Manchester United's penalty decision a 'complete scandal' & 'absolutely incredible' | ESPN FC

It was a pretty forgettable match for Manchester United, which earns its first win at Old Trafford this season in a 1-0 win over West Brom. We had MORE VAR controversy, so naturally ESPN FC's Craig Burley and Frank Leboeuf weigh in on whether or not Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's side deserved the penalty. Burley believes Man United should be thankful it got the penalty kick and Bruno Fernandes converted from the spot. Leboeuf also calls the decision "stupid" and "a scandal" because he feels decisions like it could potentially play a role in relegating West Brom.
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100+ comentarios:

JJ Samuel Gunn
JJ Samuel Gunn:
It's cheaper to buy the people monitoring VAR than Sancho. Well played, Ed.
Daniel Louis
Daniel Louis:
the fact david coote is still a ref gives me no faith in humanity
Maiden Air
Maiden Air:
Joke's on you. Rivals paid the ref so ole stays in a job
Manchester United can't buy decent players so they started buying Premier League refs 😅😅😅
Red Devil Studio
Red Devil Studio:
Now I know were united transfer fee went too.
Adil Ghanchi
Adil Ghanchi:
VAR:- how many penalties you need?
Man utd:- YES.
Ruthven Phillips
Ruthven Phillips:
Ole at the wheel... Of a garbage truck..
Ya Want Shum?
Ya Want Shum?:
When I read the news that the same VAR ref that decided the Liverpool vs Everton game was the ref for this game, I already knew this was going to happen
Couch Potatoe
Couch Potatoe:
David coote the player of the season, first against villa , Liverpool and now west brom .
Kelvin Pyne
Kelvin Pyne:
I hate these people, there so bias
alex 1976
alex 1976:
Something is going on with Man U, refs and their love affair.
Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin:
I mean let’s be honest they could’ve scored 2 or 3, the keeper had an absolute blinder. As did the referee...
Amia Maira
Amia Maira:
Without penalty man U could have been relegated
Anti-United Agenda begins.
Headed by our dear @ESPN.
No Surprise there!
Chris Chris
Chris Chris:
This burley guy talking as if he's arguing with his friends. That tag of pundit is so cheap these days
Bluetac Onwallpaper
Bluetac Onwallpaper:
“Manchester United vs. Wes Brown”
UtdInsights A
UtdInsights A:
keep the salt pouring ESPN 🧂🧂🧂🧂, excuse of a "punditry"
Dze Godfather Bamenjo
Dze Godfather Bamenjo:
Manchester United was not busy in the transfer window

VAR: hold my beer
Yo Fensta
Yo Fensta:
Varchester United and Penandes at it again 😂🤣
Alexi Laiho
Alexi Laiho:

Matthew Mcbratney
Matthew Mcbratney:
The referee should have to explain his descions. It was literally match fixing.
I totally agreed! the game is a SCANDAL. @DavidCoote is a DISGRACE! HE IS A @MANUTD 12 Player
amir football fan
amir football fan:
The city of manchester fighting for the most embarresing performance great to see the comperition of the two clubs!!!
Every team should deny participating in matches to be ref by David coote
Anthony Lopez
Anthony Lopez:
GGPU Glory glory Penchester United!
Rohit Sharma
Rohit Sharma:
Man United already have 5 penalties this season. Second highest in the leagie
day feed
day feed:
Seems like PL always has controversy every week while others dont
check mate
check mate:
Team: Varchester Refnited

Best player: Bruno Penandes
Mirko Kraovac
Mirko Kraovac:
Love how Burley gives none and calls the VAR ref by name and puts him on blast
Ashish Singh Rawat
Ashish Singh Rawat:
Now we know where the sancho transfer money went 😂
Varchester united
What else do you expect to come out of Craig Burley's mouth, or usually, anyone else on this channel... especially if they're Scottish!
Alexx Allert
Alexx Allert:
When are people just going to be real and say the matches are fixed 🤷🏾‍♂️
VAR and FA officials need to be investigate at once! This has gone too far.
Omg incredible this literally never, ever happened before with Manchester United, even this season 😒
Donny Annessa
Donny Annessa:
Love how they don’t mention the penalty we should have had in the first half. The Anti-United agenda is laughable.
Look Not
Look Not:
Spurs beat city 2-0 and they beat wes brom 1-0 same as united Burley
N K:
Thank you Mr Ref, the first ever mistake made by a referee absolutely shocking never ever has ref made a mistake ever.... any other game they would theses happen...
All I will say is give Cavani 1 month, he too will realize it's a fool's errand running into space in this team. The team is not coached that way.
barneet singh
barneet singh:
Liverpool lovers cast! There was such a light contact where referee saw this close and decided!
luthfi fawwaz
luthfi fawwaz:
Ole's master class " if you couldnt score a goal from open play, you just need to get a penalty"
Rae Piste
Rae Piste:
There’s no way that was ever a penalty. Not to mention Johnstone saved west brom like 6 times
Hussain Peepawala
Hussain Peepawala:
I know we didn't play well but how does every goalkeeper that plays us becomes prime Neuer ffs every f time .
Jesse Dawih
Jesse Dawih:
Why didn't Craig say the samething about Tottenham when they beat west brom 1 - 0
El Dio
El Dio:
Must be worrying for united fans, how much they struggle to break down smaller teams
Richard Adu
Richard Adu:
Man utd and penalties are a match made in heaven
Stu77 T
Stu77 T:
Love ❤️ VAR it was no penalty
Aman Ahmed
Aman Ahmed:
Only here to see this Burley buffoon rant. Love it.
Now I know ESPN is run by Liverpool supporters!
ezi gunner
ezi gunner:
Referee has been helping united since I can remember. It's not a new story
Thomas Smith
Thomas Smith:
Wes brown wasnt playing, Frank, he retired ages ago
Dupe Tajudeen
Dupe Tajudeen:
Imagine Man U didn’t get the penalties this season. They would be relegated.
Mama Mia
Mama Mia:
Keep on crying 🤣🤣
In The Deep With EGGSY The Critic
In The Deep With EGGSY The Critic:
Iit was the other way round the tone wld be oooh they had 90 mins to reply, its part of football get over it bla bla
Nashon Stephen
Nashon Stephen:
Banter FC with an average manager+players

