Michael Keaton The Flash UPDATE

The Flash Michael Keaton today! UPDATE! Beyond The Trailer's reaction & breakdown of the latest news that if Michael Keaton says yes, this Flashpoint will have NO Thomas Wayne as it brings back the Burton-verse!

The Flash Michael Keaton today! Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph's reaction and breakdown of latest news that Michael Keaton will play Batman again in The Flash movie 2022! But that also means no Thomas Wayne as The Flash will be in the Burton-verse! Share your own reaction to Michael Keaton and The Burton-verse in The Flash aka Flashpoint before you see the full movie in 2022! And be sure to make Beyond The Trailer your first stop for movie and entertainment news here on YouTube today!

Interact with host & creator Grace Randolph!

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Tru Axe
Tru Axe:
0:45 Grace: "It's nuts!"
Keaton Batman: “You wanna get nuts? C'mon, let's get nuts!”
Jose Flor
Jose Flor:
I will lose my shit if Michelle Pffeifer comes back as catwoman, I need that
Scarce Hyperion
Scarce Hyperion:
This feels like such a strange change that removes some of the coolest elements of the comic.
R C:
Throwing out the Thomas Wayne storyline is a mistake imo.
Ahmed Alhosani
Ahmed Alhosani:
So now we have 3 Batman's: Ben Affleck, Robert Pattinson and Michael Keaton.
David Scott King
David Scott King:
What if casting Keaton as "1989 Bruce Wayne" is a legit way for WB to set him up with a young Terry McGinnis for "BATMAN BEYOND"!
Herbert Scott
Herbert Scott:
Without even being released, the flashpoint movie is already screwing with the timeline😳
But Without
But Without:
Sounds compelling but jeez we’re getting way too many Batmen all at once hahaha
Cristian Miranda
Cristian Miranda:
This makes sense considering the Ezra flash met the CW flash, they're definitely "earth jumping"
Adityavardhan Jain
Adityavardhan Jain:
We've 3 Batmen and 3 jokers. Barry did mess up the timeline. Lmao.
Marco Solorio
Marco Solorio:
People getting excited for Michael Keaton coming back, me going crazy for the possibility of seeing again Michelle P as Catwoman
Bring back Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman and all will be forgiven.
John Luigi Lorenzo
John Luigi Lorenzo:
Damn this really gets me frustrated on the DCEU. This sounds very MESSY
Michael Keaton, the man who says “I’m Batman” any chance he gets... I think there’s a decent chance he’ll say yes.
Sodero Kroll Productions
Sodero Kroll Productions:
I feel like DC has the coolest ideas ever but the execution never works!
Evan Tomiko
Evan Tomiko:
I was really feeling hyped for a Thomas Wayne's Batman.
I can accept this, only if Pfeiffer comes back
No1 WonderFan
No1 WonderFan:
Man...I really wish they'd do something with Lynda Carter. Could you imagine seeing her and Gal Gadot together onscreen?
MCU - "We're doing a multiverse!"
The CW - "Hold my beer"
Ravi Maharaj
Ravi Maharaj:
Hope this means we also get to see Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman and Billy Dee Williams as Two Face
A Tourist
A Tourist:
This sounds messy, they need to discuss this at dc fandome
Shin Reacts
Shin Reacts:
This smells like the DC multiverse too hastily making an appearance in the films. We'll see how it goes.
Sam Souyave-Murphy
Sam Souyave-Murphy:
This is more so “Crisis on Infinite Earths” than “Flashpoint”.
Saoirse Kavanagh
Saoirse Kavanagh:
The thought of Michelle Pfeiffer reprising her role is literally the only saving grace this (possible) movie has.
Tone Desh
Tone Desh:
When I saw this news drop, it sounded really good to me(still love Keaton so much). Doesn’t seem complicated or anything. Movie goers are smart enough to get it. It sounds like they have a clear vision of what they want to do. Excited to see what this looks like when they put it together. PS: I would love to see this turn into a ‘Batman Beyond’ spin-off.
Bernardo Espinoza
Bernardo Espinoza:
It's actually simpler thanthe comic's flashpoint, It's just flash travelling to a paralel universe, period. It's the same way Civil War from the comics differs greatly from the MCU but people seem to like it, for some reason any way.
Eden Perez
Eden Perez:
Why dc, why make it complicated and harder on yourselves, you are finally on a good streak, this is the kinda move that will set you back again and judging from past movies idk if you can pull it off anyways.
L Johnson
L Johnson:
Why not just hire Tim Burton to direct the film🤷‍♂️
Gregory Cook Jr.
Gregory Cook Jr.:
It's simple: Just adapt Flashpoint(with Thomas Wayne ). Sigh, I guess DC still doesn't know what comic book fans want.
shield 91
shield 91:
This sounds like a convoluted mess to me 🤷🏿‍♂️ I'm over it 🙄🙄🙄
Jared V
Jared V:
i will be all for it, front in line on the theater IF THEY ALSO BRING MICHELLE PFEIFFER'S CATWOMAN
Basma .x.
Basma .x.:
this is probably the craziest thing ive heard from dc and thats really hard with the dceu
Arthur Fleck
Arthur Fleck:
Awe. I really liked the idea of Keaton as Thomas Wayne and Michelle as Martha Wayne
Man the flashpoint animated movie is so good I feel like the love action is definently gonna be a big step down
people are going to be saying "what's Vulture doing in a Flash movie?" Kids don't know about Tim Burton's Batman
Batman Returns was one of my first exposures to DC as a child, this feels like it’s coming full circle in a way

