Mark Ruffalo being....Mark Ruffalo

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Ole the Cat
Ole the Cat:
I’m the smallest Avenger -Hulk
Vanessa Garcia
Vanessa Garcia:
"and i'm Chris Evans--God I wish..." sweet Ruffalo
Space Pope
Space Pope:
He seems like a regular guy who just walked into a set once and they gave him a role and that just became his life without never giving it second thoughts.
Haley Pierce
Haley Pierce:
Mark Ruffalo deserves his own hulk stand alone movie. Please make it happen.
Emilie Shepherd
Emilie Shepherd:
Mark is the definition of 🥺
sriranga angajala
sriranga angajala:
Mark Ruffalo - Chris Evans - scarlett Johansson would be perfect trio please do a movie together soon
Ramesh Gawde
Ramesh Gawde:
Mark ruffalo seems the most down to earth of them all
He is like character joey from friends. He is mostly screwed up hilariously yet the most lovable..
He's my husband, he just doesn't know it yet
mank demelord
mank demelord:
Someone should probably tell Mark Ruffalo he’s famous.
Carlos Rios
Carlos Rios:
Thank GOD he was chosen to play Hulk after the first movie. Hes way more likable, relatable, funny, charming, and all round a perfect human.
Thomas Blethyn
Thomas Blethyn:
I can relate: accidentally Instagram lived an entire physics lesson from my pocket.
T G:
And they heard the first 20 minutes
*20 minutes*

Mike M
Mike M:
Reason number 206 for disliking Jimmy Fallon: He stopped Ruffalo from taking his pants off
Love the irony of the "always looking up" interview, when the rest of the Endgame cast would've had to look at a focal point on a stick 3 ft. over his head during all of his scenes after the first fifteen minutes.
Don't call me angel
Don't call me angel:
02:37 Jeremy's reaction is everything
Aarti Raut
Aarti Raut:
"girls over 12"
lovely meena
lovely meena:
Mark ruffalo s cute ,hot and sweet .I love him lot
M.K Steel
M.K Steel:
We stan a chaotic king.
Joshua Matulka
Joshua Matulka:
0:17 “I’m the smallest avenger” - The Incredible Hulk
Sofie Stef
Sofie Stef:
Mark is so cute my heart is melting
shyana cooper
shyana cooper:
Me not being able to breath when mark does that impression of that little boy.😆 Who else? Anyone? Just me?
Maria Lewis
Maria Lewis:
A most underrated actor and human ... just LOVE him....and Hiddleston AND Downey too still my heart ❤
Mk s
Mk s:
Imagine Mark Ruffalo meeting his daughter's boyfriend for the first time 😂 meeting the hulk
Put Hotness and Cuteness in a bowl, mix it well, congratulations 🎉 You got a Mark Ruffalo !!!
How could anyone not love Mark?
Marshal Oga
Marshal Oga:
4:16 loki is so untrustworthy that no one allowed him to sit on combined sofas
2:49 look how sexy he looks with a haircut.
“So they heard the first 20 minutes”
“20 minutes?!”
*Realises how bad that sounds* “15?”
6:10 “nnyeah”
Mark needs more characters like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. He’s incredibly talented as quirky people.
Rosa Nagle
Rosa Nagle:
I've always liked this actor. So talented. You can tell he has a kind soul, too. He has my husband's kind of sense of humor. Cool beans.
You had me at mark Ruffalo
Engaging Athena
Engaging Athena:
We stan Mark
Madhav Krishna
Madhav Krishna:
I am genuinely delighted to discover Mark Ruffalo's 'real' life humour.
poopi peep
poopi peep:
He’s the only man i would date and I’m a lesbian so that says so much
I love how Jimmy Fallon is genuinely concerned that he was gonna take off his pants.
Gabsie 72
Gabsie 72:
He is not only easily recognisable by his hairy arm and purple shirt, but also by being the most talented of the lot.
Ocharaka U
Ocharaka U:
"I don't wanna get fired again" 😂 He is just... so.... ❤💜❤💜❤

