Mel Gibson is Kinda Crazy Mel Gibson is Kinda Crazy

They don't get much crazier than Mel Gibson. It is almost as if this Kinda Crazy series was created just for him. Mel is crazy on and off the movie set - I mean that in both the best and worst possible way. This Oscar-winning American Aussie has struggled with his fair share of demons in his personal life but he has also blessed us with a fair share of great films. So the question is how will the history of cinema look back at this actor/director? Will he be judged by his scandals or by his art? Or is it best not to judge and just watch cool movies? No matter what you think of Mr. Gibson you have to admit that he has left his mark on Hollywood and changed the way we look at superstars and filmmakers. Everyone has their favorite Mel; some like him as Mad Max, many prefer Riggs, others are on William Wallace's side and a few only know him as a rooster POW. That just goes to show that there is a little bit of Mel Gibson for everyone. He rode that cinematic Australian New Wave all the way into our hearts and then he broke our hearts but now he is back again! The story of Mel Gibson is full of troublesome moments but it also features tales of triumph and redemption. Find out everything in this episode of Kinda Crazy!

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100+ comentarios:

I took me 9 minutes to realize he was rhyming
Kaos Sverige
Kaos Sverige:
Not kinda . He is crazy . Crazy GOOD ! A master at his work /bow
Iron Sights
Iron Sights:
Mel Gibson is one of my all time favorite actors and directors. Anyone that dislike this guy is kinda crazy.

So what if he's fallen of the edge a few times?

At least he's no Roman Polanski or Micheal Moore.

One of the best actors and directors of all time.
Martin Rioux
Martin Rioux:
I never stopped loving the guy. I'm just glad he's back.
Jordan Hedington
Jordan Hedington:
In Australia, we say “full of beans” as a term of endearment. It’s not derogatory, it means you are full of life or very exited
Suleiman Rashid
Suleiman Rashid:
He's crazingly amazing.
Person of Earth
Person of Earth:
If you look at Australian interviews of Mel Gibson, you'll find a sweet, humble man. Hollywood completely destroyed him.
Diana Nunes
Diana Nunes:
Fury road IS NOT AND WILL NEVER BE better than Mad Max are you insane???
Maya Ram
Maya Ram:
You know, with all that is coming out about various actors and their predatory ways with women (sometimes men), Mel Gibson does not look as bad in comparison. And he has people that stuck up for him during his worst time.
Jessie Martinez
Jessie Martinez:
Freeeeeeeeedoooom!!!!!! Never gets old
Randy Hutchinson
Randy Hutchinson:
the thing Hollywood has to realize, is WE LOVE MEL GIBSON!!! always have, ALWAYS WILL !!!!!!
aeon lincoln
aeon lincoln:
Jim Caviezel deserved an Oscar nomination for his performance.
Cesar Perez
Cesar Perez:
Don't know why you had to "rhyme" but it was pretty good. Mel is Awesome.
Tim-Tam Smith
Tim-Tam Smith:
Mel's a bloody legend, also Road Warrior is the best thing in all of everything.
Noo Hall
Noo Hall:
Brave heart""" cinema photography masterpiece ) Period.
Jefferson Washington
Jefferson Washington:
He is also a genius.
Mel Gibson is MASTER.
Never stop rhyming! I think it makes the videos original, and fun to watch :)
Sissy Brooks
Sissy Brooks:
I am as in love with him as I was when I first saw his baby face back in the 80's. We are all a little whacko. Some are more emotive that's all...
Reece Whittaker
Reece Whittaker:
Daddy's Home 2 Anyone
He is crazy, but that's why I love him.
i'm just now subscribing because of this,
this was an amazing watchable in a heartbeat and clever work, thank you for this.
The greatest artist of all time are genius...on the edge of insanity, purging through art may be their own way of coping with life.
Daniel Frank Nielsen
Daniel Frank Nielsen:
Mel Gibson is not crazy. He is Mad ... Max. Well, he is. ;)
Nobody is perfect, he’s a good actor and director
Hayden Wittig
Hayden Wittig:
Batman Collector
Batman Collector:
Mel's the best!
la tutti
la tutti:
I got as far as 3:12 had to stop poem did my head in.
Sharon Piccone
Sharon Piccone:
MEL GIBSON, He May be Crazy, but it's a 'GOOD CRAZY', He's 'EXTREMELY FUNNY', As well as So 'TALENTED ', That I THINK, that PEOPLE, Shoould be Focusing on his 'MANY, TALENTS, Not just as an ACTOR, but also as a PRODUCER & DIRECTOR, & 'LOOK', at his MANY ACCOMPLISHMENTS, & How Many times have people said things when they were drinking, but not EVERYONE 'S Around trying to Record what your saying, I think PEOPLE SHOULD-"LET IT GO", We do NOT hold our 'RELIGIOUS LEADER'S, &'LEADER 'S OF THIS COUNTRY OF OUR 'S TO THIS MUCH SCRUTINY"!!!..
R as
R as:
The rhyming became really monotonous and lame after 5 minutes

