Miguel Becomes a Beast - Cobra Kai

Tribute to Cobra Kai: Miguel Diaz. I love the first season, one of many, hope you guys enjoy this little montage video I made.


( DISCLAIMER ) I do not take credit of this song, Can't Hold Us - Macklemore (ft. Ray Dalton), nor take credit for this footage that is being shown, Cobra Kai, I did not make this song/footage and will never take credit of creating this song/footage.

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MIGUEL BECOMES A BEAST SEASON 4 OUT NOW!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?app=desktop&v=6O8dCYO4L-k
Let’s be honest, The Cobra Kai series is nothing without Miguel Diaz.
Anıl Ege
Anıl Ege:
We didn't see Miguel's potential in season 4, I hope we will see him in season 5.
I R H:
One of the best transformations ever. Miguel needs to come back hard in season 5.
Ernesto Pascual Rodríguez
Ernesto Pascual Rodríguez:
Miguel was a completely badass at that point. It's a shame how they have soften and downgraded the character in the fourth season.
capitan lukas11
capitan lukas11:
Ojala miguel en la temporada 5 vuelva a ser el mismo de antes, aunque siempre sera mi personaje favorito, the best
Miguel definitely had one of the best character arcs in the entire show.
Dude I just wanna point out how much of an feat this is

You have 120 million videos on a tribute video... nice accomplishment my guy
Who just comes back every so often to watch how much of a beast Miguel is and was
D.R. Pagán
D.R. Pagán:
Johnny and Miguel is the best thing this show has to give!

