Michael Jordan's HISTORIC Bulls Mixtape | The Jordan Vault

Check out the BEST of Jordan's career as a Chicago Bull with the Michael Jordan mixtape!

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100+ comentarios:

90's soul
90's soul:
Ladies and gentlemen, this is the FINAL BOSS of basketball.
Jilson Guardado
Jilson Guardado:
Can someone take a moment and realize these are not highlights this is literally how he played every single night.
MJ harmZ23 33
MJ harmZ23 33:
“For the first time in my life a human didn’t look real to me .”-Allen Iverson
Shiven Pathuri
Shiven Pathuri:
if bronsexuals actually watched him play instead of looking at stats. they would know it shouldn't even be a comparison
Edward Outlaw Jr
Edward Outlaw Jr:
He hasn't played since 2003, and he's still the standard that everyone is still chasing.
Timmaz Dangerus
Timmaz Dangerus:
If Michael Jordan was coming in the league today. The internet couldn’t have contain him. He would break the internet.
moneybag shawty
moneybag shawty:
Crazy thing about Jordan is he could drink beer, smoke, gamble literally all night get no sleep & still come out n dominate his opponent.
RIP to all you youngsters who never watched MJ play. Y'all missed out.
Cornelious Worsham
Cornelious Worsham:
Nobody's saying Bron ain't great but he's not this guy
Roy Ko
Roy Ko:
Speechless. Just when I thought I'd seen all the best MJ montages possible... this comes out. The true GOAT, no disrespect to LeBron, but the eye-test, accolades, numbers and raw peak/prime prove MJ was just greater. Look at how quick, active, mobile, strong and ballet-like he was. Pure magic....
A. Villares
A. Villares:
Yep I’ll admit it...how foolish of me to believe LeBron could top or at the very least be on Jordan’s level of excellence....he just simply cannot compete
Richard Palmatier
Richard Palmatier:
MJ was simply better at basketball than anyone has ever been at anything. Try to convince me otherwise...
The Darkfrost
The Darkfrost:
I hate how people say that Kobe is MJ 2.0. There will never be another player who can play anything close to MJ
[Bloggins] River by MNL48 is a Bop
[Bloggins] River by MNL48 is a Bop:
This dude just moves different.
Gian Castro
Gian Castro:
Lebron is great and all but we will never witness anything like this again period.
Just here to remind myself who the goat is
Carlo Tristan Calingasan
Carlo Tristan Calingasan:
"MJ is one of one, God level, unmatched, unparalled, a pure master at this shit. I’m still watching his games to learn. Leave me out of it please." - KD when he got compared to MJ.
the sdog
the sdog:
There's only one serious debate in basketball.The ''who's the No2''
Todd Michaelsen
Todd Michaelsen:
He still looks futuristic even in the future.
Amy Heath
Amy Heath:
No one has even come close to his skill set in every aspect of the game and I don't think ever will. Without question..THE GOAT!!! ❤️
Diego Vega
Diego Vega:
And some people want to make you believe that Lebron is better? 🤦🏻‍♂️😂😂
michael Xu
michael Xu:
Stop compare MJ to everyone else.there won’t be an other MJ period!not lebron, not Kobe, no one can.
After watching this, and you still think there is an argument with who is the goat lebron or Jordan you have issues.
Wesley Durham
Wesley Durham:
This is easily the greatest basketball montage ever created.
frederik legoff
frederik legoff:
The guy moves like a cat and has the heart of a lion, impossible to stop!😎
Barkley, ewing, mlone, payton, kemp, miller, stockton, drexler(portland), starks, penny, grant hill, KJ, mullin, no ring because of him.
Bharath Srinivas
Bharath Srinivas:
This is art. You can’t compare art. Poetry in motion. The grace, the style, the finesse. 🐐
Von Olds
Von Olds:
His Layup package and midrange game was unstoppable.
G.m. Strong
G.m. Strong:
Jordan is like Picasso. Basketball art at it's finest.
Timothy West
Timothy West:
They need to make a 10 part documentary of MJ highlights called
The Goat
Onyx Sangwa
Onyx Sangwa:
I don't get it when people say he was the best 1v1 player to what I've seen

