Mare of Easttown Ending Explained | Episode 7 Series Finale Breakdown

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Mare of Easttown episode 7 just debuted on HBO and HBO Max. The series finale brought the limited series to end concluding the show's first season. Mare arrests John Ross for Erin’s murder and we learn that he is DJ’s father. Jess brought the photo of John and Erin together to the police station to confirm the paternity, and they destroyed the journals to protect her friend’s secret.

The big twist is that John, Billy, and Lori are all covering up for Ryan Ross. Ryan found out about his fathers involvement with Erin, and promised to keep it a secret if John ended it. On the night of Frank’s engagement party Ryan learned that it was still going on, and when he saw Erin was trying to meet her dad he went instead. He was just trying to scare his cousin, but she tried to take the gun away from him. As they struggled he ended up killing her.

Over the runtime of episode 7 Mare starts to notice that John is not the killer. She eventually figures out it was Ryan after getting a call from Glenn Carrol about some things going missing at his house. One of the things was the gun, the Colt Detective special that Mare knew was the same as the murder weapon.

The Mare of Easttown series finale ends when Mare and Lori come together being connected by their tremendous loss. We see how the murder and the investigation tore the town apart, and how these two best friends were able to forgive each other. Ultimately Mare is able to confront her grief over her son Kevin’s suicide, and the series ends as she’s able to go back up into the attic where he died. We know that Mare is able to move on, and there may be light at the end of the tunnel.

Let us know what you thought about season 1 of Mare of Easttown, and how you feel about it being a limited series.

This Mare of Eastown season 1 episode 7 breakdown explains what happened in the episode including the ending. We discuss what happened to the characters and explain the ending of the series.

About Mare of Easttown

Starring Academy Award®, Emmy® and Golden Globe® winner Kate Winslet (HBO’s “Mildred Pierce”), from creator Brad Ingelsby (“The Way Back”), with all episodes directed by Craig Zobel (HBO’s “The Leftovers” and “Westworld”), the seven-part limited series focused on family and community. MARE OF EASTTOWN debuted SUNDAY, APRIL 18 (10:00-11:00 ET/PT) on HBO and will be available to stream on HBO Max. Ingelsby returned to his home state of Pennsylvania to write the series, an exploration into the dark side of a close community and an authentic examination of how family and past tragedies can define our present. Winslet stars as Mare Sheehan, a small-town Pennsylvania detective who investigates a local murder as life crumbles around her.

MARE OF EASTTOWN also stars Julianne Nicholson (HBO’s “The Outsider”) as “Lori Ross,” Mare’s best friend since childhood; three-time Emmy® winner Jean Smart (Emmy® -nominated for HBO’s “Watchmen”) as “Helen,” Mare's mother; Angourie Rice (“Black Mirror”) as “Siobhan Sheehan,” Mare’s teenaged daughter; Evan Peters (“American Horror Story”) as “Detective Colin Zabel,” the county detective called in to assist with Mare's investigation; Guy Pearce (Emmy® winner and Golden Globe® nominee for HBO’s “Mildred Pierce”) as “Richard Ryan,” a local creative writing professor; David Denman (“Outcast”) as “Frank Sheehan,” Mare’s ex-husband; Joe Tippett (“Rise”) as “John Ross,” Lori's husband and high school sweetheart; Cailee Spaeny (“Devs”) as “Erin McMenamin,”

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Episode 107 - “Sacrament”
Directed by Craig Zobel
Written by Brad Ingelsby
First aired on 5/30/2021
Synopsis - When her investigation takes a series of devastating turns, Mare's friends and family members process the fallout as she attempts to finally find her own way forward.

0:00 Intro
0:54 Episode 7 Breakdown
1:56 Jess & Dylan
2:56 John’s Arrest
5:16 Katie Bailey, DJ, Carrie
5:53 The Case Falls Apart
7:10 Billy Ross, Frank, Richard
7:51 Erin’s Real Killer
11:53 Lori & Mare
14:28 Review and Final Thoughts

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100+ comentarios:

