Manchester City season preview: Is Nathan Ake enough to save Pep Guardiola's defence? | ESPN FC

ESPN FC's Stewart Robson, Don Hutchison and Frank Leboeuf dissect Manchester City's issues ahead of the 2020-21 Premier League season. Robson mentions City's problems defensively and questions if Nathan Ake is enough to bolster that unit. Leboeuf agrees, saying Ake was a surprising signing for the club. Hutchison thinks Pep Guardiola needs a player like Kalidou Koulibaly to convince him Man City can win the title.


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73 comentarios:

Mystery Man
Mystery Man:
Leboeuf saying Aké isn’t good enough because he didn’t make it at Chelsea. And he’s surprised why they signed him, especially for the money they spent. It’s exactly what people said about KDB
Kabesa Mwansa
Kabesa Mwansa:
Ake will be a big deal at City... he has never made a mistake that led to a goal.. remember that 💯
Ake is gonna shock a lot of people mark my words
D.Z. B1âçk
D.Z. B1âçk:
Why are people saying two lefties can't play together but somehow its Okay for two right footed CBs can play together 🤔🤔
ali kayosan
ali kayosan:
Ake is gonna be good. Anything ESPN says the opposite will happen
policefor dumbcunts
policefor dumbcunts:
Jorginho was absolutely perfect for Guardiola
He made biggest mistake of his career joining chelsea
lewisyates_ 1021
lewisyates_ 1021:
Ake will be great for us. He will be our left back I think
Rohan Reid
Rohan Reid:
Frank all you think is that Chelsea is the Best club in the world ! Bias old Fart!!!
Simphiwe Dlamini
Simphiwe Dlamini:
Ake is underrated CB from what I heard he will do a good job
Does Ake qualify as homegrown player because of his Chelsea youth days?
idky but I always enjoy Stewart Robson speaking
Well, ManCity have massively overpaid for Ake, that too to a relegated club!!! That negotiations part has to be criticised by these guys! But, Ake is a good utility player, has played professionally as LB and CB, can also play in midfield. To question why ManCity signed him or do they really need him, is too harsh on Ake!!!
Nick Saunders
Nick Saunders:
This channel always talks bad of city so don’t even listen to what they say
Carlos Martinez
Carlos Martinez:
I don’t get why Frank says Ake and Laporte can’t play together because they’re both left footed. Most defenses play with two right foot center backs, what’s the difference?
Tilak R
Tilak R:
The most important thing someone said was midfield is not energetic.
And rodri isn't good enough.
Brian Kin
Brian Kin:
City still have Laporte Cancelo ,Garcia and Mendy in defence and now Ake,so it is not too shoddy,not to mention John Stones will hopefully improve his form and be injury free.
K4 Josiah
K4 Josiah:
"Enough to save pep's defence?"
Who tf writes these things?
Russell ward
Russell ward:
Fernandinho is 36. He cant play as a DM anymore. Robo is a dope.
[email protected]!:
Ake is the definition of technical he can pass and run and defend
Aaron Garcia
Aaron Garcia:
These men dont know anything wow shocking
paul terrelonge
paul terrelonge:
This season has a different energy wish i was ▶️ playing......
Steeve Cantave
Steeve Cantave:
Only Robbo knows what he's talking about. Pep Guardiola's teams never defend from the back. When City had 100 points in 2018, the pair that played the most games at CB was Otamendi and Stones. The difference from then to now is City's midfield and front players haven't done a good job of stopping counterattacks. And even if Koulibaly comes, if the pressing is sub par, City will concede a lot of goals.
Petra - wir uns kennenlernen
Petra - wir uns kennenlernen:
1:25 stupendous
Sai Pawiroredjo
Sai Pawiroredjo:
Nathan is a good player, but not enough.I think Pep need Koulibaly to.
swaraj pawar
swaraj pawar:
I'd have watched this but Robbo's head is blinding me😬
Long Distance Coaster Relationships
Long Distance Coaster Relationships:
no he is not enough on his own but there will be more signings before the window closes... Ake is Laporte's back up as well as emergency cover at LB
The Barbarian
The Barbarian:
What's with the cheap music every time a graphic goes up...... 🙄🙄
Intelligent conversation. Unexpected from ESPN. More of these less of the blowhards.
Dupe Tajudeen
Dupe Tajudeen:
City is the best team.
Fans eagerly waiting for the arrival of a world-class centerback to complete a fantastic squad which the best across the globe.
Man City are definitely winning every trophy this 2020/2021 season.
Matthew Walcott
Matthew Walcott:
Come on city
Mr. Be.
Mr. Be.:
Hopefully arsenal and spurs do well this season
SheMA Official
SheMA Official:
First comment
Vikito Awomi
Vikito Awomi:
Manchester city got Stone Laporte Ake Otamendi who else?
Jaskaran Singh
Jaskaran Singh:
Rodri is not good enough 😂😂 Just criticism for sake of criticism
javier book shadows contributor du
javier book shadows contributor du:
30th comment
Sky blue tv.
Sky blue tv.:
We need a better defence we lost most our games due to defence
Between The Lines
Between The Lines:
Man City will win the league this year. Pep is going to work a master class this season
Wayne Corbin
Wayne Corbin:
Everton should've bought Ake
Danny 906
Danny 906:
Two left footed CB’s. Don’t see how Laporte & Ake will work together
They will nothing. I know for sure.
He looks like Ruud Gullit😂
Khaleel Harriott
Khaleel Harriott:
Upamecano??? i dont think koulibaly is the only great option out there
Minh Ngo
Minh Ngo:
As much as I like Frank, he really made himself look stupid here...