he is the best 1v3 player
Frankenviews *
Frankenviews *:
This video really drops the mic on the whole "Is Jordan the GOAT?" debate. Just save it on your phone, and when somebody eventually brings it up to debate, just play it for them so they could shut the fu>k up.
Adriel Pahati
Adriel Pahati:
There are 3 kinds of ballers:
3. The supporting casts
2. The Hallf of Famers
1. then Michael Jordan
Michael Jean
Michael Jean:
The Nba was Michael's playground. He made it look to easy. MJ was very creative with those big hands plus he developed a unstoppable fade away later on in his career. Ladies and gentlemen we are watching a living legend.
Hervé Bissou
Hervé Bissou:
The greatest simple as that. Nobody is close to him. what he achevied won't be achevied ever again. The GOAT.
Les Turner
Les Turner:
His footwork was impeccable. No wasted movement ,every move had a purpose. Artist in motion.
G S:
That’s not Michael Jordan. That’s God disguised as Michael Jordan.
S Steven
S Steven:
The best athlete in the history of the world.
Stefan Vasilev
Stefan Vasilev:
How can one thing you've watched over, and over, and over, and over still leave you breathless?!
Mike Hammer
Mike Hammer:
That dunk over either Frank Brickowski or Jack Sikma....from the dots.......off the vertical.......no dribble......just catch from the dots and spring over a 7 footer.....Jesus Christ
Rob McAleer
Rob McAleer:
Seriously though - what would MJ score today with so many more possessions, more 3's , no hand checking, and most importantly a wide open floor with zero rim protectors. 45? 50?
Mohamad Raj
Mohamad Raj:
I can’t comprehend what’s he gonna do in this cup cake era.
Animal Central
Animal Central:
You can tell by the way he moves he’s the goat. Lebron will never be MJ
Product of Crew
Product of Crew:
Lmfao at 7:45 MJ gets hit in the mouth and basically thinks “damn is my mouth ok?” Fast forward 25+ years and someone gets hit in the mouth and runs to their mom in the stands to look at it
Jason Hayes
Jason Hayes:
The only person in this world when you put on his shoes makes you feel like you're hundred percent better with your life on or off the court
2:04 just casually posterizing 3 guys, nothing special here
Christopher Corral
Christopher Corral:
he's got a different level of athleticism... wow
Ken Jordan
Ken Jordan:
Mj is so much more polished a basketball player than Lebron and it’s not even close. His fundamentals are on a whole different plateau.
he’d not generational, he’s timeless
Salvador González
Salvador González:
When MJ played everyone stopped doing what they were doing to watch him. EVERYONE even my grandma. GOAT!
Wakemeup Now
Wakemeup Now:
Is there still an argument he isn’t the goat after this video?
Likkle Blackz
Likkle Blackz:
Man really was out for 65games in his second season of his career, retired for 2yrs and play pro baseball, came back and won 3more championship and you’re telling me he isn’t the GOAT , dpoy, 10times scoring champion literary the epitome of greatness
BuzZ VideoZ
BuzZ VideoZ:
Day 8: God created MJ from pure air.
nikola tesla
nikola tesla:
A guy who hit his prime 25+ years ago still seems futuristic to us,his highlights are still the best,he has been the standard of perfection.
The dude was just unstoppable. The one and only GOAT.
BuzZ VideoZ
BuzZ VideoZ:
He's like Russell Westbrook, Dwayne wade and Kawhi Leonard rolled into one!... but his artistry is too much!! Not even with today's supplementation and technological advancements can touch MJ's artistry.. Westbrook, lebron, giannis, harden, lavine etc.. mixtapes pales in comparison in what MJ moves and does..
Omar Dabo
Omar Dabo:
You'd be hard pressed to find another player better than this guy. He is the undisputed goat.
BuzZ VideoZ
BuzZ VideoZ:
"When i play basketball.. i don't play conservative.. i play all out"

The difference maker right there!
Christian Kirchmann
Christian Kirchmann:
I first watched this video as someone who thought LeBron was the Goat but there is no doubt who there real goat is MJ didn’t lose
One of the most beautiful Comp mixes, the force, poetic artistry, original creativity, this man was the single reason basketball became a globally loved game inspiring millions of people, his style and grace changed the sport.
10:33 He got pump faked but he still turned mid air to block the shot. Damn thats effort.
Juanelo Godinez
Juanelo Godinez:
I was able to watch MJ since 1989 when I was 9 until his retirement from the Wizards... and after more than 30 years watching the NBA I have never seen such a dominant player as MJ, he crushed basically everyone when he and his Bulls were at their peak, he did things that are impossible to do for a normal human being, he scored 28 points per game in his rookie season, he won 6 championships almost back to back if not for his retirement, being the top scorer in every one of them, he won every final he played being the respective MVP, he was incredibly strong both in ofense as well as in defense, he was so dominant that I even believe (and I respect Lebron a lot) that if Lebron and MJ lived in the same era, both at their peak at the same time, Lebron would have had zero chances to win an NBA championship, that dominant was Jordan.

