Marvel Studios' Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings | Official Teaser REACTION!!

Eric, Rick, Calvin and Aaron react to and discuss Marvel Studios' Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings | Official Teaser. #ShangChi #ShangChiAndTheLegendOfTheTenRings

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Blind Wave
Blind Wave:
Are you excited for Shang Chi? We definitely are!
The Heart Locker
The Heart Locker:
Fun fact: In the comics he doesn't particularly have any superpowers he's just so good at hand to hand fighting that it is considered to be his superpower
Wandavision was a mystery drama, Falcon and the Winter Soldier is a buddy flick, Loki is gonna be a crime/thriller and Shang Chi is gonna be a martial arts origin story. Marvel is doing all the genres rn
Mike Louie San Pascual
Mike Louie San Pascual:
I hope Ben Kingsley reprise his role here as the fake Mandarin. I want to see him face to face with the real one
Major respect to whoever composed this music!
Sen Howler
Sen Howler:
Mandarin: trains his son by having people hit him on the head with a wooden staff.
Also the Mandarin: "My son, why do you have to be so hard headed about everything?"
My parents:
I gave you ten years to live your life
Where did that get you?
Back to me!
Esteban Araya Porras
Esteban Araya Porras:
Woman: Who are you?
Shang Chi: 👎🏻👊🏻✊🏻👎🏻👊🏻👌🏻🖖🏻🤙🏻👊🏻
Kai Vo
Kai Vo:
Lady : Who are you
Shang chi : Let me do the cool pose first
This guy is a Canadian actor (Most recently on a show called "Kim's Convienence") and he TWEETED AT MARVEL that if they were making a Shang-Chi movie, they should cast him. And they did.
Sebastian Massey
Sebastian Massey:
The mandarin is finally being represented properly lol
Shorty Longstrokin
Shorty Longstrokin:
I like how they didn't spoil the introduction of Sonic the Hedgehog returning to San Francisco to look for those 10 rings.
Vyshnavi Peddinti
Vyshnavi Peddinti:
I absolutely love everything Marvel is experimenting right now. Every genre, every style ❤️
Damn fellas, this is hella quick for you
The fight choreography and cinematography looks fantastic 👌
Marvel says the 10 rings were:

Discovered by the Mandarin in China’s “Valley of Spirits,” the Ten Rings of Power are actually the product of the dragon-like race Axonn-Karr (or Makluans) from the planet Maklu-IV. The Axonn-Karr utilized them mainly as the power source for their interstellar craft’s engines. The rings’ functions currently cannot be explained by modern Earth science.

The Mandarin learned how to utilize the rings for own personal use and make them respond to his personal commands. Over the years, the Mandarin’s mind has actually come to inhabit the rings so that now no one else can make use of them. The Mandarin can also now control the rings over large distances.

The functions of each of his original set of rings are as follows:


Pinky: Ice Blast. Freezes the air in its path and can lower an object’s temperature to almost absolute zero.

Ring Finger: Mento-Intensifier. Magnifies the Mandarin’s psychic energy enabling him to mentally control a person. Only effective at short range.

Middle Finger: Electro-Blast. Emits quantities of electrical energy determined by the wearer (Mandarin). Upper limit of output is unknown.

Index Finger: Flame Blast. Emits infrared radiation and can cause air to incandesce by igniting its molecules. Maximum out is unknown.

Thumb: White Light. Emits many different types of energy from the electro-magnetic spectrum. Frequently used as intense visible light and laser beams.


Pinky: Black Light. Creates area of “absolute blackness” where all light is absorbed. It is believed that this ring accesses the “Darkforce” used by people such as Darkstar and the Shroud.

Ring Finger: Disintegration Beam: Destroys bonds between atoms and molecules causing an object’s cohesion to fall apart. Needs 20 minutes recharge time between uses.

Middle Finger: Vortex Beam. Causes air to swirl about in a vortex at high speed. Can levitate objects, propel wearer (Mandarin) in flight and be used as a weapon.

Index Finger: Impact Beam. Projects concussive force of approximately 350 lbs. of TNT. Can also cause intense sonic vibrations and create magnetic waves.

