Mark Ruffalo Breaks Down His Most Iconic Characters | GQ

Mark Ruffalo breaks down his most iconic characters, including his roles in 'The Avengers,' 'Spotlight,' 'Shutter Island,' '13 Going on 30,' 'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind,' 'Zodiac,' 'The Kids are Alright' and 'Dark Water.'

Dark Waters is in theaters and available on demand now!

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Mark Ruffalo Breaks Down His Most Iconic Characters | GQ

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Abigail Burns
Abigail Burns:
I have seen a lot more Mark Ruffalo movies than I realized going into this video.
Ryan Weaver
Ryan Weaver:
He's such a genuine guy, really lets people relate to him. He's very open about his mental health and I wish him the best.
The Douglas Barbosa Show
The Douglas Barbosa Show:
Holly Molly what a great Scorsese impression, he shoud do this on SNL
Next: former presidents breaks down former presidents.
His scorcese impression is On. Point.
The 1 Ghrol
The 1 Ghrol:
I’m seriously gonna need to see Hugh Jackman on one of these.
God, I could listen to him talk for hours. So many interesting stories
I loved him in Just Like Heaven. I had such a huge crush on him. He's a great actor!
Bartu Gürel
Bartu Gürel:
I was also expecting Now You See Me, he was wonderful at those ones too.
I’ve surprisingly seen all of these movies and enjoyed all of them. He is such a honest communicator I loved watching this.
R Dar
R Dar:
I saw him on Broadway a couple years ago and during the curtain call I saw this look on his face as we were all standing and applauding... it was as if he was saying "thank you for giving me the opportunity to follow my dreams" -- I swear, I could hear it, you could see it. This look of such appreciation for us. He's the real deal.
Dr Simi
Dr Simi:
His hulk role is a bit overlooked, the zodiac probably one of his best
0:23 13 Going on 30
1:29 Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
3:23 Zodiac
6:22 Shutter Island
7:42 The Kids Are All Right
9:40 The Avengers
11:35 Foxcatcher
12:19 Spotlight
13:37 Dark Waters
It's obvious why Robert DJ wanted Ruffalo in the Avengers, he needed him to build Ultron.
if the ever remake Columbo, get ruffalo for that part. he would be perfect for it.
you guys gotta do keanu reeves 2019 is his year!!!! the keanussance!!!
Rich Pwlck
Rich Pwlck:
Mark Ruffalo doesn’t get enough love for the movie Brothers Bloom
Safika Mahamud
Safika Mahamud:
*They need to bring Robert Downey Jr.*
Hannah Nitika
Hannah Nitika:
we wanna see him talk about BEGIN AGAIN
Handsome Jack
Handsome Jack:
Tom Hardy
Ryan Reynolds
Hugh Jackman
Meryl Streep
Julianne Moore
Sarthak Goswami
Sarthak Goswami:
Can we appreciate the fact that Mark did a spot on mimicry of Martin Scorsese
Isabella Andrews
Isabella Andrews:
He is truly one of my favorites! I wish they had talked about his role in “The Normal Heart,” which was just sensational, but I’m still so happy with this video!
Some Guy
Some Guy:
That's my secret, Mark. I'm ALWAYS entertained by you.
KCBkotastrophie -
KCBkotastrophie -:
I really like Mark he seems very genuine. I met his brother before he passed away he came to my bar where I was working and I laughed with him about his last name and said you have the same last name as one of my favorite Actors and he said yeah that is my brother I will never forget that idk its kinda an honor to meet the brother of one of my favorite actors. The movie that solidified me being a fan of marks was The Brothers Bloom even though it was only a supporting role his acting speaks volumes to me.
I wanna go out drinking with him
Johnny Stob
Johnny Stob:
I love his approach to acting. You can see he really takes his craft seriously.
lucas asz
lucas asz:
Mark Ruffalo and Bruce Banner have the exact same energy
Jacob Jones
Jacob Jones:
Mark Ruffalo can come to my house and have dinner. I love this guy.
Renato Contreras
Renato Contreras:
mistah n
mistah n:
Mark : " Robert Downey, My Hero. "
Laura-Lee Rahn
Laura-Lee Rahn:
He's such a workman like actor. He goes in and brings out his talent and gets the job done. And throughout his career, he has earned the respect of his colleagues and adoration of his fans.
Milk Shake
Milk Shake:
phenomenal actor. Should've included The Normal Heart as well. He was absolutely amazing in it.
one of the finest actors we’ve ever seen.
Adolfo Domínguez
Adolfo Domínguez:
Did anyone else thought that he was really good at impresions of directors????
Gotta love Mark Ruffalo even in 13 going on 30 you could tell he was class.
TK 13
TK 13:
Wish they had asked about Collateral and Begin Again
Nicolas Grisanti
Nicolas Grisanti:
His performance in Zodiac is so underrated! He was amazing!
The Normal Heart. infinitely Polar Bear.
I wanted to see him talk about You Can Count on Me. That was my introduction to him and it's still my favorite role of his.
Mad Hatman
Mad Hatman:
Must have been hard at times to play a character based on his brother.
Solus Mortuus
Solus Mortuus:
I love his Martin impression.
He's MORE than the HULK. He was awesome in "Now You See Me" and "Zodiac".
the king of cool
the king of cool:
Time travel!

What? I see this as an absolute win.
Mike Ovation
Mike Ovation:
To not include You Can Count on Me is criminal.
Lake Ryan
Lake Ryan:
I'm obsessed with true crime zodiac is one of my favorite movies I love Mark ruffalo
11:16 Mark Ruffalo, inadvertently doing a Chris Evans impression, doing a Downey, Jr. impression.

