Mark Ruffalo Accidentally Got High On Stage! | The Graham Norton Show

Mark Ruffalo will be back on our virtual red sofa this week!

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swikrit thapa
swikrit thapa:
"That's my secret, Captain, I'm always high."
I love how they transfer the joint...
He is such a good actor I started to see the joint in his hand and smoke coming out of his mouth.
Taha Khizer
Taha Khizer:
"We drop this anecdote for a message." Graham with his witty humour.
Gosh I miss when celebs were actually being interviewed on stage, those were the days 😂
Nicki acting all surprised like she doesn’t know

Edit: I never realised this would start a massive argument XD
Mr Amin
Mr Amin:
I just clicked because i saw Mark Ruffalo sitting next to Nicki Minaj, and wondered what would happened
akira doe
akira doe:
It's so funny how Mark was actually waiting for the pretend joint to be handed back to him before he can continue with his story.
He even passes to his left.

Dude is a pro.
Why is it that during this whole story, the only thing I call BS on is Nicki Minaj never smoking weed before.
Mark Ruffalo is HIGH on acting.
Krishnakumar Selvaraj
Krishnakumar Selvaraj:
The girl next to me never smoked pot 🤣 Wonder how her review came.
Molly Simpson
Molly Simpson:
They all acting like they don’t smoke weed but passed the joint very smoothly
Ceará Yuè
Ceará Yuè:
Iron-Man was right: Bruce's secret is a "giant bag of weed." XD
Shubham Meshram
Shubham Meshram:
Mark: I smoked a joint
Nicki: Pikachu face *o*
Shaun Barbee
Shaun Barbee:
As someone who has both smoked weed and done theater for most of my life, this story gives me so much anxiety. Lol
Kelsey Malik
Kelsey Malik:
I love how nicki said she don't smoke but she's said she doesn't in her lyrics
Shreyash Sinha
Shreyash Sinha:
"There are no accidents"
- master oogway
N Martin
N Martin:
He looks high here, never mind on stage! 😂😂
Ben Davison
Ben Davison:
She’s looking at the camera thinking “I’m high now”
Athang Ghag
Athang Ghag:
Mark Ruffalo gets high on stage and turns into The Hulk.
Accidentally? Unlikely. He’s blasted here.
Madeleine Codd
Madeleine Codd:
Niki Minaj and John Bishop is the friendship we didn’t know we needed
A A:
I feel like Mark is always high😂
I love him.
Dark Aliebaba99
Dark Aliebaba99:
I don't believe her for one second when she says she never did drugs.
Wait he said he has smoked a lot of pot before that incident so he didn’t recognized the smell? Was he not paying attention?Lol
Sergei Sall
Sergei Sall:
2:16 Nicky literaly smoked weed on her instagram.
Charlene Moore
Charlene Moore:
“Barbs don’t ever do drugs” and icon😂😂
‘We interrupt this anecdote for a message.’

Miura marley
Miura marley:
*Cap: Bruce, now would really be good time for you to get angry.*

*High Bruce: as the scene reinacts him Hulking out and punching the leviathan.. Scene changes into reality of him literally punching the leviathan in human form and he screams in pain.*
Joel H
Joel H:
This was like the cool uncle being reminded to set a better example by the Mom
Sheila Burns
Sheila Burns:
I loved the "puff, puff, pass" thing Mark did ... and John sticking the joint behind his ear was funny. PEACE to ALL ... and STAY SAFE and HEALTHY.
“You were high??”
Mark: “always has been.”
I would love to see an actor of his caliber live once or twice.
chintan rathod
chintan rathod:
"That's my secret Cap, I'm always high"
For anyone wondering, the play is “This is Our Youth” written by Kenneth Lonergan, who also wrote the screenplay for “Manchester by the Sea”
Lil guineau pig
Lil guineau pig:
He has such a cute way of telling stories. I loooove him🥰
love how nicki talks about not doing drugs and now she´s getting clowned for smoking weed the wrong way
And that's why he was cast as a giant green guy
c gar
c gar:
I dunno, Mark is SUCH a handsome - charming - talented - dilfy man.
Felix Herrmann
Felix Herrmann:
all the stars like: money is like weed. it is not important to touch it.
He’s so gorgeous MY GOODNESS
Rokaya Enafi El Metni
Rokaya Enafi El Metni:
i love how nicki is like dont smoke stay in school
Dom Brouder
Dom Brouder:
Even when he’s not playing the hulk, he’s still gotta be the greenest guy in the room
Mark Ruffalo does turn green and is now permanently green so I guess that means he is always high
He remembered his lines while high? Good lord.
_theo.dore_ D
_theo.dore_ D:
mark saying "the barbs" was probably such a highlight for me. hope he is one tho lol
Krishnakumar Selvaraj
Krishnakumar Selvaraj:
The girl next to me never smoked pot 🤣 Wonder how her review came.
Nonkululeko Sishi
Nonkululeko Sishi:
I love the, "oh, you're talking about that."❤
C.Michelle Sparks
C.Michelle Sparks:
I've seen this clip at least 10 other times on this channel.
John Spooner
John Spooner:
Then there's the MLB pitcher who took some LSD on his day off and got an unscheduled call to play a home game. Pitched a no-hitter. Look it up.
Marti Soor
Marti Soor:
0:09 Thats throat clearing meant "STOP IT THERE GRAHAM" lol Am i the only one noticed that
Reno Verrin
Reno Verrin:
I think the real Nicki Minaj is Lovely i dont like her Rap character, when shes not being all wannabe gangster she seems Wonderful
Robyn Boynton Muth
Robyn Boynton Muth:
Based on the thumbnail I thought it was this stage 😄
0:42 Nicki's reaction is me lol
Noah Alexander Harris
Noah Alexander Harris:
Jastej K
Jastej K:
"O h s h i t" The way he says it!!
"accidentally" yeah sure buddy....
Bob Edwards
Bob Edwards:
It's the only thing that keeps me from walking around with somebody's head in a bowling ball bag...
yeah kids dont do drugs as they sit there drinking their alcohol
love how they passed the joint 😂
Grace Wells
Grace Wells:
you know it’s bad when Nicki Minaj reacts like that
"What's your secret? Mellow jazz? Bongo drums? Huge bag of weed?"
Apparently, yes.
Loveeeeeee Mark Ruffalo. His new series on FOXTEL was amazing, it's the first season and first episode but i thoroughly enjoyed it, . The way he acts as BOTH brothers is awesome, i cant wait for the next episode.
And he's pretty hot !
The people in the audience at the show wouldve been like "damn that weed smells so real" lol
alberto mario pernett
alberto mario pernett:
I CACKLED at this. Hilarious and on point. And the (imaginary) joint passing was TO DIE FOR.
The more you know...
Akshay Nair
Akshay Nair:
I thought he was always angry 😂
this whole interview was great 😂😂
Costa Papa
Costa Papa:
*ACCIDENTALLY* ... Mark Ruffalo: I had smoked a ton of pot up to that point
Lew H
Lew H:
Why's Nikki lying? Of course she does, I'd smoke a blunt with her any day!
Pilar LH
Pilar LH:
Nicki got so serious about the drugs thing she really went on mom mode and we love that
I'd love to know what play it was.
Madison Becker
Madison Becker:
Avengers: how you guys met Mark

