"Manchester United is the only thing I care about!" Guardiola taking each game as it comes!

Despite Pep Guardiola's side breaking new records, he only cares for the next game!

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100+ comentarios:

The Crypto Room
The Crypto Room:
Pep got that Richard Mille on the wrist too just flexing top of the table
Kyle Askew
Kyle Askew:
Im a UTD fan and trust me he doesn't need to worry about us😂😂
Robert Hayes
Robert Hayes:
He always stays humble and has respect for other team's, he's a gent
Guinness Harvey
Guinness Harvey:
Pep almost managing to keep a straight face when saying “Liverpool are still champions” . . . Almost:)
Aaron DH456
Aaron DH456:
0:26 Pep turned into Ole for a second.
Gotta give props to Man City for being miles ahead of everyone in the premier league. Lets see if he breaks the record tho since he does find it difficult to beat Ole.
Stealth YT
Stealth YT:
It’s gonna be 0-0. Come back to this.
Edit: Well nobody expected that wtf!
Manchester united
Manchester united:
The only thing he cares about is us what is he afraid of 😂 us drawing 0 0 with him must be scary
Pep is focused and can smell blood...EYE OF THE TIGER MODE ACTIVATED!
George Ramirez
George Ramirez:
*Destroys 2nd place United 5-0*

Pep in post-match interview: "lol our biggest concern right now is southampton."
Bradley Challis
Bradley Challis:
Ole should worry about city not the other way round 🤦‍♂️
Fish Ball
Fish Ball:
Guys let's not forget this early of the season, people been judging Pep and wish him to leave, cos MC had a bad starting for this season.
People nowadays don't have patient anymore.
Athay Phom
Athay Phom:
The best manager/tactician with the strongest financial backing in the world.
Lower Lobster
Lower Lobster:
If city played like this last season the title race would have been crazy
The Quickscoper
The Quickscoper:
I started to get nervous when coady scored it started giving me watford vs liverpool flashbacks
Mr SplashMan
Mr SplashMan:
How quickly people forget about grump pep at the beginning of the season.

Now he’s humble and a class act
When u expect ManU to lose that’s when they win and vise versa
Abdimalik Mohamed
Abdimalik Mohamed:
Pep with no mercy this season 😱
apocalyptic menace
apocalyptic menace:
This man turned the toughest leauge in the world to a walk in the park😂😂legendary
P C:
i hope that everyone that sees this has a great life
MR 360 3STYL
MR 360 3STYL:
“We want to win it next season the final season”

Well pep last year is next year 2022.
Something 01
Something 01:
Pep don’t worry United ain’t serious anyways (united fan)
Śûdãis Żâmāñ
Śûdãis Żâmāñ:
Peter Kamau
Peter Kamau:
Guardiola after winning 21 consecutive games: We try our best and focus on the next games.

Meanwhile Ole after drawing three in a row: the lads played perfectly 😂
Adnane Alaoui
Adnane Alaoui:
So focused on football, he doesn't care wearing the same sweater game after game ! :D
Caleb Chetty
Caleb Chetty:
As a Liverpool fan,dis mans a real good manager ✌️really respectful n smart
Mohamed Inshaar
Mohamed Inshaar:
WHAT a team Manchester City even am Chelsea fan Wooww Good luck of derby game✌😬
Luckiest manager of all time, has the wealthiest owner in football as his personal toy.
Akash Raj
Akash Raj:
"Fantastic game!" "Fantastic" Man's been watching Ole a lot 😂
Mystery Man
Mystery Man:
Pep's consistency cannot be matched he even lost his mother and he still performing at peak level.
Ronaldo John
Ronaldo John:
Pep has given us 3 titles GOAT
Liban Geereh
Liban Geereh:
He was so right, to worried about us and that's why he respected us