Pete Peppers
Pete Peppers:
Not a happy ending but wasn't expecting one. A satisfying end for the character, and a lot of great performances. It was a lot of fun covering the show, so thanks for watching. Let me know what you think.
Megan Hughes
Megan Hughes:
Julianne Nicholson blew me away . Her falling into Kate’s arms was the best scene of the series I think.
Grace Egan
Grace Egan:
my sister and i were two of the extras sitting on the bench in the scene where ryan jumps the fence. they didn’t even tell us what that scene was for or anything so we were so confused and even when the show was still being released weekly i was still trying to piece together what ryan had to do with anything. this show is truly amazing it better win some emmys this year
I find it strange how many people are excusing Ryan's mistake to bring a gun to threaten Erin, and Lori's decision to "protect" her son as if he's done nothing wrong. Ryan shot Erin the second time, for real shot her, scuffle aside. Lori should've realized the most that can happen to Ryan is trial as a minor and juvie, and maybe he needs juvie to work through his mistake. But "protecting" him has escalated disastrously already. I don't understand why we're supposed to find it understandable that she agreed to lie to "protect" Ryan, to lie for John and possibly even let Billy get murdered, if John confessed his intentions about that, too. The rest of Ryan's life will be impacted, but again, he brought a gun to ambush and threaten someone. At 13, you're not too young to know that's wrong, or that it could go badly once a gun is involved. Ryan should be given a chance to atone, resolve his own conscience about it, and if he serves his sentence out, it's possible his record will be sealed, even. He can have a relatively normal, atoned adulthood. What kind of parenting is it where you help your son get away with, ok -- if not murder, then at least manslaughter? Why am I supposed to find all this understandable? I get that it's fiction, but... I don't get it.

Like, I'm sorry, but this is how you get parents who, when their son rapes an unconscious woman behind a dumpster, say stuff like: “His life will never be the one that he dreamed about and worked so hard to achieve,” Dan A. Turner wrote in a letter arguing that his son (Brock Turner, the Stanford rapist) should receive probation, not jail time. “That is a steep price to pay for 20 minutes of action out of his 20 plus years of life.”
Trisha R
Trisha R:
I understand Lori’s desire to protect her son. But in the end, it would have effected Ryan’s life and mental health negatively.
one of the best shows I've watched in awhile.
Alec Toombs
Alec Toombs:
The scene where Ryan is running and then he runs in the house screaming "MARE KNOWS" and then you see the cops coming over the hill, that scene is brilliant.
Jim Hollingsworth
Jim Hollingsworth:
I thought the scene where Lori collapses in Mare’s arms was something of a callback to her description of her experience with her son after she took his body down from the rafters.
Mel Matthews
Mel Matthews:
That was such a crushing ending 💔 Mare going up to the attic at the end was so poignant!
I would have kind of liked to see Erins dads reaction to what happened!
I didn’t click about DJs name 😱
Im going to miss watching this each week, one of the best shows I’ve watched in a while! I’m still not over what happened to Zabel tbh 😩
Lisa Craig
Lisa Craig:
Didn’t see the real killer coming. I hope we don’t have to wait for such a compelling and superbly acted mystery to appear again. I will miss Mare on Mondays.
Nona Shibusa
Nona Shibusa:
I was so invested in this show, oh my God. The ending was such a climax. Up until it was revealed I had no idea who killed Erin. For a while I thought maybe Lori did it because she found out about the affair, because I knew there was a twist to the twist in the last episode. And the acting throughout this show was just phenomenal.
kiki girl
kiki girl:
The actors and character development made the series finale work for me. Thank you for your excellent recaps/reviews.
Debbie Chapman
Debbie Chapman:
I bawled my eyes out in that scene with Ryan and Lore as Mare was approaching the house. He’s a scared kid crying in his mom’s arms, she’s broken because she knows what’s about to happen and you can tell from Mare’s expression that she’s having a hard time with what she has to do.

