Manu Ginobili's Best 20 Plays of His Career

As we celebrate Manu Ginobili's 16 memorable seasons in the NBA, take a look at the best 20 plays from his career!

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jaisnav rajesh
jaisnav rajesh:
Manu is the most underrated player of our generation. A late second round pick who turned into a clutch and important player on a dynasty. We will miss you Manu!!!
Jose Jaime
Jose Jaime:
Manu es un orgullo para sur América, saludos desde Chile
Riad Anabtawi
Riad Anabtawi:
Manu was all in one .
Long range shooter.
Mid range shooter.
Great passer
Ball stealing
Quick and very creative
Loyal to his team. Respected by his teammates. by his coach. and his opponents.
He played the sixth man to lift the team when needed a lift.
He could be a starter in any team.
He never complained.
He was the top beloved player by the fans screaming Mana Manu.
Oxiz Beats
Oxiz Beats:
Manu didn’t like cameras and he doesn’t believe in legacy and statistics. He only wanted to win. And he did it, four times a ring and one olympic gold medal. That’s true success.
This is probably one of the best highlight reels of any player in NBA history... Show me another player with this combination of dazzling passes, finishes and creativity
Alexandre Guerreiro
Alexandre Guerreiro:
I still don't understand why he was only two times an all star. I guess nobody understands.
A truly great . Thank's for all Manu, we love you here in Portugal!
Toni Georg
Toni Georg:
When ur best career highlights are mostly from playoffs and finals
Carlos Alberto Herr
Carlos Alberto Herr:
El mas grande jugador de basquetball de todos los tiempos en la Argentina,y entre los 5 deportistas mas grandes de la historia argentina,orgulloso de que Manu haya dejado esa huella ejemplar tanto como deportista como hombre,siempre extrañaremos tus geniales jugadas!!!
Anthony Nelson
Anthony Nelson:
From 2006 to 2014, the San Antonio Spurs played the most beautiful basketball I have ever seen. The passing, the defense, the substance in fundamentals was just so precise and ethereal. Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili...were consumate professionals...and the game of basketball is better for having those teams.
Nico Lucero
Nico Lucero:
Manu Ginobili is proof that stats don’t tell the tale of the tape, the ability to make the right play at the right time is a lot more important then someone whom is piling up points that doesn’t translate to wins. Stats can be circumstantial, depending on soooo many things! I’d take Manu over a lot of current superstars, he’s someone who’s a team player and will lay out and die on the court. Believe dat!!!
andre b
andre b:
register dell
register dell:
Ginobbilli is up there with the greatest like Jordan and Kobe.
Danilo Rodz
Danilo Rodz:
Como torcedor dos Spurs nunca esquecerei o que fez Manu Ginobili pela franquia. Excelente jogador! Saudações do Brasil
Bob PerkinsDDS
Bob PerkinsDDS:
Very few people have highlights close to this spectacular. He’s easily one of the most amazing basketball players who ever laced them up.
monti miller
monti miller:
He dunks on '7 6" Yao Ming, blocks K.D.'s shot, takes it in hard against Shaq and gets and 1. Oh yeah he's also got a gold medal he won against the U.S.A. feat.(Duncan, L.B.J. Melo, Wade, Iverson, Marbury, Marion, Odom)and 4 rings with the San Antonio Spurs and this cat still isn't worthy of the(H.O.F.)? Manu is in Larry Birds class and I'd say he's even better because he won a gold against a stacked U.S. squad in '04 and even though they were young so was Manu but he always played big when the moment was at its biggest stage!!!
Keezus Prod.
Keezus Prod.:
I always have to come back to this. we've just never seen a player like Manu. Balls of steel to make any play, the pride to come off the bench, and clutch out the ass I miss this beast of a man so much
True legend off and on the court. Did everything, never had any scandals, always a good guy...always sad to see one of those greats go but they deserve the rest and the time to reap the fruits of their hard work for our entertainment!
All the best to Manu the Great !
