Meghan Markle’s Pregnancy Reveal Is in Honor of Princess Diana

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced on Valentine’s Day that they are expecting their second child by releasing a touching photo. The announcement had a special meaning, as 37 years ago on Feb. 14, Princess Diana announced she was pregnant with her second child, Prince Harry. Women are taking note that Meghan is pregnant at age 39, after suffering a miscarriage last July. She wrote a poignant op-ed about her experience in The New York Times.

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Rinu Joy
Rinu Joy:
It’s very sad that she’s gonna get criticised for no reason by the royal media
lasting happiness
lasting happiness:
I’m so happy for them! I know so many women who had their children 35 and up (39 included) and their pregnancies were fine.
Mama Pink
Mama Pink:
I didn't realize she had had a miscarriage 🥺
I hope this baby makes it into the world safely!🥰
My grandma had my mom at 47 she’s the youngest.
Soviet Union’s Most Notorious KGB Agent
Soviet Union’s Most Notorious KGB Agent:
Imagine being eligible to become president of the United States and the King/Queen of England
Clinton Nebraska
Clinton Nebraska:
Archie is going to be a big brother, glad he's not growing up an only child.
Why we can’t be positive when we hear about a woman’s pregnancy after the age of 35 why can’t we no longer celebrate it why do you have to have experts come on here and just put negativity in the air
Karl Schwinbarger
Karl Schwinbarger:
It's all about THEM. Useless influencers. Couldn't hack a real job with the monarchy. Prefer to live off the internet.
Mia Me
Mia Me:
My mom had me naturally at 39 with no issues at all.
Ora Williams
Ora Williams:
For the sake of PRINCESS DIANA cant't we be happy for her son/wife/children. Every few generations someone in the family breaks away and does their own thing. Look at your own family tree and claim your REBEL, it just might be YOU!! (smile)
White Mail Privilege
White Mail Privilege:
“As the world celebrates “
Most people don’t care
Xbox Corgi
Xbox Corgi:
Woah if you look close enough.

No one cares!
The world is celebrating this? No one I know has even mentioned this
This poor woman can’t do anything without criticism. Congratulations, Meghan! Praying for a healthy baby and safe pregnancy. 🙏 🇺🇸
Laurie M
Laurie M:
This couple is funny this picture looks like a reenactment of Notting Hill movie with Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant
SK mini Skull
SK mini Skull:
I hope whoever sees this has the best day
I doubt I'll be alive to even see Prince Charles become king . Queen Elizabeth seems like she's gonna be in charge for a while 😂
Eliana Ruthipu
Eliana Ruthipu:
My mom had my little sister at 39 years old my sister is now 6 years old and no problems with the birth I hope and pray they all goes well for the loving couple my sister is my pride and joy and my family would not change her unexpected surprise to our family she makes everybody laugh and it’s very difficult to punish but makes us laugh as her punishing her we’re eight years apart but no matter what I still love her as much as I can and you obviously so Megan you’ll probably never see this post but I hope and pray the pregnancy goes well and the birth goes amazing as I know in my heart it well enjoy your life with your Child to be in your family with their new family member God bless you and your family in the baby to come bye!
James G
James G:
The world celebrates? I think there's a pandemic with thousands dying though?
I wanna age like Meghan if she’s 39 I’m 60
I saw this on Daily Mail eariler today and read that everyone complained about seeing Harry's bare dirty feet, I thought that was so dumb, it's just feet. Lol
Joaquin Lomeli
Joaquin Lomeli:
*They seem so much happier leaving Royal than when they were in it*
Daya oof
Daya oof:
My grandma got pregnant at 47 and I have a healthy 20 year old aunt ❤
Tree Ocean
Tree Ocean:
Nobody cares their life
rhun Mhendoza
rhun Mhendoza:
Hate the limelight in uk but pursue the hollywood dreams....what a stupid decisions!
Bro stop living your life in fear. She is only 39!
Joaquin Lomeli
Joaquin Lomeli:
*Its a lot harder to carry kids if the mom is having her first child over 40-years-old*
The good thing is that she had a child before hitting 40 so that could help.
Daisy Cassidy
Daisy Cassidy:
I wish them all the best along with a healthy baby
Ugh Chille.
Ugh Chille.:
Trust me her age doesn't matter for kids, My aunt had my cousin when she was in her late 30s and my aunt had another kid.
Keri Monaco
Keri Monaco:
How about you take care of yourself, how about that.

