Manchester United v Everton | LIVE Stream Watchalong

Joe, Alex and Ronaldo are here for the LIVE Stream Watchalong for Manchester United v Everton at Old Trafford in the Premier League

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69 comentarios:

That’s it for me now. The plan is “sub on attacking players to score” and then the whole formation turned into is a 2-0-8 with no structure or formula at al
Tony K
Tony K:
2:28:26 Everton Goal
Jayant Patel
Jayant Patel:
Great from Ole to snatch a point from Everton. Looking good for a top 4 finish which is the best we can do with Ole
The Spaniard
The Spaniard:
Ole at the wheel
Tell me how good does it feel 😭
Projected Thoughts
Projected Thoughts:
There’s no strategy besides putting good players up top and hoping for the best
Dropping points vs a front four of Rondon, Gray, Gordon & Townsend, wow.
nr macky8.7
nr macky8.7:
Townsend's siuuuu though😂😂
K94 Will
K94 Will:
I wonder what excuses will bubble out their mouths this time 😴😴😴😴
My wife sexual partner
My wife sexual partner:
Waiting for Ole apologist
The biggest mistake we made was not signing a midfielder in the summer. Our midfield is non-existent no matter who plays.
Andros C
Andros C:
Ole out. How could he substitute Fred when chasing the game ?
Farther Karras
Farther Karras:
Top reds have ruined this once great club 👏
Ole at the wheel 👍
D Mc A
D Mc A:
I’ve backed ole all along. This is my breaking point. How can Fred get played week in week out? All we’ve got is 4231 and sideways passing. Had enough, good bye ole!
Utkarsh Shukla
Utkarsh Shukla:
Fred the decietful protagonist..of the team ...
Ke M
Ke M:
You're welcome
rohit adavde
rohit adavde:
I don't understand what is fred good at, can't hold the ball, can't tackle, can't pass, Every time fred loses possession we concede a goal, had enough of him. It should be matic Pogba or matic Donny in mid
Can’t wait for the spin doctoring
Zul Joe
Zul Joe:
What excuses left lads???No more!!!
Child of Chief
Child of Chief:
Who’s gonna admit it, we look worse with Ronaldo in over Cavani.
Mas A
Mas A:
Ole in lads 😂😂😂
Arie Prayudhi Hardian
Arie Prayudhi Hardian:
I don't know, what the fans in manchester thinking about ole right now, but he needs to leave
david collins
david collins:
When I see ole smiling with 2 minutes left on the side line you know he shouldn't be utd manager
Salim Yusop
Salim Yusop:
Ole Self Distruct. Midfield Was Non Existence!
blade runner6789
blade runner6789:
Was waiting for that last moment goal. Didnt happen. McTom cant boss the mid. January we need someone
fred should tackle him
Jake Berry
Jake Berry:
Sack him.

International break now, got time to find a replacement ffs
Derek Thompson
Derek Thompson:
Rio will say you can’t blame the manager he needs a CDM
this is pain ole will give us prem-2 and we wont even qualify for europa league
Why does he persist with this double pivot when we still concede goals FFS when are we going to have a good game where we batter teams again?
Atirek Bajpai
Atirek Bajpai:
OLE OUT 🤡😂We created three big chances and missed all of them, had 6 shots on target, conceded from a shit counter, and dominated the possession. Absolutely shite from the players but let's keep blaming the manager because the players have better social media PR🤡. This fanbase needs to get a grip.
BK 201
BK 201:
Another dross, well dun Ole!
Indrajit Dutta
Indrajit Dutta:
United fan since 2001. The match where John Arne Riise scored that
famous free kick against us was the first Manutd match I saw with my
grandpa in his old TV. Loved this club ever since and will do always.
But its hard to remain a ManUtd fan with what Ole is doing now . No real
manager will pick Fred and bench Pogba and Matic. Sancho again was so
good when he came on. He needs more playtime for god's sake! And say
what you will about Ronaldo, Cavani suits us better upfront. Cavani is a
mix of Berbatov's class and elegance with a LOT of heart and effort.
Honesty don't feel positive at all looking at our next fixtures. Don't
even have energy to start on the whole Donny situation.
Troy Thompson
Troy Thompson:
Oles tactics and subs questionable once again. Living on big moments from big players. Bissaka isn't a fullback you win a league with. It leaves us with no threat down the right hand side. Midfield isn't good enough. McTominney probably can just about cut it with someone decent next to him. Baffled DVB isn't playing. Baffled Ole rates Pogba. And even more baffled that he plays Fred.

