Manager's Press Conference | Manchester City v Manchester United | Ralf Rangnick

Hear from Ralf Rangnick ahead of Sunday's Manchester Derby at the Etihad Stadium in the manager's press conference.

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100+ comentarios:

Neelansh Guptaa
Neelansh Guptaa:
Man, this guy is seriously so cool to watch. Knows how to handle himself with class. Whatever place we finish this season, so be it, Ralf Rangnick needs to be part of Manchester United's future.
Obakeng Mmusinyane
Obakeng Mmusinyane:
This is the best press conference we've had and Ralf is absolutely brilliant. The reporters were asking great questions today... they're finally doing their job.
Herbert A
Herbert A:
Ralf may stay or may not but its so refreshing to hear his Press Conferences. Open and honest and very intelligent
the society
the society:
Rangnick was the absolute BEST option for interim manager. Very professional. Never breaks form.
Phillip Holmes
Phillip Holmes:
King Ralph shutting down the reporter that misquoted him... Love his press conferences <3
Myles Bailey
Myles Bailey:
I love listening to Ralf. He knows exactly what this club needs. Sadly, as the first journalist highlighted by quoting the 160 chances stat, he can only set the team up to score. He cannot actually put the ball in the back of the net for them. If we had clinical attackers we would be flying up the table right now. As it stands, who would be surprised if we miss 4 or 5 clear chances against City and end up with a bad result as a consequence?
RR is so impressive. I'd love to see him given the permanent role but if not, I really hope they give him the Director of Football role and enable him to have full control of the football side of the club.
Stef Cut unit
Stef Cut unit:
Intelligent, honest what more could me ask for. I’d keep him 👑
Patrick Arthur
Patrick Arthur:
Great coach to listen to. Obviously knows the game very well. Is a pity he wasn't supported in the January transfer window with a CDM
Ralf should be kept on.
Harvey Smith
Harvey Smith:
Ralf controlling the press and their double edged questions. Remember he is doing this in his second language.
So happy he is at United at whatever roll.
James Kiernan
James Kiernan:
This is by far the best press conference I've watched in years. The media asking hard questions and Ralf is so calm and collected in his answers. I back this guy.
krishnendu bhattacharya
krishnendu bhattacharya:
Love this guy's honesty and knowledge regarding the game 👍👍👍
Dejan Markovic
Dejan Markovic:
This is the best possible answer we could've hoped for. This gives me a reason to hope. Great to see a manager having a clear insight into his opponent's tactics and preparing for it...
Marshmellow fellow
Marshmellow fellow:
This man consistently gives me hope !
Ernesto Vargas
Ernesto Vargas:
As someone who struggles with mental health seeing Ralf's small ribbon as a gesture for mental health awarness makes me respect him so much more. You can say anything you want about him but you can't deny he's a great guy. Class act Ralf!
Tshepiso Mbata
Tshepiso Mbata:
Even if he doesn't get to be our permanent manager, can he handle some press conferences in the future. He is the only manager I have religiously listened to his interviews. Let's go all out for the remaining fixtures
andrew davis
andrew davis:
He needs to be moved into a strong influential position within the club on a permanent basis even if he isn't manager. This man knows how to do a job at a football club. In Ralf we trust!
Patrick John Curley
Patrick John Curley:
Ralph could be a politician. Brilliant reply’s to some very difficult questions. Top manager, shame he didn’t come sooner.
Jo Barragan
Jo Barragan:
Ralf is great knows exactly how and what to do let him stay and take over the team let him get players that adapt to the scheme he’s what man u needs tbh
Jaspal Singh
Jaspal Singh:
This man is a tactical mastermind. Understands the game so well unlike ole who just had heart. This guy can talk for hours about technicalities of the game
Romario Smith
Romario Smith:
Thank you Ralph for shining a light on the mediocrity that has been going on at this club for the past 10 years! This club is so poorly run by business people who prioritize commercial success over success on the pitch. I hope Ralph does have a seat at the table and have some influence on the planning of the future at Manchester United and he’s not just given some title.
Brilliant conference from ralf. However, he needs to defend Cristiano more here. We have the best player in the world at the top of the pitch who granted isn’t performing too well at the moment but has actually kept us in the champions league and massively helped us in the league. He is disrespected too much and will make everyone pay for their words
Pratik Hora
Pratik Hora:
Ill give this man a seven year contract and won’t disturb him at all

