Mary Kay Letourneau Dead at 58

Mary Kay Letourneau has died of cancer. She was 58. Letourneau was a school teacher in Washington State who made national news for having sex with a 12-year-old student, Vili Fualaau back in 1996. At the time she was a 34-year-old married mother of four. She became pregnant with Fualaau’s child and pleaded guilty to child rape charges. Letourneau and Fualaau wed in 2005 and raised their two daughters. The couple separated in 2017.

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Ok but WHY did y’all make it seem like she’s a beloved celebrity in the intro
Northern Stars
Northern Stars:
This country is screwed up. If the teacher was a male ... he would get at least 30 years behind bars.
AR - 09ZZ - Heart Lake SS (2462)
AR - 09ZZ - Heart Lake SS (2462):
Why the sad music? She’s a child predator. I don’t think anyone deserves to die but I’m not losing sleep over this
3Brothers TV
3Brothers TV:
Why does this make it seem like she was a hero in some way lol
Metra force
Metra force:
*If she was a man... it would be a whole different story!*
The way this video was made makes it seem like she was such a good person, but she wasn’t. This woman entered a relationship with a young kid and manipulated him.
Rosanna Flores
Rosanna Flores:
Jovan Carl
Jovan Carl:
A woman that raped a child - 3 years to jail.

A man that raped a child - 30+ years or life.
Why you announcing a paedophiles death? You'd never report this if the genders were reversed
Joshua Upham
Joshua Upham:
Such a touching tribute to a child predator and rapist. Way to go Inside Edition.❤🤔
Brianna Banuelos
Brianna Banuelos:
I was just watching a documentary on her July 5th. Couldn’t finish it because she was constantly crying “it was love” like a predator and manipulator she is.
Epic Fortnite Gamer
Epic Fortnite Gamer:
But if a male teacher did it he'd be burned at the stake plus 99 years in prison
elliotiscool DA
elliotiscool DA:
if the genders where switch the guy whould be getting life
Sabrina Marie Wagner
Sabrina Marie Wagner:
I was 10 when this happened and I remember how crazy it seemed. Now I'm 34 and I can NOT possibly imagine being attracted to a 12 year old let alone having sex with one. It's just mind blowing.
Why is inside edition making it seem like shes a good person?
Lase O.
Lase O.:
This is an example of women to men jail sentence disparities for the same crime. If the roles were reversed the man would still be in prison right now
If it was a male teacher who raped a female student a video of this context or subject would never exist.
CÁRDENAS GUERRA, María Victoria:
Funny how this video doesn't even mention the word rapist or child molester.I don't know how sick you have to be to feel sexually attracted to a 12 years old. He was so young and probably didn't realize the severity of the crime because everyone was like "well he sure seems happy" or even praised him.
We all know if that was a man he would get the electric chair... Smh
Kate Brinfour
Kate Brinfour:
This is the perfect example to describe a groomer. She literally groomed him to marry him. She’s really nasty
And nothing of value was lost.
Mailbox Memes
Mailbox Memes:
3 years? That’s nothing compared to other rape charges especially against minors
Really Robin
Really Robin:
3 months for child molestation? Great job judge
Ms Vargas
Ms Vargas:
The sad music though...really?...Y'all act like she was a saint..GTFOH😂🙄😳
Amit Bahirat
Amit Bahirat:
This is very inappropriate music for her crimes.
Heidi Proctor
Heidi Proctor:
He’s free to live his life now, he stayed for his children.
Imagine telling your kids this is how I met your mother
7 years and
7 years and:
She already had 4 children to look after..then why got involved with a little kid
Elizabeth LovesYT
Elizabeth LovesYT:
She didn’t have an “affair” with him. She assaulted him.
4 ever
4 ever:
She was already married with 4 children and she had a good life.
She should of stayed with her first children and raised them.
The boy she raped and got pregnant with was 12 years old at the time
and she was a child molestor due to his age at the time. She was 34 and he was 12.
That is child molestation. I'm sad for all of her children.
Crafty Tamara
Crafty Tamara:
They make her out to be like an actor died instead of a criminal.
Film Lovin' American
Film Lovin' American:
This is her legacy. She'll always be remembered by this. Her grandchildren, great grandchildren
Stevee77 Jones
Stevee77 Jones:
I remember her she was creepy karma's amf
Andrea Ha
Andrea Ha:
I remember when she went to prison... I have an 11 yr old boy - what kind of person "falls in love" with a child?

That being said, I hope her children have found peace and happiness in life.
why the sad and empathetic music for the predator??? Am I missing something ?
Britt Nicole
Britt Nicole:
2 kids lost thier mother regardless. Its sad. Sending the family prayers 🙏
Galactic Retr0.21
Galactic Retr0.21:
Well she deserved it, she ruined a young man's life.
hamham isedd but is more chill
hamham isedd but is more chill:
Inside edition with all respect

Please stop glorifying rapists

Billy Casper
Billy Casper:
I didn't know her until this video. And I literally thought she was some celeb or something from the thumbnail.
Isannah Challinor
Isannah Challinor:
“...having an affair with a 12 year old student.”

