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23 comentarios:

Cedric Levy
Cedric Levy:
We need a good CDM.

One that protects the CBs and frees up a CM to go box-to-box

And pay no more than £80m for Sancho. If Dortmund says no, then move on
Lester Lee
Lester Lee:
None of this matters as long as the Glazers and Woodward are running the club.
Manchester United fan
Manchester United fan:
As a man united fan we won't get Sancho it doesn't matter how much we talk about it
Cedric Levy
Cedric Levy:
When you watch Arteta doing a press conference, does it not remind you of a stringed puppet?

The man moves like a piece of wood🤣
United Sauce & Wingers
United Sauce & Wingers:
Good chat! Thanks for having me on Terry, Dom 👊
Ur getting these info from united stand 😂😂😂
Arsenal Lad
Arsenal Lad:
That dude in the yellow tshirt is a proper weird guy... Reminds me of Jacob the vicars son in this country 😂😂😂
J Brew
J Brew:
The guy in the black kinda looks like rants
Cedric Levy
Cedric Levy:
Picture this

MUFC are the league's top scorers, and both Martial and Greenwood is not firing!
Yureta Wahyu Caesar
Yureta Wahyu Caesar:
In this video : fans moaning about fans moaning about players
Black lightning
Black lightning:
When the summer transfer window opens I will unfollow all Manchester United fan channels and ig. I'm expecting another piss poor summer so why believe rumours and get my Hope's UP because we will sign NO ONE! Sancho Chelsea bound 😭
Rohan Vyas
Rohan Vyas:
This is like 200th video about Sancho. Just Give up
John D Smith
John D Smith:
United fans keep slandering their most successful manager since Sir Alex. Honestly id love Moyes and Messi Lingard to knock you man out of the top 4. Go talk to Arsenal and dem man...
Mason Greenwood
Mason Greenwood:
I hope we get Sancho we need a right winger so much
Here we go with the Sancho videos again 😂
yogi akita
yogi akita:
Be back on tomorrow
Bryn Gefferies
Bryn Gefferies:
Maguire and Lindelof are the 'Usual Suspects', Individually & as a pair cannot defend 'Unacceptable' Not Man Utd type. But Bailly & Smalling are 'World Class' Individually & as a pair can defend 'Acceptable'! Man Utd type!

Sell Maguire & Lindelof for £30M each and Replace them with Koulibaly & Smalling for £60M. That would be Excellent Business!
Blue Maniac
Blue Maniac:
I enjoy these Europa League clubs debate show
I know this show is about Sancho I rate Haaland just as much as the next man but bro Andre Silva who plays for Frankfurt only has one less goal than Haaland since he moved to Dortmund. He’s older than Haaland by 5 years and isn’t playing in the UCL but why isn’t anybody talking about him? He actually has one more goal than Haaland in the Bundesliga this season too. To be fair, he has played 3 more games then him in terms of minutes though.
The one
The one:
Barcelona want Aleksandar Isak from Real Sociedad
Samuel Ergando
Samuel Ergando:
Sancho welcome to Chelsea cause these mugs bottled it
Ha! Big up little lady Freya! #FreeFreya
Yung Scarlxrd
Yung Scarlxrd:
Arsenal fans 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