Mel Gibson Confirms Sequel To 'Passion Of The Christ'

Gibson tells Stephen he has begun work on a second movie about Jesus, which will be titled 'Resurrection.'

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Stephen Colbert took over as host of The Late Show on Tuesday, Sept. 8, 2015. Colbert is best known for his work as a television host, writer, actor, and producer, and best known for his charity work teaching English as a second language on Tunisian date farms. Prior to joining the CBS family -- and being officially adopted by network president Les Moonves -- Colbert helmed “The Colbert Report,” which aired nearly 1,500 episodes and required Stephen to wear nearly 1,500 different neckties. The program received two Peabody Awards, two Grammy Awards, and several unwelcome shoulder massages. It won two Emmys for Outstanding Variety Series in 2013 and 2014, both of which appear to have been lost in the move. Colbert is pronounced koʊlˈbɛər, according to Wikipedia. His understudy is William Cavanaugh, who will be hosting The Late Show approximately one third of the time. Good luck, Bill!"

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100+ comentarios:

Robek Kruszewski
Robek Kruszewski:
The Passion of the Christ is a masterpiece. I can't wait for the resurrection.
“I read the book, I know the story and how it ends.” Mel: “You know how it BEGINS.” Powerful, right on. The story is not over yet buddy
The media says, “ Coronavirus is coming and Everyone panics”.

The Bible says, “ Jesus is coming and nobody cares”. John 3:16
Kalvin Miller
Kalvin Miller:
Mel Gibson is communicating the reality of the unseen world we live in and it's just a big joke to those who don't understand what he is conveying.
Joshua Crockford
Joshua Crockford:
"The Resurrection- I've read the book, I know how it ends."
"You know how it begins...."

Nailed it.
Norma Miller
Norma Miller:
Mel Gibson is a Christian and Hollywood hates him...
James Cheek
James Cheek:
I can only imagine the immense demonic oppression Mel deals with on a daily basis making this movie. I cant wait to see it. Pray for Mel ....He reminds me of Noah must have been like building the Arc and the ridicule he had to endure.
Jerome Kovach
Jerome Kovach:
The Hollywood elite can't kill Mel even though they would love to. Mel you are awesome and an inspiration to everyone.
jake bear
jake bear:
Man Satan does hate what Mel's trynna do lol Jesus wins bruh
Wes Moore
Wes Moore:
I love how Mel responds to Stephen when He said "I know how the story ends" Mel said "Well you know how it begins" Wow, really good to see Him using such a platform to use the Gospel
Frank Mann
Frank Mann:
Love Mel Gibson. One of the few in Hollywood willing to fight for his passion for film, art and Christ. I hope he continues to make great movies for real people
This was tense. Mel sensed something he didn't like.
marivic romano
marivic romano:
When he said “ its more than a single event..,its an amazing event” he nailed it!
Justin Mckenzie
Justin Mckenzie:
When you can survive Hollywood and continue to thrive, he's a champion!
Alex Romo
Alex Romo:
"I read the story. I know how it ends" Stephen says, but then Mel corrects him saying, he knows how it begins. No one knows how it ends. Bravo, Mr. Gibson
Christine Gower
Christine Gower:
I so admire Mel for his integrity ... People like him are exactly what this world needs ❤️
peter Notis
peter Notis:
Mels movie choices of film direction to me makes him up there with the greatest directors of all time. Respect
Devin Kim
Devin Kim:
Mel Is a man of God. He loves and fears the Good Lord.
debbie dugger
debbie dugger:
This guy has tons of courage...Bless Him!
Laura King
Laura King:
Stephen Colbert, you read the book and yet you're still a liberal. Impossible! I only watch this for Mel Gibson. I Can't Stand Stephen Colbert.
Stela Petrova
Stela Petrova:
God bless this man! He is the blessing to the curse in Hollywood.
Trumpets Harps
Trumpets Harps:
Who are the bad guys, "They're in another realm", classic Mel😂
Michael Perez
Michael Perez:
Love how he defends christ, and how he speaks truth,spirit realm and all, surely protected by angels of the Lord, the one and true GOD,GOD OF LOVE
Chrismatt Gardner
Chrismatt Gardner:
There's a movie called Risen that tells of the crucifixion and resurection of Christ from the point of view of a roman solider.
Eric Lumbala
Eric Lumbala:
you know how it begins dude. God bless you. God bless Mel and his family
Creeping Death
Creeping Death:
Passion of the Christ 2:Crucify this! "Hes back from the dead... with a Vengeance." XD
Vote Third Party
Vote Third Party:
“I know how it ends” - Loser

“You know how it begins” - Mel
Yup It is confirmed... the movie is gonna be called "The Passion of The Christ 2:Resurrection"
luis C
luis C:
When mel said “there’s a lot happening around us right now” he probably meant that literal 🤣
kumutania m
kumutania m:
LOVE IT ❤!!! MEL GIBSON is a hero for the faith and a STANDER!! The Lord has answered my prayer through this man. Ty Yeshua! I love U Jesus! #MessiahTania 🎤 🎶
Don’t CA My TX
Don’t CA My TX:
Hopefully he emphasizes on Saul who was renamed as Paul By JESUS!!!!
Abc 123
Abc 123:
I hope Mel Gibson continues to make Christian movies !!!
David Stynchcombe
David Stynchcombe:
This isn’t something novelists and filmmakers dreamed up; the second coming of Christ is at the very heart of the Bible’s teaching.

