Mark Ruffalo Hulked Out on a Preschooler

Jimmy talks to Mark Ruffalo about his wrestling film, Foxcatcher, and Mark scaring his daughter's classmates with his blockbuster alter ego.

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Mark Ruffalo Hulked Out on a Preschooler

100+ comentarios:

claryn anita
claryn anita:
Mark Ruffalo is a teddy bear and saint all in one.
Bumble Douche
Bumble Douche:
Great if his daughter ever gets bullied... Confront the bully and say "You're making me angry!"
That kid impression was precious!!!
El Corgo
El Corgo:
Oh man, I love this guy. Best Bruce Banner/ The Hulk ever.
I think I've lost count on how many times I've re-watched this.
Jillian Valentin
Jillian Valentin:
God I love Mark Ruffalo
Foreseen G.
Foreseen G.:
The most adorable story ever, I love this guy
"do it daddy do it!' rofl
Damn it Jimmy, let your guest finish a story for once instead of interrupting with your acting along and flailing around like a kid at recess.
Bren Lockhart
Bren Lockhart:
Mark Ruffalo is a gift to humankind and we must protect him at all costs.
Mel Rain
Mel Rain:
I can't...I just can't....Mark is TOO cute....
Yasmeen Sherif
Yasmeen Sherif:
"You'll break the school!"
baby pink
baby pink:
oh my gosh he's so adorable
Amrita Barua
Amrita Barua:
Man, I love Mark Ruffalo. He seems so genuine and sweet.
Zyzz Motivação
Zyzz Motivação:
o cara e foda kkkkkkkkkkkkk
What's funniest is how his daughter totally threw him under the bus like that lol
Muhammad Masood
Muhammad Masood:
Edward Norton was a good Bruce Banner, but not a good interpretation of being the Hulk and in control of him as well. Mark Ruffalo by far is the best Bruce Banner & HULK combined. I find his performance far more interesting, and entertaining. I swear he was born for this role.
Ruffalo's preschool persona was on point! Benjamin button the sequel!
Omni o
Omni o:
Why does jimmy fallon interrupt his guests that often in the middle of a joke :(? Kinda kills the buzz.
The kid Nicholas and his daughter will be a thing after 15 years...
No kid would dare to pick on his daughter, 'cause he is the HULK!
He seems like such a nice guy
Damn, I love my parents to death, but I still wish I was Mark Ruffalo's kid :(
Mark is such a kind guy and a great actor for Banner
Mark Ruffalo is a gift to humanity
B Silkwood
B Silkwood:
Mark Ruffalo is the kind of guy who would be fun to hang out with.
Francesca Connor
Francesca Connor:
at 1:59 it happens in a lot of interviews like why does jimmy act along with the guest? 
Just imagine Mark Ruffalo sitting there, drawing with preschool kids around him... my heart is melting omg
Samantha Hart
Samantha Hart:
He is the sexiest man in Hollywood idc what anyone says I adore him !!
Anyone remember that time in the comic books where The Hulk turned himself black and started referring to himself as 'Da Hulk'?
"Guess you don't get to see my little party trick after all"
God damn cynic W
God damn cynic W:
Fun Fact = Mark Ruffalo's last name is the only word in the english dictionary that rhymes with "buffalo"
Zayd Zulqurnain
Zayd Zulqurnain:
So unbelievably glad that kid stopped him before his view of reality was shattered and he realised he wasn't actually the Hulk 😌
Man, im jelous of that little kid cause for a second he was in a comicbook. Ahh youth, divine treasure.
K. Gray
K. Gray:
Shasta Kitty
Shasta Kitty:
"No not here at the school! You'll break it, you'll break it!" That is the cutest thing I've ever heard in my life.
Man this is why he is da best I de wurld.
Nathalie Jusino
Nathalie Jusino:
Mark is such a sweetheart <3
Mark is such an awesome real person. He will always be my favorite actor..activist..person. As real as it gets. 
Thats the cutest story ever!! So awesome to have that power over kids, yet be admired at the same time...
Haha that is so adorable! I love Mark
TI Pilot
TI Pilot:
I really like how Mark developped the facial expression of turn into the hulk by puffing up his cheeks. Its looks the same as when he turned hulk at the end of the first avengers
I have to say that I was a bit reluctant to Ruffalo as Banner, but he won me over, he did a great job in Avengers, sorry Norton
Tanay Vaidya
Tanay Vaidya:
That was hilarious 😂😂😂
he could totally play marlon brando in a biopic
Master Penquin
Master Penquin:
Mark is such a chill guy :) he always seems so modest, you never wouldve thought he would become a superhero, and now look at where he is :)
Rakhil T.
Rakhil T.:
Well, at least that little boy was smart enough to think of the school's safety...xD
Michael Holmgaard
Michael Holmgaard:
