Michael K. Williams Breaks Down His Career, from 'The Wire' to 'Lovecraft Country' | Vanity Fair

Michael Kenneth Williams takes us through his storied acting career, breaking down his roles in 'Bullet,' 'Bringing Out the Dead,' 'The Sopranos,' 'The Wire,' 'Boardwalk Empire,' 'The Gambler,' 'Bessie,' 'The Night Of,' 'When We Rise,' 'Viceland,' 'Hap & Leonard,' 'When They See Us' and 'Lovecraft Country.'

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Michael K. Williams Breaks Down His Career, from 'The Wire' to 'Lovecraft Country' | Vanity Fair

100+ comentarios:

Lisa-Minnie Zondi
Lisa-Minnie Zondi:
This man has carried HBO on his back for years.

Edit: God I just found out about the terrible news. Rest in Power Mr Williams.
AB Adam
AB Adam:
RIP King, this guy was talented always put in 100%.
Os Vagazoides
Os Vagazoides:
One of the best to ever do It. RIP
S H:
He's one actor who, when he name drops, isn't annoying because he does it with such gratitude for all the breaks he's gotten. He's so humble and charming. And now a legend. R.I.P.
Jef Varnadore
Jef Varnadore:
This beautiful man struggled with addiction off and on his whole adult life but he still never ceased to make amazing art and even though he just passed we, like him, are all out here struggling with something so rest easy bro🙏🏼♥️
Just heard about the news. What an outstanding indescribable talent gone so soon. I'm gonna miss him so much, one of the best actors ever RIP.
Michael would’ve killed a DMX biopic yet I ain’t mad because he’s blessed us with so many characters. Rest In Power King 💔
Gracefully Blessed
Gracefully Blessed:
My deepest condolences to the family friends and fans.RIP brother Williams.
R.I.P Michael. You were an outstanding actor, never saw a film or TV show that you appeared in where you didn't impress. Your talent will be missed.
Michael k William's is such an amazing actor but an even better person. I met him when me and my family went out to eat BBQ in memphis on my birthday, I was about 14-15 yrs old and i was starting at him HARD in the restaurant he walked over and said hey little man, want an autograph, and I almost died I said yea! But can I talk to you and ask you some questions about your shows and he said you know? Nobody ever wants to sit amd talk anymore people always wanna autograph, sure kid. Ask away, and we sat and talked for about 45 mins. I asked him questions about his shows and even told him that I wanna be an actor and tell stories about what it's like being handicap, and before he had to leave he found out it was my bday and as he was leaving he bought me a piece of cake and sent it to my table with a note saying happy birthday, I hope I see you on the tv one day kiddo, its important to tell your unique experiences. Still my fav actor ever.
Masters Way
Masters Way:
"America is still a baby with a very big rattle."
SO many beautiful things were so very well said in this interview♡
Light Above The Sky
Light Above The Sky:
I remember seeing this and saying to myself “ he has a long way to go, why is he doing this now “ now I have the deepest appreciation for this video. Such a one of a kind talent. Rest in utter peace Michael
Ian Parker Ellis
Ian Parker Ellis:
A flame burned out too early. A fine actor and human being. Thank you for giving us the chances to watch your gift in action as well as blessing us with your presence
Beach Waves
Beach Waves:
Michael K. Williams breathed life into every character he played, he was a very talented actor.
Cherie Butler
Cherie Butler:
His voice is everything...it's soothing, it's rough, it's resonate....it's just beautiful.
Ashley H
Ashley H:
So empathetic, kind and humble. He'll be deeply missed. RIP.
Arlene Gladu
Arlene Gladu:
I remember seeing him on SVU and I never forgot his powerful performance. When I first heard of his sad passing I had the strongest feeling he was sexually abused as a child although I never heard any thing about that in public until yesterday when l saw a episode of the Breakfast Club where Michael talked about being sexually abused as a child. Many people who have been abused as children have addiction problems to numb the pain. We must protect and help our children .
William Rodgers Jr
William Rodgers Jr:
Rest well brother. You have left your mark as an actor and man.
Octavio Lopez Sr.
Octavio Lopez Sr.:
Man, why? Why can't we have nice things? This man was brilliant, RIP 😔
Ulle Bishope
Ulle Bishope:
I just didn't imagine he ever struggled with drugs because he was so prolific and amazing in everything. He did everything. Still, I'll always imagine him in future works.
Gregory Bretz
Gregory Bretz:
God bless him…One of the greatest actors I’ve ever seen perform on screen…Godspeed…
Mai Sakurajima
Mai Sakurajima:
RIP Michael K. Williams. You will always be treasured and remembered in our hearts and minds as a true legend in the battlefield community and in the film/acting industry. We will truly miss your presence.
Atul Sharma
Atul Sharma:
He was such an underrated actor. Just a diamond. 🙏🏽💔
Mitch from Brooklyn
Mitch from Brooklyn:
This man is just phenomenal in everything he’s been in. Wayyyyy underrated.
C P:
My cousin had no father even when this man became famous he still look after him and told him to get out of the streets and finish school he was his mentor. I don't care about what people say he was an angel he saved my cousin that's now a successful business man.💔💔💔😢😢😢😢
Andrea Carpenter
Andrea Carpenter:
I can't believe the awful news that this beautiful man is gone!
pon gunz
pon gunz:
HBO needs to show him so much love and respect such a great soul AND actor
Gratitude Griot
Gratitude Griot:
"the timeline of my career so far" - Michael K. Williams almost a year to his transition 🥺💔🕊 I know the ancestors greeted him with love.❤️🖤💚
Yvette Bee
Yvette Bee:
I remember he came to my job’s event at Carnegie Hall. All the kids wanted to meet him and show him that they could dance. He stood there after the event and watched every kid dance then gave positive affirmation to each one.