Thumb: Matter Rearranger. Can rearrange atoms and/or molecules of substances or speed up/slow down their movements to result in various effects. Cannot actually transmute elements.
Jordan Marcial
Jordan Marcial:
You wouldn’t even be able to tell it was marvel if it didn’t have the logo lol. Still it looks great tho and the fights scenes are gonna go crazy I can already tell.
Quản Thịnh
Quản Thịnh:
So nobody's talk about Tony Leung's badass voice???
plastic potato
plastic potato:
it's just unfortunate that tony stark was never able to go face to face with the real mandarin
Marianne Johnson
Marianne Johnson:
He’s going to be one of the newest members of the Avengers. Kevin Fiege was adamant about diversity in the MCU and he fits the mold.
Josh Packer
Josh Packer:
So glad Simu Liu from Kim's Convenience got the role
Abby Schneider
Abby Schneider:
The guy with the ten rings behind him IS the Mandarin. The actor playing him is Tony Leung; he’s a fantastic actor (definitely worth checking out films like Hero and Red Cliff)!! I’m so excited to see him in the MCU!
Shorty Longstrokin
Shorty Longstrokin:
"I am the immortal Iron Man, sworn protector of Kung Lao."
going to be the best filmed hand-to-hand fight sequences in the MCU, no question.
also the aladdin A Whole New World karaoke. thumbs up.
I really want a scene of the Mandarin just brutally murdering Trevor for using his name.

Edit: I'm pretty sure they didn't kill Trevor in the short film. The guy told Trevor, "Someone wants to meet you, you took his name and he wants it back."
Montgomery Wenis
Montgomery Wenis:
**Watching Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings trailer**
Erik: "What are those things?"
Everyone: Uhhh, those are the ten rings, bruh.
Ribotto Studios
Ribotto Studios:
2:28 I could watch that on a god damn loop. This is gonna be a KICKASS film. It's gonna be refreshing seeing a street hero again after sorcerers, wall crawlers, gods, super soldiers, and titans. Nice back to basics kind of film but looks INCREDIBLY stylized which mmmmm I love. God I love kung fu movies man.
James Robinson
James Robinson:
I grew up reading Shang Chi, Master of Kung Fu. I can't wait for this
Fun fact regarding "people don't call random old dudes "Hey, Dad!": In various languages other than English, "Father/Mother"/ "Grandfather/Grandmother", or "Uncle/Aunt" are used as generic titles of respect for older people even if you're not related to them. For example, Mandarin and Cantonese ;)
Tan Nguyen
Tan Nguyen:
I am unbelievably hyped for the fact that Tony Leung is in this. He is practically cinema royalty!
Owen Rode
Owen Rode:
This looks so good, so many different diversions from the comics but great changes nonetheless! So excited
Bruna Moura
Bruna Moura:
I'm so excited for this movie!
Carlton Taylor
Carlton Taylor:
K’un Lun was where the old woman was from in Daredevil and the place Iron Fist was supposed to protect.
Trung Minh Tran
Trung Minh Tran:
It's a masterpiece, James. Complete. Comprehensive. Captures the Asian-American experience.
Tony Randall
Tony Randall:
Looks absolutely stunning! Crouching Tiger, Hidden Raya and the Last Dragon looking. Knows little about the character but excited to have 10 rings along with the real Mandarin. Ending reminded me of Speed.
Ian Thorgeirson
Ian Thorgeirson:
This looks good, honestly.
Roselene Macasaol
Roselene Macasaol:
This reminds me of Jackie Chan's old movies. Love it!
I have a feeling this one may end up surprising people. It's always the projects you least suspect IMO
Preston Cicc
Preston Cicc:
Came from watching the other reactions. Waited for this one
Elij Ah
Elij Ah:
Seeing Tony Leung in the mandarin Role makes me so happy. I love him in all his collaborations with Wong Kar-Wai
Plastic bag Man
Plastic bag Man:
The cinematographer for this movie also did the matrix movies as well as some of the Raimi spider man films
So now you guys gonna react too Kim's Convenience? Cause that would be pretty cool.
Erika Poli
Erika Poli:
The mask man is called death dealer and he’s a warrior of the ten rings (part of the mandarins “organization”) and he’s an enemy of shang-chi in the comics. Might be a mentor turned enemy in the movie though
jacob Ramos
jacob Ramos:
I also hope we get like references to Kun Lun and THE iron fist
@Blind Wave, 17:17 That's Death Dealer
In the comics, Shang-Chi's father is Fu Manchu. As the comics was pretty racist in its portrayal of Asian characters and culture, it's been said that this story is a never before seen origin story, a retcon of what we know of the character. Wenwu, Shang-Chi's father is a combination of Fu Manchu and the Mandarin. The Ten Rings are indeed those bracelet looking things on Wenwu's forearms. In the comics, each was worn on his fingers and each one possessed a unique set of powers like the infinity stones. I'm not sure if that's going to happen here, as they were pretty similar to the infinity stone, so the MCU is likely going to to some retconning here, giving us something fresh.
If you were a Marvel fan in the 70s and 80s, then "Master of Kung Fu" was a must-read. Shang-Chi is the best martial artist in the Marvel Universe (including Iron Fist) -- so skilled that his martial arts skills themselves are considered a superpower... even though he's a "normal" human.
The Nerd
The Nerd:
that Bill Pope cinematography looking cleeean
Jayson Simons
Jayson Simons:
The fighting is gonna be amazing in this movie im glad shang chi is getting his own movie
Dark Sarcasm
Dark Sarcasm:
Once I saw the repeat punches on the pole, I couldn’t stop hearing the narration in PeterCapaldi’s voice… hell of a bird!
Nicholas Ayon
Nicholas Ayon:
You boys should watch, not necessarily react too but watch "Kim's Convenience"
M F:
I’m suped, I know literally nothing about Shang Chi but I’m looking forward to learning about him
Morgan Richardson
Morgan Richardson:

