Manchester United 3-0 Sheffield United | Extended Premier League highlights

Ten minutes of action footage from United's away defeat at Old Trafford.

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For The Good
For The Good:
Man Utd fan, thank you for letting us watch the game. :) keep these long highlights up!
David Wong
David Wong:
Rashford’s really rusty, sure he had a decent game with 2 assists but HOW ON EARTH did he miss the volley at 2:48? What a perfect pass by Pogba and yet again what perfect chance wasted 🥴🥴🥴
Herbang M. Naibaho
Herbang M. Naibaho:
The Shefield admin is so fair. GL guys, been a good season for ya. See you next season.
It's a shame that I have to come here to watch the extended highlights from a United game rather than our own channel.

Thanks, Sheffield United.. _/\_ Wishing you all the best for the rest of this season and beyond.
Loftus Blake
Loftus Blake:
Your commentator sounds like a horse racing commentator.
This commentator is a blind man's dream!!! salute. Great commentating!
PerroSnat 13
PerroSnat 13:
Channel: Sheffield United FC
90% of the comments: Man U fans

PD: Win vs spurs
Hopefully sheffield will return to the best form as it was before the lockdown and score their first goal in the next match

Respect from United's fans
roshan koirala
roshan koirala:
Quality highlights. Classy club and admin. Hope sheffields do well in remaining game of the season.Good luck
kojo ike
kojo ike:
I like this commentator, I was following everything without watching the game.
Gaspar uwu
Gaspar uwu:
baia baia :u y yo aca dicieno que marshall se la re come xd
Ashis Bhowmick
Ashis Bhowmick:
Do us a favor also to yourself beat Spurs come on blades
A 421
A 421:
Respect to the commentator.
Faithijeoma Ewuzie
Faithijeoma Ewuzie:
The squad ole used to start could face any club imagine pogba and frenandes wat a game that was matic
How many times he said "Penalty Area"?
Jacob Glen
Jacob Glen:
thanks for the extended highlights! from united fans
nitish gupta
nitish gupta:
Such a fair highlights...big up admin from manu Utd fan🙏🙏🙏🙏
Anthony Obrien
Anthony Obrien:
Keep going the blades I no you's have a good team I've seen u play some excellent games this season good luck for the rest of the season from a man united fan 👍👍ps you also have an excellent coach in wilder
inkwell flood
inkwell flood:
You have better highlights than sky sports and a great team, much respect.
Alex Juna Misao
Alex Juna Misao:
Sheffield United FC tv, thanks for being honest and making youtube channel fairplay even when your team lost. Great sportsmanship and media.
.a ManU fan.thanks again.
Live Life
Live Life:
SU please do us a favor and beat Arsenal tomorrow and Spurs next week!
Joseph Stanley
Joseph Stanley:
Commentator was amazing hah
Tariro Chikonyora
Tariro Chikonyora:
Stands are empty but the noise from support sounds like a packed stadium😂😂
Vineeth Kumar
Vineeth Kumar:
From man utd fan.. i just subscribed your channel... Great content...
Christian AL Tac-an
Christian AL Tac-an:
Thanks for the extended highlights, Sheffield United FC! I hope you get in the top 6 in the premier league! I am a Manchester United fan :)
Ahmad Halimi
Ahmad Halimi:
I feel so anxious listening to this commentator. Thanks for the long highlights though! Much appreciated.
Gilang H
Gilang H:
2:16 Rashford groans?
Omar Faruk
Omar Faruk:
When Sheffield upload the best highlights on YouTube - United fan
Dr. Ahmed Ali Khan
Dr. Ahmed Ali Khan:
@7:59 When the hell did Bruno spot Martial?!
Luke Gartley
Luke Gartley:
Commentator sounds like me commentating my fifa game 😂
Andy Salama
Andy Salama:
Massive respect from United fan <3
Hopefully Manchester United will return to the best form as it was back in the sir alex days and score much more goals in the next match
Respect from United's fans
Manuel Techy
Manuel Techy:
Bruno!!! Nice one mate...Matic got quality passes though,,Pogba got a perfect match in Bruno..Ighalo needs to start a match though to prove himself
Sheffield Utd is my second fav PL team after Man Utd, entartaining match, I hope to see Sheffield U do great things
Stelios P
Stelios P:
I enjoyed the highlights on this channel more than our own at the official Man Utd channel. More extended and fair - showing both teams' chances and attempts and so on. Sheffield have been excellent this season. Love to see teams come from the championship and stay true to their philosophy and style and succeed. Sheffield United is here to stay, for sure, and that is only a good thing for the league.

Take care of our boy Deano :D
I was waiting for extended highlights since the match has finished. Thank you Sheffield utd admin. All the best for your coming matches.

-Manchester United fan
Ranchar Isaac
Ranchar Isaac:
Manchester United ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Ramengi Sailo
Ramengi Sailo:
Nowadays.. I love watching Man Utd game- play
Dhimas Prakoso
Dhimas Prakoso:
Thanks Shefield United, you give us better highlights, so we can enjoy it.

Regard, MU fan.
I love this commentator. Excellent work.

And the highlights are cut exceptionally. Hopefully there will be some closer games. Really fortunate for Sheffield United fans when those games come.

