Max Verstappen And Charles Leclerc's Fight For The Win | 2022 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix

It's another Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc battle for the lead! As the two drivers went back-and-forth for the win in Jeddah

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More battles like this all season please. Incredibly fun to watch.
This was incredible and I can’t wait to see how the rest of the season is going to be!!!
Better Chapter
Better Chapter:
THIS is exactly what I had hoped the 2022 regulations would bring. this is going to be an amazing season
Josh Revell
Josh Revell:
The 'DRS hunting' was comical, but it's just awesome freakin' racing between these two. We're in for a great season 🙌
Faisal Adi
Faisal Adi:
massive respect for both of them not losing cool and racing clean
Drew S
Drew S:
Right before the DRS line:
"Go ahead Charles."
"No, YOU go Max."
"No, I insist."
Great rivalries this year.

Leclerc vs Verstappen

Ferrari vs Red Bull

Mercedes vs Haas.
Derek Miles
Derek Miles:
Really feel bad for Checo, that pitstop couldn't have come at a worse time, a lap earlier and he would still be in 1st, a lap later and he would still be in 1st, that was truly the worst time to pit, Checo was coasting pretty easily before that... Great race anyway, this new era is really going to be fantastic
Tapiwa Gerald Gumbo
Tapiwa Gerald Gumbo:
this year feels like the 2019 rivalry between Max and Charles is reborn. Glad to see Ferrari being back as a genuine contender as well.
Emin Subasic
Emin Subasic:
This is more better racing than last few years!AMAZING!Respect for Charles and Max.
Amazon Düsseldorf
Amazon Düsseldorf:
Unlucky guy of the day s. Perez very sorry for him!! but what a great and exciting race, 2022 will be a great season!!
I hope this lasts for the whole season. Brilliant battles, high tension but all with respect. I love how they talk to eachother after the celebrations. This is the type of rivalry I wanna enjoy each and every race weekend.
What a sensational battle I was on the edge of my seat all the way through this from lap 42 to lap 50 it was fantastic

2022 is living up to all its expectations very nicely

Forza Ferrari 🇮🇹🐴🇮🇹🐴🇮🇹

Super Super Max Max 🇳🇱🦁🇳🇱🦁🇳🇱
Onni Food
Onni Food:
Rob H
Rob H:
Thats some -dangerous driving man-
Great racing.
With how it's forming this is going to go down to the wire. Seeing those two guys battle and have the on-track and off-track respect for each other is all I ever wanted. These guys are a gift to F1.
Great battle, this season could end up just like the last ;)
Love the Respect between Max and Charles!
We missed it last year
This is gonna be an amazing season with two amazing drivers fighting for the crown!
Lets go to the next race!😱😍🔥
Leclerc is in love with the brake-early-to-get-DRS strategy
Absolutely fantastic battle. The 2022 regulations have worked brilliantly to provide us closer racing.
Litre o' Cola
Litre o' Cola:
Almost could’ve had a photo finish if not for the late double yellows in sector 1, but these cars are delivering
Ali Narzel
Ali Narzel:
Max Verstappen is the king of the F1 world ! I just love to see him race and win! Max is the new Ayrton Senna no doubt in my mind.
Tej Shah
Tej Shah:
Great moment. Cannot wait for Suzuka, Silverstone, Monza, and Spa.
Ziyak Jehangir
Ziyak Jehangir:
Tbh so far Max/Leclerc battles have been so much better than the Max/Hamilton battles. I feel like both their aggressive styles work very well for wheel to wheel battles but time will tell.
Serhat Karadag
Serhat Karadag:
I am a fan of Max, but really wanted to congrulate Lecrec what a professional he is. After this very tense battle he congrulates Max on his team radio. This is pure sportsmanship.👏👏👏
Miguel Dias
Miguel Dias:
The duel between Verstappen and Leclerc was fantastic, it was above all a clean and fair duel and a great moment for racing fans!!
Aymaan .T
Aymaan .T:
These two are putting on a show man 🔥 what a season we have on our hands
Jorge Alberto Peralta
Jorge Alberto Peralta:
Un fenómeno Max.
El mejor de todos.
Rajit Sarma
Rajit Sarma:
Great to watch these two, much better than having Hamilton crying or punting
Tom van Sas
Tom van Sas:
Absolutely BRILLIANT that race! Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc racing wheel-to-wheel, and yet keeping it fair-and-square. And the sportsmanship between the 2 is something I LOVED seeing. Absolutely amazing stuff there.

However, there were 3 things that really bothered me during this race weekend:
1. Too many replays
2. Williams being Williams
3. Zhou's penalties

Like, come on, stop showing all those replays! I was on the edge of my seat, and you really shouldn't be taking your eyes off a battle like that. The replays just completely destroyed the flow. As for Wiliams, they really need to step up there game, because this should NOT be happening. Latifi crashing twice for the same reason is like watching Mazepin in 2021, and Albon doing that braindead dive bomb and DNF'ing as a result simply disappoints me. Seriously, don't become the Haas of 2022...

