Mick Jagger Lies You Believe

There are some outlandish stories about Mick Jagger that are actually true, but we're here to debunk the most widely believed false rumors about the iconic Rolling Stones singer. So keep watching to discover what's true and what's not true about Sir Mick.

Jagger was good friends with fellow rock god David Bowie, even outside of their professional collaborations. As Jagger wrote in Rolling Stone in 2016 following Bowie's passing,

"We used to hang out in London a lot in the early days of the Seventies; we were at a lot of parties together [...] We were very close in the Eighties in New York. We’d hang out a lot and go out to dance clubs."

Jagger and Bowie were so close that there have been rumors that their friendship was more than purely platonic. In May 1990, Bowie's ex-wife Angela appeared on Joan Rivers' talk show alongside Howard Stern. Seemingly egged on to reveal some lewd gossip, Angela declared that she had found her husband in bed with men on several occasions.

Both Jagger and Bowie brushed off this allegation as false, and Angela also ultimately backtracked. Only a week later, she appeared on Geraldo Rivera's talk show, where she confessed that she hadn't caught them in the act of making love. They were in bed together, but nothing more.

Watch the video to debunk the Mick Jagger lies you believe!

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Caught in bed with Bowie? | 0:00
The supergroup that never was | 1:22
Royal scandal | 2:29
The real bandleader | 3:51
The truth about Mick and Keith | 5:20
Always a bad boy? | 6:55
Who's the real Angie? | 8:30
Always outgoing? | 9:42
Party all the time? | 11:07

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Who's your favorite Rolling Stone?
Actually Brian created the Stones.
happy birthday to the one and only mick jagger
Don Blazys
Don Blazys:
The Beatles had 4 singers while The Rolling Stones had but one. That, in and of itself makes Mick Jagger the greatest front man since Elvis Presley. Only Paul Rodgers comes close!
Zane Thind
Zane Thind:
The Rolling Stones were a legendary band and no one got the moves like Jagger
Keekee hawk
Keekee hawk:
Who gives a hoot about the LIES?? Tell us the true dirt.
Actually, Tom Petty, Bob Dylan, George Harrison, Jeff Lynne & Roy Orbison _did_ go to Canada & record an album; under the band name the 'Travelling Wilbury's'.
jim Schleich
jim Schleich:
When Mick played Keith along Mike Meyers doing Mick on SNL Weekend Update is one of my favorite television moments. "Mick you ignorant slut." Classic!
Mark Me
Mark Me:
Its sad these boys still haven't earned enough money to retire 🤣
Togo Burrows
Togo Burrows:
Happy Birthday Mick Jagger! 76 years old today!
Corinne Todd
Corinne Todd:
Jones made the stones,he was the stones.
Kotysue Fawcett
Kotysue Fawcett:
Brian Jones WAS the 1st Rolling Stone. RIPARADISE dear man. 🤗✌️
Mark Peden
Mark Peden:
Daniel Hirrel
Daniel Hirrel:
Mick is a great man. My fathers favorite and my favorite as well. Happy birthday to you mick.
Keith Richards is not the lead guitarist, Ron Wood is now,Mick Taylor before him and Brian Jones the founder of the band and musical genius.
Elephants Memory
Elephants Memory:
I wish yanks knew the difference between alternate and alternative Surely he did not mean every second universe
The show with Florence that you see in this film - I was there! London 25/5/2018. Brilliant.
Andrew Rand
Andrew Rand:
The truth about Bowie and Jagger is actually true
terry miller
terry miller:
Lol lead guitarist Keith Richards.
jose arriola
jose arriola:
Happy birthday to one of the best rock singers front man ever sir Mick Jagger
mark richardson
mark richardson:
They are rock and roll
When I was getting kicked out of the navy in 1970. At NavSta San Diego, we used to listed to Masked Marauders all the time and there was a theory .....
Zane Thind
Zane Thind:
So we gotta find out those Californian musicians who recorded the bootleg version
I call it gossip. If I like an artist, I do not care what others say. It changes nothing. You can't judge a person by gossip.
Jilly J
Jilly J:
Happy Birthday Mick, still the greatest ! Hope you had a great day xx
starship trooper
starship trooper:
Happy Bithday to the never stopping Mick Jagger
Elijah Skyeagla
Elijah Skyeagla:
Mick the only.dude I've seen looking buff and anorexic at the same time.
Florida Boy. / California Man .
Florida Boy. / California Man .:
Moves like Jagger.
Kirk Morrison
Kirk Morrison:
You left out I heard that chapped lips nearly fatal to him. ;-)
Robert Lyons
Robert Lyons:
Brian Jones was Murderd.
Mary Robertson
Mary Robertson:
#1 So Fantastic all U,,s
Anthony Carrera
Anthony Carrera:
Mick Jagger 😎
seven proxies
seven proxies:
Every time he lies, I believe.
Mani Matter
Mani Matter:
Tony T
Tony T:
7-26-43 Happy Birthday Mr. Jagger 😎😉😎
The real Leader of the Band is drummer Charlie Watts! He calls the shots Mick and Keith Don't ever make a move unless Charlie tells them To, and you can take that to the bank!
The real Leader of the Band is drummer Charlie Watts! He calls the shots Mick and Keith Don't ever make a move unless Charlie tells them To, and you can take that to the bank!
Mark Peden
Mark Peden:
HOWARD STERN!!! It would be interesting to know what HOWARD said. LOL.
Nathan Forester
Nathan Forester:
The Mick and David Bowie sleeping together rumor, for the record both men are straight. Bowie was married to Iman and Mick Jagger has been married twice (or maybe more than that) and has eight children. Mick and Keith have had a few feuds but the band itself has never actually broken up.
Perry Mitchell
Perry Mitchell:
Ya Tom I am going to rool another jount
Micheal Currie
Micheal Currie:
Master and the margarita. Definately.
Nefertari Winchester
Nefertari Winchester:
In bed with David Bowie is my favorite “myth” about these two. :)
bob hope
bob hope:
Wow. I didn't know Jagger still smokes.
Joelle Benoit
Joelle Benoit:
Jagger is an exceptional and honest performer and musician. But trying to know the human one is so useless, it's enough difficult for everyone to knows what's about our inerself.
Bad Fairy
Bad Fairy:
M and J shared an island.
bob hope
bob hope:
Keith Richards plays rhythm guitar, not lead.
Parading Bull
Parading Bull:
I just wanna know if he's truly a vampire like Keith is
Krista Brakowski
Krista Brakowski:
Happy birthday Mick!!!
Debra Bratz
Debra Bratz:
Bianca Jagger said she caught Mick and David in bed together and they both wore makeup. It's the truth.
Alice N'est Pas Mon Prénom
Alice N'est Pas Mon Prénom:
Kathy Semrau
Kathy Semrau:
Mr. Jagger, l am sorry l didn't get in touch with you. I was in awe you know l exist. You are one of my Rock Gods. Please don't take it personally, l didn't mean it that way. Thank you for asking! You can't compare Mick to anyone.
Mani Matter
Mani Matter:
My gosh. He is now over 80yrs😱
Mani Matter
Mani Matter:
Micke Jagger best natural bodybuilder
Jodi jojo
Jodi jojo:
Om sure he had MANY bed time experiences (caugh or NOT) That he wasn't supposed to be having.!! Arnt you.?!?!
skirmisher front
skirmisher front: