Max Verstappen Roars to Home Victory | 2021 Dutch Grand Prix

A fantastic day for Max Verstappen and his army of Dutch fans, winning his home race in truly amazing fashion!

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That helicopter shot of Max winning and orange smoke rising from the grandstand is just ....... breathtaking.

Edit: What a positive vibe this comment section has.
Paul Hurst
Paul Hurst:
Props to the Dutch fans for not only not booing Lewis, but cheering him too! That was quite surprising to see.
What a monster!!!
This one was probably the best ending of a race this season in terms of crowd roar and fireworks.
ғɪʟʟ 1ɴ ᴛ҉ ʜ3 ʙʟᴀɴᴋs
ғɪʟʟ 1ɴ ᴛ҉ ʜ3 ʙʟᴀɴᴋs:
The atmosphere here was different. Imagine if this was the title decider.
rolf ski
rolf ski:
Even if you're not Dutch, how can you not get goosebumps by this amazing atmosphere?
This was like the height of the Schumacher early 2000’s at Germany with the fans. The atmosphere. The noise. The smoke. Oh I love it. Thanks for the electric atmosphere Holland. 🙌🇳🇱🧡🦁
SandalphonCPU • 210 years ago
SandalphonCPU • 210 years ago:
Haven’t seen this much people cheering for one driver in their home GP since Schumacher. But then again, Verstappen is the first Dutch driver to win and challenge for the title, and Schumacher as well for Germany
Clint Burgamy
Clint Burgamy:
British Fans for Lewis: 👏 👋 👏

Dutch Fans for Max:🇳🇱 🟧🎉🤯🥳🙀🟧👏🙌🕺🔥🔥🧡🚨🚲🌋🎊🏆👑📢🧡🧡🔊🇳🇱
Max has won all of his home Grand Prix this year! (Monaco, Austria, Styria, Spa, and Zandvoort)
Update & Upgrade
Update & Upgrade:
Max 2021 the winner of f1
Lewis will know the Dutch national anthem word by word at the end of this season
Rezaah Jappie
Rezaah Jappie:
If Max wins the WDC this year he would do it ALONE with no significant help from his teammate.

Max is single-handily taking on the mighty Mercedes and both of their drivers every single race which is such is probably the most daunting task during this Turbo-hybrid era which has see the most dominant team ever in F1 history!
Beau Bozza
Beau Bozza:
I'm not gonna lie, I thought the grandstand was on fire. Then I realised how epic Dutch fans are.
What an amazing party! It was awesome to watch that. It was a special moment in F1 history.
Max is becoming a mature driver. Now he makes less mistakes when driving under immense pressure. That's what can win him the championship against an experienced driver like Hamilton.
"Double Dutch Delight"

I wonder how Crofty came up with these words
joe r gonzales
joe r gonzales:
This historic track opened for 1 REASON AND 1 REASON ONLY--> Max Verstappen....and he delivered in race-craft in a race winning car with a race winning PU. The fans and vibes were MEGA!!!
victor 91
victor 91:
Home GP is everything for these guys. Enough to make a grown man cry 😭
0:43 THIS!! We forget how yougn he is and how well does he cope with all of this. Take a bow Max 👏👏
Shame you didn’t show the images of Max, Lewis and Valteri arm and arm and shoulder to shoulder together on the highest podium showing eachother great respect!!!
Atilla Horváth
Atilla Horváth:
"Is he complaining about something or what?" 🤣🤣🤣

