Meghan Markle Reveals She Suffered A Miscarriage In July | TODAY

In an emotional New York Times op-ed Wednesday morning, Meghan Markle revealed that in July she suffered a miscarriage that would have been her and Prince Harry’s second child. NBC’s Erin McLaughlin reports for TODAY.
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Meghan Markle Reveals She Suffered A Miscarriage In July | TODAY

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100+ comentarios:

tony montana
tony montana:
Whether you like her or not, you have to admit that miscarriage is heartbreaking and painful.
blah blah blah
blah blah blah:
God the amount of hate people have for her🤮🤮🤮 I even questioned her first child and now celebrating the death of second..I am so happy they got away
Susanne Martindale
Susanne Martindale:
I thought I was reading a script, the wording about “holding one child as she loses another” all the details about Harry’s hand holding and broken pieces.. really? I completely understand, first hand, the pain of a miscarriage, however for two people who are always complaining, suing about wanting their privacy, this comes across as attention and sympathy seeking! You two wanted to be as far away from the press, royal family and public attention and yet you seek attention at every turn. Make up your bloody minds! My condolences and I hope all is well.
maja lovric
maja lovric:
Narcissistic, but always playing a victim....
Barbara Neunee
Barbara Neunee:
9 zooms in July what grief
Pamela evm
Pamela evm:
remember this is the woman who all we've heard from her for over two years is how she wants to keep her private life private. However I guess when it comes to promoting your own political agenda regarding women she can come out in great detail of what happened. I have to hand it to her most women suffering a tragedy like that aren't usually that aware the color of the room and every other detail surrounding the event. If my tears had fallen on mine and my husband's knuckles I wasn't aware of the fact. That poor woman has even taken the loss of a child and turned it into a political agenda talking about miscarriage being a taboo and how women are mistreated afterwards. Why does a woman with so much privilege continue to seek pity? What world does she come from where miscarriage is at Abu and treated with lack of compassion and contempt? Other Royal wives have had miscarriages and made a statement and our hearts went out to them. This sad woman has taken a painful loss and turned it into a political and promotional agenda. All we've heard about is how she craves privacy for her family. I guess that only applies except when she's seeking pity. All we've heard about is how badly she's been treated and now she's talking about how bad women are treated after a miscarriage! It looks like that all Megan sees in the world and in people is negativity. Megan seems to have a continuous need to be a victim.
Mary Kay
Mary Kay:
Sorry for your loss. I had 2 misscariages and one still born at 9 months. I understand your pain. I pray for a speedy healing
Parched Pergament
Parched Pergament:
Somehow even this sad news, if it were true, doesn't make me sympatize. I don't know why she comes across such a person that only makes me think that she is lying, acting or trying falsely achieve something that she is not true for. Something so fake in her being that I just cannot fathom.
“I tenderly held my first born in my arms as I was saying goodbye to my third". Chasing Light Finding Hope Through the Loss of Miscarriage, by Stephanie Tong
Ann Stuart
Ann Stuart:
Magic Bali
Magic Bali:
Oh dear need to fire your PR team and hire a better one ...really? And what's their idea next ..launch a book about it??

And nevertheless I'm sorry for your lost and to every woman who happened experience it.
Laura Ragazzi
Laura Ragazzi:
Stephanie Tong had written a memoir called ‘Chasing Light: Finding Hope Through the Loss of Miscarriage’ (Ch.13, 2016) where she recounts the tragedy of a miscarriage. The text bears an incredible resemblance to what MM wrote on NYT. Strange
Heidi De Villiers
Heidi De Villiers:
There really is no so-called stigma attached to having a miscarriage. Also having gone through it at 4 months - a little boy soul - I am surprised to see it as being made out as a previously suppressed 'me too' issue. It simply is what it 'is'.
skyrocketing5 therealest
skyrocketing5 therealest:
That is not your story meghan markle.
Heather B
Heather B:
In South African "gruelling trip" - WHAT? It was a luxury trip of her lifetime (then - before she snagged the Duchess job)
Why bring politics into their tragedy? How does she know the miscarriage stats? Total phony and her miscarriage description is very similar to a scene in Steel Magnolias.
Andrea Royd
Andrea Royd:
Commiseration to any one who has suffered a miscarriage, even a late period that never resulted in a much wanted baby. Yes, I had one had 16 weeks, bla bla bla. In time you do rationalize that it was a birth not meant to be. If you have specific infertility issues - you may be on the pathway of medical support for subsequent pregnancy. Certainly someone of Meghan's age, would have been high risk. Sorrow for her and Harry - BUT WHY MAKE IT AN AGENDA? To some reading the Meghan essay, who suffer infertility, no alive births, would be heart broken that she makes an issue of this whilst HOLDING ARCHIE - arrows to the heart of those who will never succeed a live birth. GET A GRIP.
Robbin Dancer
Robbin Dancer:
Great 🥰🥰 i also advice you test YTfame for getting more views and other stuff.
Noella Rash
Noella Rash:
“OMG” ...sounds like she’s writing a novel.. just say you had a “miscarriage” (no need to go into very little detail)
Sandhya Khagram
Sandhya Khagram:
I love Ugini! She is so sweet!
So sad. Condolences to you three xx
Bla bla....hat "die" n kind verloren.blablabla. dann können ja jetzt die gerichtsverhandlungen weitergeführt werden,die um neun monate verschoben wurden! Die Arme...🤣😂lächerliche geschichte!!!🤣😂
Sharon Blackwell
Sharon Blackwell:
I have experienced the loss a living child aged 2 years old. Through the agonising grieving, I remember wondering about all those mums who lost their babes through miscarriage or still birth, who were not blessed like me to have gotten to know my child, and know their personality and ways, and I recall consoling myself that I had two precious years.
Angela Egan
Angela Egan:
A third of the world is either at war or starving and you give air time to this?!!!! Thousands of women suffer miscarriages every year and manage to deal with it without putting out a press release. So much for wanting a life without publicity!
No one believes her. She has lied so much.
Youseen Memuff
Youseen Memuff:
What's next - a visit from Aliens?
M M:
The phrase used in PR "holding her firstborn while losing the life of her second born" is a phrase I wrote in my book in 2010 concerning the death of a 3 month old baby...I am not amused!!!
Lyman Hogan
Lyman Hogan:
Sally Lunn
Sally Lunn:
Lie from the new PR team. Meghan would never have waited four months for the attention from that bombshell.
Alison Logan
Alison Logan:
I need more attention
I have no way of knowing this and never will, but in light of the extremely (well deserved) negative attention she’s gotten lately, the timing, and the fact that it allegedly happened in July but is suddenly being disclosed _now,_ this smells like a p.r. stunt
Woojiee M
Woojiee M:
What is this? More Markle PR; certainly not journalism! 🤢
Are you ok ? Mmmm where have I heard that before.
A E:
I thought she wanted to never be Hounded by the Media and Paparazzi ever again --
Yet - here we are. How absolutely Not Surprising.
Maggie M
Maggie M:
We love you Meghan ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Jacqueline Dunne
Jacqueline Dunne:
Grace obviously u have got lost in translation, please read slowly enunciate each word loudly and may be u would get the gist. No offence meant
S.L. Griffin
S.L. Griffin:
Ohh God! Vomiting now
Marie Dames
Marie Dames:
I had a miscarriage at 6 months I Lost My Baby.😍
Monica Fajardo
Monica Fajardo:
I find it contradictory she feels bad losing this baby but still supports abortion
Jacqueline Dunne
Jacqueline Dunne:
Mary Kay the term 'Racism' has been misused to suit the person's own selfish need. I know what Racism is please. The racist ticket has been used so much that it is losing its true meaning and that's what gets me.
Pam Jackson
Pam Jackson:
Please Rachel Meghan Markle was not pregnant gas lighting you all again
zippy blessed
zippy blessed:


Am rose
Am rose:
Sure that was a tragic event for a mom.
Dr Deborah Hockney
Dr Deborah Hockney:
Boohoo let's feel sorry for markle!!!!
Colin McMahon
Colin McMahon:
No way!

:0 N'night, Mommy. Very really
Min Jiu Dai
Min Jiu Dai:
I'm still wiating for H&M to live up to their promise of being private citizens.
matthew young
matthew young:
PR stunt.
Sharon Rae
Sharon Rae:
What a load of crap. This is not a taboo subject. There is no shame only sadness.
margaret MCKEAN
margaret MCKEAN:
Something we dont talk about. We all know who lost babies in the royal family and they didn't tell it like it is a story book. Anything for attention even st such a sad time
She seemed fine during her July and August engagements. The timing of this news is suspect, as she just admitted that she lied about not contributing to the book FF..
Myra Smith
Myra Smith:
Was told by a wise doctor years ago that miscarriage is nature's way of saying somethings wrong with the pregnancy. That's it.
Nerine Beaumont
Nerine Beaumont:
Let's the world know about the "miscarriage" but never let the world know about the "pregnancy"? Please!!!!! Such an attention seeker!!!!
Sara Avellaneda
Sara Avellaneda:
Muchas gracias al zprimcipe Harry x la nnoticia yo duermo y du esposa Zla Primsesa Megan ya llego su notocia de farandola y suya y nos vemos su amiga ,Sara Avellaneda ,su amiga nuvita y estuvo x mi telegono este Sarita y nos vemos con megan wue ya tuvo su hijo y la filmaron x la teva cusndo ya tuvo megan su niño Sarita la viro,y luego la miro de nuevo ,SaraSvellaneds,
Camille Hill
Camille Hill:
well said by
"Tyla Mac
5 hours ago
Miscarriage must be a horrifying experience to go through and I am sorry that she had to go through that.

But I cannot help but see Meghan continue to project herself as a victim and courting sympathy. She writes these poetic words that just do not come across as selflessly and authentically altruistic. They all seem intended for theatrical show. Her words and actions always seem to be self-serving no matter how she acts to be helping others. Meanwhile Diana kept all her suffering to herself even as she gave comfort to others. That is true selflessness. "
Bull Terror
Bull Terror:
This Time there is going to be Consequences...
Matthew Thomas
Matthew Thomas:
I can only imagine.
Her voice is very different than I expected
Colin McMahon
Colin McMahon:
Are you? This ain't that Parking Lot...

4 Pure Joy
4 Pure Joy:
1 in 4 pregnancies end in miscarriage so in a room of 100 women, statistically, 25 could have had a miscarriage.
Franklin Rollen
Franklin Rollen:
Liline DarRic
Liline DarRic:
I did too! I missed two! While people were putting them down and they were going through unbelievable loss/grief.
SBn49 AJC:
That's just crap - women are not ashamed of a miscarriage. "We" are profoundly sad, not ashamed. I think MM needs mental guidance because I see her as a liar, a dysfunctional human being on the verge. Someone please ask her if she's okay.
Ewiger Schüler
Ewiger Schüler:
That's awesome! 😀
Huggy Bear
Huggy Bear:
Men suffer miscarriages too... Its called family court . Anyways, imagine what the commoner feels when she has no support system.
Incredible ... She does anything to be in the news. Even dressed up, brought photographers and posed at dead soldiers' grave the week before, now her miscarriage - she's lost all credibility with her lies and hypocrisy.
David Warner
David Warner:
Pia Hongsiri
Pia Hongsiri:
I thought she wants privacy.
2 delicious
2 delicious:
i just wanted to stay that, when Megan and harry left the royal family, their greatest challenge they had in the royal family was NOT the little racism that they experienced, but their ability to learning how to get along with people( moving from place to place will not change your adversity, a change in your mindset will do that for you, and that starts when you learn how to be kind to those that your struggle with and don't like you, if someone dislikes you let it be for no reason, than for something you did towards them that was perceived to them to be disrespectful or hurtful), honor their responsibilities besides the child that they brought into the world, and win the hearts of those that didn't like them, it's not easy but also not impossible with time and patience which they didn't have, their actions said ( i want what I what , and if I don't get what I want i'm gonna threaten to leave=very sad). finally it also very sad how Megan, harry, and THEIR fans think that they( Megan and harry) don't have to answer to anyone( follow other peoples rules), in reality everywhere you go ,you will have to follow rules, that's life. Megan and harry lack reality and more like I said above.* i'm not reading comments
Faliu T
Faliu T:
Don't believe any words come out from that womans mouth at all or Harry they are hypocritical couple
Marty McFLY 1985
Marty McFLY 1985:
However every bit of July footage of Meghan she looks very happy
Mari Osa
Mari Osa:
Pro life is the new direction taken by duchess?
L G:
#ButNotMaturnity We didn't all get to hold our partners hand in hospital.
Mimi GM
Mimi GM:
I'm was for her😭
Marsha Owen
Marsha Owen:
Well, she's back in the news with EVERBODY sympathizing. Just What the new PR people are paid for.
Jennifer Wray
Jennifer Wray:
As a woman who has experienced this also I do feel for Meghan. They are blessed with their dear little Archie as I am with my beautiful daughter. I wish them well.
Denise Powell
Denise Powell:
She will now play the sympathy card in hopes people will accept her. Having had a miscarriage hospitalization and with COVID even is questionable. Megan and Harry want privacy bug pay journalist and photographers to publish them. Such a disgrace!!!
English Rose
English Rose:
Hmmmmm....sorry but I don't believe a word she says...those two lie and have been dishonest from the start.....this is moonbump Meg you're talking about...... and who even talks or writes like that.... it's like reading a script....and is in the same tone of funding fiction.....incredibly detailed OTT dramatic account of what is an incredibly personal and private experience......from the couple who are notorious for supposedly wanting privacy ?? The same couple who didn't even want to release the slightest details surrounding Archie's birth (name of hospital..when he was born etc) and everyone knows why that was.... but yet she gives a play by play account of this to the NYT.... falling to her knees etc..... plus from what I remember she was all over the media at the time with her constant zoom calls to anyone that would have her on their platform......not buying it.....
I know this is going to be controversial, BUT; why is it that when this chick, who is all for the women’s rites and all, has a miscarriage, she has lost ‘a baby’. But when a woman has an abortion, she got rid of ‘a foetus’? Thanks for your hate in advance, ladies.
v al
v al:
"Opens up" in a NY Times op ed.
"Experienced by many and talked about by few", and yet strangely one of the few is someone who not so long ago claimed she did not want the attention of the media. This is hardly the behaviour of someone trying to stay out of the news.
Miscarriage is so common. Nearly every single woman I know has suffered a miscarriage. My first pregnancy ended with a miscarriage. It is appalling that miscarriage is treated as no big deal.
Jennyfer Campbell
Jennyfer Campbell:
She’s getting older. 39. Fertility decreases fast every year at this point. Miscarriage rates can be high especially after 40. Higher issues with eggs. It’s hard but consider it a blessing.
Robert Arnsworth
Robert Arnsworth:
How vulgar to use her supposed miscarriage as a way to keep the spotlight on her. Miscarriage is not taboo! Total BS! And she's a TERRIBLE writer.
Durgys A Ramirez
Durgys A Ramirez:
I don't hate Meghan Markle, But Watch this: ! Meghan Markle says "Losing a Child means Carrying an almost Unbearable Grief " Her FAther Feels the exact Same Way, he has Begged for her Attention and She just keeps ignoring him like he doesn't even exist. I felt that old man's pain through the computer's screen. He was forced to go into obscurity in order to stop humiliating himself begging for her forgiveness and attention.
2) If anyone pays attention, She is suffering the same public humiliation that her father suffered when he was talking, but everybody was making fun of him, laughing at him, and Meghan and Harry just wanted him to Shut up and disappear, but more recently I have read comments of people saying that they just want these two (H&M) to disappear. That most people don't want to hear what they have to say; Exactly what her Father went through, but these two did Not Care.
3) Meghan made another video saying that the worst thing that can happen is to Not Say Anything at all, but when her Father tried to talk, She wanted him to Shut up, and her sister too.
Meghan and Harry have Not Apologized to her Father and just forgot about him. I don't think Harry and Meghan are bad people, I think there is a Lot of Good in them, but they are Cruel to that Old Man. They Should Heal that Energy before he leave this world, or their Energy might be Affected for a long time. They NEED to heal that Energy with the Old Man.
M P:
It’s Meghan! She Misses her absence away from the media. #plays victimandpitymecard .
Irene Rosi
Irene Rosi:
The loss of a child is always a painful memory. I'm a Great Gran and it still hurts. I COUNT MY BLESSINGS, but you still mourn your loss. So please people please, try to be kind. Praying for ALL MY SISTERS who know what I'm talking about.
Dolores Williams
Dolores Williams:
It would have better if this reporter stuck to what she talked about. What is the point of talking about all those other things that do not have thing to do with the story.
Emima Suresh
Emima Suresh:
People have sympathy on the unfortunate demise of kate middleton's dog but hurl cruel vile abuses on a woman who lost her child nd is still trying to destigmatize the taboo around miscarriages by sharing her pain
Tim Daugherty
Tim Daugherty:
Hope none of you ever loose a child. How sad to read these. God bless them all
Tracy Strunkheide
Tracy Strunkheide:
Can't stand this womans neediness for attention!!!
even though I think this women is pure garbage i feel for her tough thing to go through
Consuelo Malmsten
Consuelo Malmsten:
Oh well... It's life for many women.
To whomever is reading this, I want to remind you that God loves you very much and he has a wonderful plan for your life! 😁

