Maria Sakkari vs Serena Williams | US Open 2020 Round 4

Maria Sakkari takes on Serena Williams in Round 4 of the US Open 2020.

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Paris Milan
Paris Milan:
Many kudos to Sakkari who played so determinedly, but Vintage Serena stepped up a gear mentally and refused to lose. This was a final worthy match.
Letoya Johnstone
Letoya Johnstone:
Harry HineS
Harry HineS:
I was watching this match at work. The whole time I was messing up people’s orders and stressed about Serena 😩. Glad she got through it 😅
Both Maria and Serena have so much talent! This was a game worth watching
Best match on the womens side of the USO so far, both ladies battled and came back from bad places during the match , heart and passion throughout.

Congrats to Serena for not letting go in that 3rd set. As a Sakkari fan i hope she has a deep run in RG and makes QF and further , she has worked and improved so much over the last couple of years
Well done Serena. You had me stressed for a minute there. She's not over hitting and she's moving. Keep pushing!
I'm so glad I didn't watch this match. My nerves would have been through the roof.
Jodi Lewis
Jodi Lewis:
I felt that scream at the end by Serena. Well played match by both athletes!!!
Alex K.
Alex K.:
Serena is still fighting like there's no tomorrow.
serena moved well, didn't over hit, served pretty well. she might just win us open. i'm so excited !!
DJ France
DJ France:
Payback for Cincinnati.

Congrats Serena.
Ok. Sakkari. I need you to KEEP THIS LEVEL AGAINST ALL THE OTHER GIRLS. Don't only play like this against Serena.
Mario OB
Mario OB:
The second set was so tight and high quality from both! No one lost serve til the tie break. Very entertaining
Mark Tan
Mark Tan:
Well done Serena.I was nervous watching the whole match UK time.🙌🙌🙌🙌 .Maria Sakarri was such an opponent and she played well.She pushed Serena to come out the REAL Serena Williams.
J. DR:
Amazing tennis!!! And I am even more amazed by Serena she looks mentally super ready now. She conquered in my eyes now 2 matches, on a high mentally level against Stephens and Sakkari now.

