Man City 1-2 Leeds United | Dallas scores late winner for 10-man Leeds! | Premier League highlights

Premier League highlights from our amazing 2-1 win over Manchester City at the Etihad Stadium with two goals from Stuart Dallas including an injury-time winner, after Liam Cooper had been sent off in the first half.

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100+ comentarios:

World's Beautiful Game
World's Beautiful Game:
The commentator scream has me dead 😂😂😭😭🤣
Update & Upgrade
Update & Upgrade:
Dortmund will imitate the leeds strategy when they beat the city
This is what Footballs all about. Passion, Shithousery and Winners at the death. I LOVE THIS TEAM😍😍😍
T J:
What a pass from Alioski .... Legend 🇲🇰🇲🇰🇲🇰
Erwin Agustin
Erwin Agustin:
Meslier’s composure, Philips, Llorente, Struijk and Ayling held on an outstanding defensive play
I’m not even really a fan of tattoos but I’m debating getting a tattoo of Bielsa on my chest
Vipper Kong
Vipper Kong:
Never been happier since our promotion
Jota eMe
Jota eMe:
Come on Leeds!! Cheers from Argentina!!!
Tom W
Tom W:
When Man city scored I was surprised to not see the referee celebrating with the man city players.
Tasha 01
Tasha 01:
Love Tony Derigo`s reaction in commentary when Dallas scores the winner.. True Leeds fan... MOT
cheikh kandji ngom
cheikh kandji ngom:
The humility of Bielsa 🥺
Sofi Duarte
Sofi Duarte:
Me desperete a las 08:00 horario de Argentina, para ver este partidazo...!!!! un gran logro para Leeds y para Marcelo. Fuerza Loco desde Argentina .-
Muhammad Syarqawi
Muhammad Syarqawi:
Congrats Leeds United!. - From MALAYSIA 🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾
Words cannot express how much I'm loving watching Leeds United ATM, been supporting them since I come out of my mother's womb back in 81 Leeds born and bred! White Rose. The Giant as Awoken
Leeds United Vision
Leeds United Vision:
Possession - City 71%, Leeds 29%
Shots - City: 29 - Leeds: 2

Full Time: Man City 1-2 Leeds United 😅
Don’t you just love football!
Me no Know
Me no Know:
Tony Dorigo was all of us fans when that goal went in!
Meme bois
Meme bois:
Liverpool fan here but Leeds did play absolutely incredible today. Also we finally won at anfield YESS
2:25 that scream😂😂😂
Ferna Fer
Ferna Fer:
they deserve it ....exellent job guys... Cheers from Argentina!👏👏
Having watched the game on TV and all different highlights on YouTube, THIS TONY DORIGO IS MY FAVOURITE REACTION
daniel barinstein
daniel barinstein:
what a great game !!! Leeds true to the style of Professor Bielsa ... intensity, conviction and prominence until the last second of the game congratulations to all Leeds and my greetings from Argentina
I may be QPR supporter but I have soft spot for Leeds. I remember the Revie era . My father considered Leeds the only real football team.
El Salchicha Diaby HD
El Salchicha Diaby HD:
Bielsa = 🐐
Alfredo Becerra
Alfredo Becerra:
Me levanté tempranito a verlo, me puse re mal cuando nos empataron y casi despierto a mi familia gritando el segundo gol de Dallas. Hace mucho que no disfrutaba tanto el futbol inglés.
I think that’s the only time you’ll see Pep smiling after after a loss. He realises he’s still got a lot to learn from the master.
Maszama P
Maszama P:
What a wonderful team. Been a Leeds fan for 3 years now and this game is the reason why. All players so determined to fight for eachother. Amazing stuff
Purnell Charles
Purnell Charles:
Liverpool fan here...Congrats, a very difficult and deserving win for Leeds.
Aaron Moorehouse
Aaron Moorehouse:
Fantastic performance, I've genuinely run out of words for Dallas - he's got to win POTY this year.
What an intelligent footballer (Milner 2.0) and intelligent manager.
Beautiful game, indeed.
Oliver Marsden
Oliver Marsden:
His mate haaland would be proud of that finishing 💛💙
Epic Game ! Vamos El Loco Vamos Leeds Saudações Brasileiras
qwertykov wonderman
qwertykov wonderman:
Bielsa showed Pep who's the master and who's the apprentice today
Ivan P Pillay
Ivan P Pillay:
That iconic goal was poetry in motion. Pure euphoria expressed by the commentator and those in the Leeds United camp. Waited the entire afternoon/evening just to hear that reaction.
Joe Higashi
Joe Higashi:
I am really very happy for Leeds' victory. Greetings from Argentina!
Adam Dennison
Adam Dennison:
Bielsa is a god what a win 🇦🇷🇦🇷💙💛
Squad Gaming
Squad Gaming:
Bielsa in one word: Passionate.
Rodrigo Ortega
Rodrigo Ortega:
Máquina Bielsa. Sólo tú puedes hacer maravillas con un equipo menor, genial, eres un genio que mejora jugadores.
LS13 Massive
LS13 Massive:
Big up our Irishman! Every Leeds team player absolutely stuck it to em today. What a f*kkin team. ALAW 💙💛💙💛
Finn-Fredrik Lange
Finn-Fredrik Lange:
Been a supersupporter since -67 here in Norway😃🇳🇴. Very happy to Watch ‘my team’ again beating the big ones!❤️❤️
100% defense 101% attack. Brilliant game lads. Lord almighty Bielsa blessed you all
Evrin BI
Evrin BI:
I have no idea why I'm addicted to follow Crystal Palace, Leeds and Blackburn. All of their jersey bring back my old memories when I was in junior school.