If Ake doesn't fit Pep's system, then why would they have signed him in the first place? Surely, that's the first thing they would identify before splashing 40mil on him.

And having two left-footed players at center back is a problem? Come on Frank...
ultra sport & culture
ultra sport & culture:
Abonnés svp
Catarama Treenage
Catarama Treenage:
It's weird hearing an american say Man City
Tyrone Hodges
Tyrone Hodges:
Um nathan ake conceded 77 goals in Bournemouth defence some gove Bournemouth credit for scamming man city 41 mil
Casey Miller
Casey Miller:
Every year I see the odds for City I can almost faintly hear all the pathetic cries from rivals
Unruly Rebel
Unruly Rebel:
Klopp was feeling himself last season, pep about to teach him a lesson this season watch
Azariah Carty
Azariah Carty:
Z Mes
Z Mes:
Give him 2 season he will be identical to what va dijk is right now
Yousef Ahmed
Yousef Ahmed:
I mean Would you rather have him or ottamendi?
Mario Martins
Mario Martins:
Lets hope he as good or better than his dad
Hi ni
Hi ni:
Ake and kouibaly , I don’t think the 2 signing make any sense, because you have Laporte who is a left central defender , you buy Ake who also a left CD , kouliably best position is also left CD , is pep going to play 2 left center defense together or he just want to get them to prevent others from getting them that is my question...
prasad sadaphule
prasad sadaphule:
Ake will surpass Van Dijk
محمد امام معالى
محمد امام معالى:
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I am a reader of the Noble Qur’an. Can I find support with your participation...
May God grant you the intercession of our Prophet Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace *
Puyol and Pique. Vidic and Ferdinand. Terry and Carvalho, Nesta and Maldini. All right footed pairings, but no 2 left footed players cannot play together
World of Yvan
World of Yvan:
City need Koulibaly, and a back up keeper, I have a feeling that Ederson might have some problems. Just saying
Jerry Dboss
Jerry Dboss:
Then need somebody as dominant as van dijk
City needs a replacement for Fernandinho. Should have gone after Kante or Ndidi.
Rodri is not quick enough and Gundogan is not a natural defending mid.
Main problem last season they didn’t have the energy up front because Bernardo Silva was on the bench most games his energy closing down the ball is insane and Fernandinho just dropped after being the best CDM for 2 seasons in a row
Aaron T
Aaron T:
pep will be sacked
mustafa abdullahi
mustafa abdullahi:
Kouliably is coming
Tactical Manager TV
Tactical Manager TV:
Centurions 100 points
Centurions 100 points:
we winning the premier league with or without koulibally
Again Koulibaly is fed-up with manchester City doing nothing to move to Napoli's fair requests and costs; Koulibaly is not moving anywhere if Napoli won't get what they are asking for him and even that Manchester City is not contacting Napoli directly to start any talks or negotiations...this behaving from Manchester City is not from a real professional Football Club ! The rest are just Fake speculations...useless talks!
Wub King
Wub King:
We are signing Koulibaly...
I have feeling that
City is gonna be trophyless this season
Russell ward
Russell ward:
Labuff is usually not this stupid. Pep wants physical players? Since when? So Ake isnt strong and he's not technical? Laporte & Ake are both left footers so they cant play together? But 2 right footers seem to have no problems. They signed Ake because they couldnt get Koulibali? They signed Ake the first week of the transfer window. If these guys are going to talk they should be informed at least. City are signing 2 CB's.
Josh R
Josh R:
City fans didn't exist before Sheikh or Pep came
krishna kandel
krishna kandel:
This is the season Pep crumbles and leaves for PSG.
Neymar the golden boy
Neymar the golden boy:
Koulaby overrated
Herbert Garriques
Herbert Garriques:
Laporte and koulibally is a lefty