- Me when someone starts asking too many questions about a movie I also haven't seen
Shang-Chi and Love Death & Robots trailers dropped on the same day! Man I wish BW reacted to LD&R.. Some of the best short film animation I've seen 👏
Operative 21
Operative 21:
Shang Chi is being played by a Canadian actor named Simu Liu, who plays Jung on the show Kim's Convenience. He also had a guest spot on the Expanse as well! (MCRN Lieutenant Paolo Meyer)
Another Happy Landing
Another Happy Landing:
I don't think Trevor was killed in that one shot, if I remember correctly they abducted him from the prison to take him to the mandarin
iReiGN xx
iReiGN xx:
I thought Falcon and Winter Soldier would be the best fighting choreography we’d be seeing in this year’s superhero movies, but this looks like it’s gonna completely outclass it.
hambo r
hambo r:
You guys should watch Kim's Convivence. Fun show that stars Simu Liu (main character of Shang Chi)
"What are the other options?" "This way..... Boy......"
Daniil Ashurov
Daniil Ashurov:
Tony Leung as Mandarin is the main reason for me to be hyped about this movie, he's such an amazing actor. I might be wrong, but I think its his first time appearing in Hollywood movie.
7itan Shift3r
7itan Shift3r:
FYI to anyone who may not know: The actual pronunciation is "Shyung-Chi", since it's the way Shang is said in Chinese
David Laranjeira
David Laranjeira:
It would be cool to see at least an iron fist cameo or reference in this movie
Its not confirmed that Trevor got killed by the Mandarin. I rlly want him to have a cameo in this movie.
Wayne Cuffe
Wayne Cuffe:
Lady "Who are you?"

Shang-Chi - "I'm Bat... whoops, wrong Comic book company franchise." LOL
daaaaaamn, the hype is real
Joshua Nieves
Joshua Nieves:
The fights look steady and well choreographed. I had my doubts about it but I’m pretty sold lol
Garrett Bean
Garrett Bean:
Not going to lie. In the beginning I thought he was doing the one-inch punch and the board was just going to explode 💥 GREAT REACTION!
How they react to this so quick but haven’t reacted to invincible yet
Isaias Palafox
Isaias Palafox:
Give me a Paul Rudd cameo during the credits and I’ll lose my mind even more when I watch this film. 🤣💯
Ernesto Chacon
Ernesto Chacon:
Aldrich Killian: _"I AM THE MANDARIN!!"_

