Margarita Gasparyan vs Serena WIlliams | US Open 2020 Round 2

Margarita Gasparyan takes on Serena WIlliams in Round 2 of the US Open 2020.

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100+ comentarios:

glad to watch a one-hand backhander in WTA.
Roman Natale
Roman Natale:
Probably the best she’s played since the return. Great movement.
JP Gonzales
JP Gonzales:
I watched this live and Serena is doing great she moves more now compared to the first round and her serving is going great since round one. I just hope that God will give her more strength till Finals.
Ryan Fuimaono
Ryan Fuimaono:
her "YYYYESSSS!" at the end! you go girl
Serbian Beast
Serbian Beast:
Everyone's talking about Serena, but Wow! Indeed an extremely rare sight: a one handed backhand in the women's tour.
I believe with Carla Suarez out of the tour, there's only one other player with a single handed backhand in the top 100!!
Liam Laing
Liam Laing:
Finally getting her confidence back. Let's hope it stays
How To Sims
How To Sims:
Serena was pretty sharp tonight, she was hitting the ball well, serving well, and her movement was quick today. She had to play well because Margarita was really playing well in the second set. Excited for Sloane vs Serena next round.
arun sagar
arun sagar:
That backhand of her is a treat for the eyes. So good.
Jason Wong
Jason Wong:
So unsure about Sloane v Serena. They both have struggled with inconsistencies recently, hope it’ll be a good match!🙏🙏
Marcelle James
Marcelle James:
Excellent performance Serena. Onwards and upwards 🔥🔥🔥🔥
M C:
Excellent performance by Serena. Loved how when her opponent raised her level, she didn’t let it throw her off her game. Matches like this will continue to raise Serena back into Championship form.
Keith Estraiër-Coetzee
Keith Estraiër-Coetzee:
Queen Serena coming up with the goods when it matters most! Onwards, Serena! 💜🐐😈🥇🥇
40 Love
40 Love:
If Gasparyan can add 20 more mph to her serves - she could be in the top 10
Rinchhana 7
Rinchhana 7:
Wow her movement today was cheetah ...and to me i felt though everyone’s complaining about the empty crowd...this would relief her stress more and the pressure...the electrifying crowd at Arthur Ashe sometimes could be a little too overwhelming...I believe she had better chances without the crowd...IMO
longinus galaxy
longinus galaxy:
Go girl. Keep on going. One match at a time. Won in 2 sets. Congrats, Serena.
Bruce Emond
Bruce Emond:
At 15 seconds, Gasparyan switches from her one-banded backhand to hit a forehand with her left hand - and gets it over the net. That's talent.
Wow...the grunts echo so much without full crowd!
Lysse Millien
Lysse Millien:
Well done Serena. I cannot wait to see you win the third round.
Gwendolyn Phillips de Ashborough
Gwendolyn Phillips de Ashborough:
Serena Played like the Champ she is!!
Matt Howard
Matt Howard:
good match, nice footwork serena , keep moving forward being agressive, you can beat sloane stay focused
Spindarella Motloung
Spindarella Motloung:
Watched the full match, now I’m here😊♥️Serena♥️
Fajar Setiawan
Fajar Setiawan:
What a beautiful one backhand!! We need to watch more one backhand players..
Sachea Chin
Sachea Chin:
This black Queen 👑 didn’t come to play no game tonight! She came to work❤️❤️❤️❤️👌🏽🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥. Good job Serena
OW MY DID SHE JUST WATCH HER VIDEO ABOUT THE 102 WINS SUDDENLY I SAW THE YOUNGER SERENA HERE?!?!?!?!?!?!I mean sure she has errors like before but Hell She Won those games! Now she retrieves Unbelievably like her sister Venus. I think we have an Inspired Serena Williams here If she plays this type of game everyday or even better She Will Break the record not only in slams BUT to perform U N B E L I E V A B L E at her age God Bless her this is no walk in the park and she knows this and respect this hence she is so great ugh hands down Madame Williams!!!
oo oo
oo oo:
Dior HD
Dior HD:
Let’s go Serena! 💪🏾
Camal Williams
Camal Williams:
Keep it up Queen ❤️
Xusep Pedrerol
Xusep Pedrerol:
Too much pizzas for Serena.
I want to see her against Naomi
Andrej Chalas
Andrej Chalas:
Thats how I expect Mike Tyson's daugher to look like one day
Cendrillon Daniela
Cendrillon Daniela:
❤️❤️❤️🎉🎈🎀🎈🤩 Keep it strong Serena ! You can beat everybody ! We LOVE YOU !👏👏👏💓🔥🌹
Michael Umana
Michael Umana:
Serena is a really good tenniser
QUEEN Serena!
Ocean le
Ocean le:
I hope they show more Serena highlights since she won.
J A:
wow.. Serena played well, we love u.. ;) cheers..
M Alvarez
M Alvarez:
Serena is so exciting to watch, just love watching her play with so much passion, power, and grace. When she is in her zone there is no stopping her. Credit to Gasparyan, she played well and that one hand backhand is impressive.
Roberto Patrick Lauber RPL
Roberto Patrick Lauber RPL:
Amo você Serena!!:)
Panya Chunnanonda
Panya Chunnanonda:
M. Gasparyan is so beautiful tennis player, I love her.
a female player with a 1 handed backhand? thats rare
madame paka
madame paka:
i barely recognized her husband lol. dude is really letting his hair down :D
Ayden Anthony
Ayden Anthony:
I'm just here for the "yaass" at the end 😂👌🏽
greg blyde
greg blyde:
having trouble closing the door but this was SHARP from Serena, best match of 2020 for her, that second set was super good
Serena is coming into form and damn that body is sexy to me anyway, I know it's to muscular for many men.
3:00 I like how even without any spectators it sounds like serena is booed.
Xavier Henderson
Xavier Henderson:
Very happy to Serena in shape and playing well! So excited for Serena vs Sloane tomorrow afternoon 😊
Wow! Serena moving her feet. WOW! Can we do this during grand slam finals as well?
Samuel Crenshaw
Samuel Crenshaw:
Let’s go Serena!
Annette Alegre-Dy
Annette Alegre-Dy:
My Legendary Queen Serena Williams ❣️👏👏👏🥎🥎🥎
Nelly Seda
Nelly Seda:
go Serena, always a pleasure to see you playing! you give it all
Mystique MaNo
Mystique MaNo:
Serena... stay focused. Sharpen your serve even more. Never attempt an unforced error at crucial junctures. You will be the champion.
Marjorie Tillman
Marjorie Tillman:
That’s My Girl! Keep on Pressing towards the mark of the Highest Call! We love you, Serena . And we are praying and sending good thoughts your way, because we KNOW you can do it this year!!!
Cosmin Ciornei
Cosmin Ciornei:
Ahn K🏆
Gasparyan M🏆
Next opponent to beat:Sloane S
Rosie Debevc
Rosie Debevc:
Serena played excellent tonight. Serena server was excellent tonight and made some incredible shots. Go Serena.
Melissa Mckey
Melissa Mckey:
Yes serena that's your game the fighting spirit ,and the movements of the tiger to win one of this matches, you cannot let your guard down serena, you got to fight for the 24; sister girl..
she's a beast in a rlly good way :))
Y M:
David Fallaw
David Fallaw:
Gasparyan uses left hand at 0:18
How on earth can Serena move??
Jao Yang
Jao Yang:
Is this Mary Carillo making a comeback?
suraj amom
suraj amom:
Legend 😍🙏
Petr Ehrmann
Petr Ehrmann:
Gasparyan reminds me Shvedova.
Joan G
Joan G:
Great performance!
Lucas Monte
Lucas Monte:
Foco, Serena, esse torneio já é seu!
Norman Peters
Norman Peters:
I really like Serena’s backhand return on serves. Where she sends it down the line to her right. Such a beauty.
Minaketan Samal
Minaketan Samal:
Well, she is good enough for second round. Hope she improves her movement a little and she will be back where she belonged.
Queen Serena Williams has the ROAR!. Are we looking at slam 24? 🤞🏽
bokpe megan
bokpe megan:
Congrats Serena two down
Selina Boamah
Selina Boamah:
That is beautiful
k j
k j:
Beauty(Margaritte) versus D Beast!!
Luis Felipe Diaz
Luis Felipe Diaz:
first one
temou music
temou music:
The best match so far good gob both... Comon serena 😍
Mini Kitten
Mini Kitten:
Your new normal! Total dull crowdless sports
Paitoon Khemapanon
Paitoon Khemapanon:
Good luck
Thomas MN
Thomas MN:
Fascinating upcoming match between Serena and Sloane next. Both are pretty inconsistent and both lost many matches recently especially Sloane. Sloane can be dangerous if she can raise her game though, she was the 2017 US Champion after all. Serena probably needs to win in 2 sets, if the match goes into 3 sets she will probably lose against this younger and fitter opponent
Indu Budhiraja
Indu Budhiraja:
Elephant Serena😂
Jonathan Fowlkes
Jonathan Fowlkes:
England Calling
England Calling:
As they've got recorded applause they should add in recorded interruptions, just before someone serves.
Dmytro Shevchenko
Dmytro Shevchenko:
James Lorence
James Lorence:
The final racket touch which is the norm instead of shake hand - I believe Serena should have done that more gently