Meghan and harry don’t need anyone’s 2 cent.
michele stack
michele stack:
Old pic from Australia tour. How dumb do you think the world is .
i have no desire to have a kid until i’m atleast 35
My mom had me at 42, and from what I was told it was a smooth pregnancy.
Cynth G
Cynth G:
I think she do great hell I'm a parplegic before becoming a parplegic I miscarried 9 years later being a parplegic I now have a 3 year old
She is so not a few months pregnant but like 7 to 8 months.
Promise You
Promise You:
We had our first baby’s same time and same age she’s blessed
Emily Randall
Emily Randall:
Slight baby. Bump looks like she's ready to deliver
Japt Adl
Japt Adl:
The world really does not care nosy voice !
Sharol Washington
Sharol Washington:
I wish her a very happy new baby between her and Harry and may their life blossom with the happiness they deserve.
lo lo life
lo lo life:
I miss Diana so much harry is so much like her
Humble Bee
Humble Bee:
39 is not that old to have a child! I have heard of people having children up till the age of 45
Keri Monaco
Keri Monaco:
Queen Elizabeth is gonna rule UK forever
Andrea Green
Andrea Green:
Give her a break.
Alejandro Pets & Life
Alejandro Pets & Life:
I am happy for her but people need to stay positive we need that
Dani Mark
Dani Mark:
So they posted this photo in a SOCIAL media platform then expect for people to leave them alone. The irony.
So she's 39, big deal! I wish them all luck. :)
Jonathan Huerta
Jonathan Huerta:
good for them I'm happy for them congratulations and also happy valentine's day everyone
My mom has my little brother at 38 with no problem no need to worry my brother is very healthy and my mom didn't experience any problems other than money
Kylee Stanton
Kylee Stanton:
Yes, the baby will be born in the States, but the baby will be a dual citizen.
Miguel Angeles Perez
Miguel Angeles Perez:
if Meghan is 39 than IM A POTATOE
ellis kent
ellis kent:
O Shut Up!
Sandy Ale D'or
Sandy Ale D'or:
The way Harry giggles at the end of the recording is very telling of how Happy he is with his family...Love it😍
Mika c:
Mika c::
my mother was 40 when she gave birth to me!!
Angela H
Angela H:
Let Meghan and Harry live congratulations 👏 💖 💕 ✨ 🙌 have a a happy health baby 👶
idil ali
idil ali:
I saw a meme that said" everything i know about these people I've learned against my own will" so true
Cynthia Jones
Cynthia Jones:
How do the royals get money for housing, clothes, food, cars, education... does it come from the people of their country? Here in the US we call that welfare.
Amazn_ Blaze
Amazn_ Blaze:
So very happy for them. May she stay healthy and happy during this pregnancy and can't wait for new baby news when he or she is born.
JourneyMan Smitty
JourneyMan Smitty:
Well congratulations to them hope you have a safe pregnancy✌😃
Cumulus Terraticus
Cumulus Terraticus:
Normaly people should enjoy the luck of other people !
Sharon Dingle
Sharon Dingle:
I didn't know they miss carried
lo chi
lo chi:
Sick , shameless and greedy , poor children of their’s
Pauline Klein
Pauline Klein:
I had my youngest son at age 36 and the only difficulty I had was nausea 24/7 until almost 7 to 8 months into the pregnancy
marann del
marann del:
sixthday creation
sixthday creation:
"That Was Easy"
M H:
That’s so Sweeeeeet. Hearing little Archie’s voice. Wish I could see a picture of him.
Eaglessoar65 Barrett
Eaglessoar65 Barrett:
My mom had my brother at 42!!!!! GOD HAS A PLAN FOR EACH AND EVERYONE OF US🙏🏾🙏🏾
Storm Bear
Storm Bear:
The giggles at the end ❤️🙂 made my heart happy 🥳
LorraineIvy carr
LorraineIvy carr:
Why place such a dark subject on their baby?
I just don't know why other people hate royal families🤷🏻‍♀️...they seems Good peoples...
PS.I hope it doesn't happen to her again the miscarriage...💚
Jenny Rose
Jenny Rose:
Why do you think the World is celebrating?
Rosa Johnson
Rosa Johnson:
May God bless her to deliver a full term healthy baby in Jesus's name. Amen! This is great news and Archie sounds so cute and sweet!😊
Ballerina Body
Ballerina Body:
RIP Diana, gone to soon ❤️
Marie Sossaminou
Marie Sossaminou:
Even is a new baby in town I do not want to forgot Archie who was the first.l love him very much.
Tanay Soni
Tanay Soni:
First time being early on an Inside Edition video 😁
Karla Michel
Karla Michel:
I’m happy for them ❤️
abc xyz
abc xyz:
My sister had hers at 44. Grand mum had one at 51. Both were fine. Stop with tge scaremongering!
M.K. H.
M.K. H.:
Yeet Reet
Yeet Reet:
Anime Lover48
Anime Lover48:
My grandma had my auntie at 49
Megan Perkins
Megan Perkins:
First pregnancy at 34 second at 37. Best age to have kids because ur ready and grounded!!
laresdanya ruiz
laresdanya ruiz:
My mom 44 and she just had a baby full trem no complications
My aunt is 29 has had so many complications on all 4 of her pregnancy
So I don't think age has anything to do with it
louisiana nicolas
louisiana nicolas:
1:25 also a “she” we dont know if the baby is a she or a he
Nicky Keightley
Nicky Keightley:
Good luck for her and her family. Bless them💕
She’s 39? She doesn’t look a day over 20
Jorge 3hrs
Jorge 3hrs:
30 years old she fine
Z H:
May God bless them
Harry isn't in line for anything. His grandmother made that fairly clear.
Hannah G
Hannah G:
I wished miscarriages weren't a thing. They create so much pain for the mother and her loved ones.
Ben Parker
Ben Parker:
Lmao my mom had my sister at 48 and my sister has no problems.
S. Brumbaugh
S. Brumbaugh:
2 minutes ago and it has this much views
I'm so glad they still seem so happy together! I was rooting for them from the start but with so much negative press surrounding them, I thought it'd break them apart. Hope they stay happy and together for the rest of their lives.
Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth II:
Alright other years of lifespan
Marie Sossaminou
Marie Sossaminou:
Congratulation on your second child! May God bless you and protect you and your baby !
Congratulations!!! Love 💘you two!!!
Tru Slayer
Tru Slayer:
But it doesn’t matter because the Queen will still be alive, thats what money and power does to people she wants to live to enjoy it to its fullest
daww they're so cute together! congrats from mexico!
Love you guys thank you for theses vids
Sharon Dingle
Sharon Dingle:
Aww yay🎉🥳🥰❤
Kay Kay
Kay Kay:
Yayyy!!!!! A rainbow baby, I was one too.