Miami Heat vs Denver Nuggets Full Game Highlights | 2020-21 NBA Season

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Mark Carey
Mark Carey:
Joker needs 4 more triple doubles to pass Larry Bird on the all time list
Stromile Gerald
Stromile Gerald:
Nuggets still dangerous without Murray cuz Gordon's defense is epic
Wyatt Hunter
Wyatt Hunter:
Malone should try to give Bol Bol something like 10-12 min. a game regularly
Uli Peterson
Uli Peterson:
Man, the Nuggets are fun to watch.
Jake Artese
Jake Artese:
I don’t even care that he didn’t get the assist but the pass at 5:54 is fucking beautiful and you can’t tell me otherwise
Facundo Segovia
Facundo Segovia:
gordon without hair braids nuggets 0-2, gordon with hair braids nuggets 9-0
MPJ is a SUPERSTAR in the making!!!
Branko Kockica
Branko Kockica:
Denver looks GREAT, finally, after all them wont waste Joker's great season
If A.Gordon dread his hair they'll winning but if not they lossing..🤦
next tripple double...MVP=Joker
Jose Paolo Liwag
Jose Paolo Liwag:
This nuggets team looks hungry...
Gordon is an amazing addition...
Porter has finally playing his game...

The role players are really good
Nuggets don't always look good but when they do, they look scary.
Angelo Taplatzidis
Angelo Taplatzidis:
I wish these videos where few minutes longer
Branko Kockica
Branko Kockica:
Porter looks like Doug Christie when in Kings to me xD
MPJ time to shine now. I could even say they can build a better team chemistry without Murray. It might take some time, but it is possible. Murray keeps the ball too much. I actually like the way they are playing now. Quicker and healthier ball movement...
Victor Molina
Victor Molina:
MPJ MVP OF THE GAME, exactly what they have to do, if there is not backup from Murray, Joker has to lay on MPJ if he wants to win
Mpj is just amazing. Most improved player imo
Natasha Bolton
Natasha Bolton:
Great win for nuggests:), noo heat lost again ): 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇬🇧
Ignacio Sosa
Ignacio Sosa:
Vamos Facuu!!! 🏀💪
M. Arezina
M. Arezina:
PJD instead of Will Barton in the starting 5, Malone pls!!
Nikola Milovanovic
Nikola Milovanovic:
Kosi Mncube
Kosi Mncube:
Why are they doing bull giving him garbage minutes.
Stefan Savić
Stefan Savić:
he doesn t play defence, only if MALONE play zone 2:3 or 1:2:2, in playof
ossie spencer
ossie spencer:
Miami needs to work on its rebounding game
Muhammad Aldira Putra Hilmi
Muhammad Aldira Putra Hilmi:
Bol bol, zion, ja, wiseman, lamelo, is future
Bol Bol is underrated!
John Havilicheck
John Havilicheck:
Nuggets made a mistake by including RJ Hampton an the Gordon trade it came back on them when Murray got hurt he needed more playing time an development
Ronald Osure
Ronald Osure:
the love this team have for Bol is just off the roof. Give him a few more minutes!
Lanchie Lansangan
Lanchie Lansangan:
I'm not a fan of Denver, I support Laker, but in this situation of Denver where a player was injured, it's disgusting to watch because our idols don't have any because they are injured, it's sad but I hope no one is injured and most of all the players are safe and healthy of each team
Nice to see Bol playing 🔥
Emmanuel Martinez
Emmanuel Martinez:
The healthy Heat team got demolished by the nuggets this just shows you how powerhouse is the west than the east.
cedric Bossman
cedric Bossman:
Jokic for mvp all locked in .no one can stop that not even corona
Nunn, robinson, ariza, barton and morris >>>>>>>>> statpadbrick
Amari Robinson
Amari Robinson:
Joker for MVP
Why nobody is talking about how bad ariza plays
When I saw Strus, Vincent I lowkey said yea thats it☹️ gg Nuggets
Campazzo >>>>>>>>> westbrick and it's not even close
Ah Fei
Ah Fei:
Bol always so good , no matter how few minutes they give him
Stromile Gerald
Stromile Gerald:
Ariza should be comin off the bench too old
laki9999 z
laki9999 z:
Come on i am a denver fan
But miami had two games in two days and in denver everyone had a super game
light skin KD bruh
Wtf is Trevor arizona doing lmfao
Steve White
Steve White:
Heat do better
The LSD Space
The LSD Space:
No thing as "tough shot" for MPJ
Saifar Alih
Saifar Alih:
Really a huge error for the heat not giving up the young core for harden,,see what lakers does just to get AD.just my thoughts
Tomatoes In a Pot
Tomatoes In a Pot:
Go go nuggets, go mpj
Katon Wicaksono
Katon Wicaksono:
Bol 🔥🔥
Adriaan Risakotta
Adriaan Risakotta:
puasa kok marah marah ya?
Dragica Andrejevic
Dragica Andrejevic:
The whole Denver team is assisting you. Give him at least 1 assist to any player. As soon as you get the ball, you hit the crossbar. You don't play defense and jumps are when the ball falls into your hand and you drop it sometimes.
indhay villaruz
indhay villaruz:
Where are u now butler?
Tony Cee
Tony Cee:
People sleeping on MPJ 😳
Goran Gombos
Goran Gombos:
again triple D for grand maestra Jokica
MPJ >>>>>>> whole westbrick career already
Chang Tao
Chang Tao:
Heat just too short, just like the game that Nets vs Lakers
Rezky iko
Rezky iko:
Afro Gordon= L 😂
Smart Ako
Smart Ako:
Just better luck next game! Lets go heat☄☄☄☄
One on 1
One on 1:
Denver shoulda traded Murray the most over rated player in the nba when they had the chance! Joker needs a better number 2
nuggets no Murray but still win 🌚
Khayelihle Lumbela
Khayelihle Lumbela:
Jovic assist and socers and without Murray
F. M.
F. M.:
Malone is a prick for not playing Facu more. He's such a focused and high power player. Always hustling, can score, can defend. Malone needs to go...
Sandan Saiyan
Sandan Saiyan:
And people wrote that without Jamal they can't play but,come on,Denver has got one of the deepest bench in league🤣And MPG becomes really good defender. Facu, AG, MPG, Morris, Milsap,McGee and Dozier with awesome defensive skill. This Denver can be better than 2013 version in which there was JaVale 😂Coincidence? I don't think so
Antonio Jones
Antonio Jones:
Heat should of just traded for harden
truth truth
truth truth:
Joker destroyed Adebayo and Butler MVP
Stuart Boyde
Stuart Boyde:
Net didn't move on Ariza's steal dunk at the start. Did it go in?
Canal do vini
Canal do vini:
Mvp to porter jr
Young African Daws
Young African Daws:
Why bol bol only get garbage minutes
Angelo Coloma
Angelo Coloma:
Lost in Da Sauce
Lost in Da Sauce:
Curry > LeBum
Jose A Valencia
Jose A Valencia:
Idgaf what anyone says the nuggets with no murray have no hope in playoffs, LAKERS IN 6