As for Zhou's penalties, I really could not understand what was going on because the cameras weren't paying attention to him. From what I understand, he cut a corner to gain an advantage and failed to act accordingly, but is that what was really going on? Seeing Zhou getting those penalties is like watching the West put sanctions on Russia.
2 worldclass drivers from the same generation battling each other till the end of every single race. This is real racing and pure entertainment. This is what F1 is all about. Simply amazing.
These two guys are making us realise that LH was just an average driver in a race winning car all time long.
Robert RC Games
Robert RC Games:
What a race! What a show by Lecler and Max. Fair and hard racers. Lets bring Sainz, Perez in the mix and this is going to be one epic season 😁😁
That was fantastic battle. I hope Charles wins the championship this year, but I want to see more of these battle between them.
WHAT. A. BATTLE! Wow! Please more of this! 🔥 the moment when they both tried to trick each other by not accelerating to get drs (in the last corner) was hilarious. Strange that the gap between Charles and Max changed after the VSC. It was 2 seconds before VSC but after VSC it suddenly changed, so it’s very very weird
FIA Random Penalty Generator Machine
FIA Random Penalty Generator Machine:
We are getting a glimpse of F1 without Hamilton and Vettel and it's glorious. Finally some drivers WHO WANT A BATTLE.
0:51 that dude enjoyed that overtake a little too much
That's some clean racing right there. For the second time. Looks it wasn't all verstappen's fault last year... he is capable of clean racing...
What Amazing racing that was !
Kept us at the edge of our seats
Joey Ros
Joey Ros:
I just love how the both cars could stay within 7 to 8 tenth the whole lap through, its looking like the regulation change has payed off
Maxx really showing he's got what it takes to be a Champ!!!
Vento Oreo
Vento Oreo:
It had been years since I had seen such a beautiful and fun F1. Great Verstappen and Leclerc!. More battles like this please!
Eric Haardt
Eric Haardt:
Great battle and very honest and respectful drive from both. This season is starting to be even more promising than last year!

PS: Substitute either driver with Hamilton in the same battle and we would’ve probably seen an incident that was “not Hamilton’s fault”.
Ótima batalha, os dois se respeitaram muito. Deram espaço para ultrapassagens e não houve nenhum perigo, diferente do Hamilton que ama bater nos outros quando é pressionado.
Wonderful race. Exactly what I hoped we would get out of the 2022 season
A Z:
We're watching history unfold before our eyes.

Their battles this season will be remembered like those of Senna and Prost, or Schumi and Hakkinen. What a time to be alive!
M. Agustin Joo
M. Agustin Joo:
Amazing race!! Epic double lock ups and smart driving for both Max and Charles
Can only wish that the rest of the season be like today's race~~ EPIC !!!
Von Sensei
Von Sensei:
Compared to last year, where after a move the leading driver would most likely pull away a second within the lap, now they’re racing closer than ever 🤘🏽
Im Dutch but i didnt even care who wins anymore. This was AWESOME!!!
Michael Maniago
Michael Maniago:
I like how Max and Charles play mind games on that last turn before the DRS zone knowing it's vital for the lead and just straight up race. Unlike a certain crybaby I know that goes straight in front of a slowing Red Bull 😂😂😂😂
Max H
Max H:
This will be such a fun season to watch!
Romeo Ramos Méndez
Romeo Ramos Méndez:
Que maravillosa carrera, gran batalla por el primer lugar, Max es fenomenal. Esperemos que en la próxima carrera haga podio con Checo.
Amazing how clean the racing is when Hamilton isn't involved.
Ferrari is back on top❤️ Sainz also doing well
Keenan Molver
Keenan Molver:
Amazing clean racing with no banging of wheels between two young drivers of the future. Epic
Ciocan Stefan
Ciocan Stefan:
Loved every second of this. On the other hand, if the duel was between Hamilton and any of these two, it wouldnt have ended like this, most likely dnf.
Victor33 F1
Victor33 F1:
Max verstappen a pilot monster 🔥
[M A R I A] H0T Girl L!ve Cam
[M A R I A] H0T Girl L!ve Cam:
This was incredible and I can’t wait to see how the rest of the season is going to be!!!
Diether Baybay
Diether Baybay:
Heart are pounding hard when you watch F1.... Adrenalin is real
0:11 such a gorgeous oversteer exit from max, not ideal of course but so cool!! *-*
Z Hommes
Z Hommes:
Go Max and why is Leclerc not punished for crossing White lines and setting the fastest lap under the yellow flag?
Tafara Paul
Tafara Paul:
That was Epic. You can't cross the DRS detection line in front😬 otherwise the driver behind you will be smiling😁.....That was an epic battle, well done to both drivers.
0:36 Both drivers trying to behind each other in the DRS detection zone...kudos for Verstappen for playing along. It won him the race
Jan Bremec
Jan Bremec:
With Merc ouf ot the picture, finally some real racing.
Bende Bubu
Bende Bubu:
What a race,what a season,what a championship?🤔
Congratulations Verstappen and Leclerc!👏
Patryk P.
Patryk P.:
0:03 WOOOO, HOW DID MAX DO THISSSS. Lewis would drive straight into Charles back, and then Charles would get a penalty
Wait, so you can use the DRS strategically WITHOUT rear-ending another driver? I thought that wasn't possible.
Nedim Mehmedovic
Nedim Mehmedovic:
New regs have made F1 even more epic <3 Thank you Max and Charles for the action.
Stijn Roosenboom
Stijn Roosenboom:
I was shaking for the last 10 laps! Amazing battle!
Jonathan King
Jonathan King:
Anyone else get the feeling we’re actually watching the new breed now… Max V Charles if both teams keep on the pace with development can be a rivalry that goes on for *years* and we are ready for it👌 just like 2019 all over again😤
What a race! Red Bull is back and so are Ferrari! You love to see it
Hope this battle continues the entire season 🔥💯🔥
Dave richards
Dave richards:
This is the greatest season of f1 racing I have ever seen. Been watching since 1983
This was insane. We got an entire season of battles in one race
karma’s domain
karma’s domain:
Its going to be an amazing season if this kind of action keeps up! Amazing to see respect between both drivers out there even with the pressure high. Who knows what this season will look like come the midway point
I love this. Drivers racing not just with physical skill, but their brains as well. Amazing!
Gamal Kevin
Gamal Kevin:
Great battle, pure racing with no bumper car bs.