Really enjoyed the show overall and loved watching your breakdowns as well. Made it that much more enjoyable!!
Anita B.
Anita B.:
best show, masterpiece of everyone's performance, especially Mare and Lori, shook me to the bone real life....emotional rollercoaster
Liz Sanchez
Liz Sanchez:
Best series I've seen in a long time. Loved it.
Sophie Pap
Sophie Pap:
Since John was arrested in the first 10 min of the episode, I think we all knew he hadn't done it and he was protecting Ryan. But I really wish it was different. That was such a devastating ending.
Lydia Quinn
Lydia Quinn:
Thank you for this great and thorough breakdown. I too will never forget the Laurie/ Mare scene or Kate Winslets performance throughout. Jean Smart was a gem in this series as were all the actors. I loved it
Aaron Graham
Aaron Graham:
Whoever played “Lori” is an incredible actress and NEEDS to win an award for her performance
Karen Mooney
Karen Mooney:
What an amazing series. The parallels between Mare and her best friends life was heartbreaking.
Ericka Williams
Ericka Williams:
This was amazing series. Great reviews. Tough emotions all over
Marsha Humbert
Marsha Humbert:
Loved this series! I was surprised at the ending and that is not an easy thing to do . Great acting all around and time well spent watching.
Patricia Müller
Patricia Müller:
God I cried so much!😭😭😭😭😭 Wasn't expecting it. It was so tragic but sooooo good. 🥺🥺😍😍😍 Gosh, the acting performances were outstanding. Breathtaking!😱
Barbara Jean Youlio
Barbara Jean Youlio:
The grooming of each character is commendable in this storyline, and the tension kept me on the edge of my seat always keeping me guessing. One chapter of this limited series was titled ‘Illusions’, which was exactly the plot of don’t believe what you are seeing. I truly didn’t know who was responsible for Erin’s demise, but I in this lifetime would never guess who it was. I thoroughly enjoyed this limited series immensely. Acting of all superb, many thanks HBO.
Great writing, amazing acting and casting. So glad I watched this from the start to avoid spoilers. I agree with you on the heroin planting and lack of consequences. It was one of the few things that didn’t hit. I remember in the finale when the chief is talking to Mare as she is drying her cast (which was another awesome and realistic scene that doesn’t usually happen in a show like this) and telling her she will get over it because she’s strong and just thinking apparently he isn’t mad at her over the drugs thing anymore and it just took me out of that scene due to the inconsistency in his character.
But overall a minor miss on an otherwise incredible show. The only thing not wrapped up was the sex trafficking ring so apparently the kidnapper guy had just shaved his beard. I was actually surprised Dylan turned out not to be a douche and realize why now, because they overplayed that scene with Jess, that was seemingly out of character too to set up the misdirection or maybe he was that way and just grew, I mean he did stand there and watch Erin get the shit kicked out of her by his new girlfriend, which was a rough scene to watch.
Nice vids for you, keep up the good work!
Ali Dupes
Ali Dupes:
I cried like a frickin' baby through at least half of the finale.
theresa bollman
theresa bollman:
I knew a surprise was coming, but didnt know what it was. I would rather they had not involved Ryan. But that's Show Biz, I guess. I agree with you that I hated to see Mare betray her oath when she stole the drugs and set up Carrie. And it was cruel. I'm happy Mare had a romantic connection with someone at the end, but would much rather have seen her with Collin. I understood him better. I have to say I thought the female characters where the most interesting and absolutely loved the series. I watched because of Kate Winslet, and she did not disappoint, but the rest of the gals were fantastic too. You did a great job, Pete. See you next time.
What an intense series , thank you for the breakdown , I did not think it was Ryan , just thought he was keeping a secret about John. I started sobbing when Mare went to confront them , never stopped 😭
I keep thinking of all the reasons why they should have a season 2 but wishful thinking 😕
Cornelia Amiri
Cornelia Amiri:
This was one of the best mystery shows ever. I was very impressed by it
James Aria
James Aria:
Stress-Free K
Stress-Free K:
I liked that Mare faced no immediate consequences from her evidence tampering. That feels like real life. Tons happen at police stations we never find out about. Colin's death could be a consequence cuz Mare might've pulled her pistol faster.
Carrie's relapse and not being able to take custody of Drew was just heartbreaking. I really wish she became sober and won her son.
respect rollerskaters 2019
respect rollerskaters 2019:
I totally agree Dylan was made to come across more violent than scared, or necessary lol. there is one thing I noticed from that scene that is noteworthy while rewatching before the finale though. when Dylan is on top of Jess pointing the gun in her face and he says something along the lines of “you better shut up or you’ll get your face blown off just like Erin” I know this sounds crazy, but that ruled him out for me. The wound on Erins face was definitely not anywhere close to “blown off” levels of damage, meaning he wasn’t there to see it. Sorry for the novel on a point from the last episode but i’m glad I could find some meaning out of one of the plot points that bothered me in the finale hahah. I’ll miss your Mare videos!
Robin Fisher
Robin Fisher:
It bothered me they never revisited Erin's father and shared the news with him about John and Ryan. Since Dylan is alive and walking, we never know if his sentence was reduced or anything about what happened after he entered jail.
Tonya Brookes
Tonya Brookes:
So many tears this episode! I love these characters, I've come to care so much for them. Mare is an amazing strong woman & I'm so proud of how she overcame unbearable tragedy. Tremendous series!
Tony P
Tony P:
The ending was so perfect and unexpected. Just when you know you got the killer but there’s actually more behind it. So perfectly done! 👏🏼👏🏼
Joni Fejes
Joni Fejes:
Totally caught me by surprise!! What an amazing short term series...I didn’t want it to end!!
Paula Feener
Paula Feener:
I was completely invested in the last scene between Mare And Lor......I wasn’t expecting that emotional commitment and it really connected. So powerful and real.
Cleo N
Cleo N:
When they said their goodbyes to Siobhan when she drove off to college I teared up a little bit 😭
18:28 I disagree: the story is showing that Mare will do anything to hold onto some element of her son, the whole story is about her experience of this grief, it would have been a different story if this was left out of it.
I enjoyed this series, it was well acted and cast!
Overall I thought it was a great series! There were compelling characters and storylines and I kinda liked that the ending was devastating. It wasn't all happy days and sunshine, it depicted a more realistic ending.