I will never forget that a person of his stature will make time for the kids and we were all grateful.
Leigh Francesca
Leigh Francesca:
Man, crazy how he got the opportunity to do this and now he is gone. RIP Michael K. Williams
He’ll never not be loved and missed. What a blow to us, rest in absolute peace Michael K Williams
Bakiatu Koroma
Bakiatu Koroma:
I am lost for words. His honesty and appreciation for his roles and life is admirable. I love you Michael. RIP💞💞💞
Michael Alexis Palmer
Michael Alexis Palmer:
What a Magnificent Actor and Soul! He will be missed greatly!
Randall Savage
Randall Savage:
Rest easy Michael, we will miss you and your unbelievable talent.
Incredible, versatile actor. One of my very favorites. Honestly just as good as the greatest.
chris gleason
chris gleason:
Wept again watching this. Someone I never met or knew but loved, respected, and admired his art and him as a person. Humble and brilliant and appreciative and reflective and kind. A model of humanity for us all.
Brian Smith
Brian Smith:
The white beard was quite the distinguished look. RIP.
Aubreyna Archer
Aubreyna Archer:
RIP. 🙏🏿... I loved this guy, bother the person he played on the Wire and his REAL LIFE personality. 😢
The Brown Cat
The Brown Cat:
RIP to a real one. Man owned every role like he was really that character.
Jocko Adams
Jocko Adams:
RIP Michael K. Williams... Chalky White was my favorite of your characters. The monologue he delivers to the klansman about how his father was killed was brilliant. So specific and nuanced. "I ain't building no bookcase."
Eddie Scott
Eddie Scott:
Chaulky White is why I got into his career. What an absolute beast on screen with such a humble and kind personality off of it. RIP to one of the best drama actors of this and prior generations.
McpBlackheart The Visual Musician
McpBlackheart The Visual Musician:
When he said "timeline of my career so far" that hurt my soul knowing we wont see his talent after this loss
Listened to him talk about his state of mind prior to booking When They See Us is heartbreaking.
George Costanza
George Costanza:
He acted with the best rapper alive, then worked with the best director alive, then went on to be in 2 of the best TV shows ever made and more recently he was in one of the best documentaries ever created. And he stood out as an exceptional actor in all of those things. Truly a legend.
Rip to an actor and person who always made a unforgettable impression.
He was one of my favorite actors, he put everything into even the smallest parts. Michael, you will be missed.
David Howell
David Howell:
Rip to this man. Every roll I have seen him preform was perfect
T Alfredo
T Alfredo:
His memory of 2Pac is tear dropping. Such an amazing actor. Rest in power.
wow.. i watched this video year ago and was so moved by his story and his passion for creativity and life and motivating people.. a true performer.. rest in love Michael ❤️
Rest in peace to a legend. His best was still ahead
Shep Shape
Shep Shape:
Mike was the every man's actor. Loved all his characters, and the world is a sadder place without him.
Digicoda Watches
Digicoda Watches:
I hope this legend will be remembered for everything he done.
rad dish
rad dish:
This was the last video I watched of him..I saved it to one of my playlists because I was so proud of him. I was looking forward to seeing him win an oscar..I thought it was just inevitable..the way I just knew Regina King would win one day. It is truly sad..really sad we won't see more of him but I'm grateful for what we had. Hey heaven..Michael's coming.
Ezequiel Acevedo
Ezequiel Acevedo:
La mística que tiene este hombre y el que actúo de Avon es increíble. Los dos me trajeron la misma alegría que Maradona
Chaitanya Belhekar
Chaitanya Belhekar:
Just his voice melts my heart.

RIP King!
Sad to meet you so late, but blessed at least I came across you.
sharon Becker
sharon Becker:
God: "Omar coming" Rest in Power Micheal K. Williams. Still can't or want to believe this.
Dan Nigro
Dan Nigro:
This actor is highly underrated so sad to hear of his passing. That’s great man made everything he did memorable. RIP
Nicholas lofa
Nicholas lofa:
This was an uplifting video the first time I watched it that made me even more excited for whatever he'd be in next. Now it's just extremely sad to watch...rip to one of the greatest to ever do it
Yvette Hunter-Treadwell
Yvette Hunter-Treadwell:
Rest In Heaven…..it’s so sad to see such a talented, beautiful soul that struggled with addiction, to lose that battle…God bless his soul the struggle is over. 💔
Rest in Power King 👑 One of the most underrated actors of all time. Your movies and characters have came into the lives of millions of people. Rest day Michael. 🙏🏼❤️
Underground G
Underground G:
Rest in peace to one of the greatest actors of our time :(
Can’t believe he’s gone. RIP to one of the best.
Wow…. I’m watching this for the first time and I’m overcome with sadness. The crazy thing is about a few weeks ago, I started watching season 1 of Boardwalk Empire and was getting excited to see more of Chalky White. Now, I can’t believe this talented man - the definition of the actor’s actor - is gone. 😔

