Meanwhile... What Did LeBron Say About The "Squid Game" Ending?

Meanwhile... Stephen hasn't seen the most popular show in Netflix history yet, but now he knows that LeBron James hated the ending. #Colbert #Comedy #Meanwhile

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100+ comentarios:

The ending of Space Jam 2 was great, in that it ended
That Squid Game director’s comeback to LeBron was brilliant.
Marc Touss
Marc Touss:
"have you seen space jam 2?" is quite possibly the greatest clapback in history.....
Annunciata Parchesi
Annunciata Parchesi:
I was born on August 25. And Mom used to call me "sweet potato" I never put it together before.
Karan Jetley
Karan Jetley:
92k is actually not bad for a vehicle that can fucking FLY!
Laura Howard
Laura Howard:
The calculator gag never gets old
Hwang Dong-hyuk's dunk on Lebron was legendary. Should show up on basketball highlights.
I really hope personal flying vehicles DON"T ever become a thing. Imagine all the terrible drivers you encounter in your daily commute, and then multiply the consequences of their carelessness and ineptitude 10x.
Lynn Many Fires
Lynn Many Fires:
When I'm feeling low, Stephen can always make me laugh. And right now, that's a real gift.
Shifty Bat
Shifty Bat:
I sometimes get the feeling Stephen would rather listen to the band than continue the show and that's perfectly understandable.
Dee Cohen
Dee Cohen:
“ I commute in New York City” if you don’t know then you don’t know. When I lived in Astoria I was literally 4 miles from my job at Chelsea piers and it took two hours by subway and bus to get there so I ditched the MTA and used my roommates mountain bike to drive over the 59th St. bridge and across town and took 25 minutes. Commuting in NYC is hell. We feel ya Colbert.
Cyndri Gaming
Cyndri Gaming:
My best friend and I were born both in the same year on July 12th. We're both adopted and her adopted mom also shares the same birthday as us. Our moms met at a grocery store when we were 18 months old~ Been friends for the past 23 years <3
Sentences we wouldn't have expected to ever witness: "In other news, Lebron just got dunked on by a 50 year old, 6 foot, 150 pound, Korean dude who wrote a dystopic TV show"
The LeBron joke was lethal. Colbert for president
Space Force Commander
Space Force Commander:
Those who live in Glass Houses shouldn’t throw Stones. Also, those who live Space Jam 2 shouldn’t throw Squid.
Space Force Commander
Space Force Commander:
The problem with flying cars so far are the exposed blades. You don’t want kids to run up to parent’s flying cars arriving home before the blades stop spinning.
Dan Burke
Dan Burke:
I thought "Space Jam: A New Legacy" was okay (not great mind you), but I laughed out loud at the "Squid Game" director's comeback.
Pit Friend
Pit Friend:
I don’t trust other drivers on the road to not do amazingly stupid things. I’m not too excited to have personal flyers going over my house.
Katie Taylor
Katie Taylor:
I mean...Space Jam 2 was meh but Squid Game's ending also was kind of frustrating. I think it would've been greatly improved if *spoiler, don't click read more if you don't wanna see my opinion on the ending.*

Gi-hun had gone down to help the person on the street instead of just watching and waiting. The bet, after all, was that someone would help. Gi-hun is a someone. I don't mind the old man twist that much if they had made the scene more worthwhile by having that scene be the moment where Gi-hun realizes he is the someone who can make the necessary changes. But then I also realize that's also an American view of the story, and we're raised to have a very individualist/lone hero mindset, as opposed to a more 'everyone working together improves everyone's lives' mindset. So maybe I just felt underwhelmed because of my culture and expectations created from said culture.
The toilet paper thing in 2020 would have been considered an act of terror
I just realized, I am jealous of Stephen Colbert. Not for the standard guess for reasons, like he makes a great living on his own television show meeting some interesting people, or he has reasonable control over what he does every day, but he gets to see a live concert every weekday and it is right up close to Jon Batiste and Stay Human. What a life. Thank you Jon
Andi Jibron
Andi Jibron:
The calculator takes time to print that roll, but worth it. Hahaha
I truly agree with the audience's nervous giggles that come before Stephen starts describing the metaphor for Meanwhile preparation 😅😅😅
croc glox
croc glox:
"Jetson" has propellers? It is practically a steam locomotive if it doesn't have JET ENGINES, or beyond. Cogswell was right about you guys.
sandra johnson
sandra johnson:
At the beginning of the pandemic, every vehicle would have stopped and EVERY roll of that tp would have been grabbed up. Drivers beating the hell out of each other for a roll.
Hannah Jordan
Hannah Jordan:
I have a friend who has 4 kids and all their birthdays occur within an eleven day stretch. I did the math and apparently mummy is up for it around New Years and Christmas
3 Slices Senpai
3 Slices Senpai:
Never has a Jon Batiste "Oh mah gOOooOod~" been more warranted than that dunk on LeBron.
Bradley Walker
Bradley Walker:
My two brothers & I were all born in August, within 9 days of each other. So my parents obviously felt "festive" during November.
Stephen made me laugh so loudly at work, when he started saying his card number 🤣 😂
Kevin Reagan
Kevin Reagan:
$92k for an electric flying car? Shit, that's cheaper than half of the current Mercedes lineup.
Teri Woods
Teri Woods:
Okay, I REALLY thought Stephen was gonna say those three sisters all had the same birthday and were born in the same year at first. I was so relieved! 😬
Ian W
Ian W:
When Colbert started reading his CC that was just the perfect hard-cut. I WANT ONE SO BAD
Karan Paul
Karan Paul:
Today's jokes were fire 🔥🔥🔥
- Beeman
- Beeman:
5:07 Long before I heard about this, I asked my mom what a family would do if your kids were born on the same day, but in different years.