Thank you for your series here as well, I loved the walkthrough of each episode :)
Thanks for all the wonderful recaps! Coming here Monday morning made the series all the more enjoyable!

I loved this show and felt the outcome was satisfying. I would have been disappointed if we had left things with John, and was relieved to see the show give us a twist.

If I had one complaint, I felt like the storyline with Dylan and Jess was a little overblown. It didn’t really make sense for there to be so much drama over the diaries if the only motivation was to let Dylan’s parents keep DJ. Chasing Jess in the middle of the night and pointing a gun at her—really? I also felt that Jess’ reasoning for burning the diaries didn’t make sense when she was potentially obstructing justice for Erin.

Also, it would have been nice to have gotten more of a perspective on Erin/John from Jess and Dylan too. Did they suspect anything? Were they shocked? I feel like a little more attention to Erin’s friends would have rounded the story out for me and made it all the more believable. I think more attention here would have also drawn out just how devastating sexual abuse can be to a community, which is important too.

I’m a little disappointed my Erin/John/Jess love triangle theory fell through, lol. It would have been a great twist too! But overall, I’m satisfied! Wish there could be a season 2!
I don’t know about you guys but I really felt Lori’s pain when she said to Mere “why you couldn’t come to me first, it’s my Ryan Mere” I felt that and I cried
Michael Hotten
Michael Hotten:
loved this series. two things tripped me up. had a hard time getting a feel for how much time had passed. was this a few weeks? months? more? the time elapsed may answer my next question: why was lori not arrested for obstruction? did she find out so late in the game that she never got in the way of the investigation?
Man what an emotional roller coaster this last episode was! I really loved this show-keep recommending it to anyone that will listen. God KATE WINSLET-just such a power performance. Bring on the Lee Miller movie from her next 🥰
It seems like the ending was well thought out and VERY CLEAR. Who the heck couldn't follow that?
Really going to miss this show every Monday but all great things must come to an end
This series was absolutely brilliant. I didnt know what to watch Sunday night, so I watched this finale again. Great show. Great cast. And great vid btw.
Farnaz Wallace
Farnaz Wallace:
Thanks Pete for all the great video breakdowns and theories. Made watching this great show a lot more enjoyable. Powerful acting with great line up of actors. But the show took some red herrings too far, specifically with Dylan. They portrayed him as a big jerk, watching his girlfriend beat Erin up, treating Erin like shit, pulling gun on Jess...and all of a sudden he is this nice guy who brings money to Lori and acts like a wounded puppy over DJ? Great character writing all around except for Dylan. Lori having no consequences after confessing she would’ve taken the truth to her grave didn’t make sense either, although emotionally I’m glad she didn’t get hit with more. Mare planting drugs felt out of character and unnecessary for the plot, not sure why writers felt the need to go that far just to show her healing process. Such a devastating outcome for almost everyone. Deacon Mark’s sermon was spot on. I’m feeling lots of Emmy nominations.
E James
E James:
My wife and I loved the series!" Kate Winslet" was off the hook awesome as well as the rest of the cast. We want more "Mare of Easttown"
Candace Nigh
Candace Nigh:
Great job, Pete. I loved this series and loved the ending. I’m glad they didn’t try to connect every single event i.e. Potts activities, Kevin’s suicide, opiod abuse. Bad things happen in a community and they are not typically caused by one thing or one person or one group.
Donny A
Donny A:
Thank you for your recaps. I enjoyed the show! Thought it was well done , and I enjoyed the ending
This was never going to be a happy ending, but I was hoping along the lines of forgiveness, that Mare would have extended an olive branch to Carrie, Siobhan was off to college, there was a spare room, get yourself clean and move in to be part of the family. Esp as keeping families together was a message throughout. She made her peace with Faye, why not with the mother of this child.
Lance Boyle
Lance Boyle:
Did anyone else notice Guy Pearce driving off in a Jaguar convertible in this episode? Must be a nod to his starring role in Memento (2000) where he drove around in a Jaguar XK8.
Perhaps I misheard, but the old guy telling Mare that he noticed his gun missing and then it was back has me confused. Looked like the Ryan took the gun, used it, and brought it back the same night. Am I wrong to assume that? How did the old man know it was missing and then returned?
4Ever Young
4Ever Young:
Mare was able to finally deal with her perceived part in Kevin’s suicide — she felt that she didn’t do or say enough to hold her own son accountable for his bad choices. Heartbroken yet determined she then held young Ryan accountable for the death of Erin in the hopes of helping to save both him and herself. Then she goes to her attic.....

