Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Announce They’re Expecting Their 2nd Child | TODAY

On Valentine’s Day, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced they are expecting baby No. 2 after experiencing the heartbreak of miscarriage. NBC’s Kelly Cobiella reports for TODAY from London.
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Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Announce They’re Expecting Their 2nd Child | TODAY

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100+ comentarios:

Patricia Hall
Patricia Hall:
Why make a big announcement, we've only see Archie for 5 minutes
Mia du Plessis
Mia du Plessis:
Congratulations to Eugenie on the birth of her baby boy.
Caleb Smith
Caleb Smith:
This is how many people care:
Dro kaiden
Dro kaiden:
Look today if I see that so call royal reporter again I done wit today boycotting trust what I say
Tiffany Williams
Tiffany Williams:
Congratulations to them both. They are such a lovely couple.
Helen R
Helen R:
belle nice
belle nice:
So in love....I can't be any happier for this news...congratulations ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Ancilla Mcknight
Ancilla Mcknight:
Congratulations to Harry and Meghan. 👑👑👍
Lindamae JOHNSON
Lindamae JOHNSON:
What else are the KP going to say they have no choice glad eugene's and her husband put their baby on display. 🍼🍼🍼🍼🍼🍼🍒.
Margaret Caskenette
Margaret Caskenette:
Thanks for this news
Danielle Sylvestre
Danielle Sylvestre:
jose ap santos
jose ap santos:
Boa tarde, esse lindo casal, é um simpatia. Adorei o vídeo.
Suprena Dickson
Suprena Dickson:
Congratulations to Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan for this exciting news!!
Dianne Hawkins
Dianne Hawkins:
Great news and btw, the so-called royal rules regarding succession were changed just prior to the birth of George 8 yrs ago, not 100 yrs ago. The changes now allow Charlotte to maintain her place in the line of succession whereas before then, she would have fallen behind her brothers. So far as titles go, technically since Harry is a Prince, (whether he uses that title or HRH-all still there), his offspring could have the same distinctions and most certainly once their grand father, Charles, becomes King. I think the reporter could do with a bit of fact check-checking but was correct that the new baby will indeed be 8th in line of succession. In any case, it has been a great past few months for the Sussexes (mega corporation deals, launch of their Archwell Foundation, legal wins for Archie, Harry and Meghan just last week, the baby announcement yesterday and now, the upcoming interview with Oprah. They are humble, hard-working and focused and just keep winning. Congratulations.
Mariaines Mena Barreto
Mariaines Mena Barreto:
God bless them!
Lydia Martine
Lydia Martine:
Yes yes merci seigneur Jésus christ 🙏🙏🙏🙏
Sasha Zizi :3
Sasha Zizi :3:
Wow congratulations!
conny nielson
conny nielson:
btw , if these comments get deleted it is because they intend to keep using the model in the future...and meghans still not out the woods yet, these drugs work right up until 3rd trimester
Will they name the child Adolf to further insult the Queen ? Would fit with Harry's nazi wardrobe.
Anna Claire
Anna Claire:
Lovely to see the happy relaxed couple. Congratulations
J. Kari
J. Kari:
Pink Panther
Pink Panther:
Careful, Harry. You’re flying now. Zip up quickly before your brains fall out.
Mrs Elemi Enerosisor
Mrs Elemi Enerosisor:
Congratulations Meghan and Harry am so happy 💖
Dorothy Chishimba
Dorothy Chishimba:
Beautiful photo all the best prince harry and meghan.xx
Lovely news, congratulations to them. I pray she has a safe delivering.
Tutu Jazz
Tutu Jazz:
Was this picture taking in the summer? They look very warm
T. F.
T. F.:
So happy for them! Congrats!
Audrey Jenkins
Audrey Jenkins:
💖💞🙏👶👣👶👣💖harry and Meghan.. Blessings and love to your family. Soooo happy for you both.💖💓👶👶👣👣
E S:
The tree of Life is in Heaven, NOT on Earth!!
