Martial hat-trick seals the win! | Highlights | Manchester United 3-0 Sheffield Utd | Premier League

See all the highlights from Old Trafford as Anthony Martial's first Premier League hat-trick for the Reds gave Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's side a comfortable 3-0 win over Sheffield United at Old Trafford!

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Charlie Sutton
Charlie Sutton:
Guys don’t skip the ads so we can sign Sancho
Martial: scores hattrick

Me who played 1000 career modes with him: *I raised that boy.*
VINZ-X 09:
Past : Yorke and Cole
Now: Martial and Rashford
Ryan Kanungo
Ryan Kanungo:
Rashford: 2 assists today and 19 goals in all competitions
Martial: 3 goals today and 19 goals in all competitions

These two go together well like Sergio Ramos and red cards.
Love In The House
Love In The House:
Ole's here getting his signings spot on, playing attacking football and protecting those underperforming and improving players as a manager should. Manchester United's Culture is on its way back, boys. Haters we're Hated, Adored but never Ignored.
Martial with a beaming smile on his face after the game is one of the most wholesome photos we’ll see. Well done Tony 🔥
Elias Sancho
Elias Sancho:
Anthony Martial this season:

• 36 games
• 19 goals
• 5 assists
No player has scored more Premier League goals in 2020 than Anthony Martial (7).
Uncle Matic was phenomenal tonight, he was jogging around the pitch yet he covered so much space. A very important player for this team
Dewar Alsan
Dewar Alsan:

Pogba ➡️Bruno➡️Martial➡️Rashford➡️ Martial ⚽

Now that's what I'm talking about 😊
Ole,he brings the thing we miss since fergie. One by one

5 goal in one match✅
Shiva RV
Shiva RV:
If you see the last goal, Pogba->Bruno->Martial->Rashford-> Tony martial scores again!!!
Elias Sancho
Elias Sancho:
A 13 game unbeaten run, 33 goals scored and just 3 goals conceded in that run.... OLE AT THE WHEEL 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Josué Abraham Sánchez Pliego
Josué Abraham Sánchez Pliego:
What a touch by Fernandes in the third goal🔥🔥
Martial: * Scores a hattrick *

Premier League: Wait, that's illegal!
Harry Obikili
Harry Obikili:
Lowkey forgot who jessie lingard was lol, hope he improves tho
*“And that’s the third, a hatrick, it’s a day he will never forget!”*

My dream is to become a successful YouTuber one day ❤️💫
now that is Martial Art 🤪🤙
Awopetu Ibukun
Awopetu Ibukun:
0:39 Fernandes did him dirty 😂
Rashid Masud
Rashid Masud:
Who else believe we will finish on top 4
Am I the only one who has come back to watch these highlights multiple times already? Absolutely in love with united right now!
Retro Fury
Retro Fury:
I almost forgot we were allowed to score a hattrick in the premier league
Bryan Seva
Bryan Seva:
Is this the era of awakening MU, of course, should be able to rise🔥
Victor Kirui
Victor Kirui:
Such a pity the stadium was empty for this memorable day
Blantik_ Purel
Blantik_ Purel:
1:20 wonderful trick from Pogba and Bruno
curious pug
curious pug:
When it's actually a premier league football but felt like a sunday league football
Alexizz Utd 711
Alexizz Utd 711:
The Pogba ft Bruno Show it’s even more magical than we all imagine to be 👌🏼❤️
2:02 Didn't you just see me score a hat-trick ? Get out my way
"One team really on their game today, the other very off color."
AlFayazz Vlog
AlFayazz Vlog:
Its so comfortable to watch a game without lingard 🥰
sayyam nasir
sayyam nasir:
Wan Bissaka has improved immensely on his attacking play, he's truly the best RB in the PL right now. 🔥🔥🔥🌟
yoga Pratama
yoga Pratama:
It's been a long time since the last hattrick. Like since who? Rvp? 😂😂😂
Fábio Silva
Fábio Silva:
How nobody talking about that amazing back heel pass from Bruno Fernandes!?
Abu Yusuf
Abu Yusuf:
French man, never smile?....martial, 😂 now he's have a big smile , new clue for pogba if they play a quiz again😂😂
John Frankenheimer
John Frankenheimer:
“Three of the best he’s made them pay, and that completes a wonderful hat-rick”
"It's a hatrick today, he's really been on form."
Man of the Match: Matic
All PrankStarz
All PrankStarz:
His finishing touches has improved so confident...
Draxler Gotham
Draxler Gotham:
The real hero today was the nice lady that reminded him to collect his Match Ball..😂😍💯
Afnan Studio
Afnan Studio:
First PL hattrick in 7 years for the club.