Does anybody at WB actually know what they're doing with the DCEU?!
Benjamin Domoleczny
Benjamin Domoleczny:
I remember watching an Antman and the Wasp interview where Michelle Pfeiffer was asked about Batman Returns and she said she loved it and would love to do it again
It all makes sense. Crisis on Infinite Earths. Emphasis on "Infinite Earths"
Dar G
Dar G:
Remember when Jon Peter wanted giant spiders in a wild wild West movie? 🤦🏾‍♂️ who's ever running WB is giving me headache
Kornelius Bellamy
Kornelius Bellamy:
Dean Morgan would have made a wonderful Flashpoint Batman. He has the look.
Sounds like disaster in the making; destroying one of DC's best, most amazing and famous story lines. I might cry.
Nicholas Nocera
Nicholas Nocera:
Marvel's most likely gonna beat DC to the punch once again when they bring back Tobey Maguire as Spider-Man in Multiverse of Madness which has been highly rumored and theorized.
Don’t let these “scoopers” confuse you. They don’t know anything except what Warner brothers wants them to know
T J:
🔱 Next step: Jack Nickolson as the Joker.... with the make up, no problem. Just wait!
Francisco Rodriguez
Francisco Rodriguez:
Give this project to Zack Snyder. Other than that I feel that it sounds great on paper.
Jay Marshall
Jay Marshall:
I'm confused as hell WB needs to sell DC ip so somebody can do something with it 🤦🏿‍♂️
0:46 Grace Randolph: "It's Nuts"
Batman 89: You wanna gets nuts?! C'mon! Let's get nuts!
It's like they WANT to make things harder for themselves
The Glossary
The Glossary:
Haven’t even watched the first one yet, and you’re already back with more information. Appreciate your hard work!
Jerry Hanrahan
Jerry Hanrahan:
Just imagine seeing Michael Keaton back, with the original soundtrack.
Ezechiel Leno
Ezechiel Leno:
They're going for the same effect they got with Brandon Routh reprising his Superman role on the CW
I’ve had it with all these mot******king _Batmen_ in this mot******king _DCEU_
Jose Prendes
Jose Prendes:
Keaton back? I’m in. No question. It’s an alternate universe, I’m completely ok with that.
Liam Vagenende
Liam Vagenende:
So how many actors do you want to play Batman?
DC: yes
Tizzy Dawg
Tizzy Dawg:
"It's always hard to be a DC Fan" - The most accurate thing I've heard in my life
It just reminds me of when they pushed BvS way too fast without introducing and building to it
If we're getting the Burton-verse, theres still hope for Nicholas cage as Superman
Haha, you're right - this MUST be tough to be a DC fan. I've been digging the movies, but wow, the level of uncertainty about everything in the DC world is nuts.
You're cooking today, Grace!
Declan Patrick
Declan Patrick:
Ugh 🤦🏻‍♂️ at this point whenever dc/Warner bros makes an announcement the curb your enthusiasm theme plays in my head
I lowkey would rather have JDM
Grant Gustin (Flash): *mess up timeline*

Oliver: What have you done this time Barry

Ezra Miller (Flash): I'm about to end this man's career

OMG why can’t DC relax plz
Corey Parsons
Corey Parsons:
DCEU is so random. Ooh let’s try this 😂
Have him for Kingdom Come!!!
D G:
"I Think I speak for everyone here when I say Huh!"
The Flash: Into the Batmanverse.
The Geeky Gator
The Geeky Gator:
Batman better look out cause Grace is challenging him for worlds greatest detective after putting all these pieces together 👀
Hmmm very interesting turn of events, Grace! I can’t say that I wouldn’t be opposed to it. It would be cool to see how the BurtonVerse has been doing.

