Manchester United 3-2 Spurs | EXTENDED HIGHLIGHTS

Watch the extended highlights as a Cristiano Ronaldo hat-trick meant Tottenham Hotspur lost 3-2 to Manchester United at Old Trafford in the Premier League.

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100+ comentarios:

Definition of one man army!! His team giving away penalties and own goals, and then there is Ronaldo who redeems everything single handedly
Kevin Colt
Kevin Colt:
McGuire is such a good team mate, he inspired Ronaldo to hatrick.
Shen Chong
Shen Chong:
Spurs are lucky to have such a good striker, without maguire they had no chance. That was a 12vs10 game
Here after Cristiano Ronaldo scored hattrick vs Norwich simply The GOAT 🐐🔥💯
The Boy
The Boy:
Spurs have so much respect for Ronaldo..they easily recognize him as the goat of football..for bout 30 seconds in the end was all Ronaldo walking and hugging ..huge respect to spurs🙌🏽
the more I watch this match, the more I am becoming proud as a CR7 fan.😍😍😍
Мистер Огонёчек
Мистер Огонёчек:
What a great striker he is.. ♥️ Harry Maguire
Kripesh Poudel
Kripesh Poudel:
“He doesn’t need to touch it because Harry maguire has”😂😂
Harry is one of the most promising PL striker🙌 Kane is alright too
Balu Chiral
Balu Chiral:
This man is machine!!! already broken many coach dream in the world,!!!
Harry Maguire what a goal. With such power and accuracy he should win the ballon d'or
Both teams are not good in defending. but Man United have Cristiano Ronaldo who was on fire in this match.
Sadman Sadik
Sadman Sadik:
Cristiano Ronaldo ♥️♥️♥️♥️
Benedict Terfa Shishi
Benedict Terfa Shishi:
Well done to the Spurs YouTube team for this wonderful highlight package! We need you guys to replace the lot we have.

-From a United Fan
Regan NIcholas
Regan NIcholas:
It's like Ronaldo rolled back the years on Saturday , major treat!!
Joshua Lopchan
Joshua Lopchan:
Lot's of respect to this club 👏 💙
07:11 Man City should sign Maguire. What a goal! 👏
We can try Something.
We can try Something.:
Pogba pushing and dribbling for creating the third goal! That’s crazy how
Goran Damianovici
Goran Damianovici:
2:07 best striker in PL learning from Ronaldo.
Tennis Files
Tennis Files:
Tough loss but we keep moving! Ronaldo walking at the end like he does this every day, gotta put respect on his name. Spurs definitely win without him on the pitch. If Arsenal stumbles one match and we beat them (what is taking them so long to reschedule the NLD?!?) we are right back in it and still have a chance, and have an easier schedule (12 hardest) than Man U (5th hardest) and Arsenal (4th hardest). Current form doesn't suggest us as favorites but football is ever changing. #COYS
Thanks, As a united fan, waiting for extended highlights for a while. our team hasnt posted it yet
Mukund Balasubramanian
Mukund Balasubramanian:
Never doubt this man! One of those days when giving him the slightest of spaces can get you punished. Good game from Spurs, though.
Vilho Kandume
Vilho Kandume:
The love Elanga has for Ronaldo is visible..he'll surely learn a lot from him. 👏🏽🇳🇦
Gourav Sharma
Gourav Sharma:
What a great striker he is.. ♥️ Harry Maguire
Bolat Jumagaliyev
Bolat Jumagaliyev:
Роналду величе и гениальнее , с годами , становится . Сейчас он остепенился , взрослел , у него все титулы есть , какие только пожелал-бы футболист , так что это цветочки , увидите скоро ягодки. Не надо мелочные разговоры вести пртив Роналду. Он делает то , что положено , Спасибо Роналду !! Казахстан.
Peter Højlund Palluth
Peter Højlund Palluth:
I love this moment 8:32 where the commentator has to take a pause to absorb how good Pogba's pass is, and then says "ridiculous" as the only word you can use for a pass like that.
