Miami Heat vs Milwaukee Bucks Full GAME 4 Highlights | September 6 | NBA Playoffs

Bucks vs Heat Game 4

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Erwin Taichou
Erwin Taichou:
Lol kobe possessed Middleton
sherwin poh
sherwin poh:
Its weird, the heat defense looks less organised and menacing without Giannis on the floor. Its like they didnt really rehearse stopping the rest of the bucks without Giannis.
sherwin poh
sherwin poh:
Other than middleton, can we give some credit to Brook Lopez? He hit two clutch threes and two consecutive blocks to will the bucks back into contention range against the heat in the fourth.
Some One 愛
Some One 愛:
*Khris Middleton: “Fine, i'll do it myself”*
Fritz Felizardo
Fritz Felizardo:
damn middleton and herro putting up a show 🔥
Vol deMort
Vol deMort:
Tyler Herro aint afraid to take big shots... I like that..
ariana joan
ariana joan:
These playoffs are something else man... it’s crazy, bucks lose their superstar, have super low chances of continuing but somehow manage to pull a W in OT... u can’t make this stuff up 💪🏼💪🏼 can’t wait for the next game!
Also side note, that kid HERRO is a straight bucket
Lukas B.
Lukas B.:
What a great game! Middleton showed his outstanding skill and will to win. He carried the bucks in OT, took all of their shots except for one by Lopez and a very good defensive heat team could not stop him. Very intense game that could have gone either way at the end
Gotti 101
Gotti 101:
Bucks living on a prayer
dimos xia
dimos xia:
Herro and Robinson look like Curry and Thompson duo 👌🔥
young Assassin
young Assassin:
Thank you MLG for the fast highlight as a heat fan I'm proud of the bucks. They came and played their hearts out. I had heat in 6 so I'm really not phased or upset at this loss, so good game Milwaukee.
Brook Lopez was really good in the 4th quarter, give the man props
Zach Van Harris JR
Zach Van Harris JR:
*Herro living up to his name*
Middleton did what he needs to do when Giannis is healthy.

This was an all-star carrying his team.

I was saying that if they can win 4 in a row, it would be historic. I don't think they will. Heat are too potent, but makes it all the better a feat
Another nail biter😰 playoffs be lit! Bucks didn't wanna go out like that😂😂
The Heat are shooting and making 3s like the whole roster is filled with Splash Brothers!
It's surprising that Giannis really reaped up the Heat Defense in flash for only a quarter and some minutes ....hopes he comes back before the series ends.....And Middleton was something else
Timothy Hwong
Timothy Hwong:
Brook Lopez came thru with some key blocks in the 4th there
Mon mon Grubbs
Mon mon Grubbs:
Middleton became Michael redd today
Subbing To Who Subs To Me?
Subbing To Who Subs To Me?:
To the 1% seeing this may god bless you 🙏and you succeed in everything you want in life💙💚💜
Royal Me
Royal Me:
Imagine if Bucks come from 3-0 and win the series 😂
Unlinked Carbon
Unlinked Carbon:
When you don’t centre your plans around a single player and involve every player, you win... hence Buck defeated Miami without Giannis.
Still no chance. Heat in 5.
Jimmy Butler is the epitome of the expression 'If you see me fighting a bear, help the bear'. Dude is fearless! 🔥 🔥 🔥
Jose Rojas
Jose Rojas:
imagine if the bucks become the first team to comeback from a 0-3 series and win...
Howard Chow
Howard Chow:
Imagine Lebron losing 3 playoff games in a roll and win the 4th one without playing.
El Koukourikou
El Koukourikou:
Heat should have finished it
Bangoura Foulematou
Bangoura Foulematou:
The refs have been making bad calls in the end against Miami the entire series, sad.
jose manuel feliz sanchez
jose manuel feliz sanchez:
Miami can't lose 3 consecutive games
Aldrin Dolores
Aldrin Dolores:
12:20 can't imagine just how much pressure this man felt, the game was on the line.
hot dog
hot dog:
Just the performance to kick start a championship winning campaign
Umang Lunia
Umang Lunia:
12:02 convinced me that heats are the new warriors
Goku Black
Goku Black:
11:30 offensive foul on Abedeyo
melikey likey
melikey likey:
I always knew Giannis is holding back the team, without him the team play more freely and everyone touch the ball. Bucks is a very good team with or without Giannis, and his teammate has help him a lot by letting him get all the spotlight and winning those awards.
Serhat Mert
Serhat Mert:
Thx MLG. Give me a heart. ❤
jeipee banzon
jeipee banzon:
12:30 this sucks especially if the shot is for the game😂
Djdjd Ddjfhfjjddj
Djdjd Ddjfhfjjddj:
12:32 everyone look at dragic the Kia sign goes over his body is it just me or???
Ahmed Qureshi
Ahmed Qureshi:
Bucks only won cuz there was no giannis that would've fouled dragic in the last second🤣🤣🤣
Giannis regular season : The rock