I love this series and wish it weren’t over; can we have a S2 Please???? And kudos to Pete for the well-crafted synopses!!
Tim Bell
Tim Bell:
Didn't see that coming. Very enjoyable mini series!
Tracy Sanders Sr
Tracy Sanders Sr:
Definitely one of the best series HBO has done along with the killing fields👍👍🏾
Susie Centanino
Susie Centanino:
Outstanding finale and series overall! Loved the reviews...
Fonzie Bulldog
Fonzie Bulldog:
That was a great show and another reminder of how things could end when kids get guns.
But again, great. 👍
Donna Watson
Donna Watson:
Loved the show! I hope it continues.
Rabia Noor
Rabia Noor:
Was not expecting that, great acting overall.. except for Jess's mother lol, how many times did she have to accompany her to the police station and just sit there lol, wish there was a season 2
Patricia Bilinkas
Patricia Bilinkas:
It was obvious Mare would have to go into the attic again. I was glad that’s how it ended.
Phillip Barlow
Phillip Barlow:
Nice breakdown, Pete. I've never been a big Kate Winslet fan...but her performance in this show was amazing, and marks her as one of the great actors of our time.
Ruby Rayne
Ruby Rayne:
I disagree, I think she did have self awareness around planting the h on Carrie. She aka I didn’t have her gun when they went to Potts and Zebal died indirectly bc of her. I think her mentioning it the way she did to Zebal before they get the lists of cars with the partial plates, as something she was ashamed up, shows she knew it wasn’t right. I also think she treats Carrie differently bc she knew she did something fucked it. There’s not a lot of self reflecting dialogue, but there is action and decisions that shows Mare knows that was the wrong thing to do.
Bmore Bob
Bmore Bob:
Definitely an enjoyable/fun show to watch. If all the performances hadn’t been so quality it could have easily been forgettable.
Great explanation video! I was unsure about a few things and your video cleared it right up. Good stuff!!
Carlos A
Carlos A:
For me this show was perfect from start to finish, don't really understand what you didn't like about the ending.
Lauren Dellaquila
Lauren Dellaquila:
I grew up visiting my dad’s hometown just like this in PA (still do). A lot of the details are accurate...everyone knows each other or they are related (I grew up being told that I was related to half of the town)...Many people never leave or if they do they end up returning often...Substance abuse issues, inner family drama, crimes that everyone knows about but go unpunished in a significant way (and no one wants to talk about ever), and a lot of dead beat men ruining it for everyone else. One of the most important parallels though is the sense of humor everyone has even in terribly awkward situations.
Richard Deighton
Richard Deighton:
Fantastic series, loved every episode. Thanks for the cogent breakdowns of each one Pete. For me its right up there with the best TV in this genre I’ve ever watched (Prime Suspect and Broadchurch) and Kate Winslet won me over despite the Idris Elba film and Titanic which I’m not a fan of). I really hope they do a second season with a totally different type of case, it was awesome.
Elvis Leon
Elvis Leon:
Amazing series and I feel Mare placing the drugs shows a side of how she wants to protect ones she loves. She knew the girl would relapse and that her grandson was not gonna be ok. The consequences she faced were accepting her reality, guilt, and deal with all her sorrow. All of that is heavy on a character that is supposed to be cold and calculating.
Isarma Winter
Isarma Winter:
I love this series with you! I don’t have a ton of time to watch & your reviews are fantastic! Gratitude 😊
Watched all 7 episodes in one day.. Loved it !
Been a long time subscriber - it was nice to have you back! There was lots of clarity & things that could've been better explained throughout the series but it was enjoyable nonetheless! My only eyeroll moment of the finale was someone (a professional especially) keeping a decommissioned, commemorative firearm *fully loaded* in its display box. Nope, nope, nope. Not happening. That and the Lance Armstrong cycling & being gone for hours by a 13 year old kid with a hands on mom like Lori.