Giuliano contrera
Giuliano contrera:
Se dan cuenta que cuando mejor jugaba era en los PlayOffs/Finals? Muchos jugadores bajan su nivel y se achican cuando llegan a esas instancias, pero Manu lo único que hacia al llegar ahí era jugar aun mejor, y estas jugadas lo demuestran(la mayoría en PlayOffs/Finals)
Javier Silva
Javier Silva:
this guy scored around 30 points against nba all star teams usa, he did so more than once. the best of the best. big fan from venezuela
Gerardo Mauricio Dubon
Gerardo Mauricio Dubon:
Manu debería estar en la lista Top 75 mejores jugadores de la NBA. Lo merece mas que jugadores como James Harden o Russell Westbrook
Manu highlights will never get old to me! I really wish the Spurs can find another like him but that's probably impossible. Manu could've easily been a starter on any team in his later years but he bought into Pop and the Spurs culture. Very underrated player by some but loved and respected by his Texas FAMILY. Thank you again for giving 110% for so many years!! 🦇
the only guy who can posterize Yao and block KD...and beat a dream team! Legend 4 life.
Un distinto. Único e irrepetible, cómo extraño verlo jugar! Mas allá de las loas en los comentarios, recuerdo sus últimos 3 años donde mas me emocionó, adaptando su juego y siendo uno de los mejores pasadores de la historia. Eso si, cuando había q meterla y poner orden, el tipo iba y era el uno indiscutido. Que cosa increíble.
Nicholas Emanuel Wheeler
Nicholas Emanuel Wheeler:
Most underrated baller.

Greatest 6th man of all time.
Evan Thompson
Evan Thompson:
Favorite player of all time. Never loved a nba player like I do him.
One of the best to ever set foot on a court. Yet one of the most unnoticed and underrated.
Ricardo Modesto
Ricardo Modesto:
Dunk on Yao
Fool Shaq
Block KD
Lots of clutch plays

What a LEGEND!!
Brother Kabeer
Brother Kabeer:
Tim Duncan rubbing manu's head created his bald spot
AbdelMalek Belahbib
AbdelMalek Belahbib:
1:03 definitely one of the best quick passes ever
The humility that this man has is impressive, he is one of the most complete players in the history of the NBA, really a Legend.
:aplause: Argentina te ama ♥
luis ibañez
luis ibañez:
Se lo va a extrañar muchísimo porq fue un revolucionario del basquet. Gracias por tanto manu!!!!
Man I am a Lakers fan but always loved watching Manu play. Hes a legend
Albano Gonzalez
Albano Gonzalez:
Seeing all this magic and my favorite play is still the buzzer beater against Serbia in 2004, can't stop loving this man
Apu Nahasapeemapetilon
Apu Nahasapeemapetilon:
Junto a Delpo es mi deportista argentino favorito. Siempre profesional, maduro, humilde, simpre transmitiendo un buen mensaje. Orgulloso de que sea argentino
One of the best players of all time!!! My favorite player I'm missed his magic plays love Manu ginobili!!
Lean Oficial
Lean Oficial:
Manu es un grande en la historia del básquet mundial. Gracias Manu! 🇦🇷🥇🏆🎆
done zo
done zo:
Definitely one of the craftiest players in the NBA. What a blessing to have been able to watch him play
Eamon Janfada
Eamon Janfada:
The dunk on Bosh in the 2014 NBA Finals against the Heat is my favorite! Gives me goosebumps every time...their last championship
after watching the clips it looks like Manu played in the NBA for 50 years
Randy H.
Randy H.:
Manu Ginóbili was drafted in 1999, with the 28th pick of the 2nd round (57th Overall). He was the second to last pick, of that entire draft! No one truly knows during draft time, who the great ones will be. They can only assume and guess.
Mikhail Boldt
Mikhail Boldt:
One of the most under rated players in nba history an amazing clutch performer great guy fantastic teammate unselfish absolutely a favorite of mine among all players!
Ricky Jayson Guevarra
Ricky Jayson Guevarra:
My favorite player of all time.. Savage but humble..