Iconic duo
Patrick Jeffrey
Patrick Jeffrey:
Fun fact: Miguel is the first Cobra Kai to beat a Miyagi Do!
Jack Laurie
Jack Laurie:
So sad how they made him worse in season 4 I miss this Miguel
Lets be honest, this video alone probably inspired so much people to become BEASTS
Brings back memories can’t wait for the another season 😜
Robin Schleifenbaum
Robin Schleifenbaum:
Miguel simply is the new karate kid and im sure we'll see him at his best in season 5.
Rock Lee
Rock Lee:
Miguel is by far the strongest fighter among the teens in this show, no one is even close. Not Robby, not Hawk, not Sam not Tory, no one can beat him when he's healthy.
Leo Cisneros
Leo Cisneros:
I listen to this song everyday and it's a masterpiece and it will always be
cristyoutube 21
cristyoutube 21:
this is one of the most inspiring videos ever,I miss season 1-2 Miguel
ceo xoptus 米
ceo xoptus 米:
after 2 years i still enjoy watching this❤️
California 111
California 111:
i really into it i am fan of miguel 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 he can motivate me 💪💪💪💪
Nicola Baird
Nicola Baird:
No one can hate Johnny for what he has done for Miguel
Notthebest Thebest
Notthebest Thebest:
Im so glad I saw this without this video I would’ve missed out on such a masterpiece show
Doi Karga lobom
Doi Karga lobom:
We need Miguel to be a beast in season 5 🔥❤️
Love cobra kai can't wait when seson 5 comes out
En la 4 temporada yo no veo que lo nerfear a miguel mas que nada lo desequilibraron emocionalmente por todo lo ocurrido estoy mas que seguro que en la quinta entrega regresará con toda esa confianza ……Y regresará ser mejor de todo el valle 💪🏻💯
Roll Brand
Roll Brand:
Miguel is everyone's favorite character in the show.
Nie mogę przestać słuchać :D
Arjun Bali
Arjun Bali:
still the most iconic cobra kai montage
Mayra Chavez
Mayra Chavez:
We didn't see Miguel potential in season 4 , l hope we will see him in season 5.
What work did Diaz put into it WAITING FOR THE 5TH SEASON
Lucky Man
Lucky Man:
I swear Miguel is the only main character I can root for in this show. He's such a nice kid. Everybody else is either angsty-teenager or unstable-man-child.
slade wilson
slade wilson:
3:09 that’s a sick kick, look how he land
Rylea Gafford
Rylea Gafford:
Just notice how good Miguel gets.. 🤣
Seth Navis
Seth Navis:
Bruh I remember when this vid came out, so glad it got the love it deserves
Zamn Pennywise
Zamn Pennywise:
Tbh this is the video that got me into cobra kai, until now i'm still a big fan of cobra kai.
Tomer Golani
Tomer Golani:
The thing about this show is that it shows that everyone is human, everyone can make mistakes and let their emotions take over, that’s why there is never a character that’s always on the right, a character that was once nice will turn into a douche and someone that was a douche will turn into a really nice person, everyone changes throughout the show and that’s what I love about it, there is no good or bad and that is the case with every single character
Bakht Begum Ayobi
Bakht Begum Ayobi:
Miguel is a full on beast now like wow!
This is the video that got me started doing karate. Almost 3 years later and I'm an internationally recognized rank and one of the hardest workers in my studio. Not to mention I'm part of an amazing community that makes me feel like I'm part of a second family.
Aideen Savage
Aideen Savage:
Miguel best character don’t care what anyone says it’s just facts I wish that people created more of these for his character
Matthias Rambally
Matthias Rambally:
Just watched season 1 again and by far it's the best interns of developing Miguel and Johnny without each other they're weak but when they're together they become so strong and they push each other to the limits
devan sarkar
devan sarkar:
Miguel is so op that you basically need to nerf him with an injury
Rai Soares
Rai Soares:
Esse vídeo com essa quantidade de views mostra que o Miguel no auge era invencível, mesmo que ele não esteja no 100% dele, ele é o melhor personagem de cobra Kai
Jake Felice
Jake Felice:
Miguel: gets kicked off the second floor and loses his ability to walk, though, he still pushes and tries to do karate
Sam: got ptsd from a few scratches and quit karate
Sadistic Sith
Sadistic Sith:
One thing I like about Cobra Kai is Miguel keeps glowing up throughout the seasons and gets more buffer.
even tho i love miguel Robby's salute when he lost to Miguel breaks my heart...
The world needs sensei's like Johnny Lawrence.
C L:
As a kid of the 80ties I am so happy that such a concept (cult movie-sequel series) was made. No offence to anyone, I know these kids in the series did a great job, but m, focus is on Daniel and Jhonny and Kreese. Not these younglings. A phenomenal series and concept. All I can say is THANK YOU whoever came up with it! You made my childhood alive again!
Skywalker Bro2
Skywalker Bro2:
Nobody has ever tried to pick on me or beat me up, since I've always stood my ground. I learned martial arts a few years back and have devoted my time to help protect others and help them learn as well. I like that these films can also help motivate people to fight back.
Scott McKenzie
Scott McKenzie:
Johnny and Miguel are definitely the best parts of Cobra Kai.
Sou do Brasil e todo dia vejo esse vidio parabens pelo conteudo,algum brasileiro???
Miguel was my favourite character in season 1 and 2 but since he didn’t have much strength as before I like hawk but Miguel is a ledgend
Love the montage keep up the good work!
Ishmam Haq
Ishmam Haq:
This series low key made me emotional coz I can relate to myself, I’m from a third world country and used to get beat up every single, but there wasn’t a father figure who would teach me how to stand against them, but I’ll not do the same mistake for my kid
Let me tell y'all something, I've been SLEEPING on this show for 2 years now. It took me to be in quarantine, to watch it. One of best things I've ever did lol. I loved the original movie. Watching this got me HYPED for season 3. Next week and New Year’s baby!
VR Nikoloski
VR Nikoloski:
I loved this song when I was 8 thankyou for making this ❤
Pablo Alvarado
Pablo Alvarado:
I miss this miguel this boy was a monster
Jerome Productions
Jerome Productions:
What a damn show man! I love Cobra Kai and I love this MV!
Jessy and Bobby
Jessy and Bobby:
4:10 really sad and respectful moment for robby
Me Myself And i
Me Myself And i:
If you look closely at the end where Miguel gets kicked off you can see that he didn’t fight back when he showed Robbie mercy because he really wanted this battle to be over but Robbie’s anger got the better of him.He was angry because his parents had abandoned him and Daniel larruso shut him out after hearing what happens last night so when Miguel let his guard down he sprung out in rage and knocked him off.People See Robbie as the bad guy but they’re missing the big picture SAM.Over the pass 2 seasons she really hasn’t been honest to the people she loves.She didn’t tell her father about the car crash or the party or the drinking because she is ashamed of what she has done.If you lie to people you love there will be major consequences and Miguel accident proves it.Both of her boyfriends were confused and it led to sadness and rage and then to a fight.She is the reason for Miguel accident.She is the villain
Team Gonzales
Team Gonzales:
miguel will try his best just no matter what he want to be strong we will never forget miguel is a legend
Wilmer Santorski
Wilmer Santorski:
Llevo escuchando 4 meses seguido al día 50 veces día, tarde, noche
This encouraged me to watch Cobra Kai tysm one of my all time favortites :D
The Ultimate Star Wars Nerd
The Ultimate Star Wars Nerd:
If Miguel didn’t get badly injured in season 2, he would’ve been so so so so OP and been the strongest character. Probably could’ve 2v1ed Hawk and Robby if he wanted lol
Miguel could've Destroyed Kyler easily but his leg just got recovered
Be honest who else came back to watch this masterpiece
Pablo Ruiz
Pablo Ruiz:
Miguel was my pick because how badass he really is from Cobra Kai series
I love cobra Kai when first I watched it, I thought it was boring but I was proved wrong
yoobu cube
yoobu cube:
I swear Miguel is the best at karate one day he could be the leader in the new season
Kristina Norman
Kristina Norman:
Felicidades, es un buen ejemplo.
250 sentadillas son unos HOTCAM.Uno muchas y un buen ejercicio.
5:25 Se deja ver que hay muy buenos resultados 😍👍