This is Ralf Rangnicks story, He deserves it Manchester United meeting Ralf Rangnick is destiny
Deepak Gautam
Deepak Gautam:
I believe in Ralf Rangnick ❤️

United should keep him as a manager for next two three seasons , he'll bring United to man City and Liverpool level
Siddharth Nambiar
Siddharth Nambiar:
When Ralf speaks, everyone listens!
N Msellem
N Msellem:
This manager I am sure if is given more time and given more budget to bring players he want and play the way he want I think Mu will be a most challenging team , to win every competition.
We can see that since he came the team it has change a lot , creating most scoring chances in the league. and the defence also it’s better now than before.and he has use same players..
So Mu should give him more time and budget.
David Edwin
David Edwin:
Honestly, I always look forward to hearing this Man talk about football on every angle. So much depth and calmness displayed daily.
I hope he stays on in Manchester United for a long time. I honestly admire him greatly. United shall be great again.
kiran prakash
kiran prakash:
Matic and Lindelof should start. They have been our two best players recently along with Elanga. I will be furious if they don't.
Such a brilliant speaker, love listening to these press conferences! Buzzing for the game ♥️🖤🤍
Rangnick was the absolute BEST option for interim manager. Very professional. Never breaks form.
Patrick Mapatse
Patrick Mapatse:
Ralph is the Best and I’m proudly to be a Man U Supporter
Alexx Cloud
Alexx Cloud:
Ronaldo is just going thru a rough patch. He’s human. Still the greatest goal scorer ever. But still human. I don’t think he’s washed up. I’ve learned to never doubt Ronaldo either. Because as soon as you do. The man will take over at any given moment. Destroy your favorite team. And make you cry. Yes, even at age 37. They put him as the 33rd best player in the world. They had Jack Grealish ahead of him 😂😂😂 disrespectful. He’s still a top 10 player. Fans of MU need a scapegoat. First it Rashford. Then it was McGuire. Then it was Ralph. Then it was Bruno. Then it was Fred. Now it’s Ronaldo. He needs help up top. He needs to be managed better. Not saying it’s RR fault either. He’s tired. If we could have a word class younger striker to play up top with Ronaldo. Jesus Christ watch out.
Axwell 🔹
Axwell 🔹:
1. Rangnick as a Football director
2. Erik Ten Hag as a Coach
3. Man.United's identity will back soon.
Jaybee Eff
Jaybee Eff:
Rolf Rangnick deserves a whole season in charge, I would be more than happy to see him as next season’s manager. I have faith he will deliver with a bit of time and support in the transfer window.
osezua akhidenor
osezua akhidenor:
I think this is the first time since ralf came that we've had 7 days to prepare for a match as a team without COVID cases, think that's a reasonable time to perfect our play, can't wait to see how we match up
I keep saying it, but Ralf is a great manager and I for one, would like him to stay in this role for the time being.

Bringing in a new manager with this set of players will not solve anything!

