Manchester United vs Real Sociedad - UEFA Europa League 2020/21 Gameplay

#realsociedadvsmanchester united
This video is the Gameplay of UEFA Europa League - Manchester United vs Real Sociedad Gameplay

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24 comentarios:

Who will reach to the next round of Europa League - Man United or Sociedad ?
Arjun Pratap Das
Arjun Pratap Das:
I just forgot to mention RIP Gerrard Houllier. One of the greatest managers of Liverpool
Abhishek padhiary
Abhishek padhiary:
Real Sociedad will be a tough game. But I hope we perform well against them and go to the next round
Adista Rivaldo N.H
Adista Rivaldo N.H:
Come on United 💪🔥 #GGMU
Dave Pinto
Dave Pinto:
That curled goal from Bruno😍💣💥
Aaryaman Iyer
Aaryaman Iyer:
What a great come back. Classic come back for Manchester United
sheldon mcdonald
sheldon mcdonald:
Comeback kings for life
Илья Кузьмин
Илья Кузьмин:
Голы Бруно шикарные.
kaushik j
kaushik j:
I love that your team selections are always the selections that we fans are begging the manager to use. Out of curiosity are you also a United fan?
Dave Pinto
Dave Pinto:
Илья Кузьмин
Илья Кузьмин:
Крутой кам бек от МЮ!!
Naruto Uzamaki
Naruto Uzamaki:
When are u going to do the borussia dortmund career mode
Jonas Samuel
Jonas Samuel:
Do you have an email address or any handle where I can message you for gaming youtube channel mentoring?
Do you know my videos kind of shaky after uploaded to YouTube ? Original footage was fine and it’s little shaking after uploaded and play on YouTube
mustafa manja
mustafa manja:
peyarang tumpul...blm de penglaman..harap pd fernandes
Warno Irnandi
Warno Irnandi:
MUN 42 RSO 11
Warno Irnandi
Warno Irnandi:
MUN 00 RSO 11
mustafa manja
mustafa manja:
byk harap pd fernandes...fernandes sma cr7 smgat dia.kuat nk mng
Jonas Samuel
Jonas Samuel:
How do you record this game play

On your laptop or your record on your TV?
Slor Slors
Slor Slors:
Bruno 😍
Илья Кузьмин
Илья Кузьмин:
Have Juraman
Have Juraman:
It will be opposite of this match
Bonjour pesme
mustafa manja
mustafa manja:
mu tk blh lg