Mark Ruffalo is fantastic as Bruce banner/The Hulk! I hated Edward Norton's portrayal, though I like him as an actor. Eric Bana will, for me, probably always be the true Hulk, but Ruffalo does him justice, no doubt ;)
Isabella Marie
Isabella Marie:
I laughed really hard,that i could die out of it.The best part was when his daughter was like"yeah,he's the hulk" Tears are already forming in the corner of my eyes😂😂😂😂
Denis Popescu
Denis Popescu:
Recommend this to everyone, Youtube. Now is the time.
Mark Ruffalo is a gift to the world
Marjorie Wheatley
Marjorie Wheatley:
I just love this Mark Ruffalo..soft spoken, sweet natured but all man!
Airalynn S
Airalynn S:
That was so cute that he played along for the kids
Is it strange that I really love Mark Ruffalo AND Edward Norton as the hulk? They are both amazing actors and I have watched other movies of the both of them. I love them!
Ayushi Vadnerkar
Ayushi Vadnerkar:
The image of Mark Ruffalo coloring with his daughter😍 #heisprecious
Angela P
Angela P:
he should get an emmy for that performance right there
sad clown
sad clown:
reminds me of a time i walked past a car with a transformer symbol and a child begging his mother to wait, so he could see it transform.
Merve Yilmaz
Merve Yilmaz:
I love Mark..nothing else to say
Matty!!!!! Love him!!!
Mark Ruffalo/Lou Ferrigno is the Hulk. Edward Norton couldn't even compare.
Christian Armstrong
Christian Armstrong:
did anybody else felt that he actually was gonna turn into the hulk, when he hold air D: it was amazing
Biel Sabas
Biel Sabas:
I really really wish the avengers cast would do an interview with fallon like they did on kimmel's show. cough please make it happen cough
Uma Baghirova
Uma Baghirova:
One of my favorite actors. No one is like him right now.
Bhinder Singh
Bhinder Singh:
"The Bad News Barrett of the Emmy's." Awwwe yes. Lol
Amazing Supergirl
Amazing Supergirl:
I love this because jimmy has been talking about Hulk as his favorite ever since he started on tv. Way before Ruffalo became the Hulk
aratrika chaudhuri
aratrika chaudhuri:
The way he waited and said " are you the hulk?"
That's hysterical! And his daughter cheering him on to turn into the hulk! Lol!
You can already tell his daughter will run his life. xD
Dex Peck
Dex Peck:
Best possible outcome for a Dad. Rock on!
Kyle Durand
Kyle Durand:
His impression of the kid is the BEST xD
Mr Spock
Mr Spock:
Got to be the most adorably fully grown man ever.
My Matty ♡
Daniel Kody Kodyopolis
Daniel Kody Kodyopolis:
This is probably the funniest thing I've seen on Jimmy Fallon's show since it's started.
Mark: *inhales
The kids at the school: *visible panic
Lara Sophia
Lara Sophia:
my innocent little mark you are so cute
Nelo K
Nelo K:
How adorable is he, oh my goodness
Some Anon
Some Anon:
0:29-0:31 mark is me when my teacher tells a joke
hzl blt
hzl blt:
He's so charming, oh god.
Saw this on Pinterest
Double Rich
Double Rich:
this guy is actually such a class act. he is an incredible actor and super humble down to earth guy. hes definitely underrated thats for sure
Lena Dawn
Lena Dawn:
At first I didn't think Mark Ruffalo was attractive when I first saw him in interviews...I don't know what the hell I was thinking...HE'S SO FUCKING HOT
His voice😍
Vilota Vil
Vilota Vil:
I give this will it blow, a 2 Mark Ruffalo's out of five!
Richard Rodriguez
Richard Rodriguez:
Mark Ruffalo is the best Banner and Hulk since Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno. He based his Bruce on Bixby's, being that of a likable guy who is anything but a wimp, and the Hulk on Ferrigno's as a growling monster with a sense of humor.
kev lee
kev lee:
lol wished we could have really see the kids reaction
Jimmy acting like he was at the preschool and witnessing the whole situation.
I haven't laughed this hard in a while. This is one funny story. And storyteller
S M:
He deserves a oscar for the best cringe acting *jimmy
Allison Blackwood
Allison Blackwood:
LMAO! I can't get enough of this! 
TaeTae Ta
TaeTae Ta:
He’s so sweet ❤️
Johnny Bravo
Johnny Bravo:
Mark Ruffalo.Liked him in the movie "Begin Again" which i just saw recently!
Heidi Claire
Heidi Claire:
ahahaha OMG I am laughing so hard because I can picture the Hulk story going down.
This would be my reaction to meeting Mark
Cling Clang
Cling Clang:
*Holy jesus on a popsicle i love the avengers*
Casey Seaman
Casey Seaman:
I just recently watched Zodiac, and Mark Jake, and Robert are a good trio
Varshita Yadav
Varshita Yadav:
Hulk need a stand alone movie .....he has become so equally famous like all other from india.......
Lucía Gil
Lucía Gil:
He looks good 😍😍🤤😍
The native group Small town folk
The native group Small town folk:
My dad used to scare me with the hulk telling me he’s gonna call him whenever I don’t behave