Max Verstappen's Pole Lap | 2021 United States Grand Prix | Pirelli

Max Verstappen claims his first-ever front row start in Austin as he takes a brilliant pole position at COTA - his ninth pole of the season!

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Anton Kirilenko
Anton Kirilenko:
First non-Mercedes pole on this track in turbo-hybrid era. That's gotta be impressive.
Update & Upgrade
Update & Upgrade:
Max Verstappen has a 97% chance of winning F1 this season, because he keeps his pace so consistently
Carlos barreto
Carlos barreto:
I just want to say, unbelievable! I'm a fan of Lewis, but Max didn't make any mistake this season. He deserve winning this F1 season!
Timo Hoffmann
Timo Hoffmann:
Man the entire Red Bull team made an insane job today. From FP1 to this... insane. The Engineers, Max and of course Checo. What a performance. Congrats. What an awesome season so far. Looks like DTS doesn't need to fake all the drama this time xD hahaha
senna weber
senna weber:
Red bull did a fantastic job over the weekend, congrats to max. Also nice to see checo on 3, hopefully it is a 1-2 for RB tomorrow
Didnt expect this result at all, even Hamilton had a tow on the straight and Max didnt. Red bull found so much pace since FP1!
Robby Mitchell
Robby Mitchell:
What a lap. Super Max ❤️🤙🏻
House Grumpy Boys
House Grumpy Boys:
A lot of Lewis and Max fans are still gonna debate against each other, but soon in a few years all of us will be thinking about this season as one of the best seasons in a long while.
That lap was a MONSTER! Congrats Max, from Atlanta.
Kwok Tai Lam
Kwok Tai Lam:
For all who are wondering no deletion of time at turn 6 on 0:36. New directive says:
The track limits at the apex of Turn 6 are defined as when no part of the car remains in contact with the red and white kerb.
So it is ok to drive over the kerbs.
Red Bull needed this pole position. I just hope Max can hold his nerve at the race start tomorrow and I hope Sergio can jump Hamilton
Steven Valdez
Steven Valdez:
This was my first F1 event live and man was it fun. I'm a Lewis fan but man Max was sharp today. Very exciting to see it literally come down to the last second of qualifying to have 2 lead changes in the last 2 minutes
Yosef Cardoso
Yosef Cardoso:
Max and Checo did so well. Made me so happy when I saw Checo up there. Him getting pole before Lewis and Max knocked him down to 3rd was just amazing.
Hugo Chan
Hugo Chan:
Its raining in the end. Cant believe max is still the quickest
This season is by far the best one in years. 2 goats, clashes, perfect driving and character. Love it 😍
Tom Tom
Tom Tom:
Could watch this all day!!! Wow, Max is such a gifted driver. So determined to win!!! Congrats to RedBull!!! Can't wait for the race!!! 🤠🌟🏎️
Nahuel T
Nahuel T:
Super max ✌ como buen Argentino deseo que este campeonato sea tuyo 🇦🇷
K H Abhishek
K H Abhishek:
such beautifully contrasting driving styles. Max brakes early and cuts the apex more often while Lewis brakes late and goes around the curves!
Marcos Vinícius
Marcos Vinícius:
You can see his anger in the lap, he wanted it so bad and the "yes" at the end shows it
Durodes Duvo
Durodes Duvo:
Sergio has been on great form lately, I cant wait to see get to where he belongs
That Honda engine always sounds so soothing.
Ramadas Kollody
Ramadas Kollody:
As a hamilton fan i have to say this guy is amazing. Consistent throughout the season. Lewis did absolutely everything and still came 2nd. Respect to max and redbull. But the race is not done yet. Goodluck.
*simply simply lovely*
pilotos acelerados
pilotos acelerados:
Parabéns ao Max , melhor piloto de Todos os tempos!
That first sector is making me really sad we didn't have Suzuka this year.
I have seen those laps more often, yet for the first time I realize , watching Max here, the incredible speed and the skill it takes to attack all those corners. Wow. Hat off.
Wind Rose
Wind Rose:
Max Verstappen doesn't believe in momentum swings, that's all that needs to be said about this season.
This was a near perfect lap. Apart from 1 or 2 corners where he had some slight understeer everything else was perfect. This is even more amazing if we take into account that Merc was gaining around 3 tenths on that back straight alone with their suspension trick.