Solutions = purchase a good attacking right back, even an older one (Tripper ahem). Play DVB. Sell Pogba. Fred Squad player at best. Purchase a quality CDM. Extend Cavanis contract for another

Ooo and get a new manager. Move Ole into recruitment.
We are shit at the back, shit going forward and of course shit in midfield. Quite impressive actually given the squad
Frankie Nolan
Frankie Nolan:
I think our season will unravel after the International break. This is very worrying form and I can't see much change happening. The signs are there for all to see. Shabby defense and inability to kill games means you ain't winning fuck all
Salim Yusop
Salim Yusop:
We Fortunate With A Point
Chris C
Chris C:
Joe had to really work hard here didnt he. other 2 brought zero chat/banter.
Nick Liasi
Nick Liasi:
back Ole now COME ON…try it
nikhil sonawane
nikhil sonawane:
I am so glad the match is over...Couldn't watch that torture anymore...Thank God we wont be seeing that for 2 weeks now
One of the worst teams in years in the league in terms of underachieving
Jimmy Knizzle
Jimmy Knizzle:
Uniteds team are so weak physically, so easy to bully most of them.
Derek Thompson
Derek Thompson:
McFred strike again
Akmal Haq
Akmal Haq:
Ole's excuses masterclass is incoming! ^^
Unbearable 2020
Unbearable 2020:
Townsend celebration 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Why do United fans still predict a win against opposition with the kind of quality Everton have?
Ramek Buji
Ramek Buji:
What excuse Jesus is going to give now?
Anshul Tripathi
Anshul Tripathi:
Another match. Another typical ole performance. Outdone by a better manager. Only positive- Sancho looked good!
Marcus Osborne
Marcus Osborne:
No point in ole out anymore there's always going to be excuses might aswel let the season play out
The Cranked Amps
The Cranked Amps:
That Long haired Jesus looking guy puts himself through pain every week. He really needs to take a break from it 🤣
Miz Rahman
Miz Rahman:
Jamie fowles
Jamie fowles:
Get ole out of this club.. Mcfred again!! How many poor performances for ole to see there crap .. awful team selection, brings on pogba instead of lingard! What's pogba done to be brought on?? Lingards been far better.. 1 goal scored at home in 2 games against villa and Everton with 2 of there best players missing.. its simply awful . and to top it off ole smiling just before full time like united are winning 4-0 .. He needs to be sacked.
sack him
Disappointed with fred yet again 😤😡
R e n z o JWA
R e n z o JWA:
Nice tray
Bachmannobsessed 21
Bachmannobsessed 21:
United jinx refs have featured in past 3-4 games 🤔🤔🤔🤔Wanker ref Martin Atkinson, Wanker ref Michael Oliver, Wanker ref Mike Dean yet where are these refs hiding?...... Simon Hooper, Kevin Friend, Graham Scott, Andre Marriner, Andy Madley, Craig Pawson, Paul Tierney, Stuart Attwell, Darren England, Anthony Taylor, Robert Jones yet our own corrupt FA seem to give Manchester United games to Mike Dean, Martin Atkinson or Michael Oliver 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔starting to add up ole isn’t the PROBLEM yet you Manchester United YouTubers fail to mention this 🤔🤔🤔
Dekab naeb
Dekab naeb:
Jesus knows nothing about football
Datuk Hercules
Datuk Hercules:
Ole in guys. Come on. As a Liverpool fan, we firmly believe that Ole is the right man to bring Man Utd back to their former glory. We all love those times when Liverpool and Man Utd are competing for the title. In Ole we all trust! 🤣
Neon colour marker • 8 years ago
Neon colour marker • 8 years ago:
Where is the Fat guy?? Probably preparing emotional speech about how Ole has made everyone feel like a family or sum.
Петър Коларов
Петър Коларов:
Plea to stop singing Fred's name ever again in our chant's... It's Soo anoying to hear the weakest player for years been sung by ours Fans!!! We can't achieve something with him in the starting 11...Sooo for the fan's sake Stop singing his Name 📛📛📛
Michael Myers
Michael Myers:
Ole out now not good enough
Tube Dis
Tube Dis:
Good game despite the draw 💪🏻 let’s build from here
denis omahoney
denis omahoney:
Enough is enough lads ..ole out this is shite …
Bruno Fernandes
Bruno Fernandes:
Glazers out
Sha Jaa
Sha Jaa:
Why the hell isn't Ronaldo starting FFS!
The Man United Agenda
The Man United Agenda:
Gutted about the result today but looking at the bigger picture there was some fantastic chemistry today the ball was getting zipped around a lot quicker so we can take that as a positive. Shame about my score prediction of 3-1 TMUA
Shiva Balachandran
Shiva Balachandran:
Ole out
ryan burton
ryan burton:
Bissaka was horrible