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Lee Feinberg
Lee Feinberg:
Marty, thanks for making this video. My mom is very sick and have been listening to Miracle repeatedly. She can't be cured, but your song is lifting my spirits.
Muhammad Irsyazman
Muhammad Irsyazman:
I met Marty last night. He’s such a humble guy, and also so excited to learn new stuff from other musician.
Marty Friedman is a great guitarist. He chose to live in Japan, and could see how he adapted to the Japanese environment, including his playing style. He included elements of J-rock in his music this time, a very smart guitarist.
farhan aj
farhan aj:
Only Marty and Jason Becker has that signature midway bend in almost all of their songs. The arpeggios is really intense emotionally that you are literally levitating in the air, weeping asking for more.
i think the solo in this has gotta be in the top 10 solos ever. IMO
David Gómez
David Gómez:
This song is so beautiful, peacefull, but energic and happy at the same time, simply awesome, Marty you're the best guitarist ever
He can tell a story through his guitar.
Carlos Escobar Silva
Carlos Escobar Silva:
The emotions that Marty generates ... the feeling ... it's really incredible the sensations that his music makes. Marty gives just pure emotions in his playing.
There will never be another like him. The most unique, soulful instrumentalist ever to play shred and metal.

Saw him live about a couple years ago, incredible show, he is the real deal.
If u love marty friedman,u gotta love jason becker.
If u love jason becker,u gotta love marty friedman.
I love both guitarist.
Damn.. So much emotion, nostalgia,... I really am speechless. It is amazing how you can communicate your feelings and/or thoughts to anyone with just music.
Megadeth will never sound as great as the time with you on lead guitar 🎸🎸🎸
TL Oska
TL Oska:
2:41 it makes your heart melt!
Gaurav Bhatt
Gaurav Bhatt:
This touches my soul everytime I hear this..
Rafael Sequera
Rafael Sequera:
This song never gets old!
Arie Handoko
Arie Handoko:
Marty could bring a strong emotion into his songs... He's the GOAT!!
Never can get enough of this song
Roscoa The Bulldog
Roscoa The Bulldog:
...goose bumps all over my body...AWESOME Marty... THANK YOU for the EMOTIONS!!!
Emmanuel Wong
Emmanuel Wong:
Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. All hail Marty!
Shane William
Shane William:
That was fucking insane 🤘🤘
You've led a blessed life
enrico ronconi
enrico ronconi:
this is what music is made for, moving emotions. thank you Marty
Paulo Gomes
Paulo Gomes:
Beautiful. Thank you Marty, for never failing to inspire me.
Ganesh 97
Ganesh 97:
Marty's solos have a timeless feel
iszac wagner
iszac wagner:
These days I realize Marty was the best thing that happened to Megadeth.
Stephen Reeve
Stephen Reeve:
Almost angelic, without meaning to be corny. Just a beautiful piece of music.Marty, you never fail to deliver.
Imti Jamir
Imti Jamir:
I've yet to hear a guitar player whose bends sounds as sweet as Marty's.
Rifle Twist
Rifle Twist:
VERY cool. Thank you Marty...I LOVE your artist model guitars too!
Chris Zaferes
Chris Zaferes:
Wow! Speechless! Marty has always been one of my favorites.....
This takes me back to the day I listened to his second solo album, Scenes, for the first time. The guitar speaks not words, but feelings and emotions, and this song takes me on a nostalgic ride through time.
Сергей Владимирович
Сергей Владимирович:
Не ожидал, что понравится. Его реально можно спокойно слушать без всяких слов - игра как энциклопедия))
Lucas B
Lucas B:
No words ... Thank you Marty, you are the greatest guitarist of my generation
Kaikuang yngwie
Kaikuang yngwie:
I can't get this amazing guitar solo out of my head
Mike Groisman
Mike Groisman:
Marty is so great musician.
Last month I went to his show, he is amazing
Cabaret Gamers
Cabaret Gamers:
Such a wonderful song. It really makes you reflect and go through events in your life with the music. Quite an accomplishment.