Martin Petry
Martin Petry:
the red bull was really really fast in the first sector, an Max got everything from the car to achive speed from those esses corners .
That Guy Bert
That Guy Bert:
Max has to be the driver of this season. His consistency is amazing, would've been cool to see Lando keep up his points streak too though
The Professor
The Professor:
I'd love to see an external view of a quali lap just so we can get a better sense of speed from a crowd pov. Sounds very interesting to me
World Insight
World Insight:
Well done Max 🇳🇱
Filipe Gaspar
Filipe Gaspar:
I just noticed now at 00:36 there's a massive cut on that corner that feels a bit like cheating because its an high speed corner. They should do something to avoid that (i'm talking about track owners, not track limits). Nevertheless, great lap🤯!
Matija Majdanac
Matija Majdanac:
Big shoutout to Sebastian Buemi, man was driving all night at Milton Keynes to find the right setup for this track. Awesome team work from Red Bull!
Willy C.
Willy C.:
That was a Super Max lap!
venkatsai murlidharan
venkatsai murlidharan:
He is so comfortable with the car , no aggressive steering inputs , he has become so smooth over the years.
What a Lap man❤️, Get in there Max
Juicy Panda 67
Juicy Panda 67:
Is it just me but this is one of my favorite f1 circuits to just watch the cars do a lap
Sayed Rahman
Sayed Rahman:
Now if we can just have a clean race to the end then it’s a wrap 😃
Usman Pirzada
Usman Pirzada:
Max will be the next Kimi of the sport in terms of fan base.
Nicholas Harshbarger
Nicholas Harshbarger:
Both Max and Checo put in phenomenal laps in Q3. They’re in a great position to put pressure on Lewis especially after Bottas got moved down the grid for his sixth engine. I hope Checo can win either here or in Mexico. He has a lot of fans here in the states.
I watch F1 for about 30 years now, but I have never seen an F1 car that violently thrown through the "Senna 'S'" and just stick. Unreal... Monster of a car and monster of a driver he is.
Nameer Khabir
Nameer Khabir:
What a fight this is gonna be
Talles Felipe
Talles Felipe:
Great! Go Verstappen! 🔥
brain to body
brain to body:
0:36 he nearly out of the track limits but he nailed the first sector from this corner 🔥🔥
kenneth law
kenneth law:
This car is monstrous in the first sector, the balance and rotation
Τάσος Χρίστογλου
Τάσος Χρίστογλου:
The speed through the esses is just unreal!!!
Best driver against best driver won.
Hope Max pulls a gap in the points @ US round
Max Verstappen
Max Verstappen:
2021......what a year to live on
Azaro F1
Azaro F1:
This man is levels above Hamilton
Philip 416 GTi
Philip 416 GTi:
Congrats Max from Greece!You are the best!💪💪✌✌
I wonder how next year's car will handle such a bumpy track.
I mean ... those new 3D floors are a whole different game compared to the current car's floors.
Juan Pablo Espinosa
Juan Pablo Espinosa:
Spain, France, Sochi and now COTA, Mercedes has been defeated this year. Those tracks that they won and did pole position now deserves to Red Bull (McLaren took P1 in Sochi)
Sensitive Gaming
Sensitive Gaming:
Max verstappen Brilliance 🏎️🚀. Major win💯
Ghulam Afzal
Ghulam Afzal:
That first sector is insane especially on those fast S turns
I could hear the 'MAX MAX MAX SUPER MAX MAX' all the way from here in England! What a lap!
I love how people were worrying about him cutting out of practice two early. Saying it might hurt his chances for quali. Then boom.. Pole.
lennart krischik
lennart krischik: Nico Rosberg did a high 1:36 on the simulator (not criticizing him in any way, simulator and real life is a whole different thing). That gives a hint on how fast that lap was
Ivan Castillo
Ivan Castillo:
I would be listening to this engine sound for a long time :) (and Alpine's too)
Tadej Sster
Tadej Sster:
I mean, what a 1st sector especially. Driver/car harmony at its best
Muhammad Daffa Suryanindra
Muhammad Daffa Suryanindra:
The bumps at the esses (T3-7) are so crazy there... I wonder if Tilke wanted to duplicate Sebring 😅
Mukund Dilip krishna
Mukund Dilip krishna:
it feels very wholesome and satisfying when i saw 2 redbulls in the top 3 rather than 2 mercs. Not a redbull fan just tired of the mercs
Hassan N E
Hassan N E:
Wow what a drive he really deserve to win this year
Still amazes me how fast he is.
