Mean Tweets - Robert De Niro Edition

About halfway through the Oscars, Jimmy shared a special edition of Mean Tweets featuring, among others, Natalie Portman, Ryan Gosling, Samuel L. Jackson, Emma Stone and Robert De Niro. When we shoot these, we have each person read a few tweets then we pick the best one. But for Robert De Niro, there were many good ones. We decided to do something we’ve only done with President Obama: an entire edition of Mean Tweets presented by one person. This is the director’s cut, an all-De Niro version of #MeanTweets.

Mean Tweets – Oscars Edition

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Mean Tweets - Robert De Niro Edition

100+ comentarios:

Robert De Niro responds to mean tweets exactly the way you would expect Robert De Niro to respond to mean tweets.
Samuel Walker
Samuel Walker:
Houses will be painted tonight.
I’d feel honored if De Niro said “f*** you” to me
Pratika Singh
Pratika Singh:
His response to the tweets seems as if he's more disappointed that they couldn't roast him properly 😂😂😂
Arjun Saha
Arjun Saha:
Get Joe Pesci do a mean tweet edition.
Brandon Wright
Brandon Wright:
Robert De Niro is 73 and could still kick my ass.
Zaid Siddiqi
Zaid Siddiqi:
Imagine there is a Joe pesci edition and someone tells him that he is a funny actor.. Joe will be like 'Funny how?'
Error 404
Error 404:
The amount of “beeps” in this video make it more hilarious.
"In a world where everyone thinks they can do my job, check out this guy."
the gaming cook
the gaming cook:
Robert deniro is too old to be making gangsta films.

Then the Irishmen came out
Those guys are lucky that De Niro didn’t tell Russ about this
James Arlington
James Arlington:
That New Yorker Italian just came out in his insults
Robert Stiles
Robert Stiles:
When you're a legend, you can curse as much as you want.
We need an Al Pacino mean tweets please 🤣
Y A:
A lesson to life, NEVER insult Robert De Niro.
Caitlin Joy
Caitlin Joy:
I’ve always wished Robert De Niro would join Twitter or Instagram, but after seeing this I think it’s best that he doesn’t 😂
Ethan Pierce
Ethan Pierce:
I love that Robert De Niro acted exactly how everyone wanted him to.
Arden Charles Santos, CSP
Arden Charles Santos, CSP:
somebody: mean tweets
Robert De Niro: "You talkin' to me? You talkin to me?"
Claudio Leitao
Claudio Leitao:
"You tweeting to me?"
Connor June’s
Connor June’s:
He gets so pissed I love it 😂😂
Alex J. Jones
Alex J. Jones:
De Niro has no chill and I love it
Niels Lauridsen
Niels Lauridsen:
“What’s the matter with you?”
His reaction to wrinkled potato lmao, gets me every time
Islamic School of Meme Studies
Islamic School of Meme Studies:
This guy's playing himself in every movie lol.
Irada Rz
Irada Rz:
Who dares write anything bad about Robert Deniro...... Love his answers 😂
It’s Jess
It’s Jess:
Watching Robert De Niro curse people out never gets old for me!! 🤣
Ahmed Khalid
Ahmed Khalid:
Get Joe Pesci to do this and have someone tell him to go get his shinebox.
"Are you tweeting at me? Ha? ARE YOU TWEETING AT ME?"
Burn The Trolls
Burn The Trolls:
I'd happily take a series of Robert De Niro reading mean tweets and trying to navigate the internet
Estella Serrano
Estella Serrano:
I love Robert DeNiro! ❤
JJRJ 85:
exactly the kind of reactions I expected, this guy is a badass legend
This is the single best Mean Tweets ever. EVER.
The problem is not only 15 years old but the grown up adults whom you consider mature also tweet like these things.. btw why people tweet like this about him .. we are lucky to have legendary actors like these to see..
Anyone who watched 70s De Niro roles would never have imagined him cussing out haters on a talk show.
Nephast Gweiz
Nephast Gweiz:
From 0:43 to 0:50 he's exactly like in his movies
The dude
The dude:
I wish this would never end
Catrina D
Catrina D:
He is such a new yorker 😂😂😂
Taron Williams
Taron Williams:
De Niro is a national treasure. His responses were gold😂😂😂
Jasmine Morales
Jasmine Morales:
His response to the tweets seems as if he's more disappointed that they couldn't roast him properly 😂😂😂
X Vil
X Vil:
Robert's answers are too hilarious.
T N:
His eyes sharpen when he gets angry
I'm glad
Natalie Ramos
Natalie Ramos:
1:18 Robert de Niro went from doing gangster roles to grandfather roles... back to gangster roles.
He's the man!
Thank you Robert De Niro 🙏 We really needed that!😂😂😂😂
Fifi Edi
Fifi Edi:
He should turn up at each one of these people's houses and scare the hell out of them
National Coaster News
National Coaster News:
They insulted him a lil bit, they got a lil outta order themselves
1 individual video for Robert De Niro!
These people should feel honored for getting insulted by Robert De Niro
John Jones
John Jones:
A lesson to life, NEVER insult Robert De Niro.
wildish Gambino
wildish Gambino:
To one of the greatest actors of all time : Love you Bob
Only De Niro can keep me in stitches for 2 full mins I can barely breathe 😂😂😂😂
Avauna Mallett
Avauna Mallett:
I love Robert De Niro. This video says it all. He is the grandfather we all needed that one time our teachers were way too harsh with us at school and we came home in tears.
Brian Briglia
Brian Briglia:
he is straight up hilarious and his movies are awesome
wish him the best success ever
Classiq Beautee
Classiq Beautee:
He responded exactly like how I expected him to 😂
Rahul Adhikari
Rahul Adhikari:
Feels like Joe Pesci gave a tuition to Robert de niro just the previous day to deliver curse words
Kari Ola
Kari Ola:
I love him. His attitude doesn't change and I think that makes him so attractive until now.
"Lil bit, u did insult him a lil bit"
Ettore Belangero Preite
Ettore Belangero Preite:
"Good. Good what?" 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Red Card
Red Card:
0:50 the funniest part is when you hear the constant bleeping 🤣
Pradeep K
Pradeep K:
It's one of the greatest stress buster of all time
Anisa Abdi
Anisa Abdi:
Robert De Niro's responses r classic Robert De Niro....he's just amazing, luv him to death😍😍😍
Robert De Niro is 73 and is still a GANGSTA, lol he just cant quit, my man
De niro is pressed and that's the best part of it😂😂
Gowtham Sudheer
Gowtham Sudheer:
0:48 My favourite impression of De niro.
mrs Meow
mrs Meow:
can imagine Joe Pesci reading those about himself xD
90s Alternative Rock
90s Alternative Rock:
Rob is very very handsome and an incredibly talented actor.
He is literally Michael de Santa who just came to real life.
Rob was literally one rough life experience from being a real mob boss.
Yash Gawad
Yash Gawad:
We want a Goodfellas Edition of Mean Tweets😂
he's the nicest person ever
tony montana
tony montana:
You never got me down Ray
You never got me down.
Hemant T
Hemant T:
Totally satisfied the way he responded.......
Sean McKee
Sean McKee:
Best mean tweet comebacks ever.
Sooraj Tiwari
Sooraj Tiwari:
Robert- what kind of infantile humor is this?
Also robert 1 sec later- * repeats the exact same tweet to the person *
he so triggered on every tweet tho😂
George Chabruny
George Chabruny:
More like “mean responses to slightly offensive tweets”
Nitesh Aru
Nitesh Aru:
First two tweets: he softly criticize mean tweets
After that: he mastered the art of mean tweets😂😂😂
(2017) mean tweet: Roberts De Niro is too old to be in gangster movies.
(2019) The Irishman: what am I, a joke to you?