However, the comic fan in me is banging my head on a desk. So many potential opportunities (Wonder Woman vs Aquaman) can go down the drain.
Chris Dearing
Chris Dearing:
Why not a straight up Batman Beyond adaptation? Bringing back Keaton is a great idea, but not with all the Flash DCEU baggage.
Fat Tony
Fat Tony:
Honestly I'm getting furthermore less interested in the film the more I hear from it.
I honestly liked Grace's first pitch with MK as Thomas Wayne better...
T T:
I swear we living in a alternate universe
Who woulda guessed Keaton coming back as batman
And from the silence; DC:"You wanna get nuts, let's get nuts!"
Aitor Karanka
Aitor Karanka:
How can you mess up so badly when you have comics literally telling everything you should do and that audience loves
Never Jack
Never Jack:
As if burton is okay and gave the green light for them to touch his masterpiece
peppermint oil capsule
peppermint oil capsule:
😁 It'd be a dream come true to see KeatonBats once again, but I'd feel very sad if they made him the villain. 😢
Graham Post
Graham Post:
This is smart. DC's strength, one that Dan Didio never understood, is LEGACY. It's brilliant seeing them finally leverage that again, and in mediums other than the comics.
Spencer Brolsma
Spencer Brolsma:
I watched these videos back to back and I was so excited at first but this sounds like a disaster in my opinion. They didn't earn The Flashpoint storyline and they darn sure didn't earn rewriting it.
Jack Bedford
Jack Bedford:
Grace Will you one day make a video about the Characters/Multiverses you want to see in The Multiverse of Madness
Bruh wtf

This would be amazing
Vítor Mateus
Vítor Mateus:
I would really like to see JDM return as tohmas
Niko Balderas
Niko Balderas:
Can dc just ever make anything simple. I’m doing mental summersaults trying to connect everything
Nick Salazar
Nick Salazar:
There's also going to be two Barry Allens. Dare I say, perfect opportunity to replace Ezra Miller? 🤨
Soup Castle
Soup Castle:
They should cgi Adam West and have flash run through that time line ZOOM!
RIP Ian Holm! It's very interesting on this story line, I'm ready!
Graham Post
Graham Post:
Gotham by Gaslight: Bruce Wayne convinces people he's not Batman by making them doubt their own sanity/senses.
Jose O
Jose O:
I never thought Id live long enough to actually witness a train wreck, in the making.
Redd N Slymm Productions
Redd N Slymm Productions:
All of this sounds so incredibly messy. I can't handle it!
Toobrown2toast Games
Toobrown2toast Games:
All I'm saying I'm on board!! Hope he says yes. This would be awesome!! I love it. Bring it on
I love Keaton's Batman too much to be upset with this.
Ndudi Obichi
Ndudi Obichi:
I really just feel like DC always takes one step forward and two steps back
Dir ty
Dir ty:
Come on WB, bring back Danny DeVito !!
T Murphy
T Murphy:
Imagine if Tim Burton also came back to collaborate.
That would be incredible.
The flash as always been my favorite hero so you’d think I’d be all gung-ho for this but if Jessica Chastain is in it i won’t be seeing this period
krishna sampath
krishna sampath:
Now that I think of it, Robert Pattinson would be an amazing Flash 😂
Marwin Singh
Marwin Singh:
Not everything needs to be comic book related... It's a good move to bring back Michael Keaton as Batman , it will make fans happy ....DCEU now has 3 batmans....
Hail DC
k j
k j:
On a semi related note, rest in peace Joel Schumacher.
Shashank Sharma
Shashank Sharma:
Deano Carden
Deano Carden:
This is so exciting...keaton was brilliant as batman so would love to see this happen 😁