- Bruce Banner PhD, Mark Ruffalo Academy Award Nominee
I.B. 88
I.B. 88:
Mark Ruffalo is like that kid in right field who was more interested in finding a four leaf clover than playing baseball - he doesn't really know what's going on, but gosh he's happy to be on the team.
eh? I dunno
eh? I dunno:
I love how in most of the group interviews, he’s getting cuddled by another one of the cast members
sri kanth
sri kanth:
He's down to sweet
Maria Lewis
Maria Lewis:
OMG, this was I needed any more LOVE Mark Ruffalo?!? So damn funny and such a nice guy...he still feels out of place with his Avengers castmates and stardom...pure humility and warmth this guy ❤
The 14th Doctor, Comments Editon
The 14th Doctor, Comments Editon:
Does anyone remember him in now you see me? Those movies are incredible
Fun fact , the familiy name "Ruffalo" doesn't exist it's was miswritten when his ancestor cames from Calabria (Italy), the original one was "Ruffolo".
The Busted mind
The Busted mind:
Why I like Mark Ruffalo is that he still acts like a fun normal person instead of those egoistic stars..
Lønely Oreo
Lønely Oreo:
He's so adorable ✨
Jenna Schmidt
Jenna Schmidt:
Everything he says sounds so wholesome and innocent. Even if he‘d say he murdered my whole family.
I‘d be like *aww thanks*
Gia Bách
Gia Bách:
Jimmy Fallon: *ask about the Avengers tattoo”
Mark Ruffalo: *show Hulk’s Pen15
The audience: “Now that’s an avengers’ level threat”
Candace Carroll
Candace Carroll:
He's the most awesome Avenger!
1:25 - A 'Now You See Me' moment right there
Pablo and the Bucketeers
Pablo and the Bucketeers:
"getting all these texts, and I think I hope my mom's okay" ❤️
hemanth kumar tirupati
hemanth kumar tirupati:
❤️ Mark is a wonderful human.
Ronald Potter
Ronald Potter:
He is that one guy who always says he can't get girls but actually is every pretty girl's secret crush.
Hana Oshana
Hana Oshana:
I'm in love he is so sweet he looks like my dad with a beard
Megz Bartsch
Megz Bartsch:
I still can’t believe that this was almost Ed Norton...
Cleo Watson
Cleo Watson:
Love Tom hiddleston so nice, funny and charismatic 😍😘❤️😁😍😍😍😍 and looks so cute with black hair. He also looks super cute as Loki😍😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘😘😘 Love his personality. Love How he portrays Loki❤️😍😍😍😍😘😘😘.
Great actor don't like Loki in the comic or any superhero in comics cause comics often times are weird but love them in the movie well most of thrm. ❤️
When he said “needles” and “Punk Rock” in the same sentence... but the he came out with Tattoo.. 💀💀💀
Gabriel Pedroza
Gabriel Pedroza:
Can we just apreciate how synched Mark and the band were at 2:20?
Love that guy💜
He's so.... adorable. Even as a 50-year-old man.
Michael Sinclair
Michael Sinclair:
It broke my heart when Tom Cruise shot him in the chest in Collateral
He said it was in my pocket so...seductively.
Christina Valverde
Christina Valverde:
God, he is my spirit animal. If I was famous, I could not keep my mouth shut!
Miriam B
Miriam B:
2:34 this is just for me to come back on when I'm sad.
I must be high as a kite. It’s took me 4 minutes to figure out he wasn’t sitting next to Ben Affleck 😂
You are the art
You are the art:
Please protect him all the coast 💛✨
megan davis
megan davis:
he is simultaneously the biggest and largest avenger
emi loo
emi loo:
Ya'll he was my childhood dream guy ever since I saw him in "13 Going on 30" 🥺🤧 I KNEW he was a real life sweetheart
Anik Kumar Roy
Anik Kumar Roy:
He's so freaking adorable
É por isso que eu amo tanto esse cara 😍😍😍. Homão da porra siiiimmmm
He dishes out dad jokes like one else in the cast. Which makes him a lot more relatable than the rest.
sunil Kumar
sunil Kumar:
He is like a best friend or uncle you need in life
1987 Buick Grand National GNX
1987 Buick Grand National GNX:
I feel like Mark would be more happy to see me than I would be to see him
Heavenlee Lovlid
Heavenlee Lovlid:
Mark is so wholesome it’s so cute 🥰
Asher Mouille
Asher Mouille:
marky is smol boi
Dina Anyway
Dina Anyway:
He is so adorable 😍
Man Weezy
Man Weezy:
"As a matter of fact they do."... 😅🤣😂
You know this dude absolutely loves his life <3
Andrija Jukic
Andrija Jukic:
I hope yall can see what he feels in some moments i feel bad :( hes a good person :)
Hana Oshana
Hana Oshana:
How could anyone not love him
Lightning-Bolt Dragon
Lightning-Bolt Dragon:
To Aude, "The Step Up movie series is a MUST see genre to watch and love for eternity! 🍿 🍟 🍔🍺 🐸
Jaylen Hodges
Jaylen Hodges:
there is an uncanny resemblance between Mark Ruffalo and Link Neal (from GMM)
Lol Chris rubbing is chest and trying not to hold it lol at the beginning 🤣🤣🤣
Rebecca Detweiler
Rebecca Detweiler:
There are brief moments in the interview with Jimmy Fallon (2:45-4:00)that Mark reminds me of Jamie Dorian.
Indee D.L
Indee D.L:
4:55 “I guess that’s what it is” 🖐🏽❌🎤
Aditya thakur
Aditya thakur:
He is my favroute actor
Soorry i do not know the spelling of favourite😁
4:48 🥺🥺😭😭😭😭
Casey Storan
Casey Storan:
He’s adorable 🥰🥺
moo bees
moo bees:
💜mark. He's so fkn cute. 💜💜💜
Charlie M.P.
Charlie M.P.:
0:34 Jimmy Fallon, why don't you let your guest do what he wants!! FFS!
Kris Gonzalez
Kris Gonzalez:
I love him since he show up in the movie. if i were thirty. I don't know if it's exactly called that, I'm bad with movie names.
i’d like to keep it on please
i’d like to keep it on please:
“I’m afraid of needles” *nods in small*
Silver moonlight
Silver moonlight:
Is there anything not perfect about this guy?
Sapphire Sky824
Sapphire Sky824:
Mark vs Tom in a spoiler off
Gd WaveZz
Gd WaveZz:
Hahahahaha mark looks like a child next to Chris hemsworth lmao
Aiman Hakim
Aiman Hakim:
big link neal energy
Chad Games
Chad Games:
I understand his personality, but I can't really... Explain it, you know?