Making Starbucks drinks (Part 1) || Tiktok compilation

Baristas from Tiktok making Starbucks drinks, enjoy!

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I find it so satisfying to watch tiktoks where people make Starbucks drinks.
Credit: eriinpetty, kalip3rry & starbucksrecipeswithm on tiktok.

Starbucks recipes compilation.

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Maria Shoptaw
Maria Shoptaw:
if i ever worked at a starbucks i would just

steal the whipped cream dispenser and run
Girl: sweats
two reasons why i wanna work at Starbucks

1. to spell customer's names wrong

Starbucks Employee: AdD A lITtLe MoRe StAbErY PuReE
abby downtown
abby downtown:
not gon lie these kinda satisfying to watch
dancing crazy101
dancing crazy101:
who else wants to order these but feels like its too much to ask for? 😌
a sassy frog
a sassy frog:
This makes me wanna work at Starbucks now
Adagio Borntrager
Adagio Borntrager:
For anyone wanting to order these! We really don’t mind the complications as long as you have the recipe and we have the ingredients. Most of the time we like trying new things! Sometimes it can be difficult during really busy times and customers aren’t really sure what they’re ordering. Just remember baristas are not trained on “secret menu” drinks. While these are made by baristas, if you ask for the skittles Frappuccino we most likely won’t know what it is!
Fofofofofofo Fofofofofofofo
Fofofofofofo Fofofofofofofo:
Its kinda annoying whne the whipped cream is past the hole
Misaki -
Misaki -:
Oh FYI, Starbucks employees aren’t trained to make these. Make sure to bring a recipe! Or you can just order drinks on the menu to make their lives a bit easier! :D
I got here somehow And I don’t know how to leave
I got here somehow And I don’t know how to leave:
Why does Starbucks seem like a chill place to work at
Peaxchy Gacha
Peaxchy Gacha:
Skittles frap-
Strawberry puree, whole milk to the first line,four pumps of vanilla,one and a half pumps of raspberry, cream base, scoop of ice, blend, puree it in the cup, add more puree, whipped cream, more puree (optional)

Cookies and cream frap-
Whole milk, white mocha, java chips, ice, cream base, blended, cookie crumble in cup, add to cup, whipped cream, more crumble, and done!

Mango dragon fruit-
Water to first line, six pumps of raspberry, mango dragonfeuit berries,ice,blended, pour it in.
Stephanie Bonneville
Stephanie Bonneville:
I always wanna order one of these drinks like this but I feel like I’m being a massive jerk because it takes the barista a while to make it and it holds up the line
☆ Hoshi ☆
☆ Hoshi ☆:
Me: *watching this and thinking of how cool it would be if my parents worked at starbucks*
My mom: *walks in*
Also my mom: "I'm getting a new job, where should I work?"
Motocross Boy 2000
Motocross Boy 2000:
So there is no coffee in these drinks? Is it just me or did I think Starbucks was a coffee base industry 🤷🏼‍♂️
Bruv tik tok be like, “you should try it” what am I supposed to break in to Starbucks and make the drink that’s not on the menu
Paula Nicoara
Paula Nicoara:
Who watch this in quarantine?I'm starving🥺
Roken Ssj3
Roken Ssj3:
I wanna try these but my social anxiety said nope
They be making all these cool drinks while I’m over here mixing soaps and pretending I work at Starbucks lol 😂 😭
its always me
its always me:
Can we appreciate her how she's holding camera with one hand and doing other stuff also🤗🤗
I’ll probably never order any of these but watching them is so aesthetic
Gloria Cin
Gloria Cin:
Me: Watching a lot of these tik toks
Also me: pretending soap is the ingredients
amour myah
amour myah:
“It’s really good try it.. it’s not on the menu so yeah”
Bri Studer
Bri Studer:
"Youre gonna put stawberry A SIGH in the cup" this made me mad
7:15 if you look closely, you’ll see an iPhone 11 Pro, damn, I didn’t know working at Starbucks could Make youthat rich! lmaooooo 🤦🏻‍♀️😂
Çräzy øwø
Çräzy øwø:
This makes me wanna go to Starbucks, (I never been to Starbucks)
She did not just pronounce acai like that
The Polite Froggy
The Polite Froggy:
When she put cream and apple juice together I lost my cool
It gets me triggered when it’s put in non dairy when it has milk
chloe bb
chloe bb:
For the most part when we sign contracts with the company we aren’t supposed to expose the recipe for actual menu drinks it’s not supposed to be easy to recreate these with the help of employees.... but she also really isn’t good at these drinks the consistency shows she’s just hap hazardously makin these lol
Butt Head
Butt Head:
I don’t know why I’m here, I haven’t even tried Starbucks-
I feel bad for the workers. They have to listen to girl everyday while she is recording.
ihtfrewszxcvbnmasdfghjkllqwetyuioopjjutgh Vujovic
ihtfrewszxcvbnmasdfghjkllqwetyuioopjjutgh Vujovic:
Is it just me or does it get u mad when they don’t say the name or measurements of the drink?? Or is it just me 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻
Arshi Bundhun
Arshi Bundhun:
Everyone: listening and being satisfied