Wenwu (The Real Mandarin): _"Hold my 10 Rings"_
Zerepa 97
Zerepa 97:
The only thing I know about Shang-Chi is that he helps Spider-Man develop The Way of The Spider, which I really want to see happen down the line.
I have been waiting/wanting this for years!! Wonder if we'll get a cameo from Scott since we're in San Francisco and REALLY geek hoping we could eventually see Shang-Chi teach Peter Parker the Way of The Spider!
J money
J money:
I love as soon as this teaser dropped everyone starts reacting to it and I can't wait for this movie!!
Jassy Jones
Jassy Jones:
I can’t wait to watch and know what Shang chi is all about
ashlea scott
ashlea scott:
Best things so far about Shang chi trailer...
1. Appa would be proud Jung Kim is now a superhero😂
2. Jackson wang is on the soundtrack❤️👌
3. Awkwafina😊
4. Tony Leung
4. The fighting looks badass 😬👏
So stoked to see this movie even it comes out! As someone who grew up watching Tony Leung's movies he is a legendary actor. The cast and fight scenes looks amazing!
It's a complete change. Instead of jewelry, the rings have been turned into iron bands that you would see in a romanticized iron fist depiction. It's a fantastic change.
I cant wait for this movie man, been waiting for a teaser/trailer for so long! So so excited.
Are there any other Canadians here that are super proud and happy for Simu Liu? I'm so excited about this film, and to see Simu in this role. Most of us are used to seeing him as Jung in Kim's Convenience, but he does do his own stunts <3 and this is just going to make his career take off! So happy for him!

You guys should check out his stunt videos. :)
Random Shitty Videos
Random Shitty Videos:
I'm already excited to see him in the MCU.
psgamerguy76 twitch
psgamerguy76 twitch:
Hoping we get a Ironfist tease in this . If Finn Jones pops up as Ironfist as the after credit scene I will freak out. It is in the same universe.
Quatschk0pf R.W.
Quatschk0pf R.W.:
My whole childhood is just cartoons and Kung Fu movies, - I'm so excited!
Daniel Miller
Daniel Miller:
The place that they’re like training at reminds me of the place that Ra’s al ghul and the league of shadows are at
Keven Tejada
Keven Tejada:
The "ten rings" in the MCU version are literally weight training rings with magic powers like they are used in Hung Gar and other southern Shaolin styles of Kung Fu. They even had a Kung Fu Hustle poster hidden in the background of the push up scene in which Grandmaster Chiu Chi Ling fiths with such rings in one scene.
jim kain
jim kain:
Asian dad: "You Avenger yet? No!! You talk to me when you Avenger"
Mo O
Mo O:
It's my first time here and I cannot tell you how scared I was when I saw the small men in the middle lolllll
Carlos Vargas
Carlos Vargas:
It’s on my birthday! I love Shang chi, he is a awesome character
hambo r
hambo r:
Jung has come a long way from Kim's Convience.. especially after his "dad" ended up in Star Wars xD
BC Reilly
BC Reilly:
I mean, I'm really interested on how this will be added to the already established characters and stories
Julie Lemire
Julie Lemire:
I am completely unfamiliar this but it really looked like it crossed time periods. I have watched it a few times and that is always the feel I get. The modern time with battles that look like they are out right of ancient fantasy times. But all in all it looked really amazing, I am excited about this one.
I’m really looking for the choreography with this movie. I’m hoping marvel introduces some long one shot fight scenes that we have seen with daredevil and John wick.
Iirc, the ten rings was the organisation that was getting weapons sold to them by Obadiah in Iron Man 1 (and therefore the people that trapped Tony until he escaped). I feel like I saw the logo back then. May have to check tbh.
Often (in the comics) when heading to battle alongside others, & asked if he wants to borrow a weapon, Shang-Chi will hold up his hands & say "No need, I have these". 😁
I was like, omg is that Tony Leung?!

The actor who plays Shang Chi - Simu Liu - was a stuntman before he became an actor!
Fun fact: If you pause at where it showed Awkwafina in the bus, you can see the “Do a Flip” guy from Spider-Man Homecoming in the background.
Ricardo Ramos
Ricardo Ramos:
Now i want a poster with shang chi and liu kang in fighting stances ready to fight and an image of bruce lee on the background
Doug Pirko
Doug Pirko:
Originally Shang-Chi was the son of Fu Manchu. We already have the Mandarin as an established villain in the MCU (even though we haven't seen them yet) so the change makes sense.
sapphire’s problems
sapphire’s problems:
I was waiting for this reaction right after the trailer dropped😊😊😊
ᴍᴏᴏɴ ʀɪᴠᴇʀ
ᴍᴏᴏɴ ʀɪᴠᴇʀ:
MCU: Shang Chi

Filipino Represents: Shang Hai
Bou _
Bou _:
From what it seems, those rings on The Mandarin's arms ARE the 10 rings. They are not finger rings anymore, he wears him on his wrist (unpowered though) in another scene.
Yoda _
Yoda _:
FYI: In the comics, Shang-Chi taught Spider-Man how to fight better.