When you spend a lot of time with people...
Ashlynn Ozella
Ashlynn Ozella:
Him talking about his brother 🥺🥺🥺
Silvia Bujor
Silvia Bujor:
He was also amazing in we don't live here anymore, the normal heart, begin again, infinitely polar bear
Dwight K. Schrute
Dwight K. Schrute:
When you know what this man’s been through it gives you a whole different respect for him
No “Just Like Heaven”. !~!
Crunchwrap Supreme
Crunchwrap Supreme:
How timid Banner is in the first Avengers compared to how much fun and the humanity he brings with Hulk in Endgame WOW
Rob _
Rob _:
Should've gotten an Oscar for Spotlight
Mark seems like the most genuine guy in Hollywood.
Really loved that Fincher story, quite inspiring actually
ISingand DoOtherThings
ISingand DoOtherThings:
His performance in Spotlight stole the show Man
Tyla Peavy
Tyla Peavy:
Why you guys didn’t talk about the normal heart 😢 that movie is a real one
Wonderouz Jackson
Wonderouz Jackson:
Now you see me not on the list??
peter papadimitriou
peter papadimitriou:
I thought that Mark was great doing both Hulk and banner in all 4 avangers films including the 3rd Thor film that he was in.
Hail the Prophet
Hail the Prophet:
Mark Ruffalo seems so sweet, it was sad seeing him tear up talking about his brother.
Jamie Lawson
Jamie Lawson:
Very intellectual and empathetic guy. Literally perfect for most of these roles.
I was watching this and was thinking he reminded me of someone. That was when I finally understood the people that have said mark and noah centineo are very similar.
Aron Cuevas
Aron Cuevas:
Bored Squidward
Bored Squidward:
Mark! My fav actors. <3
Nathan Braga
Nathan Braga:
Im pretty sure he mixed up the Boston Globe with the Washington Post.
Fabio Fernandez
Fabio Fernandez:
I wish he would have talked about his character on the normal heart.
Rulo Francis
Rulo Francis:
*gives up on caring about fame and big box office*
*Gets casted as Bruce banner in the Avengers*
YaBoi Gio
YaBoi Gio:
I just hope there is a incREDible HULK movie
Andy Carr
Andy Carr:
Honestly a killer Marty Scorsese impression
Felix ARKJ
Felix ARKJ:
The Zodiac is such an underrated movie
Claire Lee
Claire Lee:
Gonçalo Homem Belchior
Gonçalo Homem Belchior:
You guys forgot to cover "The Normal Heart", how could you? That part was Mark at his finest.
John Cusick
John Cusick:
He's always compelling and likeable
M. Pilar Aranda Bada Saunders
M. Pilar Aranda Bada Saunders:
They never mentioned "My Life Without Me" was when I first saw him
Jeff Land
Jeff Land:
Wasn't Spotlight about the Boston Globe? Not the Washington Post.
Twyin Lannister
Twyin Lannister:
I wish he would've mentioned "What Doesn't Kill You" another role where he plays a real person. A seriously underrated film and shows Ruffalo's got some real actin' chops.
Chi chan
Chi chan:
Wait, who's Mark Ruffalo? And why are you interviewing Bruce Banner?
The Wandering Aristotle
The Wandering Aristotle:
Very disappointing that you chose not to talk his iconic role and movie, The Normal Heart ♥.
Loved him in Collateral
i like him in Just Like Heaven hhe
Kylie 96
Kylie 96:
I can’t even choose a favourite film of his because they are all incredible.

Edit : (because why not)
He is also an incredible human being.
Dream State Films
Dream State Films:
I need to watch XX/XY again... such a grounding drama.
Levi Cochrane
Levi Cochrane:
Hey GQ, run your audio through a normalizer at -1 gain. This is too quiet.
Collateral!? What an underrated film...
Austin Drummond
Austin Drummond:
I love Mark Ruffalo he had an acoustic neuroma years ago and I had mine removed a couple years ago
Michael Bryand
Michael Bryand:
Needs Collateral
Sahil Makhijani
Sahil Makhijani:
The Brothers Bloom is my favorite Ruff movie
joyful ac
joyful ac:
Normal heart should have been on here
Saint Martins
Saint Martins:
00:24 13 Going On 30 (2004)
01:30 Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind (2004)
03:24 Zodiac (2007)
06:21 Shutter Island (2010)
07:41 The Kids Are All Right (2010)
09:41 The Avengers (2012)
11:36 Foxcatcher (2014)
12:19 Spotlight (2015)
13:37 Dark Waters (2019)
a girl named brett
a girl named brett:
i fell in love with mark in zodiac
Stephania Giraldo
Stephania Giraldo:
Where is blindness? That was an amazing movie
I've seen every single one of these, and they are all amazing. Love Mark.
India J. Vincent
India J. Vincent:
Wish they'd mentioned his role in Infinitely Polar Bear. He did a great job in that movie playing someone with mental illness.
Shumail Khan
Shumail Khan:
Shutter Island is so underrated... one of my all time favorites
Souravi Dey
Souravi Dey:
I just absolutely love this man! ❤
god insurance
god insurance:
Dude. You forgot his most important role!!! His cameo in The Dentist!! God!
Tali M
Tali M:
Shame they skipped “You Can Count on Me” and “Collateral”, but didn’t skip “13 Going on 30”..
usa kira
usa kira:
He really should have talked about Blindness
yeah im sad just like heaven wasnt talked about cause i love that movie
Argenis J. Becerrit R.
Argenis J. Becerrit R.:
What about "the Last castle"? First movie I've ever seen him on... great movie, imo
Juan Ocampo Álvarez
Juan Ocampo Álvarez:
No Collateral? I think I haven't seen a single one of these videos where actors talks about my favorite movie of theirs.