Greeting from Indonesia.
James Newell
James Newell:
This is how Wigan felt when they did it to us 2 years ago 😂😂
Chino romero
Chino romero:
Es una montaña rusa de emociones el Leeds. Pero que gran piso de trabajo deja Bielsa para el futuro de este gran club.
Baraka Lubuva
Baraka Lubuva:
I am from Tanzania, I always watch LUTV because I'm a big fan of a commentator. I'm very happy Leeds won
Yusuf Bahtiar
Yusuf Bahtiar:
good job Leeds United,
Congratulations on your victory 🎉
-from Indonesia
Damn it! Watching Leeds is more addictive than watching Netflix, greetings from Buenos Aires, I wonder what's gonna happen in the next episode!
Meslier was brilliant, as were they all. City didn't have so many clear chances in reality, but there were quite a few distance shots that needed to be held first time. And he was equal to just about everything.
Derek Moore
Derek Moore:
So proud to be leeds 🤍💙💛
roberto carletti
roberto carletti:
VAMOS LEEDS CARAJOOO.... eleven lions on the field......Leeds and nothing else matters
Maria Julia Gonzalez
Maria Julia Gonzalez:
Por más que Marcelo diga que no, bien ganado Leeds!! Qué golazo el segundo de Dallas 👌🏾
Russell Thompson
Russell Thompson:
I'm from Northern Ireland and am so proud of dallas playing for the mighty whites mot alaw
Tommy Jordache
Tommy Jordache:
Congats LU from a Man United supporter. What a result!
Marko Popovik
Marko Popovik:
Still can't believe Alioski made that pass
Im so happy about this, what a defense and the passion. Also give the Credit for that pass from Allioski. And of course our man 'Dallas' player to scored 'Dallas' goal. Love u so much!!
Indian First
Indian First:
What a team and What a coach. A big salute to Leeds.
david milliken
david milliken:
Extraordinary game of football that will be spoken of for years to come. We all love Leeds!
Wanderson Senna
Wanderson Senna:
Leeds brilhou no seu retorno à Premier League. Fantástica campanha!
Some Words
Some Words:
I am a city fan but prefer this result than if City won, amazing entertainment.
The Boss
The Boss:
What a Marriage!!
Tangkwa Namrin Channel
Tangkwa Namrin Channel:
I love Leeds United from Thailand.
Oh yes Bryn’s wife is one lucky woman listen to that passion !!!!!
Nabeeh Fawzan
Nabeeh Fawzan:
A Bielsa masterclass 😍
Been waiting to hear the leeds commentary all day lol
Star Gazer
Star Gazer:
45 points in the bag so far...! Bielsa really makes dreams come true....
marios patsalides
marios patsalides:
Huynh Nam Tu
Huynh Nam Tu:
Leeds will be Big 6 on next season if M.Bielsa keep coaching for the team, Legend Leeds will be right back.
Meslier next season will be France National team goald keeper.
Keep going Leeds !
Zaxxon Nikos
Zaxxon Nikos:
2:25 that's exactly how my voice was at that moment
Fully Deserved Win Incredible Performance Dallas POTY.
Mapuia Royte
Mapuia Royte:
Raphinha... Gonna be superstar soon
Andres Lopez
Andres Lopez:
2:25 is the definition of non-biased commentary😂
I celebrated like we'd won the Premier League. What an amazing performance and result. So proud to be Leeds, even more than usual.