Saludos desde la Cd.. de world 🌹😉💖
los mortales abian apreciado tan hermosa mujer.
Seth Navis
Seth Navis:
The choreography for the fights have changed so much looking at it now......both ways are great especially in season 4
Isaais Quinterl
Isaais Quinterl:
El Miguel de la segunda temporada es mucho más fuerte que el de ahora por el tema de la lección
If Miguel doesn’t become a beast in season 5 I won’t watch the show again!
ugly yy
ugly yy:
Miguel won, every single time, because of his dedication, Robby is just selfish and doesn’t understand life, Miguel is the bigger better, and stronger person in every situation, and that’s why his character is gonna stay the best.
Elfreda Ross
Elfreda Ross:
23:23 -Hermosa elección- 4.Fo/Hotlove

10:10 Hopi: ″Sweeter″
11:12 Sun: ″Hotter″
00:18 Toonie: ″Cooler″
18:00 Yoongy: ″Butter″
23:23 /Son unos de los mejores conciertos ☬/
Giorgi khomeriki
Giorgi khomeriki:
Cobra Kai is one of the best series I have ever watched
Bakht Begum Ayobi
Bakht Begum Ayobi:
I like when it says “the boy has diharia” and than Miguel was like “ITS FOR MY GRANDMA”
Tuna Babik
Tuna Babik:
Gotta love Johnny's style of training
Imagine how insane he's gonna be with cobra kai's offense and with miyagi do's defense😳
Dark [BS]
Dark [BS]:
i see this before watching Cobra Kai, and now i watched Cobra Kai. This is Perefect
they nerfed him so hard :(
Isaac _YT_28
Isaac _YT_28:
La mejor serie de la historia y canción🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
season 5 I would love for him to finally recover and be the main boss for other dojos
Sean McCabe
Sean McCabe:
I nearly cried when Miguel fell, he beat Robbie for the second time truly showing that he was the best fighter in the school. But instead of making the mistakes cobra Kai did in the past, he showed honour and let him go and he took advantage of that to take him out. Miguel won the fight, he is the better man.
Ayush Singh
Ayush Singh:
Miguel is everyone's favorite character in the show.
Views Of 128 Million Shows That !!
Raul Campos
Raul Campos:
I would love to see Xolo appear on Mayans MC. He'd make a good prospect.
As a karatee myself this is so hilarious😂 they make wrong and weak moves which are very unrealistic
Rodrigo acosta
Rodrigo acosta:
Cobra kai sin Miguel no es nada el mejor de toda la serie
Google User
Google User:
Robby showed mercy :- beaten
Miguel showed mercy :- beaten
Moral of the story :- no mercy.
Joyce Pauline Caddauan
Joyce Pauline Caddauan:
Im so hyped for season 5
Nah the nostalgia i remember i used to watch this to motivate myself whenever i have a taekwondo tournament so whenever i fight someone i remember miguel beating his bullies
Fruit Tree
Fruit Tree:
this is really accurate to real martial arts. don't bother blocking a hit if you know it won't land. in this case instead of blocking, miguel decided to get there first so the punch had no drive behind it
Julian Jones
Julian Jones:
I like how Miguel is the first to ever learn karate in the show
Who else saw Cobra Kai 😂and started recommending it to his/her friends just addicted to this series, looking forward to sn 3
The Kylerfight scene is perfectly synced
Kemuel Vega
Kemuel Vega:
Whos here after season 4?
Zooba Gamer
Zooba Gamer:
I cant wait for season 4 to come
Aayush Gautam
Aayush Gautam:
bruh season 4 they messed up miguel like he was rly soft and all but the rest of the characters were good , season 1 and 2 were miguel prime
Annalise Youssef
Annalise Youssef:
It's funny cause Miguel still beats Robby. He legit said "Sorry Man" and showed Mercy but then gets yeeted off a stairway...
The legendary beast Miguel 👌🥇
Spidey :]
Spidey :]:
without miguel diaz,there is no cobra kai