My biggest mystery? Where are you??? : > I know you have US roots but you mentioned being gone for some time. That's the biggest plot twist yet! Thanks for great reviews & analysis as always.
Nick Granese
Nick Granese:
I was watching this weekly whilst I was in a binge of Boardwalk Empire, seasons 3 and 4. Julianne Nicholson is fantastic in Season 3 of B.E.
Mike Callaway
Mike Callaway:
Loved the show overall but damn, not ONE reaction from Kenny behind bars finding out about John/Ryan? Anyways, give all the awards to Kate and Julianne Nicholson.
A R:
I love that you didn’t even wait till the next day to post this. Great show, however I disagree about her abusing her power and facing no consequences. While she received Littleton terms of punitive discipline from the department, her actions lead directly to the death of her colleague Det. Colin Zabel. The loss of her badge and gun as well as her continued work on the case put her and Zabel in an unnecessarily dangerous situation that in the end cost him his life.

Love your videos man, been here since The Expanse and you’ve sold me on both For All Mankind and now Mare of Easttown.
Munis Y.
Munis Y.:
This series a masterpiece no cap
Tosh Omni
Tosh Omni:
Great recaps for this awesome show. Dylan is clearly trash. I bought him threatening someone with a gun much more than his supposed redemption scene.
Debbie DeRosa
Debbie DeRosa:
I really enjoyed the series a lot !!! Looking forward to it every week. I thought it showed how hard it is to get the truth out of people & for a cop to solve a case. I also understood why she planted drugs on her son's girlfriend ( knowing how irresponsible & drug abuser she'd been in past... not a good environment for the child... it made sense to me, being a mother. ) She knows she was WRONG to do it & didn't keep it a secret... but confessed it to others. It had to be hard to confess your mistakes to others. I saw how hard the job could be & how good she was at it... and how kind, caring & much she cared about the people in community.... trying to help people get along.
M H:
So where was Dylan the night of the murder? The scene with Brianna could have been left out since he's innocent. All they did was make him look like a very unlikeable character.
Cecilia Garcia
Cecilia Garcia:
It would give it a B+. Not perfect.
But, they allowed us to see the consequences of the murder. It’s not just that they caught the killer, it was a layered/complicated murder, it effected those close to the murder, and we saw some of that effect with nearly all the characters. How does Lori move forward? Lots of fabulous moments, I cared for the characters, and shed some tears for them.

*dylan may have shown some humanity in this episode, but he has deep emotional & anger issues. And a gun.

Truly enjoyed your videos & insights.
Till the next show!!!
Jonathan Meisel
Jonathan Meisel:
During the final episode, prior to the Ryan revelation all I could think was “Man Julianne Nicholson has played a wife twice now whose husband has been accused of murdering a child”.
Jay Shupp
Jay Shupp:
Personally, I loved this mini-series. It's the best one I've seen in many years. I really have no complaints at all. I thought everything worked and that final scene couldn't have been more perfect.
You did a great job reviewing the show. You made it more enjoyable for me. I'll subscribe and see what youre into next.
Grigsby Poland
Grigsby Poland:
I think the title of episode 7 - Sacrament - had some expecting one of the priests to be guilty but two of the 7 Sacraments of the Church are for Healing = Penance and Anointing the Sick.
Globe 3
Globe 3:
I never thought the writers would put a gun in young Ryan's hand, so that was unexpected for me. All the cast was great and they and the show I expect will honored w many awards at the Emmy's.

My one story question is why did Billy and John strip the clothes off Erin when they left her in the creek?