Let's allow Ralf to continue laying down the foundation for the next guy, even if that means managing until the end of NEXT season!
This man is on fire 🔛🔥
Henry Kwidini
Henry Kwidini:
This guy is class act! Hats off
Z q
Z q:
Sign ralf up for the next 10 years, the guy will do wonders
Šimon :D
Šimon :D:
Ralf is a great man, glad to have him.
I'm fully behind Ralf!
Tumwine Ronald
Tumwine Ronald:
he deserves to be the permanent manager
Udit Samanta
Udit Samanta:
I absolute love this guy❤
He always knew what he is doing & please let him keep with ManU.
Draken Kraken
Draken Kraken:
Its really a terrible situation for him as interim. I swear he has lost hair. Terrible owners, low morale, poor form, one player arrested, another gets house burgled, disrespectful players, players wanting to leave, a fridge as a captain. It goes on and on.
The Hh
The Hh:
5:04-7:06 *Thank you Ralf! 💯* United NEEDS an improvement to its footballing structure, desperately.
Ryan Denton
Ryan Denton:
Poor Ralf! The lack of structure at United is just dreadful
Andrew Ostrander
Andrew Ostrander:
In Ralf we trust!!!
Deepak Gautam
Deepak Gautam:
This is the first coach I'm listening to every time he speaks 🙌🏽
Smokie Cut
Smokie Cut:
I'm proud to be a Manchester United fan 😎♥️
Renjith Manjavana Rajendran
Renjith Manjavana Rajendran:
"Not only one, a few more Champions League games". Don’t give me hope Ralf.
luka mtchedlidze
luka mtchedlidze:
What a gentleman 👏
Handling medias’ stupidity with class
I love Ralph, if it comes to it I would not be unhappy if he was still our manager next season.
Rhys Walters
Rhys Walters:
Really impressed by Ralf, seems pragmatic in his approach. I'd love to see him have a couple of transfer windows and see what he can do with the club..
Luca Boonzaaier
Luca Boonzaaier:
He is so honest and professional! Wow he needs to be apart of our future
I'm not convinced we haven't already selected a new manager.
Honestly, I think the whole point of bringing Ralf in was so he could prep the squad to play under ten hag, while he finished the season at Ajax.
He'd be such a weird appointment if we were genuinely thinking about bringing in Rodgers, Enrique, Poch or Potter. If those names were genuinely on the list then we'd have been better off just keeping Carrick or Ole until the end of the season.
Really adore this man…. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🙏🏼 thank you ralf sincerely! 💪🏼💪🏼
Master ofBloom
Master ofBloom:
I actually want ralf to be our permanent manager
Ayushman Devnath
Ayushman Devnath:
Come on United. We need points against City. We dropped against Watford. We need to winnnnn thisss 🙏🙏
Dwayne Wal-e
Dwayne Wal-e:
What a Presser! He handled every question so well.
The Man With No Name
The Man With No Name:
Got to give it to the guy, he's icy cool and bats away loaded questions with class. I think he's exactly the kind of guy they need when he moves upstairs.
Alexander Offor
Alexander Offor:
The more I watch his press conferences the more I like this manager
Ian Mathenge
Ian Mathenge:
Tight defence more attackings,speed & accurate pass.
The quality of questions (and response) at the press conference has obviously improved since Ralph became manager. Seems all efforts was devoted to bubble wrapping OGS when he was there.
Griandi Aditya
Griandi Aditya:
Hes looks genius honestly, very inteligent, i hope he can be permanent manager for the couple of seasons
Eat Football
Eat Football:
Love to see him remain at the club
Esteban Olives
Esteban Olives:
Ready to win and if we play as we can whatever the result could be I would walk ahead of happiness. C'on UNITED !!
Jayem Smith
Jayem Smith:
I see a ralf conference… I click 🙌🏽 I will really mias ralf if he steps down 🥲 1st manager in quite some time I look forward to listening too - cuz you know he will talk sense, he will talk tactics - he will talk football 🙌🏽
Kheshav Chester
Kheshav Chester:
I love listening to Ralf. Would be in our interest if he moves in Director of sport to continue his work and bring back football to the club instead of pure marketing and business
Anthony De Padua
Anthony De Padua:
love this man. Would love to see him with a full season to run the team.
Lalith Prasad
Lalith Prasad:
Perfect questions and Perfect answers. This guy is really cool. Instead of we running behind a lot of managers. It's better if we actually make this guy permanent manager.
Ashwin George
Ashwin George:
Really he is a great personality and Tactiction of the Game.. from his words we able to understand how he sees the game
Irwan Hassan
Irwan Hassan:
Ralf Rangnick is going to be a Technical Director. He has expressed the beautiful of Pressing Football.
Saurabh Dwivedi
Saurabh Dwivedi:
It's hard for anyone to not like him .. 💯
Expect a lost but it is massive if MU wins. Go as an underdog and there were times underdogs cause upsets.
Stephen Hope
Stephen Hope:
Hope we can do as we did one year ago when I was in Palm Springs, beat Ciddy 2-0, thanks Bruno and Luke.
Incredible that you have the manager of Manchester United, who at the time happens to be a very articulate and tactical thinker, about a Manchester derby (his first) and these journos ask him questions about things outside of his control and about abstract emotions. How thick!
Ray HM
Ray HM:
06:57 - Sticking to that idea has been the main problem at Man Utd. They’ve half hired all the managers post Ferguson. The next man they need to bring in they need to make sure they completely believe in his philosophy and way of playing. Then completely back him in the transfer market. LVG and Mourinho were both not backed. When mourinho finished 2nd the board didn’t get the players he wanted which led to the car crash of a season. Whereas you see at City. Pep got rid of Englands No1 at the time Joe Hart the club backed him. He got Claudio Bravo the club backed him. He didn’t want Claudio Bravo and got Ederson again the club backed him. That’s what Man Utd need to do. They can’t dictate who to buy and who they want to keep at the club it should be the managers choice.
Defrans Adrian Hasan
Defrans Adrian Hasan:
My judgement doesn't change, Ralf Rangnick STAY!
Misheck Kuwali
Misheck Kuwali:
Ralf is really doing the best🔥🔥🔥
Thái Phạm
Thái Phạm:
This man is a absolute class manager. He's cool, honest, professional, knowledgeable and intelligent at the same time
LRJ Ktmb Spotting
LRJ Ktmb Spotting:
Ralf for permenent manager he knows how to handle stuff
Matthew Clarke
Matthew Clarke:
"I haven't thought about that."
"We haven't spoke about that."
"If I'm honest I hadn't thought about that."
"I won't talk about that."
"I'm not the right person to ask about that."