Also, I just realized that mean tweets rhymes with Mean Streets. Coincidence? I think not.
Noor Ahmed
Noor Ahmed:
He's such an iconic and legendary actor with an amazing personality, it's a shame that younger generation nowadays can't even realize that.
Kenny Bairstow
Kenny Bairstow:
There should be a Joe Pesci mean tweets.
He’s in character right now, reprising his role from analyze this.
"No, i think we had enough of your jokes"
I've been watching these all morning, but this one.....I put coffee through my nose. oh man....
How is he 73 and yet so good looking
I like how he got a whole segment for himself
tony stank
tony stank:
You learn two great things in your life:

Never insult Bob

And always keep your mouth shut
I'd thought or wished he'd say "You're talking to me?", but his responds were even better!
Ghaida Mujahid
Ghaida Mujahid:
When I'm anxious, i watch this video
Matt DeWolfe
Matt DeWolfe:
I could watch Robert De Niro swear at people for ages
John Jones
John Jones:
He gets so pissed I love it 😂😂
Flora R
Flora R:
Let's face it... this not the first time you're watching this 😂😂🔥👑
william lee
william lee:
You know this gets hilarious the #2 time you watch it? First time you just hear the curse words and don’t feel the emotions, second time this man is Alive. So vivid.
Razmoket La Kékette
Razmoket La Kékette:
" You talkin' to me ? "
" What's the matter with you ? "
" No no no , you insulted him a lil' bit , you insulted him a lil' bit "
" F*** you ! "
And other De Niro's legendary quotes .
Husker Fox
Husker Fox:
Get JOE PESCI to do this.

Have DeNiro write something at him😂
Osmone Everony
Osmone Everony:
I'd like to see Joe Pesci reading mean tweets the way he was acting in good fellas. 😄
Sean Panigel
Sean Panigel:
Like he said, somebody messes with him, he's gonna mess with him!
Lorena M
Lorena M:
I feel like if Al Pacino ever had to do one of these he'd be either laughing his ass off and coming up with the best dry-humour comebacks or being genuinely hurt by them.
One of the best issues of the show. He didn't even bother to make up some ironic or original answers. That's the man.
Uzair Amanat
Uzair Amanat:
I would pay to get insulted by De Niro.
He should have used his catchphrase: "You talkin' to me?"