If you died suddenly this very moment, where do you think you would spend eternity?? If you are not sure, God wants to let you know that he loves you and he sent his Son Jesus to die for your sins that you would not perish but have eternal LIFE!

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The bible says in Romans 6:23 that the wages of Sin is death! But the free gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour!! Romans 10:9,13 says that WHO EVER CALLS ON THE NAME OF JESUS AND BELIEVES IN THEIR HEART AND CONFESSES WITH THEIR MOUTH THAT HE IS LORD SHALL BE SAVED!!

Im going to say a prayer for you! Lord bless my friend and their family with a long and healthy life. Lord I pray you protect them and make yourself real to them the same way you did for me in Jesus name. Friend, If you would like to receive Jesus in your heart or rededicate your life to him say this with me with your heart and lips out loud...

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If you prayed with me, plz type amen!

God bless!😁

Dont believe? 👇
Check out these testimonies!
You Rika
You Rika:
They chose to live private but realized they can't live without the spotlight. stupid. nobody cares about them.
non-your- business
non-your- business:
Whilst not lessening the lose of a baby why did she choose to make it public, thought she (they) wanted privacy, funny way of going about it. Realising her stock is falling so goes looking for sympathy. You'd get that from extended family, if you hadn't alienated them
Samantha Powers
Samantha Powers:
I had worst, but will never discuss it in public. I prefer privacy for my unborn child.
Faye Brown
Faye Brown:
Oh no
Marion Mathis
Marion Mathis:
There are thousands of miscarriages every year. My friends have never announced it on TV and they only talk about it with close friends and doctors.
James Hogan
James Hogan:
How come it is regarded as a child when a miscarriage happens? When pro life people try to limit abortion they are told it is only a clump of cells or a potential life . Just wondering.
Petronela Anca
Petronela Anca:
Very tragic! R.I.P. perhaps she suffered of hernia or ovaries