Stay strong tottenham, keep doing your best in the next game
Greg Lawrence
Greg Lawrence:
Spurs would be the biggest and most feared club in English football if they just finished games like a winning team. The amount of games that they are the "better" team but lose or draw is mind blowing
Absolute legend. And still there are people talking about him being dropped from the squad but can't see Maguire, Rashford etc.. why do you keep doubting this player, how long does he have to prove himself. It's class
Maguire, the definition of a truly kind man and player who scores for the opposition
Videsh Sharma
Videsh Sharma:
This man is a machine ronaldo..
Another disastrous moment for uniteds captain, well that is his speciality what are you saying Maguire is the greatest striker in the history of football he is so powerful that, forget the other team his own team fears him, an absolute G.O.A.T
Hanggousiam Hangnung
Hanggousiam Hangnung:
Whether it is your own net or the opponents net, a goal is a goal - Harry Maguire
Affiong Ekpo
Affiong Ekpo:
Ronaldo was on fire in this match you can see that from his performance
Lorna :
The first goal 🤩 Great Assist and great goal
Tenzing Bhutia
Tenzing Bhutia:
All i want to say is Thankyou CR7 we fans all love u stay strong and give us the title the only person who wants to win.....
So happy for Ronaldo in this moment
Parthesh Punjabi
Parthesh Punjabi:
I really appreciate and respect Spurs.
They respect the 🐐 more than RALF.
Rami Soe
Rami Soe:
2:51 Conte celebrates like a mad man, and then when the goal is offside, his face expression just changed
0:20 esa mirada esa maldita mirada cr7 ya sabía lo que se venía simplemente THE GOAT
t rex
t rex:
Maguire to all opponents' teams:
"Have faith in me, I'm your 12th Man."
Кузьма Грудков
Кузьма Грудков:
Доволен собой, но сдерживает улыбку!))
D' sories
D' sories:
Ronaldo first goal 🚀 marvelous ❤️ and this 2:24 such a shame offside. Beautiful football so smooth 👍
"Ronaldo... he'll shoot from anywhere"... so damn right 😎💯
Fahmin Gurbanov
Fahmin Gurbanov:
I have already watched this video a hundred times 😂 🐐 CR7
Rahil ehan
Rahil ehan:
what a beast he is! carried the game solo!!❤️ Harry maguire💕💕💕💯💯
saif hashmi
saif hashmi:
Harry Maguire deserves appreciation , best consistent striker I have ever seen . Hope he gets the Epl player of the year
What a great striker he is.. ♥️ Harry Maguire
Filipe Silva
Filipe Silva:
O cara tem uma estrema presença de área CR7
Javier Valenzuela
Javier Valenzuela:
CR7 es una bestia!!
Ryan Lord Saire
Ryan Lord Saire:
Ace Ventura Pet Detective
Ace Ventura Pet Detective:
Romero just basically thanked Maguire. That reaction was hilarious.
Without Harry Maguire:Manchester United 0-3 Tottenham
With Maguire:Despite scoring an own goal United 3-2 Tottenham.
That´s why he is the GOAT
geethan ravi
geethan ravi:
We must appreciate maguire for put a legendary goal.
To all the people who said "Ronaldo's time to retire is coming closer he's out of form blah blah"
o kê
o kê:
2:50 a whirlwind of emotions 😹
John Sesay
John Sesay:
Watching this highlight as a utd fan on the spur channel is so satisfying 😆😄
Ravi gaming
Ravi gaming:
United have good defenders but I don't know why every manager is so obsessed with him...good players are warming the bench and Maguire is just starting all the time...come on man united time to remove Maguire from starting 11
Koizanami Winchester
Koizanami Winchester:
two of my fave premier league teams right now. Both of the teams are good at their best they can defeat the top table leader teams. Kulusevski is a big signing for spurs all they need is a good defender and bale. And united needs good defender and one midfielder then can set up and the goat shall finish the job. two of my fave teams right now
*Best Highlights video, not as like two minutes of goals review, thank you!*
-Barça Fan
Jeoseung Saja
Jeoseung Saja:
Missed chances on offense. But the second and 3rd goal was typical Tottenham. 2nd goal where Davies is on Ronaldo is a mismatch like previous meetings. 3rd goal, where again Lloris misjudges the flight of the ball and doesnt commit. I love Lloris, but this has happened too many times. Commit to the block even if it gives a corner.