GGMU 👹👹👹
Halwai AKS
Halwai AKS:
Glory Glory Man United... Glory Glory Man United ...😍 Manchester is and will always be Red❤️
D. S.G
D. S.G:
Samuel Andemicael
Samuel Andemicael:
Pep is all purrs and smiles now he’s back on top
Dawam D. Marthafajr
Dawam D. Marthafajr:
One game at a time 👏🏽
That's the level of focus needed to be most successful and genius manager in football history
"that is only the reality" - Every Pep interview
Malefic Brutis 2
Malefic Brutis 2:
It’s nice to see pep enjoy his team and be happy. Solid lad
Camagu Livumile
Camagu Livumile:
Sniper Pep: We are in a best position to take them out 😂😂🤣🤣⛳🏌️
Septian Azhar
Septian Azhar:
Thanks for thinking about the rival, it makes them stronger
I thought he meant title wise and was thinking he must be joking right😂
Michel Amalou
Michel Amalou:
J'aime bien voir 1 Guardiola euphorique et joyeux. Que le succès accompagne partout ce grand génie.
F Raiyan Ahmed
F Raiyan Ahmed:
What a guy! Best manager in the world!
Pushpdant Sharma
Pushpdant Sharma:
Man is so chill rn 🤦 . Even as a Liverpool supporter I was excited for a competitive season but this is a bizzare runaway now .
said barkhadle
said barkhadle:
This guy is the father of mind games 🤣
auresi mourad
auresi mourad:
today's wisdom
It is a person's happiness to be a reasonable opponent
Who is after the Match😂
Sandesh Mishra
Sandesh Mishra:
What a winning mentality 💙
Sir Alex Ferguson
Sir Alex Ferguson:
Pep is the 🐐
Nekardo Beckford
Nekardo Beckford:
AR Ibrahim
AR Ibrahim:
Haven't heard that for years 😂
Martyn Birks
Martyn Birks:
Understand he's had money as a manager but still u got spend well and not buy ego players he's does an amazing job best manager in footy at the moment
Tayeb Daouadji
Tayeb Daouadji:
Mahrez 😍😍😍
Credit to Man City.
I didn't expect them to be so strong this season.
They have deserved the title by a mile.
Liverpool will struggle to come back and match them again.
Noussaiba Mennai
Noussaiba Mennai:
Mahrez 🇩🇿🇩🇿
I like how the foreign players and managers never actually understand what the interviewer asks them. So many times u can tell they're just giving their assessment of the game in the hope it vaguely covers the question
Juice WRLD Tour
Juice WRLD Tour:
The city Sky blues
The city Sky blues:
I love this man 🤧✋
maximillion. 7
maximillion. 7:
Pep .never give up 👍👑🎩 visca el barca . Top man.....📌
Guadiola is so confident he is doing impressions of solksjaer and mourinho in .
Andrew John
Andrew John:
The way he's adapted his city team is quite incredible. They've evolved since last year, and they look absoutely unbeatable. Would like to see how he would do at a smaller club with a smaller budget, but can't deny his man management and playing philosophy is out of this world.
heythem amin
heythem amin:
Ryiiiad magiiic 🇩🇿💥💥💥💥💥
Zayed Al Hamed
Zayed Al Hamed:
hard luck guardwela and do your best
Real OG
Real OG:
Pep is Fluidity . I mean look at all the Matches he has lost . I'm sure even in those Matches his teams played some food football & never gave up. The intensity he provides is on another level. if a player wants to move ,he doesn't hold him as well. A tactician who understands the game well but still football is more than just one thing. Luck at hard times ,players executing accordingly , Teams they're against & much more .
Mohamed Chadli
Mohamed Chadli:
Man United fan➡️pep don't start Mahrez plus🙏 he is on fire 🔥
Cant give all the praise to pep, the excellent players on the pitch are producing.
Keneane Koopman
Keneane Koopman:
he's talking about demolishing the Man Utd history in the City they share.....and as a Man Utd fan thats alota respect from the Top Gaffer
Deep down, somewhere, he wants the United job😉
Resna Tazkiyatunnafs
Resna Tazkiyatunnafs:
Thanks Pep.
City will win the league because their consistency and depth.
But, United win the Derby. They deserve 2nd this season and hard challenge next one.
James Nelson
James Nelson:
On the day of the manchester derby I will be sweating more than Jimmy savile in a nursery
yie _TW
yie _TW:
over 10 points ahead no two on table..
face to be champion for this season..
good job pep n co
Don L
Don L:
Gwaaaaan pep
Freya murtem
Freya murtem:
Jose might be the special one. But pep is The One. What a remarkable football brain.
kaloyan petrov
kaloyan petrov:
He said take out Liverpool I guess klopp next line would be.”Pep said he would take us out that’s why we have so many injuries “😂
Lol they have so many points that if management decides they want to get relegated, they wouldn't succeed.
Claude Makelele
Claude Makelele:
Despite all the money spent he has made the premier league a farmer's hut. Credit to him.
Abhishek RC
Abhishek RC:
1:26 rest of the City staff wud be laughing at the back, thinking straight lie with a straight face
Halim Denzen
Halim Denzen:
incredibe record
this is the way
this is the way:
Nice to hear he cares about us!!
Crushal 45
Crushal 45:
Reason why is simply that anyone can win the derby doesn't matter who's playing better at the moment.
Stijn Peeters
Stijn Peeters:
Listen how he makes "well deserved" sound like "Wolves deserved"
Wolverine Scratch
Wolverine Scratch:
Pep is being ruthless will be interesting to see how many cups they win this season
Fraudiola Uyirr 😘
Abdur Razzak
Abdur Razzak:
All due respect I would love to see Pep start from scratch like building a team with limited budgets I mean all the team he managed got lots of money from the beginning so can’t really say much about him.
Stevie Obie
Stevie Obie:
Pep tryna intimidate. Ole won't be scarer though. He knows how to park the bus for the draw. Or at least that always seems to be his game plan. Too bad the defence are full of errors though. 😑
CMONNNN UTD 🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴 Lmao even though City probably already won the league and were not gonna win the league right now but all I care about now is winning city and getting top 4 🔥🔥🔥
Sonny Dortmund
Sonny Dortmund:
Just a reminder. The fear from these lot still runs deep. I understand. Must be murder on the soul. Ey, crack on tho 🤣
El Loco
El Loco:
As a Utd fan this vid has got me all Kevin Keegan - I WOULD LOVE IT IF WE BEAT THEM, LOVE IT!!!
Abdallah Umar
Abdallah Umar:
Bruh, I'm not gonna lie. As a utd fan, I was shook when he said "man utd" out of nowhere 😅
His statement about money makes sense. United fans wanted him but they would never give him the funds he needed to make changes to the team
SCSA Entrance Pops
SCSA Entrance Pops:
People say he is a fraud only need to look at Liverpool to see why he is not, his side has never dropped to Liverpools level in his time in england and they spend millions, this man is a genius
John Mc
John Mc:
Spanish and Italians favourite word is ‘Fantastic’.
Suhaib Suhaib
Suhaib Suhaib:
Pep be levitating in the league table. 😉
saiman Kforay
saiman Kforay:
2 0
The Pitch
The Pitch:
Man City has had such amazing form as of late. We even have a VIDEO on our channel which goes more in depth into this 🎬
Akhil Vasudevan
Akhil Vasudevan:
If he stays for 15 more years at City then Pep Guardiola will break Sir Alex's record for most League Titles in UK as manager