Edit: but I have to thank you for giving credit we're it's due for a guy like Mel Gibson.
The Zombie Squad
The Zombie Squad:
trust me there are much worse out there but they just aren't celebrities in a classical sense anyway.
Scotty ColoradoKid
Scotty ColoradoKid:
How can you not love this guy? I wanna be crazy too! What a ride we all have had with him
My Space
My Space:
Mel is mad but he is a genius. I love his movies
Danny McCann
Danny McCann:
Hes a Genius
Still one of my favorite actors, even if he is flawed.
General Omar Bradley
General Omar Bradley:
Love Mel, he is the greatest man who was victim of money changers of Hollywood
Orion Star
Orion Star:
I would have loved to see Mel playing in "DIE HARD", how cool would have that been.
Princesa Sophie
Princesa Sophie:
I love Mel Gibson!
Iroquois Pliskin
Iroquois Pliskin:
Let’s be honest The Road Warrior is the best Mad Max.
Anthony Lee
Anthony Lee:
Thank you for this. From the bottom of my heart.. the World especially younger generation, need to know how awesome this man is. And to those who grew up with his movies need to be reminded.
Gustavo Almanza
Gustavo Almanza:
He’s not crazy, he’s mad!
Catalin Razvan Veverita
Catalin Razvan Veverita:
Aha 7.04 even has the lethal weapon music ! 😂❤️
Je Jo
Je Jo:
Dont forget Bird on a wire with Goldie Hawn.
Nuria 1
Nuria 1:
Great actor and director. Love him ❤️
Braveheart is my favourite film of him.
We can ser him this year in "the professor and the madman"
Good video :)
Took me 3 damn minutes to realize the guy's rhyming.
Adam Smith
Adam Smith:
Did you guys know Mel Gibson is of Irish descent.
Maybe he is a little crazy but in a good way. Mel is great actor and director.
ricky spanish
ricky spanish:
*The fact that Eric Cartman praises this guy always concerned me*
Chloe wilson
Chloe wilson:
What a guy!!! Love this man.
I love his acting 👻
Paul Leather
Paul Leather:
stop rhyming n just talk about Mel Gibson. it's cheesey
British LA
British LA:
legend. miss you brother.
Daniel P
Daniel P:
9:34 It was also his first CGI film lol
Phil Lizardking
Phil Lizardking:
The best artists are crazy. Love his movies
Dave´s Film Total
Dave´s Film Total:
I don´t care what he says or does in his private life. The guy is great actor and director. We all make some stupid shit in our lives. Thats what makes us human.
Deborah Christine Grant
Deborah Christine Grant:
Thank you for the Movies!!!!! I love Mel Gibson
Jekyll Spielmann
Jekyll Spielmann:
11:39 That was random.
4:57 I'm not surprised
Mel Gibson is the man always has always will be.
#Miss America
#Miss America:
What about bird in a wire... Classic. 🕊️
Lunar Module
Lunar Module:
8:46 Was this video made by a jealous Jew? Mel Gibson is a hero.
Brilliant Torquoise.
Brilliant Torquoise.:
Brilliant actor and director.
1:38- damn!
David Cross
David Cross:
Damn fine actor, though.
His best performance was his phone calls to Oksana!
John Paul Dwyer
John Paul Dwyer:
Love me some Mel Gibson
Love it!
Strange. Life
Strange. Life:
awesome info in rhyme! well done that man!
Jackson Ward
Jackson Ward:
Anyone who is kinda crazy I want in my film project
Gabriel Athero
Gabriel Athero:
took me almost 3 minutes to realize the narrative was written in rhymes.
memphis bdogzofcourse
memphis bdogzofcourse:
There's a ad for braveheart
3 stooges hehe
Ralph OBAME:
He is really crazy
Darren Kapusi
Darren Kapusi:
Full of beans is a compliment over here. It basically means he’s full of energy/life.
Kevin Yeager
Kevin Yeager:
The poetry is Epic!
regular weirdo
regular weirdo:
do Alfred Hitchcock! pls!
Full Circle Jiu Jitsu
Full Circle Jiu Jitsu:
He's a poet and doesn't even know it!
Zachary Siple
Zachary Siple:
12:48 What I came for! :)
AIH 98
AIH 98:
Is there anyone who knows the name of the music played in the background?
la tutti
la tutti:
This put me off poems almost for ever and ever more !!!
Princesa Sophie
Princesa Sophie:
my favorite actor :)
Himi Jendrix
Himi Jendrix:
Apocalypto is one of the greatest films i've ever seen in my life. Maybe my second favourite after Kill Bill
Cody Fairless-Lee
Cody Fairless-Lee:
This is the longest Kinda Crazy video JoBlo has ever made! :0
Jobin McGooch
Jobin McGooch:
Crazy?... Yeah, that’s why I love ‘im.
Kaleb Santos
Kaleb Santos:
REALLY !!!!!!!!
Dennis Rodriguez
Dennis Rodriguez:
I like so much the way the old man died at the end lol!
When Mel Gibson gets drunk, he speaks truths.
Mel was kinda the main reason I showed interest in movies and art in the first place ❤
alexander dela cruz
alexander dela cruz:
Very well done vid,love it.
USMC 2002
USMC 2002:
Hilarious how many comments here were paid for by crazy Mel Gibson LOL
Kenny Bellew
Kenny Bellew:
Why talking like you're reading a Dr. Seuss book??
Huseyin Cobanoglu
Huseyin Cobanoglu:
Mel should play Poseidon before getting retired
Passions 2 Crucify This
Mr Perfectionist
Mr Perfectionist:
Keep up love your videos, music & narration
Truly a blessing to view this video. Bless you.
I LOVE MEL GIBSON!!! I don't care how "crazy" he is. And how is the movie Pocahantas racist??
Kairi Ali
Kairi Ali:
Mel would have made an awesome Wolverine.
Awesome video man. Thx for the laughs and information.
Probably why he went mental on his ex wife all these high octane roles he has been playing over the years