Wishing how he could return so bad right now with the spurs going through a turmoil. People have Michael Jordan or Lebron James inspiring them to play basketball but I will take Manu as my biggest inspiration and role model any time no doubt. His just special and none are like him. Sometimes I don't even believe myself that a 40 year old man inspired me to play basketball .
Jere Nieto
Jere Nieto:
Undoubtedly one of the best in the history of the NBA
E M Trinidad
E M Trinidad:
The one where he bumped into Shaq makes me laugh 😂 The momentum of the collision pushed him towards damn near the sideline chairs 😂
Tito Ruedas
Tito Ruedas:
Manu’s passes and circus shots/layups were something to behold 🐐
Orgullo Argentino 🇦🇷👏🏻
Manu, it was an honor to watch you play in San Antonio. You gave me goosebumps. Spurs fan for life! 🏀❤️🏀
El Bigotes De La Tienda
El Bigotes De La Tienda:
One of a kind. I hope someday he gets the respect he truly deserves...
LIL Jhonson
LIL Jhonson:
Orgullo Argentino !!! , Un Jugador para nada egoista , muy compañero , muy habilidoso y con mucha determinación hasta en el peor de los partidos , Gracias por ser Argentino manu !!!
Oscar Rivera
Oscar Rivera:
Manu, uno de mis favoritos, ¡un freak total! Saludos desde PR.
Carlos Javier Vera
Carlos Javier Vera:
This guy was a legend, what an amazing player and loved his fighting spirit!!!
Mariana Estrada-Salas
Mariana Estrada-Salas:
*Since he announced his retirement, I've been feeling really nostalgic. I absolutely love that man, he's just amazing*
Pedro Roque
Pedro Roque:
One of my 5 favourite players. Simply amazing!
That Spurs vs Suns double OT playoff game was one of the best games I've ever seen
el comandoalcohol
el comandoalcohol:
Magia!!!! Gracias Manu . Por tanto !!!!
Francisco Diaz
Francisco Diaz:
As a lifelong Spurs fan, there will never be another Big 3 like those guys. Manu was unstoppable!
as a life long Laker fan, I always shouted at the TV "don't let him go left!" and hated him for years. mad respect for the Argentinian that came off the bench but played like a starter no matter what. As Kobe said, "He's a baaaad boy"
Mister D
Mister D:
I loved watching Manu. One of the greatest shooting guards of that era
Eric Dehoux
Eric Dehoux:
That pass to Bonner had me on my feet watching at home
One of my favorite players. So dynamic & underrated. I miss him already 😔
Carlos A
Carlos A:
Gracias Manu for everything. Alot of respect from every other fans and NBA Players out there. You will be miss and all your crazy plays.hahaha Spurs Fan in Japan. #GSG
These little 13 year old kids that are “NBA fans” don’t even realize how talented this dude’s a sad day in NBA of the best to do it much respect ✊
Tomy Vivot
Tomy Vivot:
He deserves be part of the hall of fame
Hugo Camisasca
Hugo Camisasca:
THE BEST player Argentino. 🏀💪 Le hice un tributo desde Bologna en 1997...ya hacía cosas increíbles
Nicolás Fernández
Nicolás Fernández:
Simply, legend!!!!!
Edward Narodo
Edward Narodo:
No flashy lifestyle, no whinning on and off the court, never speak bad about his current and ex-teammates..and yet one of the best players in nba, productive in every position he was assigned, fearless, focus, and fun..mana manu..go Spurs go
David Lynch
David Lynch:
Wildly underrated athleticism. He had some hops.
Jay Rush
Jay Rush:
I want my hero to play again. I miss my Manu 😭 He's one of the GREATEST. And very underrated.
#Manuvering #Ginobiliiiiiiiiiii #Hof

Edit: This man did it all. Some of the best dimes, posters, crossovers, buzzer beaters. Won at every level of basketball. #Legend
Top 10 shooting guard ever, most underrated player ever, this dude influenced so many of the next generations game. Thank you Manu!!!