I finally see a more completed Serena like her old form, who agrees? Physically she was already there but now mentally she looms ready.
This might be the best year in sports no crowds less distractions just them being there in the moment.
her husband screaming back at the end is just fantastic
Muzzy Ncube
Muzzy Ncube:
Well done Serena. Dug deep for a well deserved win. Let's get that 24!
Jonathan Grant
Jonathan Grant:
I definetly know if my grandmother was alive to see this match she would have been praying so hard for this win
Open minded observer
Open minded observer:
The GREAT ONE is in the house, you owe me a refund for my blood pressure pills, that 2nd set, SMH
Kris Ryan
Kris Ryan:
At almost 39 Serena has nothing to lose and she wants to win so bad., GOAT
Never heard of _Sakkari_ before, but will certainly be watching her matches going forward. Excellent play!
Lavoni Black
Lavoni Black:
I would like to see serena vs vika in semis, bring back old memories
Shahzaib Hussain
Shahzaib Hussain:
Grand Slam highlights are just awful.
WUHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA - Serena Williams (sees herself as a force of nature)
What a match. well done SW
K Aaron
K Aaron:
Sakkari is built exactly the same as Serena was as a young woman. Both very dense and cut.
I FELT this victory for Serena, so proud of her.
She was RUNNING, and HUSTLING, really want this grand slam for her.
Jay D
Jay D:
I told you she can do it!
Atua Tofaeono
Atua Tofaeono:
Well played Serena! 💕🙏💪👏🙏
H.S leonhart
H.S leonhart:
Great! Great! Great! Match for both players my my such a wonderful performance by Serena & a strong performance my Maria Congrats just 3 more steps to greatness queen the GOAT🐐 😊😀👍🎉🎊👑🏆👏👏👏
Oh my it’s a shouting march at this point 😂
Camorree Tinsley
Camorree Tinsley:
Serena really gets better as the match goes on. That's crazy.
Glad Serena pulled this out, but was there any doubt? Serena tends to recover well in followup matches after losing to a Maria S., be it Maria Sakkari or Maria Sharapova. Congrats Serena.
J S:
Did anyone saw Naomi and Kenin watching their possible future opponent?
Oh cmon, how do you not include the 124 MPH serve at 3-3 all in the 3rd set?
Ancok brancok
Ancok brancok:
they dont shake hand but they take the ball with their hand,covid19 can move
Coin Collecting With Tyler
Coin Collecting With Tyler:
Serena is not just a legendary tennis player on the court she is a exceptional role model
Being in my late 30s myself Serena inspires me to better physically and fit wow
germain duchanaud
germain duchanaud:
Serena THE GOAT come on for number 24 now 👑
C Frost
C Frost:
Who heard Alex screaming come on!!! I LOVE THESE TWO. So much love. Serena is amazing and it's her time to close this year out with the win!
My goodness, that was art. A joyous, well-deserved victory for Serena. And Sakkari is gonna be a force to deal with for many years.
The USTA only went ahead with this event for one simple reason: big, big $ from ESPN.
Andronice Marinis
Andronice Marinis:
Μπράβο κορίτσι μου. Well played Sakkari.
Hikidun M
Hikidun M:
Older, slower, less sharp but the fight in her is legend.
G Grampz
G Grampz:
With all honesty, just beginning to love tennis and I must say Women's tennis is growing a lot.
Gina Mitembe
Gina Mitembe:
Serena Williams congratulations!! I simply like you when you're angry!!
Райхан Ташкенбаева
Райхан Ташкенбаева:
Serena come on Queen 🔥
James Park
James Park:
I watched this for 3 minutes and now my t-levels are through the roof
Rose Fendi
Rose Fendi:
This game gave me stress I couldn't watch it live, I was so nervous for the goat but Sakkari has been tamed.
mohammad noori
mohammad noori:
imagine rafa playing and he makes his shot playing sound XD
samson rene
samson rene:
That was one the most intense games I’ve watched yet.
Harriet Gar
Harriet Gar:
Here she comes 24
Erick Beristain
Erick Beristain:
I need the whole hughlights please, don't blocked them! Pure inspiration lol
Ranch Dubois
Ranch Dubois:
both of these women did incredible! I’m so amazed at their athleticism :) I love Serena and her family!!
Lysse Millien
Lysse Millien:
Well done Serena. Keep practicing. Move your feet faster. I am waiting for the final day, the 24 .
I seek the true God
I seek the true God:
Serena simply the Best.
Much love to you.
You are G.O.A.T
zoe lifecoach
zoe lifecoach:
Serena. . . you brought IT ❤
Antonio Souza
Antonio Souza:
Dior HD
Dior HD:
Let’s go!!💪🏾💪🏾
Sakkari has the combination of Clijsters and Mauresmo. Future champ for sure 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Keegan Peterson
Keegan Peterson:
We have no choice but to STAN!! Best athlete of all time, I said what I said
Adam Majorcsik
Adam Majorcsik:
Please upload videos in higher quality, blurry :/
Mirena adams
Mirena adams:
It was important win for Serena. She broke down mentally. Go Serena!
Eunece Morris
Eunece Morris:
Loves Serena!
Khadfi Colon
Khadfi Colon:
I noted on Maria's Instagram that beating Serena was a nice victory not to long ago but your gonna need to do it again at the Open where it counts.
Love Serena and I really hope that she wins the US Open this year!!!
cool!__ EEE
cool!__ EEE:
That come on was I am ruthless
Paul Atling
Paul Atling:
Great match, hopefully will win next time!
Sev Raonic
Sev Raonic:
Beautiful and powerful game Serena! Sakarri did well too. Both players gave their all, and the best came out from the both of them.
Mark Ysmael Robilla
Mark Ysmael Robilla:
That's fine. I'm your new fan Sakkari. Well done!
paari raaju
paari raaju:
Wonderful match!!congrats Serena 👍👍
bokpe megan
bokpe megan:
I had to run to the comment section first to see who was being congratulated before watching otherwise my heart will have been skipping.
Tavaughn Buchanan
Tavaughn Buchanan:
@2:50 was just absolutely amazing to watch. Congratulations to both players for a great game.
Final scream Ahahahaha
Darrick Hooker
Darrick Hooker:
These highlights seem lopsided in favor of the loser
susane lee-hong
susane lee-hong:
I admire you so much Serena!
ante mjeda
ante mjeda:
Would love to see Sakkari bloodwork, those traps and shoulders are so rare for a natural woman
Ryan & Alyssa Van Houten
Ryan & Alyssa Van Houten:
Why is there more and more people showing up on the side courts? Wish that was me 🤧
Serena is AWESOME💯
This was such a great match the highlights just doesn't do it justice
popi kon
popi kon:
Μπράβο κοριτσάρα μου! Μας κάνεις περήφανους!
Johanna Katerine Ocampo
Johanna Katerine Ocampo:
Espero la final serena va naomi
Effie Saliora
Effie Saliora:
Joan G
Joan G:
Great match Serena 👍. I am proud of you. I believe in you, girl. You can do whatever you want and no one will be able to stop yo. Just play your top tennis, you are unbeatable when you go that.
Vincent chukwuchebe
Vincent chukwuchebe:
thank you for putting smile on people's face Go Serena
Eshon Julienne
Eshon Julienne:
Serena Williams the greatest love you so much from cameroon ❤
IEl tr
IEl tr:
Maria is so powerful and courageous fighting the force of nature called Serena.
The only Maria that can give Serena a real challenge 😉😂
tobias hirsch
tobias hirsch:
serena is going to take her 24th this time✌🏻 its all about her mental strength
Robert Neighbors
Robert Neighbors:
at :45, never seen Serena get going so fast to get a drop shot, wow.
Milton Ng
Milton Ng:
I am simping for Maria Sakkari...
Ko Nishimura
Ko Nishimura:
i feel like I saw her on Star Wars movie. . .
Excelente partido de la griega pero le falto más seguridad para ganar.
Robinson Salcedo
Robinson Salcedo:
Serena sigue en competencia
Steven Biko
Steven Biko:
To all the Serena haters , you are witnessing superior genes 🧬 in action.
Tony Haziri
Tony Haziri:
Bravo Serena Excellent
yas sirr
yas sirr:
Hey! Update! Can you guess what's with This emoji ➡ 😃 ⬅ ??
Nahum Arciga
Nahum Arciga:
Great matchhhh