Mark Ruffalo Reacts to Being Compared to Noah Centineo

Mark Ruffalo shares what he thinks about everyone saying Noah Centineo looks like a younger him, and he reveals how much trouble he got into for Avengers spoilers during his last appearance.

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Mark Ruffalo Reacts to Being Compared to Noah Centineo


100+ comentarios:

Shining Stars Farm
Shining Stars Farm:
"I wish I was that good looking." Somebody get that man a mirror.
Kristinn Ómar Ágústsson
Kristinn Ómar Ágústsson:
Mark isnt being compared to Noah.. Noah’s beeing compared to Mark
Anurupa Roychowdhury
Anurupa Roychowdhury:
Mark needs to stand in front of the mirror for a good 2 minutes and appreciate his good looks.
Elle Berg
Elle Berg:
These two should cast on a remake of "17 again"
Mark Ruffalo and Noah Centinao are both ‘achievabley ’ attractive. Like they’re good looking but could also be your neighbor.
amber rose
amber rose:
they should have made mark ruffalo say "woah woah woah" no one wud be able to hear
the difference.
eva martinez
eva martinez:
"I could just sit there and be beautiful."
-Mark Ruffalo 2019
Mark Ruffalo to Tom Holland, "I love that guy, he's just like a human SPOILER shield."

Nobody survives even one bit
Nobody survives even one bit:
They do look like father and son.
mark ruffalo was my celebrity crush since 13 going on 30...he needs to give himself some credit <3
Rachel Coffman
Rachel Coffman:
What we need is a remake of 13 going 30 but just Matt Flamhaff's life with noah centineo as his younger self.
Stephanie Walker
Stephanie Walker:
"He's probably like 15 or something"
He's actually 22😁
linda torres
linda torres:
“I’ll take Mark because everybody knows I like it Ruffalo”
Faryal A
Faryal A:
Has Mark even seen himself? He’s like Adonis in real life
Alia Daniyarova
Alia Daniyarova:
Low key disappointed that Hemsworth and Evans aren’t gonna do press together
Sushmita Guha
Sushmita Guha:
"I can sit there and be beautiful " 🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭😭😭❤❤❤❤
I’ve never heard of Noah before but Jesus he even sounds like Mark 😅😂
Jebbie 94RAPliners
Jebbie 94RAPliners:
Noah is cute but Mark is *ZADDY* 😏😶🤧
Simply Montranae Vlogs
Simply Montranae Vlogs:
Long lost son??? His picture when he was 15 tho 😂😂😂
He is so humble and that makes him attractive. 💓
Ivy Yee
Ivy Yee:
Who's here after watching Avengers: Endgame? 🙋🙋🙋
he does kinda look like young mark ruffalo but mark > noah 💁🏻‍♀️
Sandra Oliveira
Sandra Oliveira:
It is not just the appearance. It's how they talk, even the tone of voice is similar. Two beautiful boys !! 😍😍😍😍😍
not to degrade Noah Centineo... but Mark has a much richer look than just merely looking good. like they both look GOOD, but Mark is just...... yknow .... good good hHAHAH i mean have yall seen him in 13 going on 30???
Daniela Moreno
Daniela Moreno:
Mark Ruffalo is so humble... Love him... He's super cute
Kevin Yusuf
Kevin Yusuf:
Noah should be cast as young Mark Ruffalo if they'd create young avengers 👍
The Action Brick
The Action Brick:
Yeeeaaaaaah! Mark Ruffalo!
Komal Gupta
Komal Gupta:
Even I didn’t know people were comparing him and noah😂😂😂 wtf
But now i see it.
꧁Phoenix Uprising꧂
꧁Phoenix Uprising꧂:
Captain America is America's butt. ❤️❤️
Nayops 20
Nayops 20:
No one can compare Mark, he is his own legend❗️👏🏼
Shailly Verma
Shailly Verma:
i love how no one is talking abt how mark TOOK HIS OWN BRACES OFF
Apilla Pasya
Apilla Pasya:
Tom Holland is "Human Spoiler Shield" 😂😂😂
Mark Rufflao is funny af 😂😂🤣
Mark is the god of humbleness and modesty and he is a daddy!!!
Lucy Fairweather
Lucy Fairweather:
Omg when Mark said “he’s amazing at everything, he’s Captain America, I’m just Bruce Banner” 😭😭 he underestimates himself so much I can’t 😫🥰
Jimmy : you look like noah centineo
Mark : ( awkard silence) ( doesn't know who noah is)
Nehir Akın
Nehir Akın:
I wish he got paired up with Scarlett Johansson. Still shipping Natasha and Bruce!
Tessa Marie
Tessa Marie:
Ummmm Mark is a freakin fox dude 😍 Noah’s hot too
Allets Sirram
Allets Sirram:
so i just watched to all the boys:always and forever.. and just noticed that noah was like young mark.. his voice almost similar.. went to google and typed "Noah Centineo reminds me of Mark Rufallo".. i thought im the only noticed this😂
Jordyn Elliott
Jordyn Elliott:
NOO!! I was watching old acting videos and I saw Mark Ruffalo in his early 20s. He was pretty fine
But isn’t Mark older than Noah so Noah is being compared to Mark?

