Manager's Press Conference | Manchester United v West Bromwich Albion | Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

Hear from United boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer as the boss runs through the latest team news ahead of

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100+ comentarios:

Shreyan Adrian Travasso
Shreyan Adrian Travasso:
When will Phil Jones be back. Bcz we need to sell him😂😂
We need to be beating West Brom at home. Absolutely no excuses.
Saheen Saikia
Saheen Saikia:
Bruno 40 assists whole season.
Bilal Pati
Bilal Pati:
Reporter : how do you sum up your season so far?

Ole: Fantastic!
Zaki Bwoy
Zaki Bwoy:
Nothing but a big victory is acceptable against WBA
Alexander Dumas
Alexander Dumas:
Phil Jones died over 3 years ago in a heroic accident involving his face stopping a speeding car from hitting a child.
BD Faraz
BD Faraz:
Eagerly waiting for the next match.
After international break.
Hope we will win.😍🤩
Max Sieg
Max Sieg:
Ole’s English is great
Sir Alex Ferguson
Sir Alex Ferguson:
We need to start moving up that table fast
Chano Rinaldy
Chano Rinaldy:
Come on UNITED! A win is a must!
almarr leigh
almarr leigh:
Is Phil still a united player 😁
DAZE77 Gaming
DAZE77 Gaming:
Why is Phil Jones still being mentioned....why haven't we sold him years ago.Lots of questions to be answered❗
Use Cavani and Van De Beek in formation
one thing i really like about Ole and stay OleIN is how he ALWAYS defends his players. he always stays positive about them and as annoying as pogba and his transfer saga, he is still defending him and backing him fully. man utd is going through some consistencies crisis right now but in some game u can just tell the players were really playing for him. something u didn't see from moyes Mourinho or Van gaal
Fernando Alarcon
Fernando Alarcon:
And absolutely fantastikkkkkkk
Haruntez Hassan
Haruntez Hassan:
Ole ole best Manager since sir alex
Being ole in or ole out means nothing
Ole isn't the problem and neither is he the solution for the club
Khant Htoo
Khant Htoo:
I saw a lot of Ole’s interviews and at those times, he was always calm and in control.
But, this session seems like he really is exciting.
I hope and wish all the best.
Anyone else hear that little snort at 0:17 after Phil Jones was mentioned. That just reflects every Man Utd fan’s thoughts abt the fact that he’s still a utd player 😂
mason mount GOAT
mason mount GOAT:
i am fit and i will do my best
henry ms varte
henry ms varte:
Van De Beek make him start😭
Phil “The Legend” is almost back 😂😂
satish dahal
satish dahal:
Pre match conference and the reporters asking about death and illness of the legends. Doesn't seem right. Ole is not a policy expert.
Shirish Baral
Shirish Baral:
Literally Nobody:
Ole everytime:
Wefwafwa Andrew
Wefwafwa Andrew:
Whenever ole looks relaxed they bung us
Jaydee Rodriguez
Jaydee Rodriguez:
So early Reds❤️❤️. Let’s go Manchester United! Ole Ole!
Kabeer Bhinde
Kabeer Bhinde:
The No fans shouldn't be an excuse disappointing...
Ruth Less
Ruth Less:
Fingers crossed Martial will get his first shot on target in the Prem this season against West Brom lol
Wefwafwa Andrew
Wefwafwa Andrew:
Whenever ole looks relaxed they bung us
Harto Widjaja
Harto Widjaja:
Ole please keep that smile at home, smiling while losing in an interview makes us fan puke...
Imagine seeing him mad😂
Awale Mohamed
Awale Mohamed:
Van de Beek Cavani and Telles should get a start 🔥
Liam Parker
Liam Parker:
I want us to be more consistency
Mohammed Omer
Mohammed Omer:
اللهم صل وسلم وبارك على سيدنا وحبيبنا محمد صلى الله عليه وسلم وعلى آله وصحبه أجمعين اللهم آمين يارب 🌹
Abhishek Giri
Abhishek Giri:
Football authorities can use common sense while making the fixtures" hahahah a😂😂😂
Eyad Omer
Eyad Omer:
Start Donny
Mike Nyademba
Mike Nyademba:
C'mon United

