have a shout out on your channel 🙏🏼✨ you’re the best
Olong Villasin
Olong Villasin:
I’m never gonna watch this again, I love bunnies and animals so much and every 10 seconds they show a photo of a bunny about to get sprayed with perfume and stuff like that ;(
Tayla Gil
Tayla Gil:
Let it be known that IO will keep you entertained during quarantine. I Love you queen potato
LoveJay LynnA
LoveJay LynnA:
Charlotte: "ill catch it next time"
Me: "you take it back my Queen!"
Deanna Arias
Deanna Arias:
I love Charlotte's Wicked Witch impression!!!
Trippy Siren
Trippy Siren:
Morphe did change the formulas in some of their products to include carmine including Jaclyn Hill palettes so if you're vegan be careful with that.
emily baker
emily baker:
This is why I always do my research when buying products especially with makeup as I only support brands that are 100% cruelty free. I wont ever support a brand that tests on animals screw them.
Nathalie Bouchard
Nathalie Bouchard:
Thanks so much for putting this video out. People need to realize that testing on animals is not necessary and is not accurate due to differences in physiology. Companies NEED to stop doing it!
Rosemell Espejo
Rosemell Espejo:
That is why the video 'saving ralph' is created. Thank you for this information.
Pascale Nimuë
Pascale Nimuë:
You are so right about everything you said.
Indeed if it is already safe for humans and worn by them, why hurt the animals??!!!
And palmoil is in soo much and is hurting and ruining the trees and the animals.
Doritto's firms ruin a lot. I know it's off topic, but i don't eat them anymore coz of that. It's pure horror what they do.
Maryann Dicesari
Maryann Dicesari:
Love You Charlotte, please do more vids like this to keep us in the know❤️I love animals and I wish more makeup brands felt that way so sad🐈🐕🐁🐀🐇🦄
Onxx 22
Onxx 22:
It breaks my heart to see this ! 🥺🙈
Rhesa Haylee
Rhesa Haylee:
Charlotte, say "Oh my beautiful wickedness". Please!!! Thank you, stay safe, be well Potato Queen!!!
Natalie Schultz
Natalie Schultz:
did not know this at all, so now i’m throwing all my morphe, nyx, chanel, and mac away rn😐
tire swings
tire swings:
I just threw away one of my moms rimmel lip glosses which im pretty sure was already expired...Dang now I need to throw away all my mom makeup half of it is loreal and lancome
Shanice Moosa
Shanice Moosa:
Such an important video, thank you! I had no idea that Chanel was not cruelty free.
Anwen Griffiths
Anwen Griffiths:
Thanks for the info! Really useful video! This is the type of stuff that's really good to know! 👌
Zala H
Zala H:
I went cruelty free years ago. Best thing I ever did :)
Yari Mendez
Yari Mendez:
Charlotte makes me happy when I see these videos
Thank you 😊
I work at Ulta and always promote Colourpop and ELF! They make great products for fair costs. I didn't know that about Morphe! I might reconsider purchasing from them and promoting their products.
Jamie Marie
Jamie Marie:
Speaking of beauty products, Charlotte hunny ur make-up is on point! Lovely darling lovely!
Waw, I never knew! Potato gang forever 👏❤️
Chelle Nalehp
Chelle Nalehp:
i appreciate this video so much !! THANK YOU
Karine S
Karine S:
Great content! Thanks for sharing information that matters. Another topic with make up is mica, lots of kids are exploited to take it out of the ground.
Fox Sox
Fox Sox:
you look SOO beautiful!! I absolutely LOVE how you're doing your hair lately and your makeup game is IMMACULATE💖💖💖