Me: 〜 RoXaNne RoXaNnE AlL sHe waNNa do IS pArTY AlL nigHT〜

The song is at: 9:00
No need to thank me ;)
Varshitha Ramakumar
Varshitha Ramakumar:
6:05 this drink ALONE is enough to give me diabetes 👀
Kaia Gant
Kaia Gant:
Boss: where is all of the ingredients for our drinks

Girl: *posted on tik tok*
Shell Owen
Shell Owen:
everyone: who wants to order this but.....

me: but- i’m australian i cant 🥺
(they don’t have starbucks where i live)
ttfcfc bvcxzq1234rrtt6ruth wolf barrera
ttfcfc bvcxzq1234rrtt6ruth wolf barrera:
Me: feel like if soma people that work in starbuck will get fired if they use ingrents for tik tok and that it's not for a custumer.
Immi 4 Life
Immi 4 Life:
Maya (starbuckswithm) : flips her drinks at then end of her vid

Me: *AnXieTy RuSH* passes out from the suspense
Claire Schanie
Claire Schanie:
Me when I was younger: I WANNA BE A VET MOMMY!

My mom: Great honey!


Me now: I’m gonna work at Starbucks so I can eat all the whipped cream, and so I can make my own drinks without paying...

My mom: Wow... I’m uh... proud of you..?
Zahra Maricar
Zahra Maricar:
U:doing all these Starbucks hacks

Deleted Account
Deleted Account:
How ironic, I got a Starbucks ad.
Meghan's Potatoes!
Meghan's Potatoes!:
Everybody: *talking about how they feel guilty about asking for to much*

Me: *feels rude*
Caleb_ UwU
Caleb_ UwU:
She probably serves herself more then customers XD
Milky Lynn
Milky Lynn:
To this Maya girl:
WHY do you put so much whipped cream? It goes out of the cap, Others only do two rounds, and you do FOUR!
Cringy Unicorn
Cringy Unicorn:
My Starbucks order is this:
❤️Venti half lemonade half strawberry passion fruit tea with ice❤️
it literally makes a slushy and it's *SO GOOD*
Anyways that's my drink
Jodi Holifield
Jodi Holifield:
One of the many reasons Starbucks wouldn’t be able to hire me I’d eat all the whipped cream and drink all the Frappuccino’s
That first girl really put whole milk in the blender labeled non dairy
Maisen Rose
Maisen Rose:
What’s the point of putting the strawberry lemonade or whatever If you just gonna put it in the blender
Nur Farah Ain
Nur Farah Ain:
Yeah if only i have all of that ingredients
Starbucks:has all the ingredients you will ever need
Vs me
Me: *needs to go to every single store in the universe to find the ingredients*
Tayla Martin
Tayla Martin:
I legit got a Starbucks before this video
I wanna go to Starbucks just to steal their ice and go 😌✌️🏼
Try my favorite drink from Starbucks:
Double Chocolatey chip Frappuccino. I believe you can have it with caffeine, I forgot what its called so maybe ask.
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f l o r a l c h x r r i e s
f l o r a l c h x r r i e s:
*I’m that one person that holds up the line to show the cashier person one of these recipes-*

**anna oop-**
No one:

Not even a single soul:

Maya: STrAwBErrY PuREe
Sarah Rodriguez Padilla
Sarah Rodriguez Padilla:
If i worked at starbucks i would make a menu all about BOKU NO HERO ACADEMIA drinks
Mishka Sadlo
Mishka Sadlo:
7:33 why is noone talking about how she TOSSES the drink like ,, !?!?
This makes me want to go to Starbucks and get some drinks.
I watched this with enjoyment, then i remembered there is no Starbucks shop in my country :'>
vichelda n
vichelda n:
I lit screamed when the employees just flipped the starbucks after its done
I just made a Starbucks frappe today, and if y’all don’t hear from me, I might just be dead.
Ashley G
Ashley G:
girl: acting like i have plenty of whipped cream on hand
me: ok then
me the next day: goes into starbucks and steals the dispenser
Deviance -
Deviance -:
Like how she put whole milk in the blender labeled “non dairy”
ok but honestly why is her whippcream so tall?
The gacha family
The gacha family:
Meh maybe will th this when I'm older
Moonfire 24
Moonfire 24:
When they pour it in the cup there's always a little bit left and it makes me so mad😤😤 I WANT ALL OF IT AHHH
ᴛᴄ ғᴏxʏ
ᴛᴄ ғᴏxʏ:
I’ve never been to starbucks before! That cookies n’ cream lookin really good rn 😭🥺
Felice Omnes
Felice Omnes:
o my lord the way that girl flipped the cup just gave me a heart attack
This Maya girl should get a raise for that flip.
K A W A I I:
Me: *taking a test*
Also me: watching this before test
My teacher: OK class what is 2+2
Me: boba tea?
My teacher: no it’s four
Me: oh...
5:17 I think this one is my favorite but im a kid and i dont drink coffee but it looks good.
help i just got my sb interview and im trying to memorize already
Brianna Yuli
Brianna Yuli:
If i only have all those ingrigent's maybe i alway's make those every single day but i dont have those ingrigent's 😔😔😔
My fav drink they made is the one full of caramel ingrigent's
I would recomend one drink too its called coffee
Raina Maske
Raina Maske:
Someday even Starbucks will start selling dalgona coffee
Isabel Kolanganni
Isabel Kolanganni:
only people who have never had starbuck's can like and that includes me :")
Honeystars UwU
Honeystars UwU:
Whoever works at Starbucks plz say some story’s or drinks! Say some in reply. I want to see some!!
Eliana Floyd
Eliana Floyd:
I never know how to order these properly and I get scared, so I just order something off the menu like
When I first saw did I told my dad I had to work at the Starbucks down the street.
HE SAID I COULD IF I GET IT HE WOULD LET ME(and I also kinda gotta wait cuz I'm just 12)
-B L I S S E D I T S-
-B L I S S E D I T S-:
When she said caramel drizzle I thought she said karma drizzle Ù-Ú
Who spilled My beans
Who spilled My beans:
How do they remember this stuff? I can’t follow more than 3 steps at a time tbh
Haylei Dail
Haylei Dail:
This all look so good! Now i want starbucks but its 10 : 11 at night
Jaden_cosplays_ kinda
Jaden_cosplays_ kinda:
7:30 - 7:35 that girl dang flipped the cup upside-down.
Hailey Nguyen
Hailey Nguyen:
I just got a Starbucks add before the Starbucks vid😂
I know that somebody is writing down some of these recipes to try soon...

Me lol 😆 (especially the chocolate ones 🍫😋)
Riley Collins
Riley Collins:
These look awesome but like... how is someone gonna ask for this? lmao
Jazeera AbdulJalil
Jazeera AbdulJalil:
Just watching this, when i grow up i wanna work at starbucks
thiq Alexxiz
thiq Alexxiz:
3:20 she never said the name of the drink and I rlly want ittttttttt
I wanna work at Starbucks, but there's no Starbucks in my country.
maowi neun
maowi neun:
Its 11pm why am i watching this? Im craving myself for coffee
Maddi Okay
Maddi Okay:
i love how everyone puts on whipped cream just a tiny bit different from eachother
orangejuice quick vids
orangejuice quick vids:
Me I want to work at Starbucks I hope people still go to Starbucks when I get the chance to
alex is your friend
alex is your friend:
4:10 sparkling water taste like tv static
Apple Cakes
Apple Cakes:
ALL i see is ice getting poured in these cups smh, next time I'll ask for lite down no wonder my drinks always taste water down.
its always me
its always me:
Can we take a moment to appreciate cameraman
Chloe BTS
Chloe BTS:
I've been wishing for a Starbucks drink for a long time until now I still didn't get any
Himani Vora
Himani Vora:
No one literally no one
Me doing this in the shower with soap bottles

Help me!
7:38 imagine she spilled it. It was fye tho