Simply-simply lovely! :D
If it wasnt for bad luck/crashed out, Max would have 75 points on top right now, while lewis would loose 14. Even it seems close now, Max is dominating 2021 as it is for now.
Κωνσταντίνος Γουίλερ
Κωνσταντίνος Γουίλερ:
I like how Merc wanted to win this and used every available trick in the book (and failed), Max is going 1v2 for the entire championship, with the exception of France. And the haters STILL won't admit what he does is superhuman
The brummie Rail enthusiasts
The brummie Rail enthusiasts:
He’s now surpassed sir Stirling moss record by getting his 17th Grand Prix win
Holland does it right. Was super sad that my countries GP was cancelled this year (Canada) but this makes up for it. awesome track
Vasudev Dehariya
Vasudev Dehariya:
Those fireworks looked like they were built for this victory.
honest fan
honest fan:
Max's dominance shouldn't be a surprise the amount of times he's outraced hamilton in the past. Malaysia 2017, Brazil 2019, Mexico, i can go on. He was always going to win when he got a championship car
João Abreu
João Abreu:
17 wins, 10 pole positions, 1000+ laps lad at just 23 years old. It's scary what this kid will become. What a win. What a season. The Dutch truly know how to party. Let's get it Max!
Jacob L
Jacob L:
Who else thinks his first words after he wins the title are gonna be "Haha yes"
Mahesh Sharma
Mahesh Sharma:
This is how you celebrate a home win (clean win as well).
Nick Villalobos
Nick Villalobos:
I'm glad Lewis and Bottas weren't ready for Max at his home grand prix today!!
Lewis is my favorite but I am so glad that Max won at home! I love the passion of the fans !
This is the first race Max gets to finish without getting his car destroyed by a Mercedes since Austria, let that sink in.
As a Verstappen fan I'm happy that the dutch fans weren't booing Lewis on the finish but were clapping for him as well
So happy I was there today to see history been made before my eyes. What a absolute legend 💪
we all said it 4 years ago: when max matures and gets his head under control, he'll be a beast. even though pampered hamilton has a rough time against him.
michel booltink
michel booltink:
This has been more than the best Sunday of the week.
Vince D.
Vince D.:
I was scared to hear booing from the fans when hamilton was interviewed, but I heard clapping instead. Respect to you Dutch fans, now if only the tifosi can do the same....
Max...The pinnacle of "born to race"...
Honda has to sell orange Civic Type R immediately!
Ajay Mansur
Ajay Mansur:
C'mon Maxy. Don"t stop. Get in there. Max, Max, Super Max.
senna ayrton
senna ayrton:
Congratulations Netherlands🇳🇱
Max, Crowds, Circuit, Flag, everything are beautiful and I huge respect it from Japan🇯🇵.
Aiden Romine
Aiden Romine:
I love Seb, but this is the key difference between him and Max. Max is able to regain momentum, and Sebastian wasn’t able to do that in 2017 and 18. They are both of course great drivers, and Sebastian had brilliant early comeback seasons, but Max has just been more consistent, and it’s great to see for the sport!
esh sun
esh sun:
Superb win by Max verstappen and redbull Honda - the class of the field!!!! Brilliant drive by Max to take the lead of the championship, sure he will be dictating terms from here - RedBull style
Guenther Steiner
Guenther Steiner:
Never thought I would see King Willie on the f1 channel
Title: "Max Verstappen *Roars* to Home Victory"
Max: "Haaa~ Thank you very much guys~"
Sergio Halaby
Sergio Halaby:
I'd like to remind myself and everyone. He is 23! TWENTY THREE! 2... 3! Do you realize what sort of career this monster has ahead of him?
lauren day
lauren day:
He’s done more in his career then I’ve done in my life and I’m 2 years older …SUPER MAX
Jorg Kuijt
Jorg Kuijt:
After all the mindgames, Max just Ignored Lewis during the squirting ceremony and had fun with the others....
Trisha Leow
Trisha Leow:
This home race win feels different honestly…