Lui Figor
Lui Figor:
Maguire is hands down Man United's greatest own goal scorer.
a h
a h:
Harry McGuire an absolute legend
Charan huidrom
Charan huidrom:
This big guy is very unpredictable 😎
Muhammad Shayan
Muhammad Shayan:
I’ve watched this match an unhealthy amount of times now
Redblitz yss
Redblitz yss:
Ronaldo legend ❤️❤️
Christopher Looi
Christopher Looi:
So painful to watch Spurs play. The defending never failed to be a let down. I wasn't surprise with Ronaldo's 3rd goal because Spurs is just shit when it comes to defending against headers.
when maguire scored i was literally like what a goal !
Amsalu Abeti
Amsalu Abeti:
Really Fred assist to cr7 with a magnificent skill ,really Manchester united heros perform very well, winning for Manchester united club
Gameboys NK
Gameboys NK:
This was really crucial.Let’s put our heads back and try get that top 4 spot!
Good game 🔥
Rio Kurniawan
Rio Kurniawan:
Respect 👏👏👏
Sunita Shelke
Sunita Shelke:
09:02 Maguire was running to stop their own goal 🤣🤣🤣
Jibran Malik
Jibran Malik:
Great game coyreds ♥️
Aubrey Commerford
Aubrey Commerford:
Definition of one man army!! His team giving away penalties and own goals, and then there is Ronaldo who redeems everything single handedly <== saya setuju :)
На голы Роналду можно смотреть бесконечно.
Abhishek Giri
Abhishek Giri:
Maguire does what he does best, scores a goal for the opponent!! 👏
Bernard Matungwa
Bernard Matungwa:
That Fred’s pass to Ronaldo for the opening goal! Fantastic
Sebs The Servant
Sebs The Servant:
Harry Maguire is the best center back in the EPL anyone saying otherwise is correct!!
Kasia Brian
Kasia Brian:
Mad respect to Tottenham youtube for showing the opponents goals replay.
Su Ki
Su Ki:
Good !don't be worry they played good fighting for next match
Abdul Abshire
Abdul Abshire:
Spurs have so much respect for Ronaldo..they easily recognize him as the goat of football..for bout 30 seconds in the end was all Ronaldo walking and hugging ..huge respect to spurs <== saya setuju :)
musa Hussain
musa Hussain:
This shows the amount of chances we had
Elizabeth Ha
Elizabeth Ha:
Spurs have so much respect for Ronaldo..they easily recognize him as the goat of football..for bout 30 seconds in the end was all Ronaldo walking and hugging ..huge respect to spurs🙌🏽 <== saya setuju :)
Maguire defending is so good that he own goaled😂
Name Name
Name Name:
Imagine how good this team would be if Levy and ENIC weren’t there
Im Blank
Im Blank:
Hahaha humble sekali channel ini. Waktu MU kalah dari Man.City. tidak ada Highlight pertandingan tersebut di channel MU. Berbeda dgn channel ini walaupun kalah, tetap upload pertandingan extended. luar biasa channel Tottenham 👏👏👏
7:46 Maguire worked very hard to help Spurs but in the end the Goat prevailed. The Spurs player (Cristian ROMERO) even thanked him for that.
Lázzaro Renan
Lázzaro Renan:
Fansyah Kiel
Fansyah Kiel:
what a goal from mauguire ( best CF )
Bourne Jason
Bourne Jason:
Sancho's assists were awesome
Jason Samat
Jason Samat:
Here to Win! Once said by legend #CR7
호날두..저나이에도 그라운드에서 뛸때 힘이 넘친다
수퍼파워 호날두~~인정!!!
CR7 terbaik sepanjang masa
Atanas Nikolov
Atanas Nikolov:
Art of defending
zihad hossain
zihad hossain:
Everyday Ronaldo proves he is the best player of all time in the world 🔥
Криштиану Роналду просто машина!!! Зверь!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Jodie Okuley
Jodie Okuley:
Definition of one man army!! His team giving away penalties and own goals, and then there is Ronaldo who redeems everything single handedly <== saya setuju :)
Best striker in the world, Harry maguire ❤️❤️❤️
reyanthereptileguy _
reyanthereptileguy _:
7:12 Just classic