In fact, Jesus Himself repeatedly taught that someday He would come again—and when He does, He will subdue all evil and set up His kingdom of perfect justice and righteousness. He promised that “At that time men will see the Son of Man coming in clouds with great power and glory” (Mark 13:26). He also urged us not to be caught off guard but to be ready for His coming, “because the Son of Man will come at an hour when you do not expect him” (Luke 12:40).

How can we be ready for His coming? First, by being sure we have committed our lives to Christ, and are trusting Him alone for our salvation. The greatest tragedy that can ever happen to any person is for them to be unprepared to meet Christ, either at death or when He comes again. Have you given your life to Him? If not, don’t let another minute go by without turning to Christ.

Second, we can be ready for His coming by living for Him every day. Someday your life will be over—but what will you have done that is of eternal value? Ask God to use you to point others to Christ, and ask Him to help you live for Him and serve Him every day of your life.
Robert L
Robert L:
Colbert is realizing as he interviews Mel that Mel has actually been brave enough to follow his heart and accomplished something and that he himself never will.
Colbert is just a shill for the elites.
Donna Collins
Donna Collins:
You beauty Mel, you stuck it right back up Colbert when you corrected him.
We taught you well in Australia and when I saw Passion , I was amazed at your incredible truth of what our Saviour endured..... brilliant director and full of Holy Spirit and Aussie Spirit.
A movie in Aramaic was fascinating and totally different than what Hebrew sounds like.
Thanks mate for letting us here the language Christ spoke in... fascinating forethought.
God Bless and I agree that a movie on Revelation or just Matthew 24 as that has a lot in it..... God Bless 🙏🙏
Luis H
Luis H:
Mell everybody's rooting for you on the new movie god bless you and protect you.I'm sure you know the devil is going to mess with you again protect yourself and family with the blood.
Remington 700
Remington 700:
I love the fact that he says yeah I read the book I Know How It Ends and Mel Gibson says to him well you know how it begins and that's so true this is only the beginning
"The angel saying don't forget you have a commercial break with the only purpose being money & fake marketing to disorient the public."
Sure, the angel told you that.
Gerry Vanderzeypen
Gerry Vanderzeypen:
I HOPE to still be alive to see this movie he may make.....for sure.
Julia's Daily Growth In Christ
Julia's Daily Growth In Christ:
I like how he's leading into the spiritual war we are going through
I love Mel, he's a genius. He saw Stephen's attitude of mocking and responded like a damn boss! Hahahaha
J T:
Mel gibson has become so interesting and likeable to me. I love the evil vs good concept. I hope he'll get it right bcs it can be really tricky. When it doesn't make sense, it won't make as big of an influence. So far, the movie that touch up on that, that I really like is constantine. But even that is still too fictional to me. I really wish him the best, and pray that God himself reveal the truth to Him to make this movie. ❤
james edwards
james edwards:
Just watched Passion. Excellent film and I’d love to see Mel make the sequel
“I know how it ends”... “I know how it begins “
This generation needs Jesus more than ever
Dougie Fresco
Dougie Fresco:
Stephen " I read the book I know how it ends."

Mel "You know how it BEGINS."

Amen God Bless You what a powerful response.
Vicky 12
Vicky 12:
"Yeah, yeah I've read the book!" 😂😂😂
Gwen Hoang
Gwen Hoang:
I few sad for the guy! He’s missing so much!!!
Eric Schumann
Eric Schumann:
He needs to make move Christ returned revelation
God bless Mel 💜✝️❤️
Star buono
Star buono:
I hope Jim Caviziel plays Jesus again !!
I can picture how the movie starts out.

Mary and the others travel to the tomb to anoint Jesus's body, and then Jesus appears to Mary Magdalene and she goes home to where the disciples are and tells them, and then this is where the acts of the apostles book comes in and the others still spread the Gospel as Jesus commanded them to, ect.