Let's do this
Tube Dis
Tube Dis:
Come on ole!!! 🔴
Shirish Baral
Shirish Baral:
GGMU reds❤️
Glenn Fletcher
Glenn Fletcher:
Ole Ole Ole we’re going to lose
Please prove me wrong coz I love this club
Harsh Gharania
Harsh Gharania:
Atleast use common sense 😂😂 loved it
Ezra Leslie
Ezra Leslie:
Everybody running scared of the train getting in to Manchester tomorrow evening.
Huang Jinsheng
Huang Jinsheng:
fantastic?!! i thought and hoped keane or neville not heard by his interview.
ebenezer mensah
ebenezer mensah:
Lingard and Jones have to go in January
Souhardya Ganguly
Souhardya Ganguly:
Ole is my gaffer.
soobee bholoo
soobee bholoo:
Ole have to learn more with Jose
Pritish Lilaramani
Pritish Lilaramani:
My left ear enjoyed the video 🤦😂🤦
Anything but 3 points is a failure Saturday
Now we're not sure of wining in our home bcoz our home has become a give away but i hope we'll win
Oscar Walt
Oscar Walt:
Is Phil Jones even allowed back to training?!
Rayan Charafeddine
Rayan Charafeddine:
My manager <3
Saahil Nagar
Saahil Nagar:
Come on United,
All our players in the int break were phenomenal and mazing. We have to play our game and I know that we will come victorious. GLORY GLORY MANCHESTER UNITED
Konstantin Miltenov
Konstantin Miltenov:
10:40 "creativity"

HA!! Don't make me laugh.
Saheen Saikia
Saheen Saikia:
I want united to win fa cup carabao cup champions league and premier league.
Come on you reds 💪
Woodward Out!!! Glazers Out!!!!!
wazza mc
wazza mc:
Bilic had whole week to prepare, so hope we're focused & not overconfident.
Absalom Kiiyala Iitenge
Absalom Kiiyala Iitenge:
Any type of 3 point so long as its 3 points we get...
K W:
Did he just say Phil Jones 🤣
Zorawar Randhawa
Zorawar Randhawa:
Ole is becoming a glazer puppet :(
My precious
Phil Rice keeping it morbid...
splash and fam
splash and fam:
A we still a win 🤘
Sam DaMan
Sam DaMan:
Hussein Abdirazak
Hussein Abdirazak:
ኢትዬፕያ ኢትዬፕ
ኢትዬፕያ ኢትዬፕ:
ole and woodward out out out
Casluck Shazy
Casluck Shazy:
The sad story is that phill jones is n will always be at man u till his contract runs 😂😂😋
Syamim Official
Syamim Official:
Cavani will get another gol vs west brom with alex telles assist...
A Jokester
A Jokester:
Who noticed the press conference video quality has improved lol?
Phil f'in Jones.
Vincent Ouma
Vincent Ouma:
Let's do it again united
Ni Tin
Ni Tin:
alr so alex telles is starting
Ando Nesia
Ando Nesia:
glory2 man utd..
Kellie George
Kellie George:
the mid field 3 of bruno,paul and fred wass fireeee,,,like ole has to play them againn
Naffie Ceesay
Naffie Ceesay:
Win tommorow
What will happen if West Brom wins against United at Old Trafford? Another excuse?
inkwell flood
inkwell flood:
For a man and manager early in his career, ole is class, viva la assassin.
Rashad R
Rashad R:
Phil Jones still plays football?
George Lalliana
George Lalliana:
Start... Cavani & Debeek
Nopal slokinakal
Nopal slokinakal:
Cihiuuuyy class bgt boosss
Joshua Monye
Joshua Monye:
Wanna see ighalo in action
Easwara Moorthy
Easwara Moorthy:
James Bruno Greenwood
Pogba Fred
Telles Maguire Axel Wan Bissaka
De Gea

Sub : Van de beek Cavani Brandon Williams
Tatenda Shoko
Tatenda Shoko:
Win is all I want to hear
Phil Jones, seriously
Richard Were
Richard Were:
I have a feeling that Phil Jones might actually be Woodward's son...
Jim Morris
Jim Morris:
Lingard and Jones didn’t train....bonus.
Mir Jameel
Mir Jameel:
Feeling bad for vdb
Phil Jones KEKW
Gagan J Singh
Gagan J Singh:
Ffs start Donny😡😡
wezi kumwenda
wezi kumwenda:
There is something fishy about greenwood's absence
Alemshilu Longkumer
Alemshilu Longkumer:
Why do I feel like Ole is going to start Fosu 😌 Not Telles😒🤔🤔.. If that happens.. I ain't gonna watch the Game
10 18 8
17 34
27 5 38 29
Come on United!!
Jumnation Creed
Jumnation Creed:
Start VDB and CAVANI
Aissa Halim
Aissa Halim:
4 4 2
Shehzad Janbocus
Shehzad Janbocus:
next summer transfer man utd should sell lingard,james and's time to cavani to start.
Wefwafwa Andrew
Wefwafwa Andrew:
Ole didn't answer question about Pogba
Dwayne Lee
Dwayne Lee:
Will Maguire be playing?
Hillary N.
Hillary N.:
Mr. Fantastic