Giannis Playoffs : kevin hart

like if y'all agree
Viraj Chetri
Viraj Chetri:
Show stealer, Middleton, herro and Lopez amazing play, respect for Middleton
mus gary
mus gary:
May the real Jordan of the team please stand up please stand up please stand up 🤣🤣
Huge win Respekt💪
Rizky Haniprakoso
Rizky Haniprakoso:
What a nice shot to end the regular time 🤣
Shing Yu
Shing Yu:
bucks 🔥🔥🔥
Matthew Lane
Matthew Lane:
Herro a rookie that boi cold ✳️✳️
Mr Game
Mr Game:
First time the Bucks win
Who else thought it was gonna be a 4-0 blowout
Maged Abul Dahab
Maged Abul Dahab:
The guy said " bang" on Middleton 3 on the OT, so they won this game but they will lose the series,. Same as luka " bang" 3
Same guy
Be Like Water
Be Like Water:
This is the only "Playoff" quality.
Yooku Christian
Yooku Christian:
Delaying the inevitable...
John C.
John C.:
As I been saying since Game 1. Heat at 5. Oh well
Danijel Bjelic
Danijel Bjelic:
Everybody saying "GiAnNiS NeEdS a StAr" bro Middleton needs a star rn
jack spy
jack spy:
no team has ever come back from 31
Ellanios 21
Ellanios 21:
Γιάννη ξεκίνησε η κατρακύλα ;
Ανασκεύασε ότι έχεις πει για την Ελλάδα και μπορεί να αλλάξει η τύχη σου
Damn CM telling to the bucks org.. give me the ball.
Health Verse Co.
Health Verse Co.:
I Soooo wanted to see a sweep.
Eazy-E Sunglasses
Eazy-E Sunglasses:
We can do it Middleton, we can comeback!
These ankle injuries not really good advertising for the new Zoom Freak 2.
Zach Van Harris JR
Zach Van Harris JR:
*Jimmy Butler the goat* 🐐
lorenzo cacchione
lorenzo cacchione:
All the starters for the heat were in double figures before the end of the 3rd. What a team they have down there, good job by coach Spo. The bucks won't do this 3 more times.
Cant wait to see heat vs boston again on conf finals.
Hero is so clutch even though the heat lost this time
Amadeus Ciecior
Amadeus Ciecior:
mlg highlights why do you upload the game 3 highlights in a video called "game 4 highlights" and deactivate the comment section?
Spreez YT
Spreez YT:
Paul pierce might of jinxed the heat
Paweł Panasiuk
Paweł Panasiuk:
When unofficial channel has better quality of highlights than the NBA.
Quit leaving the 3 open for the love of god like come on coach you're supposed to be better than this...
The Paul Pierce Curse is ON !
Yul Ja Ma
Yul Ja Ma:
Are you going to post this as game 5 and then turn off comments like you do for the past games?
Daegon Miguel Sahagun
Daegon Miguel Sahagun:
I love the bucks they are so great both defense and offense btw Heat in 5.
Red Label
Red Label:
Lol the team is more effective when giannis is out
kkr studios.
kkr studios.:
Heat is a really good org. From good drafting to good coaching
Bernard Paton
Bernard Paton:
Herro is underated 🤦🏿‍♀️
Tarigan Mario
Tarigan Mario:
just can't get enough of this
Khris is good! I hate how first take disrespect him. Man is cold🥶
I'm neither for bucks or for the heat, I'm really just enjoying a such a good game omg
Putra harianja
Putra harianja:
So Giannis's teammates is also good ma friends. Btw your thumbnail show a lot
Mitch Hills
Mitch Hills:
Rooting for the heat but that was an awesome game
Jayman Quiamco
Jayman Quiamco:
Game 5 MIA will close the series no doubt although it is always anybody's game.
Mike Breen is really unmatched with that bang!
man, these playoff games would've been so special if there were fans. just imagine it.
Bulumko Vanto
Bulumko Vanto:
Tyler Herro has really beeeen this dude
David Jackson
David Jackson:
Khris Middleton really carried them tonight wow!
Seraphim Fahmy
Seraphim Fahmy:
Inb4 all the giannis haters act like "lOoK tHeY dOiN bEttEr wIThoUt hIm"
Kalvin Strait
Kalvin Strait:
Darren Kolo
Darren Kolo:
It’s the injury forced coach Bun to change . He still didn’t adjust on the defensive end tho.
Badrulz OppoF1s
Badrulz OppoF1s:
I think Giannis is the only player who have heart to play, the other just want boycott the game. Shame
Ahoy Choy
Ahoy Choy:
ironic how Janice the MEDIA's "MOST VALUABLE PLAYER" is not so valuable to his team and more of a liability. what a FRAUD!
Andy Liu 劉庚樺
Andy Liu 劉庚樺:
Matt, how did it do with charlie's course? Google ads
Herro is gonna be putting up 25 a night in 2-3 years
Paul Pierce baby thats right he said it " miami in 4" 🤣🤣
All Might
All Might:
Miami have gotten complacent since Giannis leaves in the 2nd qtr.
Julio Cesar
Julio Cesar:
Proud of my guys!! Let's git Bucks!!!!
Mr. Awesomepants
Mr. Awesomepants:
The Heat have scored 115 or 116 points all 5 games against the bucks in the bubble
Giannis was in real pain
Emilio Lazona
Emilio Lazona:
Solid Miami heat talaga
Middleton needs to play 40+ every game
Giannis can't even if he comes back for game 5
Serhat Mert
Serhat Mert:
Lopez just amazing