Amazing! Marty is a great example of a musician who keeps getting better and maturing! This was a particularly emotive piece! Great!! Thanks for all the music Marty Freidman! Respect! Oh yeah, Happy New Year 2019 everyone. May it be a good one! The last of this era and decade. A crazy decade it has been. I call the 2010's the bestworst decade I have seen and lived :D
Simi Lamba
Simi Lamba:
He doesn't need words , his guitar is doing all the talking. Fucking emotional!
Bernard - Music
Bernard - Music:
love that whole song, production & clip! emotional!!!!!
Bud Moyer
Bud Moyer:
Another masterpiece. This is up there with some of my favorites. Great song Marty, keep rocking and doing the unexpected.
Thank you so much marty for sharing this with us. <3
Great song and video,Marty! This reminds me that each one of us is truly a miracle!
When the song came out i really liked it, but now with the video the emotional impact is huge. And i don't know why, i felt kinda sad especially at the end of the song i almost cried. You are true miracle Marty, and true inspiration to me.
VinZ UI:
This song chilled my spine with so much with emotions and melodies. Thank you marty for this beautiful song you played.
It feels and sounds.. so emotional, well done Master.
Fraser Angus
Fraser Angus:
Wow Marty you never fail to impress. What an amazing work of art
Ashan De Silva
Ashan De Silva:
sheer brilliance of his phrasing and note choice on this is amazing
Benjamin Hawthorn
Benjamin Hawthorn:
This may be the most beautifully expressive guitar playing I have ever heard! Marty communicates more through his fingers on a guitar than most people can with their tongue.
Cristiano Tonel Fetter
Cristiano Tonel Fetter:
Your record "Scenes" is my secret weapon for putting my kid to sleep, it's so peaceful, he loves it. You are the greatest... love you man!
Francisco André Gonçalves
Francisco André Gonçalves:
One of the few songs with solos that gives goose bumps, tears of happiness and hope!
lanuien sanen
lanuien sanen:
Beautiful 😊
My 10th time watching this on youtube.!
You are my guitar Idol Marty. Thank you 😊
No Mo
No Mo:
The passion of guitar playing can be clearly seen in Friedman & Steve Vai ❤
Blue Matrix
Blue Matrix:
wow, it really is a miracle watching this, great tune from the master!
Willow World
Willow World:
Thankyou Marty, I appreciate all the good you have done in your lifetime, especially with your music.
God bless you Marty !!!! this song made my day !! made me smile and cry at the same time
El solo del tema me parece de lo más hermoso que escuche!!!
guy Guadalupe
guy Guadalupe:
This is for sure much more uplifting than playing with megadeth - Amazing -
Julian Ibañez
Julian Ibañez:
This is really inspiring! Even to me!! Awesome video
Yet another Marty song which grabbed me the first time I heard it: simply, utterly beautiful
Ali imran
Ali imran:
This song is awesome...
Thanks for Marty
Jeffry Londoño
Jeffry Londoño:
Peace comes to me every time I listen to this.
Robert Kedzzia
Robert Kedzzia:
Masterclass..Hats off to this Man..all the best Marty, you'v got the gift from God. Amazing note...
Nico Pillay
Nico Pillay:
Every song ever created in dedication to friendship has always invoked raw emotion.
Miss Azul Music II
Miss Azul Music II:
I feel inlove with this tune, fantastic guitar playing. 🔥
Great song, many strong and many sweet. Friedman rules!
Tim Farly
Tim Farly:
really love this instrumental.
Desert Rain Music
Desert Rain Music:
I cried watching this video thinking about my parents who passed away within a year of each other. Thank you Marty for this!
Mika Jiverson
Mika Jiverson:
If I could hit like.. This is a guitar god's level that only could achieve through meditation in myobokuzan mountain.. The harmony, phrasing, vibrato, tone, emotion and video concept are just perfect.. Love it..
Quantum Dave
Quantum Dave:
Anyone has tabs for this?especially arpeggio section is lovely!👌
With Eddy gone and hearing this the day after. I can't help to shed a tear... the role the mission to carry on the legacy ! Inspired yet happy and sad! Glad to be part of a universal family of musicians! Big Fan here ! Much Love from England Thanks Marty :) Bluesy !