13 going on 30: where I met him ❤️
Vaibhav Appu
Vaibhav Appu:
As Master Oogway once said "There are no accidents."
That’s what “stay green”
Papa Grounds
Papa Grounds:
Never smoke weed, kids. You might end up getting the best reviews on your life! How about that for a anti-weed campaign?
Kaizer the Wizer
Kaizer the Wizer:
I thought he was high in this interview lol
Vntg Vxn
Vntg Vxn:
Mark Ruffalo is adorable, and this story made me lmfao. Stay safe and healthy everyone 😂
Arturas Bartosevic
Arturas Bartosevic:
He clearly said that was the best review he had in his career, and yall still think weed is bad?

Want more proof???
Javier Medina
Javier Medina:
remember meth and red said. take the test high, you get high scores. must apply to acting too lol
He is high in this interview lol
Lucy N
Lucy N:
This such an unlikely pair of people on the couch can we please have them back again.
Naim Valencia
Naim Valencia:
Watch out Barbs, remy ma might leak those clips of you sniffing them ski slopes 😂👌🏼
marvin johnson
marvin johnson:
so mark know bout that "puff puff pass"
Anna Berghed
Anna Berghed:
The comedic timing is on point in this episode! 😂
Potus Forus
Potus Forus:
No need to vilify the plant. 🌍✌
Hey G Norton, your wine is actually really good! I know you read the comments after you hit the post button ;)
Jamal Taylor
Jamal Taylor:
Moral of the story: Smoke a little weed and you too can become an avenger
mohamed kamel
mohamed kamel:
I love how Mark just uncomfortably ahehehmmms at Graham as if he is saying we agreed not to bring this onto the show but then he realizes Graham is talking about another topic then he returns comfortable again
Wut's he hidin tho !
Nicki is just a ball of fun. I really dig her, she really has grown on me with her funny demeanor and lighting fast tasteful responses.
Anandilal Katpitiya
Anandilal Katpitiya:
Cheers for our firangi Abhay Deol 😂😂
One of the best segments of the show that I've ever watched!
Najla Smith
Najla Smith:
This was hilarious 🤣🤣
Wait! What happened to the girl?? Y’all just skipped over that part!!
Karlo Kac
Karlo Kac:
What a lie he smoke a lot of weed and he did not realize that is a real joint come on who are you kidding
joshua varghese
joshua varghese:
There are no accidents- master oogway
Pam Satira
Pam Satira:
he's been my crush since i saw him on 13 going on 30
Judith Hand
Judith Hand:
Graham, always a pleasure! I've said to people and I'll say it to you. You are doing this stay-at-home talk show better than all of the American ones. (I'm American, I enjoy many of them, but you just have an added talent that surpasses the ones I know). Mark Ruffalo is a fun guest, isn't he? Great stories.
Jake Creates
Jake Creates:
Mark Ruffalo is Disney’s beautiful nightmare. Like, he doesn’t really walk the Disney line, but they know people would lose their minds if they tried to replace him as the hulk.