Edit: I realise I have no idea if these compliments are aimed at the right people
Kick Me
Kick Me:
9:24 from where the supporters sounds from???
in the beginning i legit thought i was watching fifa
Shiersumo 307
Shiersumo 307:
Pogba and bruno should have been there against Liverpool
Naheem Jaffar
Naheem Jaffar:
A Manchester United fan who is in love with the way Sheffield United plays. Also a fan of Fleck.
Maxmillan Nongrum
Maxmillan Nongrum:
❤️ from a United fan..good luck lads
Aris Toni
Aris Toni:
indonesia Hadir,,Gooollllll Manchester utd
Abdalla SA
Abdalla SA:
MUTV needs to do better.
Thank you SUTV for your editing and great commentary.
man united admin must learn from Shefield united admin how to upload a good video.
You guys r very kind and so open. Like u guys lost the game but still posted the highlight thank you. U guys r doing very good 👍.
I'm united fan, i just wanna say thankyou for this video.
#respect #sheffieldunited #manunited ✊✊✊
Fatius Boniey
Fatius Boniey:
Welcome back rashford,martial,Bruno,Mata,pogba and the entire man united player keep it on
3 goal was beautiful!
Thiago Benz
Thiago Benz:
4:15 Why? Fernandez wasn't even that close 😂😂😂
Ice Bear
Ice Bear:
What a respect ! Thank you Sheffield
Nasution Geni
Nasution Geni:
6:11 Pogba was laying 😅
Rishot Nongkhlaw
Rishot Nongkhlaw:
Nico Davies
Nico Davies:
I’m a united fan, when we lose the ball we don’t look to counter press or win the ball back early we’re so passive
Fahad Khan
Fahad Khan:
Commentator sounds like car auction moderator 😂 but atleast we get 10 minute highlights unlike mutv 😐
Erwin Setiawan
Erwin Setiawan:
It's so funny, you show all your chance. And show all united missed chance and 2 goals.
Kyle Kalakoda
Kyle Kalakoda:
Bt sport need to hire the commentator 💥💥💥
Djordjije Nikitovic
Djordjije Nikitovic:
The new Cole-York ladies and gentleman's
Илья Кузьмин
Илья Кузьмин:
Happy Happy
Happy Happy:
Please Sheffield we need u to play with all your heart against Chelsea and leicester so that we can finish top 4.😁😁
did they edit in the sound of the crowd?
hafedh derbali
hafedh derbali:
Bruno fernandes ❤❤❤❤❤
Luke Burton
Luke Burton:
Is this radio commentary pasted over the highlights? It seems that way haha
Vedant Sarkhot
Vedant Sarkhot:
Big thank you to Sheffield for developing Henderson.
Falih S
Falih S:
thanks sheffield united for your content,this is something that other teams rarely do -united fans
Fadhie 1112
Fadhie 1112:
unlucky last injury time goal conceded, keep your head up kings it'll get better
rajisman illah
rajisman illah:
I believe this is the 1st hatrick since Sir Alex leave Manchester United..
Catur Santoso
Catur Santoso:
Semangat terus .....
Allah with me never be deprived
Allah with me never be deprived:
I just subscrebed your channel from united fan♥️
Kisitu Patrick
Kisitu Patrick:
Aaaa Bbbb
Aaaa Bbbb:
1:28 1-0
4:22 2-0
8:01 3-0
Quen Safa
Quen Safa:
we we united 👏👏💪❤❤💓
Real tadar
Real tadar:
This greenwood always going for goals..
Irfaan Mittoo
Irfaan Mittoo:
All Manchester United fans ought to subscribe to this channel.
Let this go as a token of appreciation.
Football is here
Football is here:
Did anyone hear the moan 2:17 ?
R R:
From 8:01 when AWB passes it to Bruno to Martial to Rashie, back to Martial looks like a set play. I haven’t seen a goal like that with 4 quick passes in forevaaaah... srsly, how dafuq did that actually happen? This team is NOTHING like the last 7 blooty years. Ever since Park Ji Sung left ... 😔
When Sheffield united provides better highlights than the Manchester United YouTube channel.
Rob Baker
Rob Baker:
Where did this commentator come from, Channel 4 racing?
Boy Pak
Boy Pak:
Congrats for liverpool to win EPL
#ismailyk 👍👍
Quran book quran book
Quran book quran book:
oh woow😊
fatih qorni
fatih qorni:
Halo from Indonesia 🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩
Ludwig Stenberg
Ludwig Stenberg:
Sheffields media team is doing a fantastic job with these highlight videos.
Proud Indian
Proud Indian:
thanks to sheff united for extended highlights
Ashyyy k
Ashyyy k:
Cmon sheffield get back to your original form and smash arsenal!!!! Good luck for the rest of the season!
Jecanto Baxter
Jecanto Baxter:
respect to Sheffield United !
R R:
At 8:36, you will see a man earn £375,000 for that save. Assuming the work week starts on a Monday. Oi vey🤨
Xavier Patel
Xavier Patel:
Credit to the commentary should be doing sky sports 👌
Fair play lads, I hope you lot get a spot in Europe
Ahmad Hendriansyah
Ahmad Hendriansyah:
Take players from indonesia, make your win from now....
Gaz Mach1
Gaz Mach1:
Sheff Uniteds commentator is less bias than Sky Sports and Bt Sports, sounds like a radio commentator
Elrio Purnomo
Elrio Purnomo:
Sheffield, you guys are GREAT... COME BACK STRONGER..Respect from United Fan...
Langoya Simon
Langoya Simon:
It was awesome!
Isaac Atkinson
Isaac Atkinson:
love the commentator
R R:
At 6:12, Pogba expected a return pass but Greenwood said ummm, no. Martial screwed Pogba too this game. The man is being cockblocked by his own team mates.👊🏼🤨
Sống giản đơn
Sống giản đơn:
Penalty area all the time 🤦🏻‍♂️