Racket should have been considered more like an extended hand
L Ll
L Ll:
Serena Williams!
Emmanuel Nwankpa
Emmanuel Nwankpa:
Serena good job to advance to the next round hopefully you get fitter her opponent put up a fight however Serena is a true Champion good luck
Trung Nguyen
Trung Nguyen:
38 yrs old and still rock like her 20's
Marilla Williams
Marilla Williams:
YAS !!!
ashley nyange
ashley nyange:
Haaaaaaa yes Queen
Rahel Elizabeth
Rahel Elizabeth:
I do not owe anybody anymore thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
dor ryoku
dor ryoku:
Oof...who let the DOG out?
Lil Nicky Da Baddest
Lil Nicky Da Baddest:
Bet you if it was Sharapova on the other side of the net no balls would miss
Khanyisile Mahlangu
Khanyisile Mahlangu:
I hope Serena plays like this in the final.
Esther Bueso Avila
Esther Bueso Avila:
Go Queen!! Go go
T Setana
T Setana:
Serena looked exhausted and I'm worried.
Marilla Williams
Marilla Williams:
Serena you're number 1
t reznicek
t reznicek:
She probably cheated again, she always does
Irie Vybz
Irie Vybz:
juan manuel rodriguez mora
juan manuel rodriguez mora:
Serena looks so ready!!!!! Hopefully she'll win.
Norman Peters
Norman Peters:
That girl’s backhand is almost identical to Justine’s backhand. Such a beauty
Братуха прет к победе?🤔 или не потянет снова?