They'll relegate this season
Ivan Mišković
Ivan Mišković:
can someone get this craig liverpool suck up some glasses thank you lmao ppl are blind he hit the ball first and then he accidentally hit his leg
Haniff Jathan
Haniff Jathan:
Your panel have something against man united 🤨
Nikhil Amin
Nikhil Amin:
Even as a United fan I have to agree we got lucky with decisions yesterday, but glad to see the Fergie Association is alive and kicking after all these years!
mofantv _Lady React
mofantv _Lady React:
VAR Strikes again just when u think its over. VAR reminds me of terrorist lol
Young Heartthrob
Young Heartthrob:
Look I don’t even know why people are surprised. Everyone knows West Brom should’ve got a pen. United benefit the most from VAR & Refs. They’ve been doing it for months now. Let’s just move one.
Sniperking1980 Gaming
Sniperking1980 Gaming:
Even I don’t know how that penalty was rescinded??
Destructa Phoenix
Destructa Phoenix:
'Manchester United's penalty decision'
Sure, it was manchester united's decision.
Ekko Don
Ekko Don:
A swear Man U has a contract with var, makes no sense to how all calls always go in their favors
Vikandi Help
Vikandi Help:
Remember the penalty for united in the ue, the penalty pogba conceded against spurs that's the same that
abhinavsohal 07
abhinavsohal 07:
Cry more scousepn fc and rival fans ahhhh inject it
Connor Mcleod
Connor Mcleod:
The so called refs might as well wear utd jersey's
Arav Luthra
Arav Luthra:
We played pretty bad tbh. I honestly don’t know how west brom got the penalty overturned and how we got the penalty. Moreover, there was no intent from any of the forwards. There was no hunger.
That bruno kick was a penalty. As for the manager, Graeme Porter ter would thrive with this squad - he has more tactics than Ole.
Keron Hanson
Keron Hanson:
Time for that ref to retire!!
Akshat Suman
Akshat Suman:
VAR to utd:will you be needing penalties
Mr Ivak
Mr Ivak:
Penalty team of the year..
Sam Sarfo
Sam Sarfo:
Man Utd has never impressed you so I'm not surprised with this
Chris Hon
Chris Hon:
What kind of anti Manchester united agenda is this? The exact same situation occurred in the Villa game I think and no one is batting an eye!
I don’t see the issue with Cootes he didn’t make any decisions.

All he did was ask the ref to look again
King Tamim
King Tamim:
VARchester Penalted
david cootes a man utd fan!! he was the one that did liverpool a few games ago
Man United's VAR decisions need to be investigated. It's becoming too much. There is a corruption in the game.
And this channel claims to not be anti united 😂😂😂
Open Sourced Workplace
Open Sourced Workplace:
It’s always great to see Burley lose it.......
VAR i just a tool to prove how bad are referees !!!!
John Smith
John Smith:
Chin up fellas 🤣
Mike Tyson
Mike Tyson:
United can’t win without a penalty confirmed
Clearly got the ball and followed through, Burley is forever salty love seeing it..
Mo Yafai
Mo Yafai:
Referee cheating with Man utd again!
Anthony Gurirab
Anthony Gurirab:
ESPN and Craig's VAR decision now
Jin Kazama
Jin Kazama:
Cry me a river ,cry me a river ,cry me a river🤣😭😭😂 cry me cry me
T K:
David Coote sums it up,
Utd have always had the referees in their back pocket. Now it's just blatant fraudulents in front of our eyes.
Pranab Sarma
Pranab Sarma:
Moneychester United 😂
😂 cry me a river
Steeve Cantave
Steeve Cantave:
There have been five subjective VAR calls in games with Man Utd. Four of them have gone in favor of Man Utd and one against them--that's a net of +3. Every other team in the league, the net is between -1 and 1. That's not counting the Maguire pk against Azpilicueta that wasn't even checked by VAR. This is getting ridiculous.
soudre abdoul
soudre abdoul:
Man U is dead and referees are helping them all the time it was the referees mistakes against Chelsea
Dossa Goodfella
Dossa Goodfella:
David Coote was taken from VAR ref for Liverpool vs Leicester to make sure Man United win, because Olé needed it more 🧐
Zubair Motala
Zubair Motala:
FA and Var need to be investigated for corruption
Hello Kitty
Hello Kitty:
Hahahaha I love it
Darren Brackley
Darren Brackley:
Their hatred for United knows no bounds.
Jyothish Nair
Jyothish Nair:
Samjonsten was incredible
David Parieaho
David Parieaho:
I miss the good ole days of good football refereeing.
I've said so many times refs and VAR belongs to the bookies for quite sometime now. It's so blatant and obvious what more do you need.
This referees making mistakes for years to favor to vorchester United and nobody doing nothing about it