And english press said he got no chance
Boyo 2008
Boyo 2008:
“ three of the best he’s made them pay and that completes a wonderful hat-trick”
Lonely Partial
Lonely Partial:
0:39 when you panic on fifa and spam tackle
"Three of the best, he's made them pay, and that completes a wonderful hat-trick!"
One 2.
One 2.:
“Three of the best! he’s made them pay & that completes a wonderful hattrick”
Astro Sanga
Astro Sanga:
"Three of the best he's made them pay."
Jason Ferrandino
Jason Ferrandino:
0:30 I love the groan from the guy when rashford misses lmao what a game and martial is great!
Varney Mabande
Varney Mabande:
That last goal was truly the icing on the hat-trick. This is the Martial we ❤️.
Kai Biagi -
Kai Biagi -:
3rd time watching, one for each goal
Mohammad Shahiq
Mohammad Shahiq:
''The build up play was dream" !!
Finally we have a foundation to build on. Lets go boys!!
Memphis Osarfo Redeemer
Memphis Osarfo Redeemer:
1:19 the commentator makes the goal look so lovely to watch over and over again , see how he was doing it 🤩🤩😍😍😍

None can compare to the Premier League and this is the league , we want to watch .
Love from Ghana 🇬🇭🇬🇭
KeaneGaff 64
KeaneGaff 64:
Three of the best he's made them pay, and it's a day he'll never forget

Thx for the likes I don't get many
Supreeth N Shekar
Supreeth N Shekar:
Pogba's brilliant pass to Bruno and Bruno's backheel pass to Martial 👌
Shashank Makhija
Shashank Makhija:
1:19 That backheel by Bruno though 😍lit 🔥
Gustav B
Gustav B:
Ole done an amazing job, really.
Tough job rebuilding the mess of a squad with plenty deadweights.
He's got nerve of steel, keep working hard even when some United's fans didnt believe him and demand for his sacking.
Slowly but surely he is kicking away the deadweights, improving the talented youths, and hiring world class stars.
I hope his positive trend continues.
Ole Gend
Ole Gend:
@2:00 get out of the way peasant, a King Passes through 😤😂❤️
Daya Singh
Daya Singh:
“It’s a third, it’s a hattrick today and a perfect day for the player”.
day feed
day feed:
1:57 i saw that Tony. And after that he back with his signature rest face lol
Memphis Osarfo Redeemer
Memphis Osarfo Redeemer:
1:19 the commentary is so sweet 😊 🤩😍
Matthew Theron
Matthew Theron:
0:33 whenever im sitting on the toilet. 😁😀Superb performance!!!
nofri rafsanjani
nofri rafsanjani:

Tony martial he came from france,
the english press said he had no chance,
50 million down the drain
Tony Martial scores again,and again, and again🙃
mnika voli
mnika voli:
"It's a hatrick today, he's really been on form."
Jonathan Sweeney
Jonathan Sweeney:
The first two goals is what I love to see 😍 from him more of those poacher type goals
butti fdft
butti fdft:
“Three of the best he’s made them pay, and that completes a wonderful hat-rick”
The build up for the third goal is just amazing🔥🔥🔥🔥
pat li
pat li:
he really knows how to chip the keepers
Ujjwal Garg
Ujjwal Garg:
Now this is the real united we have been missing from 2 years, great performance.
Dodi Reza
Dodi Reza:
0:33 The commentator tried to hold his nerf.
1:58 marshall seems to have a grudge with the guy... "move"
Adi Suadnyana
Adi Suadnyana:
Bruno pogba🔥
Ahmad Sujiman Rahman
Ahmad Sujiman Rahman:
Pogba is buttlefly, every time he touch a ball, many opposing players waching his feet..
Ur dads A shmuck
Ur dads A shmuck:
Just imagine the addition of Sancho 😬
Anonymous Alley
Anonymous Alley:
"Three of the best,he's made them's a day he'll never forget"
oktofio kasenda
oktofio kasenda:
The build up on the third goal was amazing. I hope they keep this performance until the end of the season...
Rhemizard adi putra
Rhemizard adi putra:
We're premier league championsssssssss 2019/202 😘🏆
Haziq Rohaizam
Haziq Rohaizam:
0:34 arghhhhhhhh by the commentator 🤣
Lonely Gamer- PS4, Tech & Travel
Lonely Gamer- PS4, Tech & Travel:
Am I the only one who noticed Martial saying, "Move!!" 2:02
Look at that guy's reaction!! :D
game football
game football:
martial played a great match 💖💖💖
Mex Meee
Mex Meee:
martial everywhere in social media since yesterday 1 million views in one day watching martial that is amazing
Ilham Ganang
Ilham Ganang:
james mason
james mason:
First time in a long time I’m feeling confident about our team! Well done boys
anaa rahman
anaa rahman:
Pogba - Bruno
Rashford - Martial

I Love This Combination❤️
Kahovi Sumi
Kahovi Sumi:
The first and third goals were treat to eyes.
He made them look simple
LM 16
LM 16:
U see guys the third’s goal connection 😉
wow 🔴🔴🔴 🏃🏾‍♂️🏃🏾‍♂️🏃🏾‍♂️🔥🔥🔥
Congrats Anthony 🙌🏾
Rixx Kumar
Rixx Kumar:
Martial has been one of my favorite united players.
Jonathan De La Peña
Jonathan De La Peña:
Bruno Fernandes and Bissaka what a signs 😍🤤🔥
Martial and Rashford 🔥🥺💎
Lucky Rooney
Lucky Rooney:
AT sometime in game i thought united were doing their practice 😆😆 bcause sheffield was playing like a team which has pressure of relegation
Martial’s mastered the chip finish 🔥🔥🔥
Alex Music
Alex Music:
let's go Manchester United I Love you I'm from Brazil 🇧🇷🖤❤️🇬🇧👍
Fachrid Gaming
Fachrid Gaming:
Halo!,Me Fachrid Vans To Club Manchester United Me From Indonesia Hi!,
heri aris
heri aris:
yang +62
coba kalian ke asisten google, terus bilang ngomong Anthony Martial, kan ada yang aneh🙈 masak di bilang penyerang barcelona😂
Prince_ Football
Prince_ Football:
What a day for Anthony Martial. He smiles and we smiles too.
‘Anthony Martial, the young French Forward’
Constantin Lungu
Constantin Lungu:
The third goal tho !!!🔥
Shaikh Shaikat
Shaikh Shaikat:
I love how Martial keeps embarassing goalkeepers, first against watford and now the third vs sheffield
Chan Nyein Lwin Chan
Chan Nyein Lwin Chan:
The Red Devils' Glory again
at Oldtrafford 🔥
Horacio Manuli
Horacio Manuli:
Thanks for the victory and the great performance!!! CONGRATS to the all players and the coach!!! I hope that we could to reach the goal of finish the season qualifying to the Champions League!!!
Ujwal Limbu
Ujwal Limbu:
Cant wait to see the confidence of our lads in the coming games❤️❤️ggmu
pak agis
pak agis:
Feels like dwight yorke and andy cole reborn
Taufik TV
Taufik TV:
We Love United We Do ❤