The reunion between Mare and Lori was so sweet and showed the deep love these two friends have for each other that it could survive the terrible events that tested it. It really got to me hard while watching it.

Your reviews have been a pleasure to watch and the guessing game we all played in was a lot of fun. Thanks for the hard work on your weekly output.
Great reviews all season. Mare planting the heroin mirrored Lori's effort to protect Ryan and both didn't suffer any consequences. I could have done with just one or two more clues pointing towards Ryan. A mention that Glenn was a retired policeman early on or a head nod between Ryan and Glenn at church, just something more. I hope you review something else on HBO.
Olivia Bell
Olivia Bell:
I really liked the series.
Everything felt very real to me.
One thing though, the kid who played Dylan,
Jack Mulhern, scares the shit out of me.
He's got dead psychopath eyes.
Bori Moon
Bori Moon:
Binge watched it all today and I’m blown away by this series. Absolutely amazing! I would’ve never guessed that that was Erin’s actual killer. I love the not knowing and brain teasers. It keeps me hooked. I was like this 😳🤭 on the finale lol!
Denvy Zhang
Denvy Zhang:
When truth was revealed, my anger became bigger towards the dad. He was the reason of everything shitty that happened to his family, especially to his son. So heartbreaking.
Do you really need an explanation if you watched it? Seemed pretty straight forward to me. Very well executed show!
Shady Pines
Shady Pines:
Nice analysis. I enjoyed your videos on the series. One point not wrapped up was the reason that Mare erased the video of the neighbor's backyard in one of the early episodes. Could be that she saw it was Ryan who was doing the mischief.

A weird tidbit was the family wishing Siobhan a nice trip before she set out to drive to Berkeley. From Philadelphia. A mere 3,000 miles. Seems strange that an 18-year-old would make that drive unaccompanied. I was tired when I watched the episode last night so maybe I've got that scene wrong.
Bernita Small
Bernita Small:
I guessed right! I knew it was Lor or her son!! GREAT SHOW!!
Lynne Barnes
Lynne Barnes:
Wow, totally committed to the story, no make up, bad dye regrowth, so real and raw.
Richard Gerson
Richard Gerson:
I believe Ryan testified and it was shown he did shoot Erin after the initial tussle over the gun resulting in it going off.
Young Boy Dan
Young Boy Dan:
Great acting and decent plot, but what was tough for me to grasp was Mare being hit on by 2 guys at the same time! I get Kate Winslet being hit on like that, but this Mare character had no qualities that I could understand being desirable for either the hot older professor that ladies apparently love and the funny young cop. I guess it’s real slim pickins in Easttown :/
joseph secker
joseph secker:
I don’t think it’s that hard to comprehend the planting of the drugs and Lori’s situations. They are both doing what any mother would do to keep their family together.
Another fantastic job. Your videos are a whole added dimension to the shows you cover. Thank you so much Pete!
Kerrie O' Brien
Kerrie O' Brien:
Really would have liked a final scene of Kenny finding all that out
Jo Mo
Jo Mo:
I was disappointed with the Dillon, Jess scenes just being about wanting to keep DJ. Pulling a gun in Jess’s face, overkill. Dillon Suddenly wanting to be a father to DJ, was to far a leap. Jess deciding to abandon her best Friends wishes, because Dillon pulls a gun in her face, is reasonable, but giving DJ over to a pedaphile who also doesn’t mind incest, a stepmom who has to raise the baby of John’s cheating with and underage relative and a step brother who killed his mom, really doesn’t make sense. Nor does Jess raising the question of DJ’s real father, all the way in the beginning, blaming Frank, how does that help Dillon and his parents keep DJ? Not the best misdirection plot. Also John suddenly wanting to be a responsibly of raising DJ, “because DJ is his son”, seems out of character.

But, the sermon Deacon Mark made, talking about, love and showing compassion to people even when they push you away and say they aren’t worthy, circles nicely to mare’s struggle and the talk between Mare and Lori on the bench, where Lori tells Mare she won’t let Mare push her away. It ties Mare’s growth beautifully, the scene where Mare holds Lori as she drops in Mares arms, Oscar worthy. It is heartbreaking for Ryan to be the killer. Its hard for me to buy into Ryan did what he did to keep his parents together, when throughout the series Ryan was visibly angry at his dad. But, overall it was good writing, great acting and very engaging.