Quave Glass
Quave Glass:
Unbelievably moving piece. Hail Marty.
Lespaul Rumahorbo
Lespaul Rumahorbo:
There is something in my eyes while I am listening this beautiful song. 😇😇
Fernanda Reyes
Fernanda Reyes:
Today is my birthday and so many bad fires going on in LA and people losing their homes and I'm so sick. It's been a sad day and I was so sad In my house... then all of the sudden you out this out today. I shed tears the first time I watched it, I loved every second of it. Thank you for making such beautiful music and for sharing with us your path towards guitar. So much love from your family and support, it's beautiful.Thank you Marty, see you soon.
Denis Khabibullin
Denis Khabibullin:
God Bless You, Marty!
Darren Johnson
Darren Johnson:
One of the best guitarists of all time in my book!
Adina Cummings
Adina Cummings:
Thank u Marty for giving us a soundtrack of life. U are truly an inspiration to us all!!!
Devon Miller
Devon Miller:
My ALL-TIME favorite guitarist. Brings me to tears every time. Love you Marty
Luis Garcia
Luis Garcia:
Great emotional impact, wonderful!
Anton Happy
Anton Happy:
Marty's childhood, the song is perfectly describe the joy and your childhood happiness.
Grey Wolf Channel
Grey Wolf Channel:
This song is really miracolous. You are my favorite guitarrist and really great artist. You inspired to me and i want get to your level. Long live, Marty Friedman
É de arrepiar esse video !quase que choro sério!não sei explicar!
Brayan Coral Wine
Brayan Coral Wine:
Lo mejor que escuche en todo el año. Eres una leyenda, maestro Friedman.
Gabriel Garcia
Gabriel Garcia:
I love martys music style so much. Ive discovered him through Jason and I knew after watching his interviews and guitar lessons he is the real deal.Jason was to good to have als. Jason was the prodigy and Marty was the experience. They filled in each others gaps. Every time i hear ninja I cry bc thats it no on could be that great duo.Its been an honor knowing this music
Hasri Hashim
Hasri Hashim:
Love this song. It's so heartwarming with the montage of photos and videos of childhood. The end arpeggios are so well placed and serve the song well without the boring feel of the usual ascending and descending notes. Thanks for this miracle of a song, Marty.
Eric OSAS:
I never expected to be brought to tears, yet there I was balling my eyes out. 🙏🏽
mister doctor
mister doctor:
This is a song which you can hear no matter what's your mood
Pablo Díaz
Pablo Díaz:
One of most beautiful songs of Marty. Long live to Friedman! 🙌🙏
Ulisses Scarparo
Ulisses Scarparo:
Amazing video.
Fantastic song.
Congratulations Marty.
Markus Niewerth
Markus Niewerth:
Great Video Marty. Epic results of showing beloved lost people, your playing is so awesome on this great piece of music. You have the heart on the right side, thank you!
This melodic side of marty is what I love
Be healed in this song !!
thank you marty !
His playing is so mesmerizing. Love your melody. 🤗🤗🤗
Diman B
Diman B:
sweet and beautiful song.. as expected from Marty
Law For All
Law For All:
The ending arpeggio is so so amazing.... Can't get it out of my head
ferry brian
ferry brian:
this is the most beautiful guitar instrumental i've ever heard! i love you Marty! Thank you!
Petra Sirait
Petra Sirait:
❤️🖤 this song and the childhood video is really making me pointing my brother's happy life... he was a miracle for us, and he always will be... see you again brother... for eternity 🙏🏻 #EHS
Arthur Andrade
Arthur Andrade:
at least once a week I listen to this song, such a masterpiece.... <3
Amazing song! Marty looks so 'complete' as he plays this song. Great to watch.
Lima Longkumer
Lima Longkumer:
I just can't help myself to ignore Marty's picking hand lol man what a oddly posture but yet the melodies it creates is so soothing 😭❤️🔥🔥.
Xinzhao Li
Xinzhao Li:
Goosebumps from the beginning of the song until the end...
alexander boza
alexander boza:
this song is just perfect, reaching souls all over the world, god bless you marty