Shame on whoever wrote this script. She raped a child for several years. Those choice of words fall flat and do not fully encompass the severity of her crimes. You can acknowledge her death without rewriting history. Do better.
khalil Heat and air conditioner repair
khalil Heat and air conditioner repair:
I don’t know why this video is acting like she’s a Good Samaritan
logic rules
logic rules:
I bet its hot where she's at.⚰🔥👹🤣
Anna Lexi
Anna Lexi:
*_Damn that’s crazy.. They just did an interview a while back too.. That they were separated, but still living together.. I feel bad for her daughters.. Hope they’re doing okay.. Hope Vili is okay too!!_*
S. Rana
S. Rana:
Why y’all acting like she was the victim tf lol
0:28 is that Babar the Elephant? Damn, haven't seen that show in ages!
Kevin Gormley
Kevin Gormley:
If it was a man he would get life for having 2 kids with a 12 year old
Shervon Gaskins
Shervon Gaskins:
I remember this like it was yesterday. I was right out of high school at the time. I didn’t understand their relationship then and I can’t now. Prayers of comfort to her children
Bailey Graf
Bailey Graf:
Oh my gosh, TWO KIDS with your student!! Then they were married. 🤢🤮
lion fish
lion fish:
Wow, her two Children look like Michael Jackson's adopted little Boy "Blanket" .
Hang Nguyen
Hang Nguyen:
The editing and presentation of this news really confuse me🤦‍♀️
finn west
finn west:
And we care cause??
Eddie Spaghetti
Eddie Spaghetti:
That is love. I mean , its sad and everything but they were in Love
Erica C.
Erica C.:
WOW heart breaking life Is so short. Praying the family ❤️🙏
Code Fish
Code Fish:
Why does the announcer sound sad while talking about this?
Fathima Hamid
Fathima Hamid:
Her life defined the adage: forbidden fruit tastes sweetest but spoils fast.
My condolences to her children and loved ones. I cannot imagine how tough life must have been for them.
Yung activist
Yung activist:
0:41 Lmao why does she look younger here then the other pics
shawol / blinger
shawol / blinger:
Wow, in the beginning i thought she is some Hollywood actress🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
Kristyn Hoffner
Kristyn Hoffner:
I feel like she kind of wasted her life. Don’t get me wrong, I empathize with her family during this time, but jeez.
Josiah's Boring Life
Josiah's Boring Life:
Why is this so hard to believe 😂 almost makes me think government shouldn’t be interfering with peoples lives
softimariam •
softimariam •:
wow. i don’t like this woman. she was with a kid...?!
Samantha James
Samantha James:
He’s finally free!!!
This is a weird video because Inside Edition makes it seem like Mary Kay was an important celebrity or a hero by making a video in such a manner !!!! 😐😐😐😐
0:13 gives me chills!!! This is not normal. Just a messed up story all around.
Apple Wood
Apple Wood:
Wow such a warming tribute to a child predator 🙂 amazing job inside edition, why not not remember a disgusting child predator.
Angel Sweet
Angel Sweet:
Me: omg which celeb is this who died?! Was this a someone in the fashion industry?!

Watches video......

Then me: 😐 so she was a child predator...... 🤔🤔🤔
Vegard B
Vegard B:
RIP Mary Kay Letourneau.
Unknown parrots
Unknown parrots:
Wait, is this the “Kay” from let me explain studio?
Wait, when did we start commemorating pedophiles when they die? I think I missed the memo during Covid 😂
Johnny Walker
Johnny Walker:
I remember watching this show about them on tv 📺 I forgot the name of this what was?
Samantha mother of cats
Samantha mother of cats:
Sounds like a nice love story to me

(This is a joke, dont come for me)
Victor Chico
Victor Chico:
2020’s getting a bit better 😂
[Insert Name]
[Insert Name]:
Female: sadly this person was arrested

If the gender was swapped they wouldn't be reported on at all and be sent to jail for at least 30 years
I remember hearing about that scandal when I was younger.
AA Behl
AA Behl:
Ey anyone even know who this even is?😂😂
0:14 I think I saw him as a meme? He is really familiar tho :3
Alberto Obera
Alberto Obera:
0:20 you have to admit villy looked like a gansta when he was young
This story was absolutely insane I never understood how she was ever allowed near him again.
Ms. Angela
Ms. Angela:
He’s finally free. Go live your life now Billy!
Broken Leg
Broken Leg:
She had an affair with a 12 year old. Karma Came Back.
lil GOAT
lil GOAT:
Bruh the dude she was with looks like THE ROCK cousin
jin eating a banana yummm
jin eating a banana yummm:
Sticky Moantain
Sticky Moantain:
3 months jail sentence what it the roles were switched
Rip Mary Kay folau ❤️🌸🌺
Rachel ___________
Rachel ___________:
Ick..her story always grossed me out..
NoMore Time
NoMore Time:
Have some respect guys, she was still someone's mother, sister, and daughter.

Rest In Peace.
God's will M
God's will M:
Experts believe cancer is caused by following emotions.
Cancer: deep resentment for a long time; disappointment; hopelessness
Marco Salas
Marco Salas:
Damn I thought this lady was the co founder of Mary Kay cosmetics 😏

I’m bored doing stupid lockdown
Why tf do they sound sad

SHE HAD youtube please don't kill me WITH A CHILD
Baneen The unknown
Baneen The unknown:
Washington state is crazy ... I’m scared living in it.
John Mamo
John Mamo:
She was beautiful but crazy 😲 😂😂 ✔️
A grown-ass woman can't have an "affair" with a CHILD.
If it was a male he would be in jail for life or even on death row
Emily Deinlein
Emily Deinlein:
I feel Bad for her Kids, she had older ones with her ex I believe. May God be with us all!
Tara Angel
Tara Angel:
Awww the whole story is just sad. I hope her family finds peace during this difficult time ❤️
Damn... I remember watching this as a kid and thinking, I'm gonna freak my English teacher.
Beginning: Mary kay letourneau has died

me: yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :D
Beerus Sama
Beerus Sama:
So if there was a guy teacher having relations with underage students, would y’all make a tribute video for him too?