Rest in power forever , Michael Kenneth Williams
Christian Bryan
Christian Bryan:
I was fighting back tears at times while watching this. I'm glad that acting found him because he was a natural! Thanks for the great and memorable roles! RIP.
When I was young I once started watching boardwalk empire out of random and stumbled on a scene where Michael k Williams interrogates this guy. I didn’t know who he was but immediately he became one of my favorite actors and I dreamed one day I could direct him in a movie if I make it. Sad to hear his passing RIP
Greasy The Reptile
Greasy The Reptile :
He spoke with such gentle dignity.
Diane Ayers
Diane Ayers:
His vulnerability and humanity are what make him a great actor. He is a wonderful human being and I think it comes across in his art. I really love this guy!
Karen Dorsey
Karen Dorsey:
He was such a treasure! Boundless talent! I felt like a family member had passed, when I heard of Michael’s passing. I pray that he has found peace! 😢🙏🏽
Mikki Farmer
Mikki Farmer:
Michael K. Williams will be extremely missed. He has truly left his impact on the world as we know it.
lorenzo medina
lorenzo medina:
Season 3/4 of the wire still some greatest television ever … RIP Micheal rest easy thank you for all you have done …
A Castro
A Castro:
He was sooooo handsome and humble! May he rest in peace 🙏🏾. A wonderful actor in The Wire and Lovecraft Country! He will be missed.
Cecile Pham
Cecile Pham:
If Michael K. Williams is in a film, you can bet it's quality. He brings such incredible depth and gravitas to his roles. It's so flippin remarkable.
Icy Rock
Icy Rock:
After watching this, I realize that I had only seen one of the projects he was in, but I remember the outpouring of love he received after his death. I decided to watch this and he strikes me as a humble, introspective guy.
Angela Sylvain
Angela Sylvain:
Breaks my heart - what an amazing actor and human being.
Raphael Castel Morano
Raphael Castel Morano:
Rest in Power Mr Williams
You gave us omar little, arguably the greatest tv show character
Not only that, but you’ve done so much with your career.
Rest in Power✊✊✊
Rest in power man. A lot of strangers are mourning today.
Kevin Schart
Kevin Schart:
this is the first time i've heard him speak outside of character. showing a lot of class here. rest in peace brother.
Crystal Sherman
Crystal Sherman:
Just found out this handsome and talented man/entertainer was found dead today. So sad! R.I.P.
Jayda Williams
Jayda Williams:
Rip Michael. He Was One Of The Greatest Actors 😔
Felicia Landry
Felicia Landry:
So talented and well spoken. I can only think that he was having a difficult time dealing with his "demons", and that they won in the end 😞😢!
T Mackie
T Mackie:
Great interview thanks to his willingness to be vulnerable. He seems very open to learning and evolving as an artist and a person. When he’s on screen, I can’t take my eyes off of him. He’s got that elusive “it” magnetism (with an incredible voice to match).
King Of Leone
King Of Leone:
R.I.P. Mr Williams. Artist in so many ways plus an overall leader in his community.
The Divine Augustus
The Divine Augustus:
What an amazing talent this guy was.
Rest In Power Michael K. Williams. I loved every single character he has ever played. A genius who never missed.
Anon Mon
Anon Mon:
He had such positive energy. I loved his role in "When They See Us," and "LoveCraft Country." REST IN PEACE MICHAEL K WILLIAMS!
What an awesome segment. I’m glad he was able to discuss his career before his passing.
Mindy Miller
Mindy Miller:
💯 My Favorite Actor Hands Down! So Heartbreaking to hear of his Death. RIP
RIP Michael K. Williams, your screen presence will be remembered.
It hurts me that he's no longer here with us😫😢 he was an amazing actor and story teller.
Daniel Mims
Daniel Mims:
His death really hit hard . I loved everything I saw him in. Always a standout and he made Sunday night hbo for a couple of decades.
I can’t believe he’s gone
Thank you, Mr. Williams, for all those wonderful portrayals. My sincere condolences to all who knew and loved him.
Will Molter
Will Molter:
Such a monumental loss. Huge talent. Just happened to be on the best two TV series ever made... Rest in power.
Shanoriya's Trial&Errors
Shanoriya's Trial&Errors:
He’s an extremely underrated actor... i’m hoping to see him and Mahershala Ali in something together. I’ve always loved every scene he’s done, no matter how small they were.

Just Heard!😢 I-I don’t even know what to say. RIP brother 💔
Katrice Johnson
Katrice Johnson:
This is a great interview, thank you for sharing this with us.
Iysha Melton
Iysha Melton:
Such a gifted actor... may he rest in power 🙏🏽🕊
Mari Morris
Mari Morris:
RIP Michael K. Williams. You were gifted, talented and human. I admired your acting abilities. You will be missed. RIP
John Freeman
John Freeman:
What a beautiful soul, inside and out. RIP brother🕊️
Aleksandar Lukic
Aleksandar Lukic:
for whatever it's worth, he's up there with the greats of all time. really natural, not over-acting, just believable on the screen.
Keanon Gilliam
Keanon Gilliam:
Such a great actor, he'll be missed.