This season is amazing 🔥 🔥
That thumbs up gesture from both of them in the end 👍🏻👍🏻 lovely to see. 😍😍 they knew that they battled hard and gave everything
Austin Nash
Austin Nash:
This was my first race I’ve seen as I started getting into F1. This was phenomenal. Lots of action. Sad day for Mclaren but glad Lando could catch a lil piece at the end. Amazing race, can’t wait for Australia
Matteo Ragni
Matteo Ragni:
That's F1 at its finest, incredible race in Jeddah. Max and Charles are both so brilliant and talented, we're gonna have fun for many years to come.
I have been waiting for this for quite some time. Max vs Charles. It’s finally here, so epic! Cant wait to watch them live this year! 🏎
Huseyin UNKOC
Huseyin UNKOC:
Those last laps were electric 🔥
Dalibor Zak
Dalibor Zak:
This one brings up the question if we even need DRS.

Epic battle, one of the greatest of all times
Eileen Esmade
Eileen Esmade:
A very mature drive from both drivers! Nothing but respect for them both!
Mike Lumbreras
Mike Lumbreras:
Wonderful! This guys have gaven us for our money two weekends in a row. Great fight for the beginning of the season.
Daoed N
Daoed N:
This is awesome racing. Nice battles everywhere. In the front in the middle and behind 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽. Please more races like this
Epic fight! and kudos to both on keeping it very hard but fair. But how did Max get so close to Charles after VSC? Charles had a few seconds on Max before VSC and almost all of it just disappeared!!
Nestor Daniel Sequera Muñoz
Nestor Daniel Sequera Muñoz:
Increíble estos dos! Solo dos meses de diferencia en edad, rivales desde niños y ahora lo llevan al nivel más alto posible... que historia! Que revalidad para la fórmula 1 y para el deporte en general para los que disfrutamos de muchos deportes.
Clint Burgamy
Clint Burgamy:
F1 can pat themselves on the back for this one. Great job on the new regulations and not hearing the teams on the radio to the stewards every time something happens it great too. Just wish you wouldnt show a replay in the middle of a battle. Less replays...but everything else is 100% better.
What an amazing fight. I can only imagine how much bigger F1 will be around the world, when these new cars prove themselves to be more entertaining than ever!
Jelle vd M.
Jelle vd M.:
Verstappen's positioning of the car was a key element of the final succesful overtake... It's a shame that it's not included in this video
Darkest Detail
Darkest Detail:
What an intriguing battle,hopefully can continue throughout the whole season
This is what F1 should be.
D. S.
D. S.:
Nobody’s talking about how genius Max’s overtake was
it's so refreshing to see new drivers and teams in the mix
King Size
King Size:
We expect more head to head battle from Charles and Max this season. Hopefully there will be no *"inchident"*
Thomas Angelo
Thomas Angelo:
From couldn't stand each other to an epic rivalry !
Hisham Hilal
Hisham Hilal:
That was legendary and these cars are doing their job
Abhay Karkun
Abhay Karkun:
This season looks like a thriller with Redbull and Ferrari being so close. Great work by Max and Charles was solid as always.
Excellent battle and great driving by both, however that DRS detection malarkey needs to change because it is neither safe nor very fair.