And LMFAO at the whole Thanksgiving thing.
People forget if we all have 4-drone flying car, traffic will still be bad lol
Ingrid Fong-Daley
Ingrid Fong-Daley:
"I'd like to report a murder."

"How did he die?"

By sick burn. Obviously. @3:20
James Eccles
James Eccles:
Yes! Love hearing the band!! More pleeease.
Daniel Bolding
Daniel Bolding:
I was born on August 25th. Thanks Stephen for giving me that mental image of my parents. 🤢
Buzz Killington
Buzz Killington:
I love Colbert because he got the perfect ratio of Jokes vs Sex Jokes.
Also, the hover vehicle... TAKE MY MONEY!
M J:
Squid Game was rough… but, it was worth watching! Yes, the Jetson is worth it too!
This has to be one of the funniest Meanwhiles in a mean while (sorry). They're all good but this one had me dying from beginning to end.
@3:40 Have you seen videos of those in which they didn't edit the sound out (didn't put music on top of the audio)? Those things are as loud as, if not louder than lawnmowers. Those would be a nightmare to suburban neighborhoods. Nice way to announce your departure and arrival at your home to your neighbors, though.
Abe Mrofchak
Abe Mrofchak:
Man, I like LeBron more with every clip/interview I see him in.
Josh Wilson
Josh Wilson:
I can't think of many things more horrific than having to listen to personal helicopter drones blaring all day.
Tabitha Rodela
Tabitha Rodela:
I was a Thanksgiving conception. But my folks were military, so I’m guessing the extra time off is what did it for them. I’m not gonna ask though. 😵
LeavingIt Blank
LeavingIt Blank:
"Is there any way we can both be lying down for this?"

Angelica A
Angelica A:
Unfortunately I think the issue might be that Squid Game's ending was too intellectual...
Tyler Bellows
Tyler Bellows:
You know that things safe when you have to wear a full face helmet
Colbert will devote a large chunk of his show when he finally sees the show, trust me
Zonker Harris
Zonker Harris:
That 'flying car' has a run time of 20 minutes... so far to go...
Jayla Starr
Jayla Starr:
I’m DYING @ squid game directors response…. Mic 🎤 drop!
Technically, Stephen, the turkey basters are incredibly available that week...
Rolyat Neek
Rolyat Neek:
That Jetson looks exactly like the kind of thing Zuckerberg would use to hunt endangered animals and humans from....
m r
m r:
good news Doc! we finally invented flying cars!
Those who live in Space Jam 2 houses should stick to throwing basketballs instead of stones 😁
James Tynes
James Tynes:
That personal chopper on the video would be deadly for any creature running out to greet it. The blades on the thing would turn them into hash. No wonder the video was shot in a desert. All the vegetation was annihilated by the blades of the thing.
Renee Brutvan
Renee Brutvan:
There's another explanation to those sisters: Thanksgiving is when friends and family come to visit. Or, perhaps in one case, visit to...
Steve Webber
Steve Webber:
The traffic on the ground in new york is horrific. I'm trying to envision how to manage low altitude air traffic with civilian pilots, in large quantities.

Last I checked, air travel in large metropolitan areas is rather heavily controlled.
Sandra Avila
Sandra Avila:
“His creative choices” 🤣🤣🤣
Jeff Watkins
Jeff Watkins:
AND Joe gets to SING! Right in the middle of the bandstand. It's a GREAT Friday...I know...Thursday for you guys.
Best Meanwhile in a looooong time!
Kris Frederick
Kris Frederick:
A year ago people would have been scrambling out their cars and fighting eachother for them 04:48 👀
Josh Whalen
Josh Whalen:
The irony is that Lebron and Hwang Dong-hyuk are suggesting the same thing to each other: don't make a sequel.