Man I feel so lucky having watched him winning all those games and championships
No one looked cooler dominating a sport than Michael Jordan.
Can we please acknowledge the greatness in this editing as well? Truly brilliant
Fábio Cordeiro C. Vicentin
Fábio Cordeiro C. Vicentin:
He is the G.O.A.T and is not even close!
Lebron, KD and Kobe are monsters in playing basketball but MJ is the real GOAT
Trey Simonson
Trey Simonson:
The 138 dislikes are the salty Lebron fans that realized mj is better from this mixtape
Felix Y
Felix Y:
Lebron is great player, but he ain't Mike, not even close
naufal mf
naufal mf:
Imagine if he didn’t retire in 93.. would of been number 1 in scoring
Tim Wing
Tim Wing:
Imagine young MJ from the mid 80's when he was at his quickest and started to get his knowledge, and then being able to play in today's rules where you could take a gather step and basically 2 more full steps. At times these guys today noticably take 3 steps. Even if MJ was allowed to do the euro step back then that would've made him even more unstoppable. Watching Giannis and LeBron lately they take 3-4 steps

Watch MJs early highlights from the mid 80's, he's only taking one step then going for the dunk or layup. They didn't start getting more loose with the rule until later in his career.
Jonathan Even
Jonathan Even:
Look how at 11:26 he hand checks Michael, they were allowed that back then and Michael still averaged the most ppg in nba history. Think how much he would average today when you cant handcheck..
People say kobe (rip) was a Jordan clone and it still wasn't even close. Ive been watching since dr j. I didnt care for Jordan after the first title. Rooted against the bulls. Still an NBA fan. Still play too. I know what i saw! Greatness. Haven't seen anything like it. I watched history
Pure Distance Golf
Pure Distance Golf:
He's the most all-around athletic player ever, the best offensive player ever, the best defensive guard ever, the most all-around skilled player ever, the best player ever mentally, the most clutch player ever, arguably the best leader ever, the most competitive player ever and the best player ever statistically. Oh, and he played in the toughest and most competitive era ever and looked by far the best doing it. The guy is in a complete class of his own.
Trey Simonson
Trey Simonson:
If Michael Jordan played in today’s league he would average 45-50 ppg 😂. He averaged 30 ppg in a league with hand checking and more physical defense
NOTHING about his skills are dated.
And idiots say LeBron is better 😂😂😂😂 Jordan was on another level in every way.
Fernando Roque
Fernando Roque:
4:28 made me realize I still have 12mins left to watch and I'm already out of breath. MJ is amazing.
Ona Ebodaghe
Ona Ebodaghe:
I think what The Last Dance did for me is reaffirm and strengthen MJ’s status as truly the greatest player in basketball history and perhaps the greatest sports figure of all-time 🐐
Paul Jansen
Paul Jansen:
And youngsters today dare to call LBJ the GOAT
BuzZ VideoZ
BuzZ VideoZ:
When even NBA2k can't do the moves MJ does in real life..
Got a goosebumps watching this... GOAT...
BuzZ VideoZ
BuzZ VideoZ:
Michael Jordan is the Michael Jordan of Basketball.
It's insane how big the NBA has gotten, how many players have come and gone, yet nobody still can do the things MJ was doing.
2 words come to mind while watching this video: THE G.O.A.T
Lucky T
Lucky T:
[Bloggins] River by MNL48 is a Bop
[Bloggins] River by MNL48 is a Bop:
Even in the year 3000 the way MJ plays will still look cool.
4:20 did anyone else notice that Jordan just jumped from inbounds to over the commentator desk and into the audience?
Jake Johnson
Jake Johnson:
How does people not think he is the greatest ever
That One Guy
That One Guy:
I've probably watched this mixtape a hundred times since it dropped, yet I'm still amazed every time I watch it. Once in a lifetime athlete.
Life Is a Game
Life Is a Game:
There’s a reason people are called the Michael Jordan of their sport
Paul Cardenas
Paul Cardenas:
10:33 Damn I thought Blake Griffin was the first person to do that 360 block
Secret Wars - Michael Jordan vids channel
Secret Wars - Michael Jordan vids channel:
Some of these moves don't make sense to me. No human should be able to hang in the air like that and manipulate their bodies in mid air like that. Mike was playing a different sport to the rest. He was beyond human.
Amuro Ray
Amuro Ray:
having him on your team is like entering a cheat code, Jordan is the GOAT
NJ Jbour
NJ Jbour:
What people don’t understand is that when you watched him every game, you were thinking: “ what new thing is he going to do tonight?” The man wowed the world every single game.
Fake Name
Fake Name:
I wonder if the people who insist that lebron is the goat have actually seen Jordan play
This man was athlete of the Century for a reason Lebron can only get athlete of the decade
Baurzhan Sagimbekov
Baurzhan Sagimbekov:
"Air Jordan" and "His Airness" must be most accurate nicknames in sport history.
Scott Winn
Scott Winn:
Everyone deserves to see this
Yadiel De Jesus Morales
Yadiel De Jesus Morales:
When Jordan went up to dunk, he caught so many bodies! I literally stop counting after 80! G.O.A.T!