-I lost brain cells trying to understand that nvm 🤠
Aubree Aidyn
Aubree Aidyn:
I wouldn't compare him to Noah but Noah does I feel like tries to sound like him which is cool. But Mark is my fave.
Aariyani Rana
Aariyani Rana:
NEVER EVER AND I MEAN EVER compare Noah Centipede to the king that is Mark Ruffalo also some one get this man a mirror he's so handsome
He sounds exactly like him!!!
Dora Piñon
Dora Piñon:
He is sooooo hot ❤️❤️❤️and humble 🤩
Beth Gilbert
Beth Gilbert:
I'd love too see those 2 play father and son one day. ❤️
Lindisiwe Mlotywa
Lindisiwe Mlotywa:
Is this how I’m finding out that this man is married ............ **single tear**
He is the sweetest person!! ❤️
Lexi Lechowicz
Lexi Lechowicz:
"That's the one positive thing that will come out of this president-I'm sorry."😍🤣
Omg first time hearing this but like damn they do sound the same and Noah does look like Mark in 13 Going On 30.
At least NOW I finally realize why I thought Noah was handsome, he reminds me of young Mark 🤣
Viki Geanopulos
Viki Geanopulos:
Mark Ruffalo is the sexiest and sweetest man alive!
0:42 Ok but the puppy in Noah's arm tho, I'm melting 😍
…I would have had a crush on him. I did the same thing to my braces.
*There is only one Mark Ruffalo. And he is spectacular.* ❤
Deanna D
Deanna D:
I love him so much cause he’s such a sweetheart. And Mark please, as Jimmy said, you are THAT good looking. ❤️❤️❤️
Deepti DC
Deepti DC:
Who'd thought the Hulk is the most humble avenger??? Mark is just so sweet and humble. I am so gonna miss them when this ends😭
as a teenager now, i would probably have a crush on teenage mark ruffalo.
Lucía Gil
Lucía Gil:
This man is hilarious 😂 1:54
Marie Lwom
Marie Lwom:
Mark is my favorite celebrity. He so humble and you could tell he genuinely cares about the world. I first fell in love when I watched 13 going on 30. He’s just so cool I wanna cry.
Man I love Mark so much! Such a humble & genuine person!
bubblegum cyber
bubblegum cyber:
Noah Centineo (tatbilb) : not long
(Josh asking scene)
Mark Ruffalo : too long
Wasim Alam
Wasim Alam:
That's a perfect Mark Ruffalo moment
Simply Free
Simply Free:
Mark and Tom Ha doing an interview together is like a fans dream come true
Luka Snedden
Luka Snedden:
i wish he'd realize how beautiful he is >:(
Maureen Patayan
Maureen Patayan:
my jaw freaking dropped when I saw Mark's throwback photo
Kim Kai
Kim Kai:
"I go swimming and just sink to the bottom"