If they ever meet they can bond over stories of cashing checks from film studios.
92k is astoundingly good, the first Tesla was over 100k and it was just a an electric version of a normal car...
That is *both* electric and it fucking fly's so...
I mean... take the damn flying car it's much cooler than any ground car ever could be and there are ground cars upwards of 300k... did I mention it fly's?
Fen Bogarty
Fen Bogarty:
We have a late august baby too. You make it before thanksgiving when you start taking time off in preparation.
Chris Bowman
Chris Bowman:
I used to really love the Colbert report but I don’t like the slant of this show and never really watch it. But damn 😂 the Squid Games director made me lol pretty hard. Well done.
Squid 🦑 game Director goes hard lol 😂
Rahrah Tyme
Rahrah Tyme:
I love the fact that even though people
can't stop hating on LeBron, they can't stop
watching him also!😂 He's everywhere, so
who's the real loser? Thank God SJ2 was for the children, who's opinions are the only ones that truly matters, since the future belongs to them. While the miserable adults, on the other hand are only getting closer to their graves. A place where they will never be able to h8 on anyone else again. Reality
Check indeed! #timewasters! #stayalert👁️ #crownm👑
An Ro
An Ro:
Oh God, oh God, that ending was too funny!
Senam Lawson
Senam Lawson:
I didn't like the ending of squid game, either. The main concept itself was great, but the plot and the principle of the series was awful, in my opinion. Overall, it's a bit of a dystopian story.
Huge missed opportunity with the toilet paper: "Well at least it's good for clearing up skid marks."
The meanwhile- introwriters deserve a raise
Mark L
Mark L:
The girls should get a DNA test to find out which regular Thanksgiving guest is their real father
Diego Schwartz
Diego Schwartz:
I mean the joke should be: I guess they REALLY like the stuffing hahaha
shot Johnny
shot Johnny:
I hav to say, I agree with LeBron. I liked SG but I thought the ending was a bit "anti-climatic" ...
Fauler Perfektionist
Fauler Perfektionist:
"Happy birthday, honey. You get a _new sister."_
Buzzlightyear G35
Buzzlightyear G35:
The jokes are on fire 😂
Rennis Tora
Rennis Tora:
That seemed a little uncalled for, Dude literally just said he didn't like the ending, as any person has the right to express their opinion.
And the creator, clearly so insecure he can't take reasonable critique, personally attacks his career?
Zoe A
Zoe A:
I thought you only got food babies on thanksgiving 😂
Kenneth Welch
Kenneth Welch:
That meanwhile intro got my stomach churning
William Trang
William Trang:
Sure flying cars sounds fun now AS A CONCEPT, but once everyone is able to get their hands on it, all hell will brake loose (pun intended). Don't believe me? Might I remind you that dashcams recently became a thing because some people are absolute wankers when it comes to driving on the road, and they're just limited to the ground. Imagine how they'll be in the sky.
David Schoenfeld
David Schoenfeld:
My grandma in Cincinnati had 2 sets of twins, fraternal girls and identical boys, on the same day 15 years apart. Little coincidences like that, and the 3 sisters with the same birthday mentioned in this bit, are kind of cool!
Napoléon I Bonaparte
Napoléon I Bonaparte:
If by chance, one of the sisters could’ve been premature, it would mean her parents “gave gifts” in Christmas.
the TV baby
the TV baby:
I wanna see Steve in a Jetson on his show!
Lisa Gulick
Lisa Gulick:
As the incomparable George Carlin once said, "Ever notice that you never seem to get laid much on Thanksgiving?....I think it's because all the coats are on the bed."
Finn Ekberg Christiansen
Finn Ekberg Christiansen:
And I've never said that before about this segment.
J F:
My 8 y/o: Is that a typewriter?
Me: No, it's a calculator.
To the Karens: I use earbuds so she doesn't hear anything.
Alias Alias
Alias Alias:
One of the funniest Meanwhiles ever.
Blade Runner
Blade Runner:
Now in the toilet-roll meanwhile, when he said "it was either a huge accident" - did that have a double meaning?
Micah Vaale
Micah Vaale:
Meanwhile is becoming a household phrase
Oh good, they're making cars more dangerous for drivers and bystanders. I approve.
r e v e l a r e_ XVII
r e v e l a r e_ XVII:
For God’s sake Hwang he had a family. 😭
Mark Dowse
Mark Dowse:
@ 5:40 Being an Aussie, I've never experienced Thanksgiving.... 😢
I'd LOVE to try it at least once - for the FOOD of course ! 😋🤣

M 🦘🏏😎
Publius King
Publius King:
Bladerunner is upon us; I wonder if each one comes with a duster coat.
Alright. Who put the drone rotors on the dune buggy again?
Tory Howze
Tory Howze:
I liked Space Jam 2 I did not see Squid Game but I did watch the Pitch Meeting for it and I saw all I needed to see 😅😅
bruuuh he roasted LeBron to filth 😭😭
My aunt and uncle had the same birthday, 2 years apart. 9 months after my grandma's birthday. My mum was born 8 years later, 9 months after my grandpa's birthday.
David Ogden
David Ogden:
Do they make the Jetson drones for people who are 78" or taller?
Claude Martin
Claude Martin:
He actually has a prop credit card that he can hold into the camera? that's next level. Most people would be happy if they just had a normal credit card.