Miami Heat vs Milwaukee Bucks Full GAME 2 Highlights | September 2 | NBA Playoffs

Heat vs Bucks Game 2

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2 terrible calls to end the game...Refs really had a career night. Imagine ending a playoff game with free throws.....
Odyzzey G
Odyzzey G:
Butler found his pack. No more whining lambs, just straight up dudes who grind and live by the winning culture---"TOGETHER."
Goom santi
Goom santi:
When you realize miami heat haven't lost yet in the playoffs
I’m still wondering how on earth did they call a foul on Dragic when he was just standing there just with his hands up.
Brion plays
Brion plays:
damn dragic is so underrated..
Kieran Hibbert
Kieran Hibbert:
dragic is honestly incredible
Brandon Mahone
Brandon Mahone:
Anybody who watched this game live will realize how poorly officiated the game was. Both teams had to deal with a lot of bullsh*t calls. These bubble refs got to do better.
Sam Sung
Sam Sung:
Refs gifted middleton 3 free throws. Dragic already straight up before middleton took the shot. Bad call. Still heat won. Practice your free throw Giannis. Sweep
Those 2 last fouls is one of the reasons modern nba has low ratings... How can a man play defense?
The foul on Middleton was the biggest bs i've seen.
Jimmy butler with ICE in his veins taking those free throws like it was just the paperwork
Chunga Changa
Chunga Changa:
8:25 "may have traveled, but doest matter" lmao
Ight Giannis just 2 more games until you're a mavs or warriors
Christopher Mikrowelle
Christopher Mikrowelle:
What’s up with all those shooting fouls? It can happen, but every second possession is just too much.
Howling Wolf
Howling Wolf:
So glad you've started uploading longer highlights. Other channels miss too much of the game with this 7-9 minute highlight stuff.
Jonathan Reyala Cardoza
Jonathan Reyala Cardoza:
As a Steve Nash fan, I am awaiting for the spotlight to hit on Dragic.
Bangoura Foulematou
Bangoura Foulematou:
Jimmy had a bad night but Miami still WON, i don't see them losing a Game in this series, Bye Bye Milwaukee. See you next year
This was a perfect game but the refs came in smh
B b
B b:
Everyone: nobody can guard Giannis
Jimmy Buckets: Hold my beer
Mark John Calamba
Mark John Calamba:
Bye Akumpo, go to Heat next season. Heat Organization is great
roel crabbe
roel crabbe:
When u realize that 2 players in the starting line-up of Miami are rookies
Ghedneil Dagalea
Ghedneil Dagalea:
Middleton gets fouled: Bad call
Butler gets fouled: hold my beer
Duval Drizzy
Duval Drizzy:
It’s time to start talking about Spoelstra being the best coach in the NBA. Belichick of the league. Already has 2 rings & counting.
Eric Henderson
Eric Henderson:
Wesley Matthews doing his best KCP impersonation dropping an astonishing 4 points in 30 mins
Abd Fattah
Abd Fattah:
4 bounces for the 1st free throw Jimmy? Are trying to mock Kawhi? 🤣
roberto andres
roberto andres:
Like i said, the Heat are on a serious mission. 2 more to go.
merky u
merky u:
12:30 i think Giannis double dribbled
Fabio Malagutti
Fabio Malagutti:
Giannis leaving Milwaukee is getting closer to happening
Juan Tjuk
Juan Tjuk:
The story of the underdog. Miami killing last season's Eastern Conference finalist in 2 games.
Uldis Poriķis
Uldis Poriķis:
"May have travelled. Doesn't matter!" xD xD xD
Rasheen Nicholson
Rasheen Nicholson:
Jimmy & the heat have heart. Giannis has a ticker problem at this point.
David Houghton
David Houghton:
Heat are stacked. Young players like Herro, Robinson, Bam, Jones Jr, Nunn with Butler Iggy & the other vets. Imagine them adding a superstar in free agency. IT’S OVER!
ardan ulul
ardan ulul:
dragic still on 🔥
Panthers Brigade
Panthers Brigade:
The HEAT are back to take over the East.
8:25 my man travelled so far he ended up outside the bubble.
young Assassin
young Assassin:
The last foul of the game was Karma for the Kyle Korver flagrant foul injury on Iggy. How does a three-point specialist not know to give room to a shooter when he lands... that injury changed the course of the game!
forty days
forty days:
Middleton: Here’s some money call the foul.
Ref: Ok
few moments later
Butler: Ayy here’s some money call the foul
Ref 2: Alright.
Andrei ambrocio
Andrei ambrocio:
Jimmy butler is a good leader 🔥
Thank you MLG! I called sweep. I still call sweep. I think this game broke Mike Budenholzer a bit. they did everything they could to change what they did wrong in the last game and they still lost. That's going to weigh heavily on the team and on the coaches. Traditionally they haven't come back strong. I could be wrong but I'm going next game another one for Miami. And potentially this time with more of a lead. I think Giannis will either step up big time or fade away and not look like an MVP anymore. Just my opinion.
Benjamin Whyte
Benjamin Whyte:
I'm calling it Celtics vs Heat Eastern Conference Finals let's go 💪🏿
Twist Madasheyt
Twist Madasheyt:
Bad calls at the last 2 possessions
Jay Miller
Jay Miller:
Giannis is gone if they lose this series
el baño
el baño:
If you watched the whole game you would know that the refs wanted the Bucks to win all game.
Milan Djokic
Milan Djokic:
Gogiiiii! THE Machine!
çapsız abidin
çapsız abidin:
7:12 Beyblade butler
That was pretty good for a "decent player", right Stephen A.? #TheDragon
Kenny the Lenny
Kenny the Lenny:
Oh Milwaukee 😂😂 even with Heat messing up a little in the end there.
Kojo Maison
Kojo Maison:
8:25 “...may have traveled, doesn’t matter” LOL tf
eltoro gillz
eltoro gillz:
3:03 meanwhile no turnovers by the heat
Russell Westbrook: (spits out juice) what!! that's illegal!!
lab new
lab new:
Well deserved uploading too 😀
Damn, giannis for the 'L' 😂
iDesign Services
iDesign Services:
Man that was damn fast, Bucks in 9🔥
Eric Cheah
Eric Cheah:
I would love playin with jimmy butler
Bruno almeida
Bruno almeida:
Heat in 4
Can someone tell me how I can watch the rest of the nba finals live?
H e a v e n
H e a v e n:
refs vs refs LMAO
Coach Spoelstra is underated! It’ll be a good match against Brad Steven!!
Razzmatazz hops skiddly doo
Razzmatazz hops skiddly doo:
commentary: mvp for past 2years, here he is for 3
is it an omen?
Emiliano Yungblut
Emiliano Yungblut:
Wow What an end, amazing I Love This Game 🏀
Anthony Prino
Anthony Prino:
Thanks for sharing bro!! Godbless
1:02 it's aomine 😭
Essej Bardelas
Essej Bardelas:
Intense game.., I Love HEAT & BOSTON to be final's team!
George Tow
George Tow:
Sweep is coming.. damn!
Death By Ostrich
Death By Ostrich:
Dragic is low key MVP of this series so far.
Fcgg Fgbb
Fcgg Fgbb:
You cant just be MVP of the reg season you have to do it in the PLAYOFFS too smh
Jonathan Reyala Cardoza
Jonathan Reyala Cardoza:
The refs making it up to the other team by another call. >.<
The Final Trinity
The Final Trinity:
D-wade got me dead 😂
Tom Zore
Tom Zore:
When you realize that some of these so called "fans" wanted to trade dragić
Pig Farmer
Pig Farmer:
Man dragic playing so well
Gem Adrian Latumbo
Gem Adrian Latumbo:
7:46 traveling
Miguel Corredera
Miguel Corredera:
@2:53 classic nba travel. In Europe you'll get it called every time.
Dheran Patel
Dheran Patel:
Hope Damian Lillard was watching how it's done at the end lol
Rodz Lobos
Rodz Lobos:
8:23 May have travelled, doesn't matter. HAHAAHA
football access
football access:
and they we goona clap'em
8:22 oh come on.. I mean even by NBA standards..
jamesandrew magallon
jamesandrew magallon:
That hero and robinson is on fire🔥
mustafa sanane
mustafa sanane:
13:28 Referees 💩 on game