Thanks Ralf!
Seven Gravities
Seven Gravities:
The best manager since the Sir... back him up!!!
rangnick standing by marcus rashford is a thing I love to see
RA 2012
RA 2012:
It was pretty satisfying and astonishing at the same time to listen to that stat early on... that ManUtd have created the most chances (160) among all clubs in UK since Ralf has taken over. 👏👏👏
Just imagine where we could've been if all players bought into his tactical approach happily & gave it their all on the pitch, and also certain others weren't out of form. 😀
Territorial Hissings
Territorial Hissings:
This interview shows why Rangnick needs to be on the board as a consultant. The club needs someone like him to help with decision making.
Very Nice👍
Very Nice👍:
From 5:04 onwards,i'm pretty sure He is directing it to the Club's board!
"Recommend myself" he didn't mean that he will be manager, he used recommend as a reflective verb, as in he will be the one recommend who should be the next manager
What can we expect from a team that lost to Middlesbrough 😔
Owen Mighty
Owen Mighty:
We can do this boys 🔥🔥🔥
Regardless of Ralf Rangnick being our manager next season I am excited to see what he can do in and around the club regarding the future. His mentality is the mentality that we need. He seeks success and perfection. This is a start in the right direction to getting back to where we were 15 years ago... I hope.
Prof Lance
Prof Lance:
Ralf really knows how to run away from answering if he has interest in getting signed as the next Man utd manager
Deen M
Deen M:
If Ralf is given authority over players and transfers he would make an amazing full time manager
Chicken Fc 123
Chicken Fc 123:
What a great press conference
He has the drive and desire to win this club has sorely missed for far too long now.
Ralph as advisor and ten hag as coach💥🔥
Would Love him next season U need time to build a Team Not mere month
iTs All Speed
iTs All Speed:
I hope the players have the confidence to play against city on Sunday
Rajhans kolhe
Rajhans kolhe:
I will be more than happy if Ralph stays and becomes United's permanent coach. I truly believe he will change this man United side for better. Clearly he has improved the team technically and tactically. He sets up the team and gives instructions to players but then it's on the players to score. No manager can do anything with that aspect of the game.