Tamaica Camille Govender
Tamaica Camille Govender:
Super amazing to see sooo many fans, i can't wait for Monza🔥
Karthik Klu
Karthik Klu:
I sleep peacefully tonight .. after Max Wining . And I'm soo happy
Jack Mundo
Jack Mundo :
EPIC. One for the ages. I wish I was Dutch. Just wonderful.
Verstappen makes his way over the years!
So happy for him :)
alberto quiroga
alberto quiroga:
Vamos todavía Max .toda Argentina con vos
Daniel Gideon
Daniel Gideon:
I very happy for Max. Verstappen's iccredible hpme victory.
Dip Pat
Dip Pat:
What a show Max put in front of home crowd and a pure dominance, that's exactly how you win home race.
Compare Max's celebration here to Lewis' celebration at Silverstone with him running around with the flag on the grass LOL. A bit over the top LOL. This season had been brilliant do far.
Rafael Ambrosini
Rafael Ambrosini:
This is one of the most talented guys on Earth! What a day!
Yeah, we Dutch know how to party! What an incredible weekend it was. Max, only 23 years old, we've waited so long for a top driver to stand up. It is happening right now! One of the best races ever!
1:00 Now that’s Super Max!!
Max de Graaf
Max de Graaf:
0:07 I was on that grandstand on the right! Was my first GP! Loved it!
Incredible experience!
Existential Erasure
Existential Erasure:
MAX!!!!! I was getting tired of hearing Hamilton whine over the radio. That anthem singer was a beauty!
Max leading the points in drivers now. Let's GO!!!
Ronin 333
Ronin 333:
0:07 one of the most beautiful scenes from this sports.
Just no words.. cried for minutes. What a beautiful, legendary day. Now lets get the Championshippp
Great race and even though I am not a Lewis fan, gotta say he showed great sportsmanship, which isn't always the case for him. Also happy the crowd didn't boo him (some did but the majority didn't). Great day for F1!
Ronald Grey
Ronald Grey:
The best is on top of the list again.
First home grand prix win!
Congatulations max!
Urich Reyes
Urich Reyes:
This is how 2018 should’ve been with vettel 🥲 but he crashed out…
Amitabh Mishra
Amitabh Mishra:
This is a career defining moment for Max
First Dutch Grand Prix in 35 years and the Winner is a Dutch Driver
He's made History 💯
Lilia Arribasplata
Lilia Arribasplata:
Lo llevaré en mi corazón por tanta emocion
Sánchez Boy
Sánchez Boy:
Lewis won at his home and today Max finally won at his home this time
I love the glass of beer being held up in the middle of the crowd starting at 0:46.
Tom Ato
Tom Ato:
I’m a Lewis fan. And even I liked this
Canada for Holland and Max!
Jet Fusion
Jet Fusion:
Next year with great dance events and beach parties
This race goes down to history books 😍
Mix Egg
Mix Egg:
Tiesto waves the flag. Epic 🔥
Rodrigo De Sousa
Rodrigo De Sousa:
We need an edit of this with the Super Max song
18_106 Iqbal nur fajar
18_106 Iqbal nur fajar:
The crowd are insane. Congrats for max
Didi Matjila
Didi Matjila:
Finally there's some justice in the sport
Tejas shah
Tejas shah:
I thought italian fans were crazy until i saw this
Erik Carrillo
Erik Carrillo:
Max is entering his prime now.
Amazing environment here WOW
Blaster Anonymous
Blaster Anonymous:
Congratulations Max Verstappen!! 👏👏👏👏 Nations very pride
Nkazimulo Mathenjwa
Nkazimulo Mathenjwa:
You gotta love the Dutch crowd🧡🧡🧡 🔥
Mark Lynn
Mark Lynn:
Got Davina Michelle flawlessly singing the national anthem _Wilhelmus_ prior to race and podium ceremony?
Ricardo Bastos
Ricardo Bastos:
Max is a Legend
Yael Estrada
Yael Estrada:
We want onboard footage of checo!!!!!!
HB Zandbergen
HB Zandbergen:
And this was only 60% of the crowd's capacity...
Lightning Lance
Lightning Lance:
"Listen to that ROAR!!"
Verstappen: "ha!"
That Redbull is easily the best car now. Awesome to see these performances from Max.
Fadri Meier
Fadri Meier:
You didn't need to turn it up to the max to hear the dutch fans cheering for Max, the audience was amazingly loud
Dominik Poppenborg
Dominik Poppenborg:
World Class ❤💪🏻💯