Even the customary Man City 12th man couldn't win that one for them today. Never a Red Card! Well played lads. MOT.
Not gonna lie, couldn't stop shaking and nearly burst into tears when Stuey Dallas scored that winner yesterday!! 😭😂
Annuar Arifin
Annuar Arifin:
I am so proud of my team Leeds United!! Love from your die hard fan in Malaysia 🇲🇾
Tony Dorigo was literally every Leeds fan when Dallas’s 2nd goal hit the back of the net
Maureen Tait
Maureen Tait:
I'm over the moon what a fantastic game... The lads played with their hearts 💕 well deserved win..
Kaydan Macoba
Kaydan Macoba:
I love the magic of the prem😂😂
Widhi Yudha
Widhi Yudha:
Well, Pep still get another lesson from his teacher.
Goosebumps and tears of joy . We all love Leeds. 💙💛💙💛💙👊
Aayushman Katiyar
Aayushman Katiyar:
let's be Honest, seeing Man City lose is loved by every other team's fans
nasal spray keeps me alive
nasal spray keeps me alive:
The control after the final whistle is just 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Benjamin Azas
Benjamin Azas:
Josin Jaison
Josin Jaison:
2:25 lmao that voice crack and that screaming 😂
Wijaya Sugiharto
Wijaya Sugiharto:
Man utd fan obviosly happy. Thankyou leeds
Sheldon Omondi
Sheldon Omondi:
The commentators reaction to Dallas last goal👌
Genio!!! Grande loco , aguante Leeds!!!
Roberto Rodriguez
Roberto Rodriguez:
Vamos Leeds, vamos Marcelo Bielsa!! Gran victoria!!
Alan Lowe
Alan Lowe:
Unbelievable performance from all the team. Pride Passion Grit Determination and Skill .
So proud.
The Brogler
The Brogler:
So proud of this 'never say die' team...Congratulations lads!
Tony Dorigo's screams say it all!
Felipe Morales Díaz
Felipe Morales Díaz:
Epic triumph! I spent a great time despite I'm in an absolute quarantine. I'm glad to watch this amazing team every weekend. Greetings from Chile 🇨🇱
ceerw buty
ceerw buty:
The humility of Bielsa 🥺
Shah Yaqoob
Shah Yaqoob:
Dad will always be dad, Bielsa is always gonna be Pep’s dad, what an amazing win for Leeds, unbelievable scenes.
Jacky Siang
Jacky Siang:
This historic win will be remembered for generations. What an inch-perfect pass and a cool head to slot thru the keeper's legs.
Alayana Ahmed
Alayana Ahmed:
Can’t believe we won this match 🤯 MOT 💙💛
nadia noel solohaga
nadia noel solohaga:
como hincha de Rosario Central me pone muy contento cada triunfo de Marcelo Bielsa . Es un grande , unico . Es el unico idolo que tiene la gente del laguito . Mis felicitaciones por sus excelentes trabajos realizados tanto en clubes como en selecciones
iPad App play
iPad App play:
In a utterly mental year all round I have to pinch myself that this is true at times after all the years in the doldrums.
Miguel Angel
Miguel Angel:
Come onn Leeds!! Greetings From Chile 🇨🇱 you have the best Dt in the World! Giant Marcelo Bielsa!!
Jake Wakelin
Jake Wakelin:
I have to say, dallas for player of the season and struijk for young player of the season. Both of them have exceeded expectations on a whole new level. Struijk couldn't even get in the team when we were championship, no one could have expected this.
2:23 pure passion from the commentators