I'm crack at this ahahahah
Aleya West
Aleya West:
there is this one picture of mark when he was younger that looks EXACTLY like noah
Beisa Mustafa
Beisa Mustafa:
“I wish I was that good looking” man but you were when you were Noah’s age 😍
U C:
Mark has always been my one of fav actor since I was a kid. And he aged really nicely.
And u look better on your peak mark 😂
They do have similar features! Mark is such a chill and funny dude
He just dropped a spoiler 4:36 saying, "I am just Bruce Banner." I guess professor hulk is on his way! Too bad Mark you can't keep it.
Sheela Singh
Sheela Singh:
Mark is so grounded....that's the reason why he's the hulk who smashes everybody and he does smash everything spot on no matter he's green or not......... I love that about him and he's such a good avenger!
He has such a sweet face omg
0:15 okay i swear that was Noah's voice omg
Tracey Claver
Tracey Claver:
"I could just sit there and be beautiful." 😂😂😂
Arfa Maside
Arfa Maside:
"I can just sit there and be beautiful"
Sam Ash
Sam Ash:
Someone make a movie with these two as father and son!
Vân Trang Nguyễn
Vân Trang Nguyễn:
Mark is so humble about everything (his look, his character,...) he probably doesn't realize how amazing he is!!
Meghna M
Meghna M:
I was so happy when they talked about Chris Evans !!
P. Zarthea
P. Zarthea:
I just love the way he speak! Chill and calm 😂
Tanujaa Ravikumar
Tanujaa Ravikumar:
Mark is so cute 😂❤❤❤❤💖💖💖💖💖😍😍😍😍😍😙😚
Simply Free
Simply Free:
lol how they're like "c'mon.. it's Chris Evans" hahaha yeah so true.
Ryanne Richardson
Ryanne Richardson:
"He's probably 15 or something" 😂😂
kiran chopra
kiran chopra:
we literally don't deserve Mark, such a down to earth, innocent, sweet person.. i cry everytime i see him
arju scarlet
arju scarlet:
I need to build myself a time machine and meet the young hot Mark Ruffalo.😍😍😍
Shazlyn Asyzreen
Shazlyn Asyzreen:
“who u want to be press with”
mark : “ chris evan. i can just sit there and be beautiful”
Ttegirb White
Ttegirb White:
Noah is his missed son 😅😂😁
Who knew Mark Ruffalo suffers from ADHD too as well as being deaf in the left ear after his brain tumour in early 00s which left his left side paralysed. This dude has been through so much in life.

Loved him since 13.
hot ice
hot ice:
I developed sudden crush on Mark Ruffalo after watching NYSM ❤️
Did he just say “im just bruce banner”?!? BOI HULK IS A FUCKING LEGEND 🙌🏻 YOU CANT NOT GIVE HIM CREDIT (hulk is my fave avenger)
I had a huge crush on mark as a kid ..this guy so humble to admit how handsome he still is
AS - 12ZZ 617560 The Woodlands SS
AS - 12ZZ 617560 The Woodlands SS:
im sobbing this is gonna be the last press tour with all 6 of them ajskdskf
Why is nobody talking about how Mark Ruffalo said 'Chris Evans'? 😍
I wonder if they really recognise how identical they sound, because we don't hear ourselves like other people do. I've never heard two people sound so alike. Fascinating.
Dr. Wang
Dr. Wang:
Mark Ruffalo is just a really awesome guy.
Violetta Azul
Violetta Azul:
I love him... He's so precious 💕
J S:
To all the people who wear braces, “I go swimming and sink to the bottom of the pool.” 😂🤣 Well that’s me Ruffalo
Ellie E
Ellie E:
Doesn’t Mark realise that every young lady had a crush on him in 13 Going on 30? 😊 And yes, it would be awesome to see Mark and Noah as a father son duo in a movie sometime. 👍
Rashed Kabir
Rashed Kabir:
All we need now is a movie with both of them together :D as Father/Son