Then try to clean previous 💩 by new 💩 at the end.
Heinrich Baral
Heinrich Baral:
2:34 How can you even guard that he is really a freak of nature
Luca Chiariello
Luca Chiariello:
8:25 travel
Miami is on 🔥🔥 in these play-offs
Xab Ibakken
Xab Ibakken:
I respect the game but you going nowhere with lopez and matthews on s5
8:25 may have traveled? hahaha wtf
Giang Hoàng
Giang Hoàng:
I love Jimmy !
Where is the LAMB SAUCE
Where is the LAMB SAUCE:
14 minutes highlight ? Bro that's why i love this channel
NO MVP for Giannis if he loses the second round
Ilir United
Ilir United:
Roderic Libres
Roderic Libres:
Hahaha that's it😂😂😂
Trebla anoh Hona
Trebla anoh Hona:
Go M Heat😍
I think it’s time to change some of these awards to playoff only like MVP.
Determination Terminal
Determination Terminal:
7:03 play of the year
Tom Stansfield
Tom Stansfield:
Almost as dismal as the all star game ending on a free throw 🤣
zhongming wen
zhongming wen:
Get the sweep out baby! Go go heat!
gan kenny
gan kenny:
wow so much body contact. gotta love this series
Ben Bengaly Kaba
Ben Bengaly Kaba:
7:10 These centers that can't even post guards are pissing me off. Damn
Why Bacons?
Why Bacons?:
Sweep the Hypocrites Bucks. Heat let's gooooooooo heat in 4
Van Nguyen 123
Van Nguyen 123:
Shout out to Heat’s defensive, and dragic was fantastic as usual
Light work!
The Marc
The Marc:
3:08 Mr. 9 :)