John 3:13
John 3:13:
They were like Danny oo 🧠 brothers...not anymore! It’s okay I still have josh! lost me! I know how to BBQ hotdogs and there’s a liquor store 2 blocks away!
Ahmed Fouad
Ahmed Fouad:
Love them ❤️ They are an awesome couple.
Om na
Om na:
twins coming
A US citizen, exactly what megs wanted.
Sophia Davenport
Sophia Davenport:
I’m so happy for Meghan and Harry.💕
Miss Katz Life
Miss Katz Life:
Am so happy for them, they truly deserve this bundle of joy
That's great news for them! It was sad that she had a miscarriage previously. My heart goes out to anyone who loses a baby. This pose very much reminds me of Julia Roberts, and Hugh Grant, relaxing in the park in the movie Notting Hill.
Beautiful congratulations Meghan and harry
mayra v
mayra v:
Beautiful photo Harry and Meghan, Congratulations!!🥰❤❤❤❤
Minn Lowe
Minn Lowe:
I love the video you showed of Harry and Meghan, and that little line of succession grah . Congrats to Harry and Meghan and big brother Archie 💙❤👏
Pia Ann
Pia Ann:
ursula gere
ursula gere:
Moji Word-Kelani
Moji Word-Kelani:
It's going to be another boy (not red but dark curly hair) and not a girl...
Shane Skeen
Shane Skeen:
WASENT it 1 or 2 weeks ago there was a photo of MEGHAN and HARRY was in a room and MEGHAN was holding twins so whot happened to them or ANATHER lie
Corinne Young
Corinne Young:
Live. Love. Laugh. Joy. Truth. Authenticity. Blessings :)
D M:
Another $$$ for child and spousal support after their marriage ends...
Mandi's Houseplant Channel
Mandi's Houseplant Channel:
*Congrats to them* 💙❤️
Am rose
Am rose:
It gonna be September baby like Harry.
Pamela Cook
Pamela Cook:
Dalia Mcmahon
Dalia Mcmahon:
Congrats to the beautiful couple. I hope the baby is a girl. 😉💕.
God bless you both.
conny nielson
conny nielson:
they have done it to me twice in 4 months....but in meghans case, its because they want harry to give her up an marry chelsy davy.. another baby prolongs the waiting game for them.
Hubert&Cat Hume
Hubert&Cat Hume:
Bernadette Butler
Bernadette Butler:
GOD BLESS them🙏🙏🙏
Lalalisa Manoban
Lalalisa Manoban:
Congratulations 🤗
Jean Berard
Jean Berard:
Don’t believe she was pregnant the 1st time and I don’t believe she is pregnant now.
Dianne Harris
Dianne Harris:
so happy for y'all!!!
Candelina Vas
Candelina Vas:
V v happy for Prince Harry and Meghan for their 2 nd pregnancy God Bless them always
Kyle Russell
Kyle Russell:
I don't understand why these two get so much hate... have the public forgot that there's a nonce in the royal family
Angela H
Angela H:
The British woman just lies about them Megan and Harry
Susi Susanne
Susi Susanne:
God bless the Duke of Edinburgh who is hospitalized because of the stress Megain and Harry has caused him and the whole RF. Shame on you!!!!
Elle W
Elle W:
Needed to hear some good news.
Connie Balmer
Connie Balmer:
Patty Kake
Patty Kake:
Henry’s grubby foot makes an earthy focal point for this serene family (minus Archie) photographic study. Lovely.
Queen Of Wands
Queen Of Wands:
I’m so happy for H, M and baby A! They have a beautiful little family and now adding another little person to the mix. I hope it’s a girl so she can be a daddy’s girl! Awww this is sweet news! 💕🥰
kelly Chisholm
kelly Chisholm:
My God some of you in the comment section need help.just congratulation and move on.
I am so happy for them. They are such good people and continue to represent amazing values and causes. Archie will love having a sibling.
Seema Gayadin
Seema Gayadin:
Fake and lies as allways.......wake up people
Harry likes that ring in his nose. Who’s the daddy?
Baph Omet
Baph Omet:
I wonder who the father is ?
Kate Healy
Kate Healy:
How exciting I was holding my breath waiting for their next announcement now I can BREATHE again so much PUBLICITY FOR A COUPLE LIARS WHO DONT WANT PUBLICITY.
Joan Smith
Joan Smith:
She was never prego w the first ..,
Iyabo obidare-giwa
Iyabo obidare-giwa:
Yeah! Congratulations to our beloved Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Beautiful and timeless photo. I’m so happy for them.
Ixca Fuego
Ixca Fuego:
OMG she is about to give birth.
Asian mix
Asian mix:
Martina2497 wta
Martina2497 wta:
Congratulations on your beautiful baby . Archie is going to be an awesome big brother. Mama loves you archie
Gonzo the Great
Gonzo the Great:
Me me me me me . Surprise surprise. But she still wants privacy 😂 I hope they never come back to the uk.
Suzanne Berger
Suzanne Berger:
Surrogate???? Paternity test? 39 - fertility??
Boost Mobile
Boost Mobile:
Wash your feet harry
conny nielson
conny nielson:
regards to miscarriage, they administer misopristone which kills baby and stays in the belly bc you meant to take another drug 2 days after to expel fetus. They secret it in foods and gifts. anyone can get hold the drug in uk.. unwanted abortions have skyrocketed in the uk this year.
P 2
P 2:
Copy cats 🤣
Jenice Tray
Jenice Tray:
Their pregnancy Are as Irrelevant as another wind dusts blow thru my BIN !!!
Geraldine Office
Geraldine Office:
Whereas archie is he not included in this family now and this baby has not been a big deal as archie and it only been 2 years since they left gave it another 3 and they won't be remembered at all
Richard C
Richard C:
I thought they renounced their Royalty. Why are they still referred to as Prince and Princess?
Fatima Lopes
Fatima Lopes:
Harry and Meghan Marble are a disgrace to the Monarchy and to the British people.
Mike Gill
Mike Gill:
These two muppets are unbelievable. They move out of jolly ole England to live a more subdued life yet all they do is announce this or that. All about the clout. Stop saying u don’t want the attention yet want the attention by doing lame podcasts or lame photo shoots like this. Cancelled!!!!
Oo O
Oo O:
Please give a good reason why people should care
komino emi
komino emi:
Can you please stop using camilla Tomney? She doesn't know anything about Harry and Meghan. And she has been caught lying several times about HM
M O:
For people who do not wish to be in the public eye they do seem to like publicity.
Milin Lim
Milin Lim:
Where's Archie in the family photo?
Mercedes Aviles
Mercedes Aviles:
Hahahahaha so much for a private life now an interview with the biggest lier ever the BIG O! Lol 😂 🤣 🤣 🤣 joke
LeeAnn Harter
LeeAnn Harter:
Meghan and Harry who?
We don’t care
Rowena Ellis
Rowena Ellis:
Overshadowing Eugenie and Jack’s agian .
Where’s Archie
ibelice surrick
ibelice surrick:
Enough is enough whit this circle
Pinkie Pinkster
Pinkie Pinkster:
Please stop talking about them...we don't care about them.
Andrea julia Pucci
Andrea julia Pucci:
They are more important news out there.tham the another p.g.pillow??from this fake couple!!??👎😫🤪😴😴😴😴😴
Lackshme Hardeen
Lackshme Hardeen:
Did she really have a miscarriage in July? That was just 7 months ago and her pregnancy looks like same timing, I'm guessing she did not have a miscarriage!!!! Sympathy tricks again
New Yorker2
New Yorker2:
You mean First "acknowledged" Royal baby born in America. Hope it's a girl!
Bull Terror
Bull Terror:
Very Wolverine-Hugh Jackman-ish..🤮
Bull Terror
Bull Terror:
Hilarious how you quit the Royal Family & your job to play Goal Keeper in America because that's where you & ya little Epstein Fergie crew believed I was signed up ready to. Go...

Man I hope it's not another miscarriage..