Doug J
Doug J:
@1:51 could not be more of a better pass. Insane accuracy!
getetr7 y
getetr7 y:
In my opinion the most important man in the wole history in the argentinian sport
2020 and still watching Manu Greatness.. this guy actually didn't look much but dunked on alot of people lol.. Manu Gracias 😃
Clau Doni
Clau Doni:
Liliana Noteimporta
Liliana Noteimporta:
Gracias por tanto !!! Un orgullo que no me cabe en el alma!!!!!
Liliana Noteimporta
Liliana Noteimporta:
Lo admiro! !! Es genial el mejor deportista de todos los tiempos ... Soy Argentina como él y es el mejor....GRACIAS MANU! !!!
Bob PerkinsDDS
Bob PerkinsDDS:
I think it was in 04’ when Spurs won the championship vs. Pistons. Manu was clearly the MVP but David Stern wanted to prop up Tim Duncan (a stud in his own right) to create that Uber star. The whole San Antonio crowd responded to the Manu slight
Marcio Lima
Marcio Lima:
One of the best players I've ver seen. Regards from Brazil 🇧🇷
James T
James T:
Most entertaining top 20 plays I’ve ever watched. Manu has such a unique and beautiful style of play. Nobody will ever be able to imitate his play style, a true legend that we’ll never see the likes of again.
Billy Ross
Billy Ross:
Ginobili, Duncan, Parker are what I grew up watching and what made me a Spurs fan
Jesse Diaz
Jesse Diaz:
Euroleague titles, euroleague MVPs, NBA 6th man of the year awards, 4 NBA titles, two NBA all star appearances considering he came of the bench, NBA all NBA team honors 3 times, most impressive Olympic gold medalist over team USA, but most importantly the Ultimate competitor with a huge heart and desire for the game Along with the goats MJ and Kobe. He's a basketball legend.
Mai Big Butt
Mai Big Butt:
Even though I’m just a mere fan, I truly love this guy and the whole Spurs franchise

Spurs for life.
RONI Fitness
RONI Fitness:
I never wanted the video to end! What a player he was!! He was a mix of everything! El mejor deportista de Argentina 🇦🇷!!!!
Frankie Calimano
Frankie Calimano:
El Ultimo , Los Spurs se sienten Raros sin Tony, Tim y ahora Manu.Estos Caballeros fueron los que a mis 12 años me enamorara del Basket y de la Organizacion donde para mi se juega el mejor basket en equipo.Gracias Manu eres Un Grande y un Verdadero Campeón!!
Glad he’s going to be in the hall of fame, well deserved.
Uno de los mejores jugadores de la NBA no tengo absolutamente ninguna duda. Spurs agradecido con Manu por los anillos..
He won almost every available trophy in basketball. A true champion 👏
mustache mike
mustache mike:
Easily one of the greatest of all time
Gustavo Giacinto
Gustavo Giacinto:
Que lindos momentos verlo jugar...
Hannibal Barca
Hannibal Barca:
One of the best playmakers, teammates, passers, and players in nba history. If he was on a different team, he would have been a starter and a 25/10 guy and had more 'individual' accolades.
Edgar Baring
Edgar Baring:
He would sacrifice his whole body when he took it to the hoop and do it over and over. Man was hard as nails and such a soft heart. Much love for manu
Andres Ynga
Andres Ynga:
Simplemente maravilloso MANU GINÓBILI
Sam Elowitch
Sam Elowitch:
A special player. Manu played with so much heart and competitive intensity. He personified with the San Antonio Spurs are all about.
His plays are A MASTERPIECE!!!!! WTF.
3:37 all manu por llevar nuestro juego argentino a ese hermoso equipo....
Sleepyhead Hubby
Sleepyhead Hubby:
One of my favorite humble
3:43 This crazy running banker from the final seconds of 2OT is from the same game that featured Duncan's own legendary clutch 3ptr: 2008 Suns/Spurs R1G1. Insane back and forth battle between the Nash/Stoudemire Suns and the defending champ Spurs, and the best early round playoff game I've ever seen. Go check it out ::: /watch?v=TxQ3yoTkXtc