Best I can think of.
Steve 75
Steve 75:
braveheart and passion of christ is the best ever
Insane this movie for the second time today and I cried more in this last two hours then the all last year💔❤️💔❤️💔❤️💔
Mel can play Moises. He's got the look.
Bernd blabla
Bernd blabla:
I will 100% watch it in the Cinema
Now Run And Tell Your Mama About That
Now Run And Tell Your Mama About That:
"God is a concept by which we measure our pain."
"God becomes man and rises from the dead." The greatest thing he has ever spoken.
Lloyd maoma
Lloyd maoma:
Legend says he still holding his 🧔 beard
Nelson Hoffman
Nelson Hoffman:
Apocalypto is still one of the most underrated movies to this day, IMHO. If any other director had done it, it would have instantly been declared a masterpiece. But, because it was Mel Gibson, it hardly got any recognition at all, let alone the accolades it deserved.
Butterfly_Queen 2987
Butterfly_Queen 2987:
This man is so fascinating! My dad loved The Passion Of The Christ and he loved Mel Gibson
Bob Wallace Jnr
Bob Wallace Jnr:
Mel is one of the greatest actor/directors of our time. Passion and Edge Of Darkness are masterpieces.
Joseph Thom
Joseph Thom:
“It’s probably about three years off.” Darn, it’s already been three years.
Whenever I grow my beard, I also can't resist the temptation to stroke it.
Mel Gibson's beard deserves an Oscar
Mikael Adisse
Mikael Adisse:
He really liked playing with his beard since he grew it out lol
Stanley Willem
Stanley Willem:
God bless you Mel Gibson.
Timothy Freeman
Timothy Freeman:
The thumbnail couldn't have been more intentional.

Sancti Melius Gibsonum, Ora pro nobis. (Joking, of course)
Back In The Future Productions
Back In The Future Productions:
But we do know how it ends, that’s Revelation in a nutshell....
Mel, Jim and Eddie Vedder...that would be a great cast/film!
Hee Wa Tam Suen
Hee Wa Tam Suen:
God bless you Mel Gibson, my favourite actor a Brother in Christ.
Wow, still gorgeous! Can't wait for him to make part 2!!
Damm, I love that man!! Love ya Mel ! Love him and his movies.
Kim thetruthofit
Kim thetruthofit:
I love that he used Christ's peace be with you hand greeting. 🙏
Very interesting interview to say the least, especially when you take what Mel was saying seriously!!
Rita Bethany
Rita Bethany:
Very amazing love the trailers already feeling th er miracle happen and blessing the Horses from revelation amen
Mc K
Mc K:
Passion of the Christ ll
"Crucify This! "
Treefrog Johnson
Treefrog Johnson:
Mel is absolutely nuts and i love him. Constantly twitching, twirling his beard, his crazy eyes, maniacal smile. He's awesome.
George Spangler
George Spangler:
Lol,,Mel loves his goatee,,,
He really really knows how to wear a beard! I see Moses parting the Red Sea! Sunflower5 Sunflower5:
Stay blessed Mel... May God help you in this project 🔥
Loving Jesus
Loving Jesus:
Love Mel! He’s the man!!! ✝️ He knows what Hollywood is all about.
2 Christ 2 Furious
Debby Utz
Debby Utz:
Love Mel Gibson- ThanQ for doing these incredibly historic FILMS.
Dori Paxton
Dori Paxton:
❤ 👏👏❤ Mill is one for the Lord. Hallelujah, glory be to God.
I'm so painfully curious to what that sequel is gonna be like.
Christian 4Ever!
Christian 4Ever!:
Oh! I so hope he can do a sequel! The resurrection would be very powerful.
Marc James
Marc James:
that beard is fucking glorious!
Michael Weaver
Michael Weaver:
I wish I could grow a mustache and beard like that, unfortunately my genetics won't let me.😔
Chode Meister
Chode Meister:
I'm more of an agnostic myself,but Mel Gibson is an amazing person, loved most if not all of his films. Believer or not these are all good stories.
Barrabas, that he could dwell on. Really interesting
Al Hara
Al Hara:
Yes, it takes deep meditation to read the Bible “between the lines”...
Shane The Stoic
Shane The Stoic:
Good to see him making movies again. I'm a big Mel Gibson fan.
Kavita Bangodi
Kavita Bangodi:
Love the way he is glorifying God twisting his beard ❤️😝
"off screen in the Bible" lol
Matthew Stig
Matthew Stig:
I love Mel, i just re-watched all 4 lethal weapons after watching the tv series :D and would love to see both a passion of the Christ 2 and a Lethal weapon 5 :) God bless Mate
Eddie Rivera
Eddie Rivera:
Great! can't wait, bless you Mel Gibson.
Jesse Fritz
Jesse Fritz:
Can't wait for that movie! 3 days in hell! Gonna be gooooddddd!! I sobbed watching the Passion!
Go-go Akins
Go-go Akins:
Mel will make the third part to this trilogy and it will be called “the ascension “. Right after “ the resurrection “.
I can't wait to see the " Resurrection " Love Mel Gibson. By the way host...God will not be mocked.