Delivers under enormous pressure every time.
From Lewis magicking up some pace on bald tyres, to Max magicking up some 1/4 second out of nowhere; it seems like the universe also want an exciting DWC.
From Lewis magicking up some pace on bald tyres, to Max magicking up some 1/4 second out of nowhere; it seems like the universe also want an exciting DWC.
Love it! Awesome!!
Finally... Max on pole again!!!
Steve Steele
Steve Steele:
All can I say I’m intrigued how max was in a much higher gear during turn 13 than who evers lap I remember watching during qualifying live. Max kept it in a higher gear and had to upshift once by turn 14. Where as who ever I remember watching briefly dropped it down more gears for turn 13, and went up at least 3 gears maybe 4. Is dropping it down more gears a technique to help it turn, while max uses a higher gear to get a smoother more consistent drive out of the very tight corner? Or is there much more to it than that?
Andry Head
Andry Head:
Would it be possible to see, while the poleman is driving, the throttle percentage and the gear used? I think it would improve a lot to understand the real speed of f1 cars and the cornering velocity of these monsters... That would really be a huge upgrade to these spectacular on board laps!!!
Bears Brawn
Bears Brawn:
That was amazing! Volume up!!!
Sem Den Breejen
Sem Den Breejen:
Always great listening to this engine😋
Nawar Idrees
Nawar Idrees:
its may be a higher chance for Lewis to win...but very well done to you 🧡💪
Max will absolutely win this race 🏁 🏎 Checo 2nd!
exceed track limit....and I'm glad no action was taken as it was well too brief to cancel such a fantastic lap
Max Olschanski
Max Olschanski:
Would love to See how fast He is going (km/h)
Gabriel Mena
Gabriel Mena:
He was about to say “GET IN THERE MAX!!!” but he stopped himself 🤣
Nakul Ponnanna
Nakul Ponnanna:
Go Max!!!
gowtham m
gowtham m:
Max fans be like:

Wherever you go we'll there for you. That's the power of Max's. Look at the cheers guys, it was awesome. Hopefully Both Bulls definitely stand the podium there's no doubt about it.
Steven Cox
Steven Cox:
Interesting lap - for a moment there he had all 4 wheels outside the track limit. Surprised no one has protested.
Dirk T.
Dirk T.:
Adrian Newey had a look at both Red Bull cars. That helped. Glad he's back!
Allard Timmermans
Allard Timmermans:
Such a beast!
Litre o' Cola
Litre o' Cola:
Man that esses section is so intense, love this track
Steve McRichards
Steve McRichards:
Max-imum attack! US GP is gonna be lit.
Joy L
Joy L:
Finally 2 RB's versus 1 Merc!
Now let's see them work that tactics magic.
Andrew Burley
Andrew Burley:
I think Lewis is the greatest ever, but I think max has outdriven him this year. Why is it so hard for people to admit to both of those being true lol
Will be an nail biting start for the race. Let's hope Max get away from Ham clean. I am sure Ham will think hard how to push Max out of the track. Base on the radio, Ham is loosing his confidence already.
Well, he has been driving a car which was untouchable for many years. He is not use to it.
Morpheus DBBS
Morpheus DBBS:
Alejandro Díaz Martín
Alejandro Díaz Martín:
Go MAX!!!
I wish I could catch the race in person 😞
Harshit Rai
Harshit Rai:
Simply simply lovely 💖
If we sort out every DNF, which was not caused by own faults like crashes, Tyre blown, Max would be in a 70+ Points lead by now...
If Helmut Marko was speaking the truth when he said they think they might've found what Mercedes is doing, it's going to be a very interesting end to this F1 season.
As they now do it to Max's car and it seems to have paid off nicely.
Pedro Klüppel
Pedro Klüppel:
perfect lap. zero mistakes
Excellent knowlege shown great job no worries hope everyone can do the same but I dont know that 👍stay safe and stay sharp
Ricardo Bastos
Ricardo Bastos:
So Mercedes just turn off the trick in rear suspension... This is what happen when you have similar cars.
Max destroy everything.
notice he didnt say "simpleh lovleh" and gave a more raw reaction to getting pole cuz he had to fight really hard for that